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Lay your hands on me

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Johanna wrung her hands in the elevator down to meet Beetee, this would be the second most awkward meeting she'd ever had with him, the first one being a week before when she had asked him a small favour.

* * * *
Johanna nervously approached beetee.
"I believe you have a request for me Johanna" beetee said sympathetically, picking up on Johanna's nervousness.
"Yeah, but it's kind of embarrassing so could you maybe not tell anyone about this please?"
"This meeting is in strict confident miss mason, you can trust me 100%"
"Okay so as you know katniss and I are a couple now and have been for a few weeks, and we... Uh....we've...umm"
"Johanna don't be embarrassed I'm not going to judge you on anything you say or tell anyone"
"Okay so.. We've gotten intimate a few times but as you probably worked out either only one of us can get pleasure at a time, or for both of us to have it at the same time is not the easiest thing in the world with regards to...positioning. So we were wondering if you could...make us a... Umm... Dildo... That can allow the wearer to feel pleasure too..?" Johanna blushed as soon as she finished speaking.
"Oh" beetee replied looking a little flustered, "I'll see what I can do Johanna, and remember what I said I won't tell anyone"
Johanna blushed even more at this and muttered a thank you as she left the room as quickly as politely possible.

* * * *

Johanna cringed at the memory of the meeting, to be snapped out of her thoughts by the elevator stopping and the doors opening indicating for her to get out.
"Johanna, I've done what I can, I hope you are pleased and impressed at the outcome" beetee smiled handing Johanna a box.
"Thank you beetee, I really appreciate this"
"There are instructions on the box, make sure you read them"
"Okay thank you" Johanna laughed awkwardly as she re-entered the elevator.
Johanna slowly opened the door to her and katniss' appartement and peered in, looking for her lover. There was no sign of her, except a note laying on their bed reading "Johanna, I've gone hunting I'll be back at 5, I love you and I'll see you at dinner, katniss x x x"
Johanna looked at the small digital clock on the bed side table. It read 16:23. She had just over half an hour until katniss' return and dinner. She glanced at the box laying on the bed and couldn't resist the urge to open it. She picked up the piece of paper in the box and put it to the side while she examined the dildo. The first thing she noticed was that it had no straps, instead at the base of the 'penis' was what seemed to be a handle, confused, Johanna read the instructions to find out why there wasn't straps on it. The instructions were :

"1. You're probably wondering why there aren't straps, instead you insert the thing that looks like a handle into the 'wearer'. It's more efficient and necessary for your original request.
2. Coin doesn't know you have this and would confiscate it if she did so use it wisely. Eg - not in a public place or somewhere you could get easily caught.
3. Yes, it is waterproof.
4. This is the first time I have made one of these so there could be a small issue. The dildo connects with the wearers body in a way in which it biologically becomes the wearers penis. Be aware if this and don't abuse it.
5. Enjoy."

Johanna took the dildo out of it's box and turned it in her hands, examining it, when suddenly she had an idea. She stripped out of her clothes and laid on the bed, her hand strayed down her torso and she allowed a finger to rub at her own clit, creating a wetness between her legs. This was what she needed. The wetness allowed the wearers end of the dildo to enter her easily. She looked down, surprised to realise once the dildo was inside her, she couldn't feel it. She got up and walked over to the mirror. Seeing herself with a cock made her laugh. Her laugh was cut off by an overwhelming sense of curiosity and she wrapped on hand around it. She gasped as she realised she could feel it, the dildo had literally become her penis, beetee hadn't been exaggerating when she wrote those instructions.
Johanna laid down again and let the hand that she had wrapped around the cock slide up and down the shaft. Her first thought was "woah no wonder boys wank so often, this feels great"
A sigh escaped her lips as her hand picked up speed, going faster and faster until she came.
"Holy shit" she murmured under her breath, laughing to herself.
She glanced at the time, 16:50. Removing the dildo felt weird but not unpleasant and Johanna promptly arranged it back into it's box and put the box in the wardrobe.

