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-- centaursTesticle [CT] began trolling arsenicCatnip [AC] --
CT: D--> Nepeta, are y0u there
CT: D--> This is a matter 0f e%treme imp0rtance
CT: D--> We have been 0rdered by the princess t0 sc0ut ahead 0f her arrival int0 the game
AC: :33 < *ac yawns and stretches, having just woken from a long nap!*
AC :33 < *she lets out a happy mew upon s33ing the great horse, and l33ps up onto his back!*
CT: D--> St0p this
AC: :(( < awwwwwww
CT: D--> Current matters are 0f t00 great imp0rtance t0 indulge such theatri%
AC: X33 < ok then, but i’m taking that as a purromise to play when there isn’t something impurrtant going on!
CT: D--> What
CT: D--> N0
AC: :PP < too late!
AC: :33 < i just talked to feferi a little while ago! she told me she didn’t want to go in first, but she didn’t say anything that sounded like an order.
AC: :33 < i get the feeling you reinterpreted something she said that way on purrpose!
CT: D--> Y0ur accusati0ns are 100dicr0us
CT: D--> Yet entirely c0rrect
AC: :33 < i knew it!
CT: D--> Nevertheless I feel it is the duty 0f the b100 team as her l0yal vassals t0 ensure that the princess is as prepared as p0ssible
CT: D--> It is my plan t0 enter first and rec0rd my e%periences int0 a guide such that Fereri may kn0w e%actly what t0 e%pect
CT: D--> T0 that end I w001d like t0 reqest that y0u facilitate my entry int0 the game
AC: :)) < that sounds like a purrty good idea, actually! when do you want to start?
CT: D--> Immediately
AC: :\\ < oh, um...
AC: :// < see, pounce is out hunting, and i can’t start until i know she’s back...
AC: :|| < and you know how long it can take to find her sometimes...
CT: D--> Fudgesicles
AC: :33 < maybe you should start with someone else and i’ll catch up later!
AC: ;33 < it looks like aradia’s on!
CT: D--> Wh0
AC: :OO < what do you m33n, who?! aradia!
CT: D--> Wh0
AC: >:(( < you know, the girl who found you after the incident,
AC: >:(( < brought you home,
AC: >:(( < painstakingly built a new robot to your specifications,
AC: >:(( < and still sometimes comes around to help you with repairs!
AC: >:(( < you’ve even taken part of her typing quirk! how can you still not know her name?!
CT: D--> Y0u mean the surprisingly useful peasantb100d
AC: >:(( < grr! yes, her.
CT: D--> Why d0 y0u e%pect me t0 remember her
CT: D--> Her relevance ceased 0nce c0nstructi0n 0f my f0rm was c0mpleted
AC: >:(( < i’d think a girl as flushed for you as her would be purrty relevant, don’t you?
CT: D--> Y0u do n0t 0ften turn the t0pic t0wards flushed relati0nships in my presence
CT: D--> Are y0u attempting t0 turn the c0nversati0n t0wards the t0pic 0f y0ur desire t0 mate with the filthy mutant 0nce again
AC: DDX < no!
AC: >:(( < you can be such a m33nie poo butt head sometimes, equius!
CT: D--> I am n0t
AC: >:(( < are too!
CT: D--> N0
AC: >:(( < yes!
CT: D--> N0
AC: >:(( < yes!
CT: D--> N0
AC: >:(( < yes!

This continued for some time.

CT: D--> N0
AC: >:(( < yes!
CT: D--> N0
AC: >:(( < fine! well, maybe you should ask her t0 be your server player!
AC: >:(( < then you’ll have to remember her name.
CT: D--> She has dem0nstrated admirable talent f0r f0ll0wing my 0rders
CT: D--> Perhaps such an arrangement w0uld be a%eptable
CT: D--> I will c0ntact her immediately
AC: >:33 < good! i’ll go find pounce and follow you in when i can!
CT: D--> E%cellent
AC: :33 < ok, bye then!
-- arsenicCatnip [AC] ceased trolling centaursTesticle [CT] --

Hiss! Your moirail can be such a pain! You’re starting to wonder if you’ll ever be able to fill in that part of your shipping wall...

You still love him, hard-headed jerk or not. And really, he’s a lot easier to talk to now then when he was alive!

> Not far away...
-- ghostyTrickster [GT] began pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] --
GT: uh, hello!
AG: J8hn!
AG: Th8nks for pestering me, I reeeeeeeeally n88d to talk to you...
GT: uh, you know me already then?
AG: Wh8t?
AG: W8, is this your f8rst convers8tion with me?
GT: yeah. have i pestered you before now? i didn’t plan on going out of order like rose and dave are doing...
AG: Oh woooooooow, you w8ren’t kidding when you s8id you picked a 8ad t8me!!!!!!!!
GT: wow, you sure like the number 8, don’t you!
AG: neverm8nd that, go 8ack and meddle with s8me other me!
AG: I r8ally need to talk to 8 you who alr8dy knows me.
GT: i meddle?
AG: you are a meddling meddler who meddles!!!!!!!!
GT: i, uh, sorry?
AG: Noooooooo
AG: Th8ts not a 8ad thing.
AG: Your the g88d kind of meddler!
AG: The 88st!!!!!!!!
GT: uh, thanks, then, i guess?
AG: I mean 8t, John, you really h8lped me a lot.
AG: I was pr8tty awful 8ef8re 8ut now I th8nk I’m who I want to 8e,
AG: and a loooooooot of th8t is th8nks to you!
GT: well, then i’m glad to have helped!
GT: i guess i’ll have to go do my best now then!
AG: L8sten, John...
AG: I was k8nd of a 8itch to you 8ack then,
AG: and 88sically a ps8chopath even 8y troll standards,
AG: so,
AG: i’m
AG: sorry a8out that.
GT: ...
GT: well you seem nice enough now, and i gather we’re pretty good friends, so i guess i better give you the benefit of the doubt and help you out, huh?
AG: th8nks john.
AG: <>
GT: huh?
AG: don’t w8rry a8out 8t.
AG: You need to g8 b8ck about three sweeps,
AG: which 8s something l8ke 6 years or so, I forg8t.
GT: ok then!
GT: good luck with whatever’s the matter right now!
-- ghostyTrickster [GT] ceased pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] --

