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You can do this.

Everything is absolutely fine. Peter’s alive, but currently not talking to you, but you can deal with that. That’s okay.

Kyrianne is doing absolutely fine as you can clearly see and oh god why can you see her? What is wrong with reality? Are you dreaming? You have to be dreaming because this isn’t happening.

The universe doesn’t just stop working because you decide to play a game. Or at least it sure as hell shouldn’t have.

You have already managed to enlarge Kyrianne’s room to three times its original size, disappeared the kitchen table into wherever the hell things go when you put them in the Phernalia Registry and there are now at least two walls where previously there were none.

You have yet to deploy anything you really need to deploy, much to the annoyance of your client player.

UC: Thijs what are you doing?
AD: im trying really hard to get rid of this wall
AD: but i just keep putting other walls around it

UC: well stop it!
UC: youre using all our grist

AD: weve got like 30 left
AD: well be fine

UC: Thats bullshit
UC: Peter had only twenty

AD: well i started with fifty
AD: i guess we get more with every new player or something?
AD: that makes sense right

UC: yes it does
AD: great
UC: now get to deploying my stuff will you?
AD: sure thing

You put down the Cruxtruder in the now enlarged room, although Ky’s bed slightly disagrees, ditch the Alchemiter where the kitchen table used to be and then put the Totem Lathe in the hallway because why the hell not? Well, that was pretty damn easy.

Oh, hey, look, someone else is bothering you again.

-- tyrannosaurusRock [TR] began pestering annoyingDutchie [AD] at 21:13 --

TR: Hey AD
AD: hey
TR: Dude, do you think you can help me out?
AD: sure
AD: whats up?

TR: This game is up
AD: oh right
AD: do you have a server and client player yet

TR: Hell no
TR: Hell no and I’m not going to
TR: Why does everyone keep assuming I’m actually playing?
TR: First ES blows me off and then KM keeps bugging me
TR: I try to politely tell her to piss off but she’s not really good at taking hints

AD: what are you even talking about
AD: have you looked outside yet?

TR: Yeah, there’s fucking meteors coming.
TR: I told her that too.
TR: It’s bullshit that you guys want to play a game during a meteor shower.

AD: dude
AD: talk to DI
AD: im not very good at telling you any of this
AD: and i dont have the time

TR: I am not talking to DI
TR: She’s full of shit and she doesn’t like me.
TR: So no.
TR: And what are you so busy with?

AD: im saving UCs life
TR: Youre what?
AD: saving her life
AD: im also systematically destroying reality
AD: so im really busy

TR: Okay
TR: I get it now
TR: You’re just playing a prank on me
TR: This is intercontinental mess-with-TR-day

AD: im not kidding
TR: You guys are playing a game during a meteor shower and youre acting like its the most important thing ever
TR: Someone would think you have higher priorities!

AD: yeah thats great
AD: listen i really dont have time for this right now
AD: talk to someone else about how you can save the human race

TR: What.
TR: The fuck.
TR: Are you going on about?
TR: Have all of you guys fucking lost it?
TR: We’re about to die here!

AD: so play the godamn game already!
TR: Yeah, fuck that.
TR: I’m going to talk to RV.

AD: whatever

-- tyrannosaurusRock [TR] ceased pestering annoyingDutchie [AD] at 21:16 --

David is way better at handling this than you are anyway, so whatever, that’ll work out just fine. You’ve got way bigger things to deal with anyway. Like saving your own skin.

AD: done
AD: hello?

UC: Peter was talking to me
UC: he isn’t doing very well.

AD: tell him to unblock me
UC: He blocked you?
AD: yeah
AD: whats going on with him

UC: Well his family died and he’s broken up about it
AD: oh
AD: I feel kind of like a dick now.

UC: I know.
UC: It’s okay though, I’ll tell him to unblock you when he gets back
UC: also he told me to tell you to stop doing anything for a while

AD: gets back from what?
AD: what’s he doing?

UC: Helping us, I guess.
UC: But he said he’d be back soon and then I saw him running upstairs.
UC: Then there was another flash of light so I guess something important happened.

AD: cool
AD: so what do i do now?

UC: we wait.
UC: Maybe you can find yourself a server already.

AD: yeah maybe
AD: i think ill go talk to my sister first though
AD: see whats going on with her

UC: watch out so she doesn’t attack you.
AD: what?
UC: My mom attacked me with cookies.
UC: That’s not hyperbole for anything.

AD: what does math have to do with cookies?
UC: I meant figure of speech.
AD: oh, right.
AD: why would she attack me

UC: To test you.
AD: yeah, that doesn’t sound creepy at all
AD: but fine, ill go check.

-- annoyingDutchie [AD] ceased pestering unorthodoxCreation [UC] at 21:20 --

You are not entirely sure what she’s going on about, but you’re not taking any chances at the moment and, as such, grab your bb gun and leave your room.

Your house is earily quiet right now, but it usually is when only your sister is around. She likes her silence, you guess. It’s pretty unnerving that she tends to make absolutely no noise whatsoever. The lights are all out, too. Lovely. Luckily you know your way around the place pretty well and you don’t trip over anything.

