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Your name is Willow Wolf. An odd name, but you wear it with pride. People tend to like your outgoing nature, your sense of humour and your laid back attitude. Some are just drawn to you because of your large chest. You call them your best friends. The people, not your chest.

You have a natural talent when it comes to singing, and a passion for writing. You are a Chef in the making, and you specialize in baking. You're a pescatarian, and Pagan. People don't always see it by the way you act, but you're a very intelligent person. You enjoy people watching, and reading all about psychology.

You are between jobs right now, but that gives you lots of time to destroy any chance at a romantic life by delving deeply into video games. Namely World of Warcraft where you are currently a level 68 Night Elf Druid. You love horror movies, the more gore the better, and you are a die-hard zombie fanatic. You've had a zombie survival plan since your freshman year of High School.

You have a high tolerance for alcohol and you love a good brawl. This comes from the Scottish and Irish parts of your bloodline. Something you take great pride in. Your chat client handle is DrunknIrish for a reason. You want people to know two important things about you right away, and besides, LdyGudHead was already taken.

Today’s a special day. You’ve been dreaming about this day for a long, long time. Your dreams are not entirely the normal sort. They take place on a golden planet and everything they show you happens at some point. As such, you knew about this game and the people playing it for a very long time.

You have your own role to play, of course. You’re special in this regard as well. You do not get something everyone else does, but you get your visions in return. Man, out of all the doomsday scenarios, this is the one that’s true. You’d say you would never have guessed it, if you hadn’t already known it was true a long, long time ago.

You have your own place in this mess. It’s place number four, if numbers count.

AD: hey DI
AD: i was just about to ask you something

DI: Isn’t that convenient?
DI: Go ahead and ask.
DI: The answer’s yes, by the way.

AD: do you want to be my server?
AD: Oh, right.
AD: i should’ve asked something completely different just to mess with your future seeing powers

DI: But then I would’ve known you did that and I would have said something different.
DI: You cannot change the future, Thijs.

AD: yeah yeah
AD: so connect to me already
AD: i’m bored waiting for UC to finishing waiting for ES

DI: You’re not going to get in before she does, you know.
AD: i know but come on!
AD: give me something to do!

DI: Oh keep your pants on.
DI: I’ll connect to you already.
DI: So yes, please do keep your pants on.
DI: There are things I really don’t need to see.

AD: see, I was going to say something like
AD: who do you think i am?
AD: and then give you the name of one of our friends
AD: but i dont think any of them would do that
AD: so that joke didn’t really work.

DI: UC might.
DI: OL is more probable, though.

AD: goddamnit DI I did not need to think about that
AD: at all
AD: also why are you so jokey all of a sudden?
AD: you werent before

DI: Are you having a crisis that you don’t know how to solve?
AD: well, no
DI: So I can be as jokey as I want without being insensitive.
DI: Comedy is timing, Thijs.
DI: You’ll learn.

AD: hey, how long does it take for a fortune teller to press a button?
DI: I don’t know, how long?
AD: Five minutes, apparently, because you still havent connected to me
DI: That was a good one.
DI: Let me get right on that.

You press a button and connect to your Dutch client player. Keeping sleeping synchronised is going to be a bitch, you realise. Damn timezones. Well, it looks like someone else demands your attention. How unexpected.

-- obfuscatingLogician [OL] began pestering drunknIrish [DI] at 15:42 –

OL: willow
OL: you know about the game
OL: like what we’re supposed to do and stuff
OL: that’s a statement not a question

DI: So the question I’m waiting for is still coming, then?
OL: yeeeeeeeah
OL: what are we supposed to do and stuff

DI: We are going to destroy our planet, escape to an alternate dimension and become better versions of ourselves by finishing personalised quests.
OL: that’s great and all but that doesn’t really tell me anything
OL: I need more intel
OL: about the mechanics
OL: and how to play

DI: Nobody told you?
OL: lol no
OL: ES asked me to play and I was all like lol sure and he said k cool and that was it

DI: Talk about brilliant communication skills.
OL: haha I know
OL: and ky’s busy messing with his mind like a boss right now so I wasn’t going to ask him
OL: so now I’m asking you

DI: Well then, I might as well explain this to you.
DI: The eight of us play in one session, and we all connect to each other in a chain, everyone takes the role of server and client.
DI: So Kyrianne connected to Peter and became his server, while he became her client.

OL: uh huh
DI: The server can change things in the clients house and drop a couple of things you need to actually get into the game.
OL: so when you connect you’re pretty much just playing the tutorial?
DI: Yes.
OL: cool
DI: And when you’re in your quest starts, but I’m not spoiling anything for you.
OL: screw spoilers
OL: I want to know

DI: Sorry, I can’t tell you anything.
OL: awwwwwwww
OL: please?
OL: :(

DI: Nope.
OL: well I tried
OL: I guess that means I’m off to find a server and a client

DI: Good luck!
OL: end of the world here I come!

-- obfuscatingLogician [OL] ceased pestering drunknIrish [DI] at 15:45 –

Talking to OL can be a bit exhausting sometimes. She’s rather full of energy and getting a word in edgewise is difficult at the best of times. How she manages that in text is completely beyond you, but you’ll just chalk it up to her personal skill set.

