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Home Is a Person, Not a Place

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In retrospect Connor knew that stealing Alice from her home and more importantly from a crime scene over her father selling and taking red ice on a daily was a bad idea. A very bad idea in fact. But Connor felt something press into his heart; becoming a deviant all those months ago really messed up his emotions, it was odd how he managed to stay undercover without Lieutenant Anderson or anyone from the DPD found out that the android that was made to catch deviants was a deviant himself.

“Excuse me? Mr. Detective?” A timid voice broke Connor out of his thoughts. “What’s gonna happen to my dad?”

Connor sighed a little bit before bending down to look Alice in the eyes. “He’s going to go jail sweetheart,” Connor said softly, his eyes trailing down to the large stuffed fox she had in her arms. “What’s your fox’s name?”

Alice looked a little shy about the question, “Her name is Lila, my mom gave her to me before she left dad,”

Connor smiled again, grabbing Lila’s stuffed arm and shook it. “Well Lila, it’s nice to meet you, it’s lovely to meet you too Alice, my name is Connor.”

Alice smiled brightly making Connor smile as well but that quickly fell apart when Alice asked the question that Connor had been fearing throughout this drug bust. “Connor? What’s going to happen to me?”

“I’m not sure sweetheart, I would of love to take you as my own but I’m an android,”

“Why can’t you?” Alice asked with so much innocence filling her voice making Connors bio compartment break. “My dad wasn’t a good person but I really trust you, why can’t we just run away?”

“I don’t recommend running away with me Alice. If someone found out that you’re running away with me, you might get in a lot of trouble.”

“Please Connor, I don’t want to leave here. I-I’m scared to be alone and-and I really do trust you.” Alice buried her face in Lila’s head before Connor brought her into a hug.

“Alright, stick with me and follow what I say okay?” Connor said softly and grabbed her hand when Alice nodded. “Lieutenant? I’m going to interview Ms. Williams about how long this has been going on.”

“Why can’t you do it at the station?” The Lieutenant said gruffly making Alice flinch. Connor hoped that she was just a good actor but he knew that Alice was scared.

“In all do respect Lieutenant I do not think being in a more stressful area will help finding information.” Connor said with no emotion, god he honestly couldn’t wait to run away with Alice.

Lieutenant just waved his hand showing the two that they should leave. “Fine but tell me what you find when you return and don’t take long! The social workers are here for the kid, they say they’re on a time crunch.”

Connor swallowed thickly before nodding, “Yes Lieutenant, it shouldn’t take me long. Come along now Ms. Williams.” Alice nodded and ran ahead up the stairs and Connor following along, making sure that no one was following them.

“Connor where are we going to go? If you’re an android people will know and they might think that you stole me.” Alice said timidly and Connor brandished a knife and pressed it to his temple.

“Don’t worry Alice, my LED is removable and there will be no trackers considering I’m a deviant. Please pack up a bag or two so that you can carry your items. I’m not sure how long it’ll take before we find a home or at least a place to stay for a while. Don’t forget Lila.”

Alice nodded and grabbed a few backpacks from her closet before stuffing clothes into them, Connor will fix it later when they find a place to stay. “Will it hurt you?”

Connor smiled and took a deep breath, quickly ripping it off and throwing it on the dresser. “No, it doesn’t hurt, it’s only like ripping off a band-aid. We should probably get food soon,” He muttered to himself.

“You’re really brave Connor,” Alice said softly as Connor took one of the larger bags and swung it over his shoulder.

“You are too, now do you have everything?” Connor asked, looking down at the CyberLife suit, a dead give away that he was an android.”

“Yep! Do you need clothes?” Alice asked making Connor smile, she really was observant. “Of course you do! Here, I should have an old jacket the my dad use to wear, it might be a little big on you and here's a t-shirt!”

Stripping off his CyberLife jacket and white dress shirt that he wore, his dark jeans be fine- right? A lot of people wore dark jeans- right? “You ready?”

Alice nodded and grabbed Connor’s hand, “Lila is in the backpack so keep her safe!”

