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One Night Stand

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Shay decided she needed a night out by herself. Since Clarice left her and moved to New York she hadn’t had much alone time thanks to Severide and Dawson. She knew they were just trying to be good friends but she needed some time to herself.

When they got off shift earlier that morning Dawson had asked if she wanted to get together later but Shay said she had plans. Her and Severide had a similar conversation when they got home. Shay figured her friends assumed her plans were with the other friend which suited her just fine.

It was Saturday night so she decided a night of dancing was in order. After she made herself a quick dinner she got herself ready. She decided to go for the simple, comfy yet cute look. She wasn’t trying to find anyone new but stranger things had happened so she may as well look good. Giving herself one last look in the mirror she was happy with her appearance: a well worn pair of jeans that fit perfectly, a black tank top showing just enough cleavage, her favorite black sandals, simple makeup and a silver chain around her neck with a Saint Micheal pendant Dawson had given her. Shay wasn’t really a religious person but with everything she had been through on the job she figured a little respect to the patron saint of paramedics couldn’t hurt.

When she went downstairs she found Severide sitting in front of the TV watching a cubs game. “Hey, they winning?” she asked.

Severide laughed. “I’m watching the cubs game, what do you think?”

Shay glanced at the TV and saw they were losing 7-0 in the seventh inning. “Good point. Well I’m heading out. Don’t wait up.” Shay said while she hugged him from behind the couch.

He turned to look at her, “Well you’re sure dressed for a fun night out.” He said with a goofy smile. “What are you up to tonight?”

Shay didn’t want to lie to him but she knew her answer would probably not go over well. “I feel like going out dancing tonight.”

“By yourself?” Severide questioned knowing Dawson wasn’t big on clubs.

Shay sighed. “Yes, by myself. And before you say anything, I’m fine. I just need a night out on my own. I’m not going out to replace Clarice or anything, I just want to have fun.”

Severide looked a little hurt, “I thought we had fun.”

Shay rounded the couch and sat next to her roommate and best friend, “We do but I need a night to myself.”

Severide looked unsure what to say.

“Don’t worry so much.” Shay said with a reassuring smile.

“I can go with you if you want.” Severide offered.

Shay laughed, “I’m heading to Berlin or maybe Roscoe’s then who knows. You are an amazing friend but you hate dancing and that’s what I want to do. I wouldn’t be around you long enough to protect you from the boys who would no doubt converge on you.”

“Are you sure about this Shay?”

Shay smiled and confidently said, “Yes! I’ll be fine!”

Severide shrugged. “Okay. But you call me if you want some company? Or if you need me to pick you up?”

Shay kissed him on the cheek and got up, “You’ll be my first call.” She said as she headed for the door.


Shay’s first stop was The Closet. Not really a place to go when you’re in the mood to dance but she loved the bar and knew most of the bartenders along with some regulars. She always felt it was a good place to start the night and she had finished a number of nights at the bar as well since it stayed open later than some.

She spent a couple hours catching up with some friends she hadn’t seen in a while but she knew she didn’t want to spend her whole night there. A couple women she knew had mentioned wanting to go to Berlin so she tagged along.

Once they walked through the doors she headed straight for the dance floor. She didn’t seek out a dance partner, she just started moving to the pulsing beat from the speakers. The movement felt good, freeing. She didn’t pay much attention to those around her, she just let the music envelope her. After a few songs she had worked up a sweat and needed a drink. She headed to the bar and ordered a MGD. She took a long swig from the bottle and looked around the club. All she could see were anonymous faces which made her smile. She didn’t know these people but more importantly they didn’t know anything about her.

Shay moved to a vacant table near the dance floor and watched the people gyrating to the music the DJ was spinning. She had to admit she missed this a lot. With everything that had gone on during Clarice’s second appearance in her life and the baby craze she went on in the aftermath she had nearly forgotten how fun it was to go out and let loose.

She finished her beer more quickly than she had intended. She just shrugged to herself and headed back out to the dance floor. Over the next hour she danced, sometimes alone and sometimes with a random person who approached her. She didn’t pay much attention to those random partners because that’s all she wanted them to be to her, random people.


Finally she needed to take another break from the sweaty, gyrating mass of humanity that was the dance floor. She headed to the bar for another drink but when the bartender looked her way the woman next to her spoke first.

“Can I get two MGD’s?”

Shay was a little annoyed but tried to not sound like it, “I thought I was next.”