Your room’s a bit strange, since it has been decorated for the purpose of playing the game itself and for entertaining you while you were waiting for it to start. It hasn’t been a bad wait, what with the generally large amount of horror movies and video games stocked on the shelves. You also have your wands. They don’t do anything yet, mind you, but you know what to do to make them have just that little spark.

As previously mentioned in a conversation with Kyrianne, you do not know everything. In fact, there are way too many things you don’t know yet. The clouds saw fit to inform you of the first day in an almost ridiculous detail, but let almost everything else remain a mystery. One of those unknowns has also been talking to you for quite a while. He’s generally not very nice company.

-- unbelievableGenius [UG] began pestering drunknIrish [DI] at 15:48 –

UG: HEllO WilLOw
DI: Oh hey.
DI: Look who decided to talk to me again.

UG: rEAllY TheRE’s nO ReaSOn tO Be hOStiLE
UG: yoU KnoW I’m nOT thE Bad Guy iN ThiS SceNAriO

DI: Oh please, I know what you’re going to be doing.
DI: You’re as much of a bad guy as the actual bad guys.

UG: You ARe gIVinG Me eNTirELy tOO muCH crEDit
UG: YOu aLReaDY knOW whO’S goINg tO CauSE moST of YOur PRobLEms
UG: ANd iT Isn’T Me
UG: i HAveN’T evEN taLKed TO hiM Yet

DI: Really?
DI: You could’ve fooled me, with how much you already know.
DI: And you could at least try to stop him.

UG: SO coULd yOU
DI: He wouldn’t listen to me.
UG: oh YEs aND he WOulD LisTEn tO Me
UG: mY HanDS arE JusT As tIEd
UG: pREdeSTinATioN SucKS doESn’t IT

DI: At least I already know you’re going to fail.
DI: Annoying as you might be.

UG: haHA no YOu dON’t
UG: yOU dON’t eVEn kNOw mY GoaLS
UG: thIS isN’T a sIMplE GamE Of wINniNG or LOsiNG
UG: noT WhiLE i’m ARouND

DI: That leaves me with another question.
DI: I don’t really expect an answer, since you’re very fond of not giving any.
DI: But why?

UG: yoU’Ll gET onE ThiS TimE BecAUse I’M feELinG GenERouS
DI: Oh joy.
UG: You WOulD LosE If i DIdn’T
DI: Really?
UG: Yes
DI: That’s complete bullshit and you know it.
DI: You’re not doing this for us.

UG: INdeED i’m NOt
DI: So what do you get out of this ridiculous complication of yours?
UG: i’M Not TEllINg yOU
UG: yoU AskED foR An aNSweR And I GavE You ONe

DI: Do you want to know what I think?
UG: nOT paRTicULarLY buT You’RE goINg tO TelL Me aNYwaY
DI: I think you’re just being mysterious for the sake of being mysterious.
DI: You don’t even have a plan, do you?
DI: Because that would be rather characteristic of you.

UG: OkaY
UG: You CAn gO On tHInkINg tHAt

DI: What, that’s it?
DI: No selfish boasting about how I know nothing?

UG: tHAt wOUld BE a wASte OF tiME
UG: anD I woULd bE TelLIng YOu mORe tHAn i WAnt TO teLL yoU

DI: I really thought that would’ve worked, mind you.
DI: That was quite clever.

UG: HahA
UG: FlaTTerINg mE Won’T WorK EitHEr bUT thANks ANywAY

DI: You are most welcome.
DI: But I’m sure you are busy with whatever you’re doing, so I’ll leave you to it.

UG: yoUR coNCerN For MY buSIneSS is NOteD And APprECiaTEd
UG: gOOdbYE wiLLow

-- unbelievableGenius [UG] ceased pestering drunknIrish [DI] at 15:57 –

He is, in fact, terrible company. You think you know who he is, finally, but you’re not entirely sure yet and you’re not going to waste any time on speculations.

Instead, you endeavour to get set up properly for this game. You’ve connected to Thijs already, which means you simply need a server player.

-- drunknIrish [DI] began pestering robotVagabond [RV] at 16:00 –

DI: Hey David.
RV: I was wondering what was taking you so long
DI: Man, I hope you weren’t bored without me.
RV: Nah, I had great company
RV: TR’s been keeping me busy

DI: Oh, yes, great company, right there.
RV: Totally
DI: I want to ask you something.
RV: That doesn’t surprise me
RV: You also know the answer already, I’m guessing?

DI: Yes.
DI: I’m going to screw with causality for a bit and tell you your answer first.

RV: Hey, it’s not like I’m going to be stopping you
DI: The answer is ‘yes’.
RV: Well, now you definitely have me interested
RV: What’s the question?

DI: Will you be my server player?
RV: Wow
RV: That almost sounds like a marriage proposal

DI: It does, doesn’t it?
RV: But yeah, I’ll be your server player
RV: What do I need to do?

DI: Connect to me.
DI: I’ll guide you through the process from there.

RV: Convenient
RV: At least one of us knows what she’s doing

DI: I am totally in the loop on what I should be doing.
DI: Somehow I can’t quite manage to get others inside before they have to go through everything, though.

RV: I take it that’s part of the fun?
DI: Oh, yes.
RV: Connecting