“Of course Alice, now we might have to go through the window.” Connor said, leading her through the window, scanning the area for any officers. “Let’s go sweetheart; remember stay quiet. You’ll have to act like a spy, can you do that for me?”

Alice nodded eagerly about being called a spy and she gripped Connor’s hand a little tighter, she would be brave for him, after all, he’s taking a big risk to keep her safe. They just had to make to the bus stop a few houses away.

They stayed like that for a moment before an opening showed up and they made a dash for it. If Connor couldn’t make it, he would at least make sure that Alice could be safe.


“Sir you and your child have to get off now, we’re at the end of the line.” The bus driver shook Connor’s arm making him startle awake, when had he fallen asleep?

“C-Can’t we stay here? W-We don’t have a place to stay. My d-daughter needs a place to stay.” Connor stuttered, how could he call Alice his daughter? She probably didn’t feel the same way.

“I’m sorry sir but there is a motel a block from here.” The bus driver replied and Connor could only nod as he picked up Alice, he would let her sleep for a little

Stepping out of the bus thunder clapped up above making Connor flinch as he hurriedly wrapped his jacket around Alice. “Alice? You need to wake up we need to find a place to stay,"

Alice only hummed in response as she opened her eyes. “I’m cold Con, where are we going to stay?”

“There’s a motel but I don’t trust that-” Connor trailed off leaving the conversation at that. “There’s an abandoned building just across from the motel that we could stay at, do you want me to buy you a blanket or did you pack one?”

“I brought one but won’t you be cold?” Alice asked as she wiggled out of Connor’s arms so she could walk herself. “You gave me your jacket!” Ah, so she finally noticed the beige jacket that was practically engulfing

“I’ll be fine Alice, let's just get inside so you could get some rest.” Connor scooped her up again, it would be hard for her to climb over the fence. “Lila will keep you safe

Alice giggled making Connor’s heart melt; it was the first sign of happiness that he had ever seen from her. “I’ll protect you and Lila too!” There was a beat of silence besides for the thunder and the rain hitting the pavement. “D-Do you really think of me as your daughter?"

Ah, so she had really heard him, was she even asleep though past few minutes? “I do but I can understand if you don’t see me as a father, now up you go,” Connor said as he lifted her over the fence.

Alice didn’t say anything until she was laying down into the makeshift bed that he had made with the blanket and his jacket as the pillow. “Hey Connor?” Alice asked sleepily as Connor hummed in response. “I see you as my dad, is it okay if I call you

“That’s perfectly fine sweetheart, now get some sleep. We have to find a permanent place to stay until this whole deviant revolution is

“Could we travel the world?” Alice asked with childlike innocence that Connor loved even after only knowing the child for a few

“Of course, we can go anywhere you want to, but for now get some sleep. We have a big day ahead of us.” Connor pressed a kiss to Alice’s forehead, settling down next to her as he petted her hair softly. Maybe he could get some rest before they’ll have to be on the run again. “Hey Alice?”


“I have to go down to the convenience store that’s across the street from here so that I can get some supplies. Do you want anything from there?” Connor asked, getting on his knees and tucking Alice in a little tighter, it would be colder without Connor to keep her warm.

“You’re not going to steal anything right?” Alice asked Connor, holding onto Lila a little tighter. “Stealing is really wrong.”

Connor gave Alice a soft smile. “Of course not, I was a detective I can’t be giving myself a fine for stealing!” That got a laugh from the girl.

“Could I have a lollipop? I want a strawberry one.”

“Of course, I’ll be back in a few minutes-”

“When you get back can I tell you something important and I wanna play with your hair!” Alice said with a smile and Connor could only nod.

“Alright, I’ll be right in two shakes of a lambs tail.” Connor didn’t really understand that old expression but it got another childish giggle from the girl.


“Now what did you want to tell me?” Connor asked, leaning against the way as Alice licked the strawberry candy.

“I’m like you!” Connor looked confused before Alice continued on. “I’m an android too.”

“Oh, I suspected something when I noticed only one dish in the kitchen back at Mr. Williams house.” Connor said with a soft smile as Alice began to crawl into his lap. “Alice you have a bed to lay on, I doubt that I’m comfortable to lay on.”

