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The Masseur

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Kris Allen knew he had a lot to be thankful for and he was lucky to be living his dream. After 50 shows in 60 days, he was happy to be home even if it was a newly purchased house. He and his wife had decided to take a break from one another. Katy would stay in the Arkansas house while Kris stayed in LA to work on his third album. Kris also wanted to go on a massive health kick so he hired a personal trainer. He hired a female personal trainer hoping it would be easier. He was wrong.

Tara was relentless in her quest to whip Kris into shape. After the first week he felt like he was going to be permanently sore. Tara suggested he hire a masseuse twice a week to relieve his soreness and speed up the recovery time. Kris thought more rest and less work was the better solution but agreed to her suggestion. Tara recommended an established spa that catered to A-listers and were very good. Kris called them up and arranged to have a masseuse come to his house twice a week for an hour and half massage. Kris was happy when a middle aged, eastern European woman showed up. He had specified he wanted a female.

After a month Kris was feeling and looking great. His manager was pressuring him to finish up his songs so he could start recording. Kris was happy to be busy which kept his mind off his failing marriage. After a grueling meeting with record execs and a ridiculous episode with the paparazzi, Kris was looking forward to his evening massage.

He saw his answering machine blinking and played the message.

“Mr, Allen, its Eva. I am sorry but my daughter is in the hospital and I cannot make our session tonight. I have asked one of the other masseuses to take over the session. If that is not what you want, just send them away. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Kris was disappointed but hoped her daughter was OK. His security phoned and said there was someone new for his usual appointment and wanted to know if they should let them in the gate. Kris said it was fine and went to the door to meet the replacement masseuse. Kris heard the footsteps up the porch and opened the door. He was shocked to see a 6’1’’ raven haired man wearing tight jeans and a glittery shirt. Apparently the attractive man was also surprised when he blurted out,

“Kris Allen.”

“That’s me, who are you?”

“Sorry, I am Adam, Adam Lambert. Eva asked me to fill in for her. I hope that is OK? I trained with Eva so it should feel similar.” The man smiled brightly and had a magnetism about him that prevented Kris from disappointing him.

“Come in. I-I never had a male masseuse.”

“Well, then you are in for a treat.” Adam winked, “We boys have stronger hands.” Adam laughed and Kris loved the sound. It relaxed Kris immediately and filled him with warmth. Kris stepped aside and let Adam in the house. Adam picked up a portable massage table and came in.

“Where would you like me to set-up, Mr. Allen?”

“Um…Eva usually sets up in the gym. Follow me.”

Kris was leading Adam to the gym which had them pass by Kris’ home studio. Adam noticed and stopped,

“Wow. Cool studio. Is this where you record?”

Kris cringed. He did not like people invading his privacy and did not feel like talking about his music. Adam seemed to notice Kris’ reaction.

“Sorry, I don’t get out much.” Adam laughed and Kris smiled in spite of himself.

“It’s ok. I just mess around in there when I write or collaborate with my band. This is the gym.”

“Adam thought it looked like a small dance studio with racked weights, a bench against the wall and a stairmaster in the corner. It had great mirrors. Adam put the table down and noticed the ballet bar.
He quirked an eyebrow,

“You do ballet?”

Kris laughed, “No it came with the house. The former owner was a dancer. I just converted it into a gym.”

“Nice.” Adam quickly and efficiently set up the table and placed sheets from his back pack on the table. He also took out several oils. “Any preference? I brought sandalwood, eucalyptus, lavender and citrus.”

Kris started to get nervous and a little uncomfortable. He rubbed the back of his neck, “I don’t know. What do you like?”

Adam made a face like he was concentrating, “For you, Mr. Allen, I’d say sandalwood. It is spicy and exciting.”

“Everything I am not?” Kris deadpanned.

Adam laughed like he was genuinely tickled, “I think it is the repressed side to you.”

Kris quirked a brow and then grinned, “I am going to take a quick shower and come back. What should I wear?”

“What do you wear with Eva?”

“Nothing. She uses a sheet…”

Adam gave him conspiring look, “I use a sheet too. I want you to be comfortable. You can wear underwear if it helps you relax. I take it you don’t want a happy ending.”

Kris’ jaw dropped. Adam laughed nervously, “I am sorry. I shouldn’t have joked like that, Mr. Allen. That part of the brain that filters the mouth seems to be broken in me. Please, don’t freak out.”

Kris tensed up, “Maybe I’ll just skip today and wait for Eva.”

Adam looked miserable, “It was a bad joke but I really am a good masseuse. Please, Mr. Allen, I can be serious and professional.”

“No more bad jokes.”

Adam’s eye’s lit up, “Scouts honor.”

Kris went into his room and took a quick shower. He returned in a robe with boxer-briefs underneath. He laid down on the massage table and Adam placed a sheet on his lower body. Kris was still tense but tried to focus on relaxing. He could smell the sandalwood and hear Adam rubbing the oil in his hands to heat it up. Kris felt Adam’s warm hands on his back and felt the tension melt away.


Adam could not believe how lucky he was to get a job in one of the most sought after spas in Los Angeles. Although Adam’s Hollywood connection’s did not help him get any decent acting roles, it did get him an introduction to Linda Lensin the owner of Sumatra Sunset Spa. Linda hired Adam as a massage assistant after he obtained his certification and assigned him to work with Eva. He was grateful Eva was nice and taught Adam real world tricks they didn’t teach in massage school. Eva was a single mother in her late 30s. Adam was surprised when Eva asked him to fill in for her because her daughter was suddenly ill. Adam had accompanied Eva to a couple outcalls but never to her A-list clients. Eva was rushed on the phone and just mentioned her client, Kris was pretty down to earth.