Johanna smiled as she saw katniss walking over to the table she was sitting at with Annie, Finnick and Haymitch at dinner.
"Hey beautiful" she smiled, pressing her lips against katniss' as katniss sat down.
"Hey, sorry guys I might smell, I sweated loads on that hunt"
"You'll be sweating loads tonight as well" Johanna whispered quietly so only Finnick heard, he high fives her and smirked.
"What was that about?" Katniss asked.
"Oh nothing, we are just thinking the same thing about this soup" Finnick replied nonchalantly.
"Which is?"
"It's shit." Johanna blurted out, making the whole table laugh.
"Well I think that's something we all agree on" Haymitch chuckled.

The group carried their food trays over to the disposal area and said goodnight to eachother to depart to their rooms.
"Why are you smirking?" Katniss asked Johanna as she unlocked the door to their compartment.
"Oh well I have a surprise for you tonight, that's all"
"Jo, you know I hate surprises"
"Well you won't have to wait long don't worry"
They entered the room and Johanna kicked off her shoes and made a beeline for the wardrobe, picking up the box and wrapping it in a towel so katniss wouldn't see.
"I'm going to get ready for bed, okay?"
"What about my surprise?"
"Be patient."
Once the bathroom door closed behind her Johanna stripped off and inserted the dildo, she didn't have to make herself wet as the thought of what she was about to do to katniss made her wet enough. She opened the door a crack and spoke to katniss.
"Turn the light off, take all your clothes off and lay on the bed with your legs slightly open"
She heard katniss fumbling and dropping her clothes to the ground and then the flick of the light switch going off. She opened the door and walked over the bed. She crawled over to katniss and positioned her self so she was hovering over the younger girl.
"So I've used my hands and tongue on you and you and I both know what we both wanted more each time"
She felt katniss nod in the darkness.
Johanna reached onto the bedside table and turned on the lamp.
"I asked you to turn the lights off because I didn't want you to see my surprise before I got to you, but I want to see this so they are going back on"
She positioned the tip of the dildo at katniss' wet folds, the touch sending shivers through the both of them.
"You ready, girl on fire?"
"Is that even a question?" Katniss smirked at Johanna pulling her in for a kiss. Their tongues fought for dominance and just as katniss began to win, Johanna pushed inside of her, causing both girls to cry out in pleasure. Johanna was shocked at how amazing it felt being inside katniss and immediately wanted more, she started to thrust in and out, being spurred on by katniss' moans and heavy breathing, followed by her own. Johanna pounded into katniss, enjoying having the mockingjay at her mercy, when katniss whispered in Johanna's ear.
"Surprise attack"
Johanna was then startled by being flipped over so katniss was sitting on her, switching the dominant role completely, now katniss was on top, now katniss was fucking Johanna. And Johanna loved it, she began thrusting into katniss once again in time to the movement of katniss' hips. Johanna could feel katniss' walls tightening around her and that brought her even closer to climax and when katniss came, screaming Johanna's name, johns new she couldn't hold on any longer and came a few seconds later, while katniss was still riding out her orgasm.
Katniss pulled herself off of Johanna and laid next to her, panting and sweaty. Johanna followed suit, pulling the dildo out and pulling katniss in to cuddle.
A few minutes later katniss sat up and said to Johanna, "I just realised, you felt it too. You came. How?"
Johanna laughed quietly, "I pulled a few strings with beetee"
"Well I'm glad you did" katniss smiled, "but don't fall asleep on me now."
"Well, I want a turn too!"
Johanna bit her lip as she watched her girlfriend insert the dildo and become fascinated by the feeling.
"You ready?"
"Fuck yes"
Johanna straddled katniss and lowers her self onto the dildo, moaning as it entered her. But her moan was nothing compared to katniss'.
"Fuck Jo, I'm so glad you did this"
Johanna began bucking her hips, slowly at first then gradually building momentum until both girls were hot and sweating and crying out eachothers names. Johanna could feel her climax building as she saw the katniss' facial expression turn into one she was all too familiar with. Johanna collapsed onto katniss after they had both come, releasing katniss from inside her.
"How was that kitty Kat?"
"" katniss stuttered.
Johanna pulled the dildo out of her as she was too tired to do it her self and put it away.
She returned to their bed and cuddled into katniss.
"Goodnight baby, I love you"
"I love you too Jo"