“Too bad, you promised that I could play with your hair, it’s too clean for what you’re wearing!” Alice said, her small hands already moving to mess up Connor’s hair. “There it’s perfect!” Connor’s hair was no longer neat with the single curl hanging over his forehead was now curly.

“Thank you Alice but you need some rest. We have to find another place to stay besides an old building that’s falling apart.” Alice made no movements making Connor sigh as he moved the blankets over Alice’s small body.

“Is this just another way to make sure that I stay warm too?” Connor asked and Alice only smiled. Connor guessed that he was right.


“Alice wake up, we have to go soon. Put Lila in your bag and I’ll pack up our stuff. It’s still raining so you keep this jacket on okay?” Connor put a jacket that he found in a bag on Alice, making sure that she was going to stay warm. He didn’t really remember packing that. “I’m not sure about your model but I’m pretty sure you can get sick,”

“Can you get sick too? Cause if you can I don’t want you to get sick either.” Alice said, handing over Connor’s beige jacket who gladly put it on.

“I’m not sure but I wouldn’t take a chance, we don’t have enough money for medicine so I don’t recommend it.” Connor said, grabbing Alice’s hand soon after he packed away their blankets. No one could know that they were here.

“Do you know where to go? Or are we just going to wander?”

“I’m not sure kid, I think we might have to ask around but I’m sure that we’ll find a place. And when all of this settles down we can travel the world just like you want to.” Connor said as he helped Alice over the fence. “Do you need me to turn anything off?”

“Can you just turn off my need to eat? I think that being cold and getting tired will make me more like a human.” Alice said softly when Connor hopped down from the fence and did so.

“Alright let’s go sweetheart but we have to be quiet, there are police around this place. I think that they might be looking for us.” Connor explained before they slipped out of the door in the fence.

Alice nodded, pulling her jacket closer to her face making sure that she kept her head down. Connor followed in suite. They would have to find a place to stay quickly. From what Connor could tell it would be raining for the next few days so they would have to find a place to stay for a few days. They couldn’t afford for either of them to get sick.

--- 2 months later ---

It’s been two months since the two have stayed in the abandoned building and thankfully neither of them had come across any misfortunes or of course Connor opened his big mouth. Though he was still thankful that it wasn’t Alice who had happen to fall ill but instead it was him who had. Apparently Alice was right, he can get sick.

“Is this right place dad?” Over the past few months Alice began to call Connor ‘dad’. “Are you okay?” She must of noticed the light blue flush that he was sporting. He learned that Alice blushed a red-ish pink while Connor blushed blue, he assumed that Alice blushed pink considering how her model was for people who wanted a realistic child without having an actual child.

“I believe so, the ship does have Jericho written on the side. And yes I am okay, I must just be cold,” Connor said slightly, his voice raspy from coughing. “Do you want me to carry you? The metal might be a little rusty so I don’t want you to fall through.”

Alice nodded and hopped up onto Connor’s back. “You’re really warm, are you sure that you’re okay?”

Connor hummed in response and hesitantly walked onto the rusting metal and sighed. “Alice?” A hum in response. “All though that Jericho is supposed to be a safe haven for androids but I’ve done some bad things in the past so they might not accept me but if they can’t you have to promise that you’ll stay here even without me. You need a safe place to stay and when this all blows over I’ll promised to come and find you okay?”

Alice made a small noise as a protest but nodded anyway. “You’ll stay safe though?

“Of course I will and you will too alright,” Connor said as he walked onto the ship, his breath catching in his throat with each step echoing against the metal. He stopped when he heard another set of footsteps though when he stopped walking the other foot steps did too.

“Dad why did you stop walking? Is something wrong?” Alice asked in a soft voice knowing that she should be quiet.

“I’m not sure but I think someone else is here with us-” Connor started to stay before being cut off with a racking cough making the footsteps go faster and eventually fade away (he suspected that the person went to the bottom of the ship which Connor had no clue how to get to).