Adam was surprised when he was met by security and blocked from entering the estate. Adam was still not use to the lifestyles of the rich and famous. Frankly, it intimidated him a bit but also made him envious. He had always dreamed that his acting would lead to that type of a success. After 8 years of being a struggling actor, Adam decided he would settle for a steady income and a passionate hobby. Adam never expected to see the top of the charts, American Idol alumni, Kris Allen at the door. In fact, he was so shocked, for the first time he was at a loss of words and blurted out the obvious,

“Kris Allen.” Adam immediately felt stupid and tried to get his nerves under control. He was surprised just how cute Kris was in person. Even though Kris’ music wasn’t Adam’s usual taste, he was a fan and agreed he was one of the sexiest men on the planet.

Adam collected himself enough to respond to Kris’ inquiry and introduced himself. Adam wished Eva had told him it was Kris Allen so he could have found an excuse not to come. Although most people would kill to find out they were giving Kris Allen a massage, Adam was nervous he was going to do something stupid. The guy would be way too distracting and Adam could not afford to lose his job. Still part of him couldn’t help feeling a thrill.

Adam had the feeling Kris was not thrilled about the change. Adam had heard Kris was married and fairly religious but he had never heard he was homophobic. Kris Allen’s declaration of never using a male masseur and the fact that he stated it so awkwardly had Adam wondering. Adam needed to put him at ease and just get the massage over with. Maybe Kris was just shy or threatened. Adam knew between his height and extreme looks, he could seem intimidating. Anyone who knew Adam would never think that he was scary but he could see that a stranger might.

Adam followed Kris to the gym area and could not help but admire the house. Even though it was large, it was simple and classy. He felt the warmth and then saw the studio. Adam was envious and wished he could just record songs any day. Eva had warned him to always stay professional and aloof. Adam could hear Eva’s mantra.

“Since we get physically intimate rubbing their bodies its essential you have clear emotional lines. Even if the client wants emotion never flirt because eventually it will lead to an awkward moment and then you are out a client. Plus, if Linda found out you would be fired and blacklisted.”

Definitely not worth it which is why Adam could not believe what came out of his mouth. Happy endings! What was he thinking even going there and offending one of Eva’s favorite clients. Not only would he be fired but Eva would kill him. He tried to salvage the situation and couldn’t believe Kris caved and was letting him give him the massage.

Adam began tried to focus on giving a good massage and picturing dead grandmas to avoid any embarrassing reactions. Kris was beautiful and had soft skin. For the first time ever, Adam wished his job was seedier and he did get to offer more pleasure. Dead Grandmas, dead grandmas.

Adam could feel Kris relaxing and responding to his touch. Adam focused on his left arm and then the right arm.

“Is the pressure ok? Do you want me to go harder or softer?”

“Feels perfect.”

Adam could not agree more he moved down to Kris’ lower back and was disappointed to feel the elastic of underwear. Adam remained focused and just massaged around the elastic. And then moved the sheet to expose the bottom half of Kris’ body and luckily bit hit lip to stop him form commenting on what a great ass he had. Adam felt Kris tense up as he moved his hands up Kris thigh. Adam was always careful with men not to stray too far up on the inside of the thigh to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Kris was a little ticklish on the back of his thighs which Adam thought cute.

“Your wife must have a blast teasing you.” Adam bit his tongue. He felt Kris immediately stiffen. “I’m really fucking up today, aren’t I? I really meant that innocently.”

“Maybe you should try being silent.”

Adam laughed, “You have a deal, Mr. Allen, I won’t say anything else.”

“Definitely don’t say Mr. Allen again. If you are going to say things to make me uncomfortable at least use my first name.”

Adam couldn’t help out smile at that and thought maybe Kris wasn’t that offended. Adam finished the back side of his body and asked him to roll over. Kris turned over and Adam adjusted the towel over his groin area. Adam lifted his leg and placed it on his own chest so he could loosen up the knee and get the feet. He locked eyes with Kris which distracted him to no end.

Adam just concentrated on what he was doing. Kris squirmed when Adam started on his foot.

“Did I hurt you?”

“No, my feet are ticklish too.”

Adam smiled and moved on to the other leg. He then moved to the other side of the table and started rubbing Kris’ shoulders and head. He felt Kris instantly relax when he was rubbing his head. Adam continued longer than usual and heard Kris breathing very evenly. Adam lightly ran his hands down Kris’ arms and knew he was sleeping. Adam took advantage and just stared at Kris and wished he could find a gay version that would be into him.

“Are you checking me out?”

Shit. As if the session could not go worse. Adam smiled, “I was debating on whether I should let you sleep or wake you up.”

“I guess the massage successfully relaxed me.” Adam watched Kris sit up. Adam grabbed Kris’ robe and placed it next to him. He then turned away and packed up his stuff. He heard Kris stand up and stretch.

“Thanks, man. I feel pretty good. You are a little stronger than Eva.”

“Do you always do Swedish?”

“I don’t know.”

“You should try different styles. Eva does deep tissue and shiatsu. I just took a seminar on hot stones which is very relaxing.”

“I am a simple guy. Do I owe you anything besides a tip?”

Adam shook his head, “No and instead of a tip can you just not tell Eva about my screw ups. I really need this job.”

Kris just shrugged, “No worries, Adam. I would be careful with the jokes, though." Kris walked him to the door and placed a bill in Adam’s hand.

“Thanks, Adam.”

“Have a great night, Kris Allen.”

Adam walked out and saw Kris had given him $100 tip which was high. Adam usually only got between $20-$30 from his best clients. Adam was suddenly jealous that Eva had such generous clientele. Adam just hoped Kris did not mention the happy ending joke to Eva.