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“ENOUGH !” Emma thundered striding up the aisle towards the dais, shocking the residents of Storybrooke in the lecture hall. Heads swiveled and necks craned around to see who had interrupted the Town Meeting, whispers grew louder the closer Emma came to the stairs to the stage.


The flyers went up Friday night on any flat vertical surface that would hold staples announcing the monthly Town Meeting would be held on April 1st. The list of agenda items could have been copied and pasted from last year’s meeting, in Emma’s opinion.

                                                             • Do not forget to submit your state and federal taxes by April 15th   

                                                            • Sanitation department reminds all residents to have their trash in the designated container(s) moved to the curb by 7:00 am on

the resident collection days

                                                           • Animal refuse MUST be collected and disposed of promptly by the animals owner wherever such refuse is deposited

• Fencing Guidelines will be strictly enforced. You may pick up a copy at City Hall

• Skateboarding is prohibited on sidewalks in the Business District

• Discussion of Proposed Zoning changes

But then, at the bottom was something new:


The weekend went rather smoothly. Only a few calls that had to be responded to- mostly neighbors complaining about neighbors complaining about the neighbors who called the Sheriff’s Station.

Since Emma didn’t have Henry, she decided to tackle some overdue paperwork.

Monday was back to the routine of wanting the phone to ring to break the boredom but not wanting it to ring when Emma hit a streak of 18 baskets in a row of trashcan basketball, shuffling paperwork and occasionally accidently finishing some until 5 pm when it was time to get dinner at Granny’s before the 6 o’clock meeting.


Emma elected to stand at the back rather than sitting down in the uncomfortable folding chairs set up, just in case a call came in. It also gave her the opportunity to talk to people as they came in, or as was most common, for people to come up to her to complain or ask questions. Emma was patiently explaining that chickens did not have to be on a leash when a bell rang, signaling the start of the meeting.

Surprisingly, it was Snow’s voice not Regina’s that called everyone to order.

“Okay, I think we can start now, could everyone take their seats?” Snow hesitantly asked the audience.

When most of the residents had seated themselves, Emma could plainly see that the dais had been set with only two chairs, occupied by Snow and David.

“Where the hell is Regina?” Emma wondered aloud followed by “How can we have a Town Meeting without the freaking Mayor?”

“Is everyone here? Could a member of the Census Committee provide me with the list ? An eardrum piercing feedback whine covered what else Snow might have said then “David, you have my pen and that incessant tapping is going to have to stop ! “ was clearly heard by the chuckling crowd.

While Snow and David flip thru pages of paperwork, Emma is scanning the hall looking for Henry or Regina, unconsciously moving up a few rows of chairs.

Rustling of paper and mumbled quiet comments are picked up by the microphone. “Great, we are all accounted for and the first agenda item …” Emma drowns out Snow going over taxes wondering how everyone could be accounted for when Regina is not here.

Maybe she’s sick passes through Emma’s mind Lets try calling her. Cell phone dug out of her pocket and speed dialing before the rest of her mind commands movement only results in voicemail. Try the home phone. No answer. Try Henry. Voicemail. Okay, after this meeting is over, lets go over to the house.

The next four items appear to have been dealt with because when Emma pays attention, the open discussion for Zoning is starting.

Nothing like a heated Zoning debate to sharpen zzzzzzzzz Emma tries to hide her smirk by slouching against the wall and realizes she has moved halfway or so into the hall.

A yawn, some arm crossing/uncrossing and shifting of weight from one foot to the other later FINALLY, this seems to be winding down.

Mostly because Snow has no clue about zoning and will not commit to changes.

Come on, I wanna go find Regina.

David looks like a deer in headlights up there. Has he even said a word ?

“Now for a few items not on the agenda. It has been decided that David will assume the duties as Sheriff effective immediately” Snow’s voice has taken on a much more confident tone that almost sounds commanding, carrying over the low hum of comments this announcement has caused.

Emma stands straight up as if struck by lightning, her jaw nearly on her chest.

“I will be taking up the duties as Mayor. As such I believe it to be in the best interest of all parties if we, David and I, assume full and sole custody of Henry”…


“ENOUGH !” Emma thundered striding up the aisle towards the dais, shocking the residents of Storybrooke in the lecture hall. Heads swiveled and necks craned around to see who had interrupted the Town Meeting, whispers grew louder the closer Emma came to the stairs to the stage.

“What have you done to Regina? Where is she ? God, Snow, what have you DONE ?!?” Emma is suddenly up the short stairs onto the stage and shaking Snow by her arms, a cacophony of voices in an uproar.

David shoots to his feet trying to calm Emma and to release her grip on Snow.

“We decided on ch-ch-changing some things Emma, seeing as I am Queen and David is King, it is time We took over, do things Our way. Don’t you see, We have your best interests in mind because we love you” Emma detected the different tone, not so commanding but hearing the Royal We just the same.

Dropping her hands to her sides, Emma cannot believe what she is hearing.

“You both threw me away once like yesterdays trash and now you are set on doing it again with the new baby and the added bonus of taking my job away AND my son ? Are you fucking crazy ??? Exactly what part of this is in my ‘best interest’ ?

The chaos of voices from the hall overwhelms Emma along with intense feelings of betrayal, it is all too much. With a wave of her hands everyone quiets, sitting back in their seats, attentive to the three people on the dais.

“Never mind about me, Snow, where is Regina? Where is Henry?”

“I don’t know where they are, but they are safe. Safe, Emma” Snow answered. But her eyes shift to the right, to someone in the hall, then snapped back to meet Emmas gaze.

“Blue, where is Regina- no. Present Regina and Henry. Right.The.Fuck.Now “while Emma spoke in a calm, firm voice her agitation was given away as sparks flew from her fingertips.

Blue just grimaced, produced her wand, waved it about while muttering and then disappeared.

“Shit, damn it Blue! I am going to-“

“Ehrma ?” a groan that could have been a name reached Emma’s ears just before

“Emma !” running footsteps and a rib crushing hug meant Henry was here. A quick visual check for signs of injury revealed none, Emma then turned toward Regina. Slumped on the floor in a sort of sitting position, Emma could see no blood or obvious injury but the Mayor was disheveled as if she had been held for days.

“Henry, are you alright? Are you hurt? “

“I am fine, Emma, really. But what is going on? Why am I here?”

“I want to hear everything that has happened but first I want to check on your Mom, ok ?” without thinking about how Henry feels about magic, Emma conjures a comfy chair for him.

“Why don’t you sit here for me?” Eyes wide, Henry complies.