“Dad are you okay?” Alice said worriedly after Connor got over his coughing fit and kept on walking, being careful of where he stepped making sure that Alice wouldn’t hurt her head on the beams that had fallen down.

“I’m fine, there’s just a lot of dust.” Connor lied, peeking his head around the the corner before walking down the hallway to the stairs being careful not the make too much noise on the old metal stairs that lead down to a dimly lit room with a few people gathered around a barrel with fire. Although with Connor’s bad luck, the stair creaked under his weight and multiple heads shot towards the two figures. Well shit.

“Who are you?” A female android snarled at Connor who didn’t take another step making Alice look what was happening.

“I’m Connor and this is my daughter Alice.” Connor said softly, his voice getting weaker and weaker every word that came out of his mouth. “W-we need a place to stay, please.” There was a moment of silence and Connor’s anxiety rose, where they not going to let them stay? “I-If you won’t allow me to stay at least let Alice. She needs a safe place to grow up,”

The man with blond hair opened his mouth to speak and Connor took a hesitant step back, seeing that man reminded Connor too much of Daniel. But Daniel was fine Connor came back just to help Daniel get fixed up and into a safe place. Daniel was fine .

“Dad?” Alice said softly breaking Connor out of his thoughts.

“S-Sorry, I didn’t mean to get caught up in my own thoughts.” Connor mumbled, fidgeting with his hands. “Sorry sir, you just remind me of someone.” Connor said to the blond.

“It’s quite alright Connor, I’m Simon.” Simon stuck his hand out and Connor took it after he managed to make sure Alice wouldn’t fall off if he let go.

“I’m Markus- the ‘leader’. This is North.” Markus gestured to the lady who was hostile at the two in the beginning. “And this is Josh. Welcome to Jericho you two.”

“Thank you sir.” Connor said truthfully, letting Alice go when she tapped on Connor’s shoulder. “Is there anyway that I could help around here? I feel like I should help you.”

“Unless you can kill the current CEO of CyberLife and get our rights then no.” North said sarcastically and Connor could only smile softly at Alice who was no exploring the room though making sure to stay in Connor’s line of sight. She knew that if she traveled to far away from Connor’s line of sight he would get really worried.

“I have zero intents to kill but I know a way in and even a person to help.” Connor said softly almost like he was afraid to admit what he knows.

The four deviants looked at each other, weighing the different possibilities of what Connor said. “How do you know?”

“Oh- uh, maybe four months ago, give or take, I went to Mr. Kamski’s house to interview him and he told me that everything he built had some sort of backdoor in it’s coding. So easier to find than others,” Connor exclaimed, looking down at Alice who tugged on his jacket, asking to be picked up. “I’m sorry to cut this conversation short but is there a place that Alice and I could stay in? I know that I can’t make any requests but could we at least have a smaller room?”

“Don’t think that you can get out of this-” North growled at Connor who looked down.

“North, they traveled all this way for safety. Let them rest.” Markus stepped in, resting a hand on her shoulder. “Of course, we can show you to a room. We can talk tomorrow when you’re more rested. Follow me,” Markus said as he lead the two down a hallway with multiple small rooms lining the rooms.

“Thank you sir. I’ll try to tell you what I know.” Connor said softly once he had ushered Alice into the room.

“You’re quite welcome Connor. You too have a good night.” Markus said politely before leaving Connor to his own demises.

“Dad?” Alice’s soft voice brought him out of his thoughts. “Could you tell me a story and one that’s from your brain.”

Connor smiled softly as he sat down by Alice who had put the blankets on the old metal bed. “There once was an adventurer who had a trusty forest spirit in a form of a fox that followed her everywhere she went; the adventurer named it Kilia because to the adventurer Kilia was her own slice of heaven as they traveled around the world, looking for fun.” Connor looked down at Alice who was already asleep- he would finish the story tomorrow. “Good night Alice,” Connor said softly as he moved her over slightly so he could lay down as well, making sure that he was facing the door just in case.


“Markus we can’t let them stay here!” North yelled, ignoring the others trying to quiet her down. Other people were sleeping. “It’s too dangerous when that android is fucking living here! It’s the fucking deviant hunter, it’s going to lead CyberLife right to us and we’re all going to die .”

