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    Two female hunters, Lillian and Marylin, track down what they think is a werewolf trail and soon find out it's something else entirely - a Maenad. They ally with the vampires to stop MaryAnn, although Lillian finds herself flying to Dallas because Sookie wants her protection. And Marylin ends up staying in Bon Temps to hold the fort. She finds out who the Maenad wants. Sam Merlotte. So he has to be saved!

    While with Sookie, Lillian meets the zealots of the Fellowship of the Sun and witnesses Godric's death and captures the attention of Eric Northman. Her unique tolerance towards vampires distinguishes her from most hunters, especially her partner Marylin.

    See what happens after Sam is saved and Eric's Maker dies. The hunters find themselves staying longer in Bon Temps than they thought they would. They discover Valkyries and ancient duties given by fantastical gods. And the supernatural world they THOUGHT they knew becomes more complicated each time something hits the fan--even strikes the heart.

    For hunters aren't supposed to fall in love with the Supernatural.