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my r00m

Your name is YUKI NAGATO, and you are fifteen years old, but you feel A LOT OLDER THAN THAT. This is because you never really FEEL ALIVE anymore.

It's hard to feel alive when you are LITERALLY DEAD. You are, in fact, a GHOST.

You don't, of course, tell this to your peers. That would be INOPTIMAL. It doesn't matter, though, since you don't particularly care. You don't particularly care about PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING.

You do, however, have INTERESTS. Your main one is READING. There's nothing you used to love more than curling up with a GOOD BOOK, and although you can hardly be said to love anything these days, it's still perhaps the only activity that you would consider ENGAGING. Your SECONDARY INTEREST, of course, is COMPUTER PROGRAMMING. You used to be YOUR OWN HARSHEST JUDGE as far as your talent in that area, but it NO LONGER MATTERS. Your skills are adequate for the tasks you are set.

Your Pesterchum handle is spectralSnowflake and y0u have a duty t0 carry 0ut

What will you do?

>Pester temperateTeamaiden.

No. If you needed to talk to temperateTeamaiden, you wouldn't pester her; she would tease you. This is not because you are PASSIVE, though one may be forgiven for assuming so. It's just because lately you've been talking to temperateTeamaiden from VARIOUS POINTS IN THE FUTURE, and at the moment only she has the TIME-TRAVELING INSTANT MESSAGING SOFTWARE necessary to establish contact. Soon enough you'll begin to WRITE IT, but not for a while yet; you have MORE IMPORTANT things to do.

>Get teased by temperateTeamaiden.


-- temperateTeamaiden [TT] started teasing spectralSnowflake [SS] --

TT: Hello, Miss Nagato! =D
TT: How were you?

SS: i am fine
TT: Great! I'll need to have talked to you today about something.
TT: I have another assignment for you.
TT: Would you like to hear what it is?

SS: yes
TT: Please start installing SOSburb early.
TT: You'll have needed to have it available soon!

SS: i will d0 s0
TT: Great! =D
TT: Oh, by the way, there's something else I want you to do.
TT: Um, would it be okay if...
TT: I mean, would you mind passing on a message to Kyon for me?

SS: i w0uld n0t
TT: Tell Kyon to be careful about Miss Suzumiya.
TT: Remind him that she's volatile! It's really important, OK?

SS: 0k
SS: i will tell him

TT: Talk to you later/earlier! ^w^
SS: g00dbye

-- temperateTeamaiden [TT] stopped teasing spectralSnowflake [SS] --

>Install SOSburb.

Yes. You'll just go get the discs and-

Oh, who's this? You've never talked to this user before.

>Answer mysterious somebody.

-- phantomClockwork [PC] began pestering spectralSnowflake [SS] --

PC: _______________
PC: _________you________
PC: ________
PC: _______created_from_____________
PC: ___________
SS: wh0 are y0u
PC: ___________3 years_______________
PC: __________nerv__________others____________
PC: __________________________
PC: ________________________________
PC: __________________daughter
PC: _____________
PC: smith

-- phantomClockwork [PC] ceased pestering spectralSnowflake [SS] --

Looks like it was a spambot. They float around on Pesterchum, and you've encountered a few from time to time.

You block it. You hope that you don't contract a virus - not that you care, but your duties require the use of a working computer.

>OK, now install SOSburb.

All right. The discs are-

-- ??? began ???ing spectralSnowflake [SS] --

Hello, there. Good morning.
I do believe we've never met before.

SS: wh0 are y0u
I'm a doctor.
Well, not a literal one, but a kind-of doctor.

SS: requesting m0re specificity
Do you mean a name? Oh, I go by a lot of those.
A name isn't really anything. You can just call me "hey you" or "that guy" if you want.

SS: y0u misunderstand my request
SS: what is y0ur m0tive

To save the world, sort of.
Or perhaps to destroy it. I'm not picky, really.
Whatever. It comes to the same thing.
Dear me, I'm not making any sense here, am I?

SS: perhaps y0u are
SS: perhaps n0t
SS: it is n0t my place to assess
SS: 0nly t0 0bserve

Ah, I like the way you think.
If you want something to call me, though, try J•hn Smith.

SS: why
Because it's as good as any.
As for the O? It's a bullet point.
I use a bullet point these days. Bullet points are cool.

SS: irrelevant
Aw, really? You're no fun.
Good grief. What am I wasting my time here for?
Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that I exist.
Tee tee why ell, as the kids these days message.

-- ??? ceased ???ing spectralSnowflake [SS]

You have no idea what his deal is.

>Install SOSburb already!

You do so. Although it's not particularly exciting to watch, since you're just sitting there at the computer, but the background music makes it a little less tedious. Or at least it would, if the audience were watching this instead of just reading some text.

Oh well. It's a good track, at any rate.