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Lost Love

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It was Hermione Granger's last night at Hogwarts, and she should have been wrapped in the arms of her One True Love.  But he wasn't here.  A tear slipped down her face.  Why had he just disappeared like that?  She looked out into the world, wondering where he had gone.  One minute he had been there, laughing with her and Harry, and the next…  And it had all been going so well.  He'd finally gotten up the nerve to ask her to the banquet celebrating Voldemort's defeat and recognizing those who had been lost in the battle to defeat him.  That night, she had finally had everything she ever wanted.  His heart…and more.  She smiled quietly to herself.  He'd been so sweet, so shy…it had almost driven her nuts.  But the moment he'd touched her, kissed her, made love to her, she'd known it had been worth the wait.

So why was he gone?  Harry had found them early the next morning, and scolded them, grinning the entire time.  Ron had turned beet red, but Hermione had only grinned and laughed.   But when she'd come back from her shower, Ron was gone.  No note, no explanation.  And no owl since.  Not even a week after.  Even Harry had no idea where he'd gone.

There were soft footsteps behind her, and Hermione turned swiftly, hope flaring.  But it was just Harry.  He grinned sheepishly at her.  "Sorry, Hermione.  Just me.  You okay?"

She tried to smile, but it didn't come.  "I just…no, Harry.  I'm not.  Still no note?"

Harry bit his lip.  Hermione knew that look.  "You know something!"   She grabbed her friend's shoulders.  "Tell me!  What is it?  Is he okay?  Is he hurt?  Where is he?"

She didn't want to see the look that rose in his eyes.  God, Ron just had to be okay.  Had some stray Death-Eater found him?  Then he held out something�"a letter.  His voice was soft.  "Charlie sent me a note.  It just arrived.  Do you want me to leave while you read it?"

"Charlie?  But…"  She looked down at the letter.  What exactly did this mean?  "Please stay?"

He nodded, and sat down next to her on the window ledge.  Hermione opened the letter.


Ron showed up here last night, and refuses to talk to anyone.  I asked if mum and dad knew where he was, but he wouldn't answer.  The only thing he'll tell me is that it's just better for him to be somewhere where he doesn't have to hurt anyone else.  Do you have any idea what's wrong with him?  Does this have anything to do with that last fight against Voldemort?

Aside from being kind of thin, and depressed, he seems otherwise okay.  I put him to work with the eggs, making sure they're all getting the right amount of attention and heat.

I've already written to mum and dad, but I figured you should know he was okay.

Charlie Weasley

Hermione looked up at Harry.  "He's in Romania?  What…why would he go there?  I thought he was happy that morning!  Did he say anything after I left, Harry?"

Harry shook his head.  "Nothing.  Aside from mumbling that he was going to go take a shower.  And I didn't realize that he was gone until you went to look for him and saw his stuff was gone." 

Hermione turned away from her best friend.  "I thought he was as happy as I was that night.  I guess I was wrong.  I must have pushed him too much.  I just love him so much, Harry…"  The tears filling her eyes soon spilled down her face.  There were no sobs, just a simple waterfall of tears that felt as though they would never stop.  She felt Harry's arms around her, and leaned back against him.  He whispered reassurances to her.  No matter what it meant to his own life, she would never be alone.  He promised himself that much.