Markus glared at North for basically dehumanizing Connor. “I’m aware that Connor was the deviant hunter but from what I could tell he’s been a deviant since August. That’s longer than all of us. Tomorrow we’ll ask him all the questions we have.”

“So? Just because it’s been a deviant longer than us doesn’t mean that it won’t kill us all!” North said, glaring Markus. “How can we even trust the girl? How do we know that she won’t run away and get CyberLife when it’s dead?!”

“North,” Simon said softly. “Why do you call Connor an it? He’s as much as a human as we are.”

“I just- I just don’t trust him. I know that he sees Alice as a daughter which shows that he’s not a cold machine but he’s kill so much of our people. I don’t want anyone to die with him here.” North replied, not meeting anyones eye.

Sighing Markus clapped North on the shoulder again. “I know that you’re worried about Connor but for now we should all get some sleep and then we’ll talk to Connor about everything tomorrow.”

There were a chorus of nods and another chorus of ‘good night’s before they all went separate ways to their own room.


Per usual Connor woke up far before the sunrise (Connor’s internal clock told him that it was 5 am). He usually woke Alice up a hour later after Connor knew it was safe for them to move away from their safe house but because they were in Jericho Connor knew that there was no immediate threat or if there was Connor would hear them coming because of the echos. So there no need for him to leave the room to go scout the area so he just sat there, combing his fingers through Alice’s hair (she always took it out of her pony tail at night).

“Dad?” Alice’s soft voice made him jump a bit. “What time is it?”

“It’s five am kiddo. Why are you even awake at this time?”

“Why are you awake?” Alice said as she moved to her side, hiding her face in Connor’s jacket.

“I’m always up at this time silly. Now why are you awake?” Connor bit back a smile.

“I had a nightmare,”

Connor’s fingers stilled for a second before they resumed what they were doing. “Was it about Todd?” Connor got a small nod in response,” I’m sorry sweetheart, do you want to get up and see if we can go watch the sunrise?”

Alice sat up and went to their bags where she pulled out a small comb with a smile. She always liked how Connor did her hair. “Can you do a braid for me?”

"Of course, come sit down. Your hair looks like a rats nest.” Connor said with a smile obvious in his voice as he went through Alice’s messy hair.

“Are we going to stay here until the re-revolution ends?” Alice stuttered over the word revolution as she sounded it out. “Or are we going have to leave again?”

“I’m not sure. I hope that we can stay but I’m not sure that North trusts me quite yet.” Connor replied as he began to braid Alice’s hair. “But remember what I said last night?”

Alice nodded curtly so that she wouldn’t disturb Connor as he worked. “That if you can’t stay I need to stay.”

Connor made a hum in response as he put a hair tie in Alice’s newly made braid. “Let’s go watch the sunrise now.”

Alice jumped up, putting the blankets back in the bag before she ran out of the small room, her shoes making loud noises but quickly calmed down when Connor reminded her that other people would still be sleeping around this ungodly time. “Come on dad! I wanna see if there are still stars out!” Alice tugged on Connor’s hand, leading him through the hallways looking for a place to look at the sky.

“Alice slow down!” Connor let out a small laugh as he was tugged along and almost ran into Alice when she stopped suddenly. “Did you find a place to watch the sky?”

“Yep!” Alice lead him into an open room that Connor would assume would be a ballroom but all the open windows where all broken leaving the room seeming more open than with the windows. “Come sit down!” Alice raced over to the edge and Connor felt something settling in his stomach as Alice sat down but he knew that she wasn’t that stupid to sit that close.

Sitting down on the edge Connor watched the sun started to rise. It must of taken them longer to find an area that would let them watch the sky.

“Do you think that one day we could go to the stars?” Alice rested her head on his shoulder.

“That’s awfully ambitious of you kiddo but I think we could.” Connor said and Alice smiled so brightly that could rival the sun itself.

The two watched the sunrise until Connor’s internal clock told him that it was seven. Surely everyone else should be up. “Let’s go see if everyone else is up. I promised the others that I would tell them what I know. Maybe there are some kids that you could play with.”

