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Ten Years Sleeping

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“Or you could wait for another ten years,” Elizabeth says.

Minako rubs at the chains keeping her tied to the doors. She does miss having a body. She especially misses being able to walk further than five meters in any direction. “What happens if I don’t?”

“Nyx will descend upon humanity again and civilization as we know it will end,” Elizabeth says. “I heard it’ll make a wonderful ice cream flavor.”

“Oh,” she says. That does sound problematic. Best not to. Maybe she’ll find out what the secret ingredient of that weird takoyaki is by the time the ten years are up.

“Do not despair,” Elizabeth says. “I am quite the diligent worker. It would have taken Theo twenty years.”


2010 (the youngest son remix).


“It shouldn’t take very long,” says Theo. “Ten years at the most.”

“… The most?” says Minato. The chains rattle when he scratches his nose, and rattle when his arm falls back to his side.

“My sister really is very rude,” Theo says. “She said it’ll take me twenty years. Just because I’m the youngest doesn’t mean that I am the least capable.” He pouts. And then he adjusts his gloves. And then he fusses with the buttons of his waistcoat.

“… Well,” Minato says, “… You go do that.”

He still doesn’t have a clue who this Theo guy is, but the clothes are a pretty big hint.