“Sis?” you call, once you get downstairs. “What are you doing?” You are, of course, not afraid in the least.
“Do you know what’s going to happen soon?” You hear her voice from, well, somewhere. You never did figure out how the hell she did that.
“When the meteor hits?”
“People are going to die, I guess?” That does not sound at all good when you say it like that.
“True, but who will die?” she asks. “That’s important.”
You stand in silence, realisation slowly dawning on you.
“Let me put it this way,” she continues. “When the meteor gets here, what happens to us?”
“We go away? Peter survived somehow, right?”
“He did, but who didn’t?”

Okay. Your parents are going to die. Your friends are going to die and everyone else you know is going to die. Fuck.
“Is there a way to save them?”
“Maybe. I don’t know the game that well. “
“How do you know the game at all?”
“I’m here to help.”
“That’s great. You’re sounding like DI right now.”
“It’s my job.”
“What else is in your job description?” you ask, getting ever so slightly annoyed at her.
“Listen, you’re going to have to get used to having a lot of different sources telling you a lot of vague things. I can’t tell you everything that you’re going to go through, because you’re the one that has to go through it.”

That makes sense. Or, at least, it sounds like it makes sense.
“This game is all about personal challenges and figuring things out on your own. I’m just here to help you along a little.”
“How long’ve you know this?”
“For about as long as I could remember.”
“You’ll find out. We have more important things to take care of first.”

She doesn’t tell you. She attacks you instead. Your sister wields a katana, as she always does, but she doesn’t hit you with that. Instead she just hits your shoulder, before disappearing again, letting you know what’s going on. How thoughtful of her.

You draw your BB gun and look around, your eyes having gotten used to the darkness a bit by now.
“So you’re going to try and kill me now?”
“If you suck so bad I might have to,” she says, and you’re pretty sure you know where it’s coming from.
“Thanks for the confidence in my abilities.”
“I’m not expecting to have-”
There! You fire at her and she stops talking.

For a bit. “That wasn’t even close.” She was somewhere different now.
“Is that how you’re going to fight me?”
“You sound surprised.”
“Do I?”
She jumps out from behind the table you were aiming at. You assume it’s her, anyway, it’s not like you can hear her do anything. You raise your rifle and fire and then she’s gone. You’re pretty sure you hit her. Well, you’re pretty sure the shot would’ve hit her if it wasn’t actually aimed at her.

“Did you ever think we’re taking this sibling rivalry a bit too far?” she asks and you can’t help but laugh.
“Maybe. It’s not like there’s anything expensive left for us to destroy.”
“I don’t think there’s anything cheap left, either.” She sounds cheerful and, more importantly, close.
She shows herself, almost looking as if she appeared out of thin air right next to you, swinging her blade, but, instead of hitting your throat, you manage to make it hit your rifle. The impact makes you drop it to the ground and a well-placed shove sends you joining it.

She walks over, ready to swing her katana at you again, but you kick at her legs and her momentum carries her forward, the tip of the blade sticking in the floorboards next to your head as she tries to prevent herself from falling on top of you.

You roll away and get up, looking for your rifle and finding it to be missing from the living room floor.
“Looking for this?” your sister asks, katana in one hand, rifle in the other, both pointed at you.
You raise your arms in surrender. “Did I suck bad enough?”
“Almost.” She smiles and throws you your weapon. “Now go enjoy your life while it lasts.”
“You’re being very cheerful today.”
“I’m just our little ray of sunshine, aren’t I?”

-- annoyingDutchie [AD] began pestering unorthodoxCreation [UC] at 21:27 --

AD: so my sister attacked me
UC: I told you so.
AD: I kicked her ass
AD: it was awesome.
AD: any news on your end?

UC: Peter is talking to his dead bird.
AD: hes doing what now?
UC: Talking
UC: to his dead bird.

AD: okay.
AD: is that the bird you killed?

UC: Yes, Thijs, it is the bird I killed.
AD: doesnt that sound weird to you?
UC: Nope.
UC: Should it?

AD: whats gotten into you?
UC: why don’t you take a look for yourself?
AD: what?
UC: My plushies.
UC: You ripped off Ravioli’s paw.

AD: I had to move something to make room
AD: also how did you not see that before?

UC: maybe that was because I was a bit busy with other things.
UC: Like fixing an emotional crisis.

AD: are you mad at me?
UC: I thought that was pretty much clear by now.
AD: im sorry Ky
AD: ill buy you a new one

UC: That’s not exactly what I was expecting as an apology, but fine.
AD: im going to find a way to make this up to you
AD: until then
AD: what are we doing?

UC: We’re not doing anything at the moment.
UC: You might want to look into connecting to your server, however.

AD: Oh, right.
AD: about that
AD: TR doesn’t want to play

UC: Why not?
AD: we’re playing a game while the world is ending and he thinks we should deal with more important things first
UC: Really?
AD: hold on, I still have the logs
AD: TR: You guys are playing a game during a meteor shower and youre acting like its the most important thing ever
AD: TR: Someone would think you have higher priorities!
AD: hes talking to RV right now

UC: That should work out just fine then.
UC: Anyway, good luck.

-- unorthodoxCreation [UC] ceased pestering annoyingDutchie [AD] at 21:34 --

Well, more waiting.

You wonder who you could still ask to be your server...

-- drunknIrish [DI] began pestering annoyingDutchie [AD] at 21:34 --

DI: Hi there.