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-- ordinaryHuman [OH] began pestering curiousConversationalist [CC] --

OH: hey koizumi, what's going on over there?
OH: i heard something happened with asahina's session.
OH: everything all right?

CC: We ran into a bit of trouble at the beginning of the session, but everything's fine now.
CC: Thanks for your concern.
CC: How did it go on your end?

OH: oh, it went fine.
OH: i got my own little lecture about skaia and all that bullshittery
OH: and apparently i'm, um
OH: a knight

CC: Of...?
OH: the um
OH: knight of heart
OH: ...
OH: yeahhhhhhhhh

CC: An admirable title, I should think.
CC: Do you find it embarrassing?

OH: oh uh no it's just
OH: i mean, what's that even mean?
OH: i'm not like... a knight
OH: you could be a knight, or maybe hell even like... haruhi
OH: (like, she could be a... girl knight... or something)
OH: and... heart? i mean it's kind of a vague thing
OH: is it supposed to mean i'm, like, some sort of generous brave soul?
OH: i just dunno, man, that's all.

CC: I see.
CC: I suppose you're a bit nervous about rising to the challenge your name poses.
CC: That's the power of titles, I suppose.

OH: oh god, not more philosophy bs.
OH: seriously, dude. now is not the time for this.
OH: and... hang on, you're getting me distracted here.
OH: what happened with you and asahina?!

CC: My, my. It seems you've caught me.
CC: At the moment, suffice it to say that there are some secrets I'm obligated to keep, in the interest of all our welfares.
CC: Although I suppose it's just as well, since if I've understood this correctly, it might just branch off into...
CC: Well, suffice it to say that our Asahina is the Maid of Time.

OH: oh god, there's time travel in this game?
OH: are we gonna have to go back in time and kill hitler?
OH: lemme warm up my tardis. i sure hope the chameleon circuit isn't broken again.

CC: Oh, nothing so crude.
CC: It seems to mostly revolve around time loops, as far as I can tell.
CC: However, that sort of thing will primarily be Asahina's job, so you shouldn't worry too much about it.

OH: all right, cool, i guess.
OH: i just hope we don't all end up becoming our own fathers or something. that'd be way too weird.

CC: Would it be?

CC: How are we to know society as a whole is not created by its own self through time travel?
CC: Or perhaps our world leaders are all time travelers from the future.

CC: The Prime Minister does share my family name. Perhaps it's not a coincidence?

CC: Ha ha! Just kidding.

OH: yeah, i was about to say, fat chance.
OH: besides, everyone knows that it's really nerv who controls everything in this country.

CC: You're right about that one, of course.

A brief overview of the Japanese sociopolitical situation.

NERV was, officially, just a DEFENSE COMPANY. As a CIVILIAN CONTRACTOR to the government, they were responsible for all kinds of weaponry and military force that the actual Japanese government legally could not provide. This was the extent of their activity, excluding some forays into SCALE MODELS of some of the cooler weapons, heavily marketed SOFT DRINKS, and animated television productions (called ANIMES).


Of course, EVERYONE KNEW this was not the case. In truth, Nerv was THE GOVERNMENT ITSELF and the Prime Minister, along with all of the Diet, was MERELY ITS PUPPET. It wasn't, however, some kind of SECRET MASONIC SOCIETY; it was, more mundanely, just a very powerful company with EVERY POLITICIAN IN THE DIET IN ITS POCKET.

Its CEO/Commander, Mr. IKARI, was infamous for being, in the eyes of the public, a COLD, FORBIDDING FIGURE. He was also infamous in the eyes of the public for being the sort of businessman who ALWAYS GOT HIS WAY. These two public infamies, while exaggerated, were based IN TRUTH, and they were DIRECTLY RELATED.

The board of directors consisted of him and SEVEN OTHER PEOPLE: Mrs. IKARI (his wife), Mr. FUYUTSUKI (his former college professor), Mr. and Mrs. LANGLEY-SORYU (the best scientific team and worst marriage in Japan), Dr. AKAGI, Junior (his secret lover), Ms. KATSURAGI (the daughter of one of his most respected colleagues), and Mr. KAJI (a government spy who actually spies on the government).

The board tended to agree with him essentially ALL OF THE TIME. When they were not agreeing with him, they were agreeing with MRS. IKARI.

But whether they were agreeing with Mr. or Mrs. Ikari, they were really agreeing with SEELE. Although EVERYONE KNEW that Nerv was in charge of the country, what NO ONE KNEW (except for Mr. and Mrs. Ikari) was that there was another organization in charge of Nerv, and while Nerv was not a secret masonic society, Seele WAS.


She knew it had only been a week that she had been playing this game, but already it felt like forever.

So many of her friends were dead. The ones that weren't were struggling. And she wasn't sure if the game was winnable anymore. Which would mean that they would all die, eventually.

She wished desperately for a way back. But there was none. Deviating would accomplish nothing and merely doom her; any deviation from the alpha timeline resulted in destruction.


Wait a minute. This didn't have to be the alpha timeline. All she had to do was make it not!

She held the slip of paper in her hand. She stared at it for what seemed like an eternity even for a time traveler.

She crushed it. And she fled.