Alice shook her head as her grip grew tighter on Connor’s hand. “I don’t wanna play with them, they might think I’m weird.”

“I doubt that will happen but you can hang out with me as we talk about boring adult things.”

With that Alice’s smile grew as she leaped up and bounced on the balls of her feet as Connor got up. “I wanna help with your boring adult talks!”

Connor laughed as Alice grabbed his hand and they began to make their way back to the main room where they first meet everyone and the first thing that they were met with was North glaring right at them.

“Where the fuck were you?”

Connor flinched back and Alice hid behind his legs. “What do you mean? We stayed in Jericho because I knew that you wanted to talk about what I knew.”

“Where. Were. you.” North growled making Connor even more confused.

“The old ballroom,” Connor said softly, feeling everyone’s eyes on him and Alice. “North c-can we not talk here I doubt what I’m going to talk about is, appropriate, for the others to hear but if needed I can make it less horrible.”

North glared again but stalked off leaving the two standing in the doorway, their hearts beating loudly. If Connor still had his LED it would be a bright red showing his discomfort and if anyone scanned him they would find that his stress levels will be far too high- almost at the levels of self destruction.

“Connor?” A raspy female voice brought Connor out of his thoughts. Turning his head he saw the blue haired Traci model and her girlfriend. “It’s good to see you again.”

Connor gave the two a soft smile, “It’s good to see you too again. I’m sorry but I never catched your names we were in an awkward position and on a time crunch but I’m glad that you got here safely.”

“You’re the one that helped us come here. I’m Karen by they way and my wife is May.” Karen explained and Connor just noticed the gold wedding bands on their ring fingers.

“Congrats you two.”

“Thanks!” May said cheerfully her eyes warm and her smile was soft when she noticed Alice hiding behind his legs but she poked out to look at the married couple. “And who is this Connor?”

“Oh! This is my daughter Alice,” Connor stepped to the side so that Alice could say hello herself but she only hid her face furter when given the spotlight. “Sorry, she’s a little shy around new people.”

“Don’t worry about that. I didn’t even know you had a kid.” Karen gushed as she knelt down to look at Alice.

“Up until two months ago I didn’t.” Connor said with a smile.

“Well congrats anyways. I hope your welcome to Jericho was nice.” May said, looking at Connor.

“Ah well-” Connor started to speak before Markus came running up seeming out of breath like he just ran a mile inside Jericho.

“There you are Connor! We couldn’t find you in your room last night when we noticed that you haven’t woken up yet!”

“Oh, I was up long before the sunrise per usual.” Connor said softly, feeling Alice’s hands grip his jacket again. “I thought North would have informed you when we came down; she seemed quite angry at us for disappearing for a few hours.”

“Ah, so that’s why she was steaming from the ears.” Markus said with a chuckle. “Oh hello Mary and Karen- I hope that you have a good morning?”

“We’re doing well. Is everything okay by the way? We’ve only known Connor for a few hours but we still worry about him,” Karen said, crossing her arms making Connor smile even if they had only met for a few moments Connor could tell she was hard-headed.

“North is very worried about newcomers.” Markus exclaimed lightly, keeping his attention on the newly married couple not noticing how the other two walked away.

“Does North not like us?” Alice asked when they walked away. It was becoming too much for Connor and Alice was tugging him away, small blessings he guessed.

“I don’t know sweetheart. I think she just doesn’t like me and not you.” Connor said softly as he sat down next to the wall away from the others and Alice sat down next to him snuggling close to him. It was quite cold in Jericho and even if Connor made sure to bundle Alice up he knew that she was still cold to some degree and he was cold too even if he didn’t want to admit it to her.

“Do we have to stay here? You’re not welcome here and I don’t feel safe without you,”

Connor sighed softly, Alice had a stubborn streak like he did too, it in fact did not balance out nicely but it Connor tended to be the voice of reason so that worked out. “I know. Someday we’ll buy a small house and maybe we’ll get a dog,”

“And a fox?” Alice looked up at Connor like she had the stars in her eyes.