The woman turned to Shay and said, “You probably were. That’s why one of the beers is for you.”

Shay turned her head quickly to get a better look at the woman.

Before Shay could speak the beautiful brunette smiled and said, “I thought I’d order for you, maybe start a conversation.”

Despite the woman’s adorable nose crinkling smile Shay responded with a slight attitude, “I am perfectly capable of ordering my own drinks.” After the words escaped her mouth Shay wondered why she was being so shitty to this beautiful woman.

The bartender placed the bottles in front of the brunette and took her money. The woman grabbed one beer and slid the other to Shay. “I am aware of that, I saw you do it earlier. I just thought I’d be nice. Enjoy!” The woman said with a smile and walked away.

Shay couldn’t help but watch the attractive woman walk away from the bar.

“Did you need something else?” the bartender asked.

Shay shook her head and grabbed the beer. She headed in the direction that the brunette had gone. She looked around and found the woman sitting alone at a table near the dance floor. Although Shay was slightly apprehensive and had been a bit mean, she felt drawn to this woman. She approached the table, placed her bottle on the table and sat across from the woman.

“Thank you for the drink.” Shay said. “And I’m sorry that I was kind of a bitch back there.”

“No worries!“ The brunette replied with a smile. “I can imagine you worked up quite a thirst dancing out there. I thought I would reach out and offer you a drink.”

“You didn’t have to offer me anything.” Shay replied more defensively than she intended seeing that she was trying to be nice. “I wasn’t going for anyone’s attention.”

“I’m sorry if I offended you somehow. I really was just trying to be nice.” The woman said with a sincere smile. “Plus it’s always nice to meet new people, especially someone as attractive as you.”

Shay felt caught. She wanted a night to herself but a beautiful woman was obviously trying to flirt with her. She quickly weighed her options before coming to a decision. ‘Ah what the hell, you only live once’ Shay thought to herself then answered the woman. “Well if you were trying to be nice and meet me you probably should have offered a name with the beverage.”

The brunette laughed. She gave Shay another adorable nose crinkling smile. “Valid point. Though I did get you to follow me without giving you my name.”

Shay rolled her eyes and was about to respond when the woman stuck her hand out and said, “I’m Ashley Davies.”

Shay took the woman’s hand and replied, “Nice to meet you Ashley, I’m Leslie Shay but most people just call me Shay.”

Ashley nodded her head, “Most of the time I get called Davies.”

“But what do you prefer?” Shay asked.

“Ash, Ashley or Davies works. I answer to them all. There’s plenty of names I don’t answer to but I don’t want to give you any ideas.” She replied with a mischievous grin. Then she added, “I’m gonna go out on a limb and say we are in similar professions, given your necklace.”

“Really? What do you know about my necklace?” Shay replied. She wasn’t sure if this was a come on or what because most people had no idea of the significance of her necklace.

Ashley nodded, “Saint Micheal, the patron saint of police officers, paramedics and E.M.T.’s right?”

“Very good.” Shay replied with a smile and an impressed nod. “How did you know that? Did you quick look it up on your phone or something?”

Ashley shook her head and pulled a necklace from under her shirt. “I have a similar one.”

Shay nodded recognizing the pendant immediately. She couldn’t help rolling her eyes before she responded, “Saint Florian. You’re a firefighter or pretending you‘re a firefighter. What house do you work at?”

“Actually I’m from Milwaukee. I’m here for the weekend visiting my sister who actually has a pendant very similar to yours, she’s with Chicago PD.” Ashley admitted. “Is it a problem that I’m a firefighter?”

Shay shook her head, “My best friend’s a firefighter. I just find it amusing, I guess, that I spend so much time around firefighters normally, then a random woman I meet in a bar is also a firefighter. And for the record, I’m a paramedic.”

Ashley smiled, “Good to know.”


For the rest of the night Shay and Ashley were inseparable. They talked shop a bit but also joked around and danced a lot.

After bar close they walked out the doors of the club and half way down the block together. Neither woman had driven themselves to the bar so they both needed to catch a cab but neither woman was eager to end their night. They stood outside awkwardly for a few moments, neither woman sure what to do next.

Shay found herself feeling bold so she asked, “So I know this line is cliché but I’m gonna say it anyways. Do you wanna come back to my place?”

Ashley didn’t answer right away which made Shay a little nervous. Shay was wondering if she had misread the signals from the beautiful brunette. Then Ashley flashed her a smile with her nose crinkled a bit and said, “I’d love to.”