-- ghostyTrickster [GT] began pestering arachnidsGrip [AG] --
GT: hey vriska.
GT: <>!!!!!!!!
AG: You
AG: r8ally
GT: to be honest i almost forgot about that!
GT: and the concept is still kind of weird and unclear to me.
GT: but i know you well enough to know that if you wrote that at all it meant a lot to you.
GT: and you mean a lot to me!
GT: so i guess i’ll give this my best shot.
AG: j8hn you don’t h8ve to 8e anyth8ng 8ut yourself!
GT: then i guess i’ll be me!
AG: :’:,:’:,D
GT: wow that’s a pretty big tower of eyes there!
AG: hahahahahahahaha y8ah........
GT: so anyway, what’s this i hear about eridan being a different kind of butthead than usual?
AG: ...It seems kind of t8steless to be compl8ining about 8eing sp8debroken right after starting a p8le relationship...
GT: don’t worry about it! i’m always happy to listen.

Oh damn, better wipe up all these stupid tears before you stain everything blue.

It’s just water from a broken eight-ball. That’s all. Yeah.

Stupid John, always being helpful and nice and patient and fixing your stupid. You don’t know what you’d be without him.

> Day 3 of an alternate session...

Brosprite: dude. weak.
Dave: shut up bro
Brosprite: no, seriously, this isn’t nearly a badass or ironic enough death for a strider. go back and try again.
Dave: fuck you dude
Dave: seriously you cut a meteor in half only to be hit by another meteor
Dave: i got stabbed in the kidney by a fictional character ive drawn shitty fanart of
Dave: thats like three levels of irony deeper
Brosprite: don’t make me laugh, little man.
Dave: oh dude no just stop right there
Brosprite: HOO HOO
Brosprite: HAA HAA
Brosprite: HEE HEE
Dave: gog fucking dammit
Dave: what the fuck is midnight crew shit doing in this game anyway
Brosprite: that’s an awesome question.
Brosprite: seriously though you alright man?
Brosprite: you just kinda spaced for like ten minutes staring at the blood on your hands.
Dave: im fine fuck off
Brosprite: HOO HOO yeah right lil’ bro.
Dave: rose is pestering me leave me alone for a bit
Brosprite: eh, guess i better get the imps out of my puppets already.

-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering turntechGodhead [TG] --
TT: Dave, are you available?
TG: sure thing babe whats the matter
TT: Honestly, I’m mostly looking for an excuse to avoid the company of these idiotic turtles and my mother for a bit.
TG: she giving you shit again
TT: It would seem that Vodka Mutini was inauspiciously named.
TT: Giving my mother access to alcohol even in wordplay form was a Bad Idea.
TG: at least its better than johns idea
TT: Ugh, yes, I don’t even want to picture my mother in any way influenced by the Ghostbusters.
TT: At least the chalk imps are merely shrews and not also inebriated felines.
TT: I am even allowed to explode them without a hint of regret - an excellent source of stress relief.
TT: But enough about me. How go things on LOHAC?
TG: fucking rad as usual
TG: just wandering around with bro kicking underling ass like its the fifa world cup
TT: Interesting.
TG: what
TT: Your painful metaphors are only sports-related when you’re worried.
TG: what
TG: fuck
TG: no theyre not
TT: I’ve had a great deal of time to codify your responses to various situations, Dave. I’m quite sure I’m correct.
TG: enough of the junior psych shit im fucking chill as ever
TG: but uh look
TG: keep an eye out for stuff that looks like midnight crew shit
TT: I’m sorry, what?
TG: look we ran into what i fucking swear had to be diamonds droog
TT: Are...are you certain?
TG: tall mean fucker in a weird suit
TG: turned a card into a spear with a diamond shaped tip
TG: fucking fought off bro for a while before giving us the slip
TG: so yeah pretty goddamn sure
TT: That’s...disconcerting.
TT: I will keep an eye out for similar occurances, and pass the word along to the others.
TT: Excuse me.
TG: sure see ya
-- tentacleTherapist [TT] ceased pestering turntechGodhead [TG] --


-- tentacleTherapist [TT] began pestering gardenGnostic [GG] --
TT: Jade?
GG: hey rose!!!
GG: i think i just made friends with spades slick!!!
TT: What.
GG: he’s only stabbed me once so far! that means he likes me, right?