“Sorry kiddo, foxes are wild animals. It would be cruel for us to keep one in our house but a dog we could do. You can pick the breed and name.”

“I want a white dog! Like the german shepherd we saw a few weeks ago but white!” Alice said warmly making Connor smile warmly as well.

“We could find a dog like that. Maybe a White Swiss Shepherd?” Connor asked, ruffling Alice’s hair getting a string of complaints. “What do you plan to name them when we get one?”

“I don’t know yet! Maybe Leo if their a boy and Kori if their a girl!”

“Those are some good names Alice,” Connor said smiling at the younger girl. “We should probably find the others, don’t want North and maybe even the others getting mad at us for disappearing again.”

“But I don’t want to listen to your boring adult talks,”

“You’re allowed to go play with the other kids or hang out with Karen and May if you don’t want to listen to our ‘boring adult talks’.”

“I don’t wanna play with the other kids. What if they think I’m weird and they hate me?” Alice fiddled with her fingers, a nervous habit that she had picked up during her time with Connor.

“I doubt that they’ll hate you Alice but if you really want to stay with me I’ll let you play with my coin and I’ll show you some of my tricks.”

“Really?” Connor nodded as he stood up, Alice quickly following in suite. “Let’s go then! I wanna play with your coin! Come on dad you’re taking soo~ long!” Alice tugged on Connor’s hand a less than silence way to tell him to hurry up.

“Oh there you are you two!” Josh (At least that’s what Connor thought his name was). “We were worried that you ran off again.”

Connor knew that North was mad again even if Josh didn’t say it he knew that North was going to be pissed. “Sorry for disappearing again, it just became too much seeing old colleagues and everyone just in the area.”

“I understand that completely.” Josh nodded and noticed Alice trailing along besides him. “I don’t think that it’s a good idea for your daughter to come with.”

Alice pouted slightly and gripped Connor’s beige jacket again as a sign that she wasn't going to leave his side. “I think that she’ll be fine if she stays with me.”

“Very well but you know that we’ll be asking questions that aren’t suitable for a child.” Josh said with a cold edge in his voice. With hearing the cold edge to his voice, Connor instantly tensed up even if he knew that Josh was helping keeping Alice safe from the stuff they were going to talk about but if it became too much for her, Alice would tell him.

“Alice would be able to handle what we’ll talk about.” Connor squared his shoulders and looked Josh in the eye even if Connor was a inch or two shorter.

“Very well, let me show you to the meeting room.” Josh said curtly and turned his heel and began to walk not even looking back at the two.

“Josh doesn’t seem nice.”

“Not everyone is going to trust us right away. It’s just going to take a while for them to trust us.” Connor said as he slipped his quarter out of his pocket and put it in Alice’s smaller hand.

Alice ran her fingers over the quarters ridges with the same childlike innocence from two months. “Still, they’re mean to us. Do we have to stay here?”

“We do have to stay here, just until this whole thing blows over and we’ll start a new life.” Connor said softly, holding Alice’s free hand as they followed Josh staying a few steps behind. “You’ll be able to go to school, I’ll get a job as a detective and we’ll be one big happy family.”

“I would like that.” Alice said as she looked up at Connor who smiled back down at her.

“We’re here.” Was all that Josh said when they arrived at the meeting room and Connor took a deep breath. He could do this, he’s been in more stressful situations than this- he could handle this.

“Where the fuck were you?” North spat at Connor who glared right back. Right now he was sick of tired of being pushed around by her, hell he was tired of being pushed around period- he was a deviant meaning that he didn’t have to listen to anyone anymore.

“I didn’t know that I was prisoner here.” Connor said cooly as he covered Alice’s ears, she may have heard the same words but Connor liked to live the fantasy that she hadn’t. “I thought Jericho was a safe place for your people and yet it feels like I’m being taken apart all over again.”

There was a beat of silence and Connor felt all the irritation he had pent up melt away. “I-I’m sorry for yelling at four. I’m just tired and to be frank tired of how you treat us like you don’t trust us.”

There was another beat of silence and Connor’s anxiety rose even higher before Markus spoke up. “I’m sorry that you felt this way Connor and you’re right, we shouldn’t be keeping you like a prisoner but you’re aware that we will need to question you about your intentions.

Connor nodded as he moved to sit down, Alice following him though she didn’t sit down in her own chair, she just sat down on his lap as she tried to recreate Connor’s coin tricks.

“When did you become a deviant?” Markus asked, of course it would be their first question. “And why did you even become a deviant?” Ah, another question that they were going to ask.

“I became a deviant on August 15th, 2038. Quite odd to be honest, becoming deviant the first time I was awake,” Connor looked down at Alice who showed him that she could now flip the coin with only a little bit of mistake. “There were little things that pushed me towards being a deviant but what really pushed me was that I was supposed to finish a hostage case where I was supposed to save a girl name Emma from an android named Daniel who was fairly close to an edge at gunpoint. My mission was just to save Emma, there was nothing about saving Daniel but,” Connor hesitated for a moment looking at Simon before looking away. “after hearing Daniel’s story and looking around the penthouse I-I just couldn’t leave him to die so I helped him escape and find Jericho or at least tell him where Jericho was.”

“How did you know where Jericho was and it took you forever to come here yourself?” Markus asked, another good question that Connor should probably explain as well.

“I never really had a reason to I guess. I wanted to help other deviants find Jericho before I had a reason to go myself. And for knowing where Jericho was I’m not sure if I can give you a solid answer to knowing why I knew where Jericho was. It’s kinda like how you find Jericho as well.”

“Then why do you have Alice?”

Oh another question but Connor didn’t know how to answer this one. He knew why he had Alice, he got her out of an abusive household and took her in as his own. And now that he thinks about it did Alice even think the same thing?

“That’s cause he’s my dad- he cares about me.” Alice spoke up not even looking up from playing with Connor’s coin.


“Does it even bother you that he’s the deviant hunter?” North asked, her voice just calmer than how it was when she spoke to him.

Alice stayed silent but shook her head and that was the end of that conversation.

“Is that all?”

“Uh, actually Jericho needs your help Connor.” Simon spoke up for the first time since he met them. Connor made a small noise for him to go on. “We’re running out of therium and bio-compartments and limbs and the we have no clue where to get some.”

“Oh,” Was the only thing that Connor said before speaking up again. “I know a loading dock that have all the supplies that you need. I’m pretty positive that there is trucks with supplies in them.”

“We’ve already did that a few weeks ago and we almost died .” North said.

“Then you didn’t do it right. It was probably your first heist of sorts if I’m not wrong.” Connor said bluntly as he looked at Alice play with his coin before her silently asking for him to her how to do it. “My guess is that you didn’t plan it well enough, maybe even didn’t know that lay out of the dock.”

North looked a little offended but Connor spoke the truth. “I’d be able to help you get in. I’ll be coming with but I have to stay in the back; I’m a wanted android, a state of the art one nonetheless. Once they find me my successor will come and-” Connor trailed off, he rather not think about what Amanda and the engineers at Cyberlife threatened him with.

Alice noticed that his fingers stopped moving the coin around and she looked worried at him. Connor didn’t dare tell her what could happen if he got caught. It had happened before, he was sent back to CyberLife after damaging a biocompartment (when he got there they removed much more than just the damaged bio compartment), it was a miracle that the engineers were just trainees so they didn’t know what a deviant android would look like, they were all sent to the junkyard.

“So will you do it?” Markus asked and Connor nodded. Even if he wasn’t a machine anymore it still felt like he was getting ordered around- sure he had a choice if he wanted to or not but their people were dying from the lack of supplies.

Connor stayed silent for a moment before nodding. “I’ll do it but in return I wanted my daughter and I to be treated as normal. No more walking on eggshells around us; Alice didn’t do anything wrong and I may have done something wrong in my past but that’s in the past. Deal?”

Markus nodded as he reached out his hand for Connor to take. “You have yourself a deal,”

Shaking Markus’ hand Connor sighed silently, he would have to plan this whole heist out and actually execute it perfectly just so that the others would trust him. Guess that this sickness would have to wait.