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The Flower of Jotunnheim

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                Laufey coughs up blood and spits it out violently on the ground. Odin has beaten him. Many Jotunn lay dead upon the battlefield and Laufey’s favorite son is badly wounded. His worthless runt for an heir, however, had been captured and is otherwise unharmed. He looks over at Loki, who is chained and crouched on his knees beside some of Odin’s soldiers. Helblindi is slowly bleeding out, but he can be saved if actions are taken quickly.

                “As terms of your surrender, I will take from you The Casket of Ancient Winters, all the gold of your realm my men can carry, and your first born son.” Odin declares, not really waiting for Laufey to agree to his terms. If Laufey refused, Odin would just kill him and do all of the above anyway.

                Loki looks on at the scene, resigned to his fate. He knows Laufey won’t fight to keep him. Even if he did, Odin would deny him. Loki then feels a pin prickly feeling on the back of his neck and knows he is being watched. Yes, the guards restraining him are watching him, but this is different. He looks around only to see the Crowned Prince of Asgard staring him down in open curiosity. Thor is studying and measuring him, and an uneasy feeling descends over Loki’s stomach. The Jotunn people do not wear much clothing as a culture, but the way Thor is looking at him makes him feel dirty, exposed, and vulnerable. Loki suddenly wishes he had a blanket or cloak to cover himself with.

                He is dressed in a long flowing golden floor length loin cloth and is bejeweled with rings, earrings, golden arm bracers, and a large Egyptian style torque collar. Everything is encrusted with emeralds, even his waist length raven hair. He is very exotic and beautiful, well, to one person in the crowd. Most Jotunns mock their would-be heir to the throne. Loki is called The Flower of Jotunnheim. To off-worlders the title sounds sweet and sentimental. Only the Jotunn people know the name to be the mockery that it is. Loki is called The Flower because he is still a virgin, too small for any normal sized Frost Giant to mate with. Over the years Loki has come to wear his virtue like a shield, using the purity the title implies to hide his devious and clandestine nature. Oh yes, The Crowned Prince of Jotunnheim has many secrets.

                But as of this moment, he is The Crowned Prince no longer. Now, he is a slave. What kind of slave he will be Loki can only imagine. High ranking political slaves like him are usually humiliated. Judging from Thor’s expression, he stands a good chance of becoming the golden god’s thrall. Sexual slavery can be more deadly and soul crushing than being starved to death while working in some mine. Loki looks down at the ground to avoid the gaze of any other people that might be watching him. His mind is a torrent as he starts to think of ways to angle himself if things turn out the way he suspects they will.

                Odin finishes his speech and starts barking orders left and right. Loki remains as he is for several minutes, temporarily forgotten until a very large bronzed hand grabs his chains and pulls him up. Soldiers are in a frenzy around him as they gather up their spoils of war before leaving for Asgard. Thor has just claimed his.

                “Come with me and do not cause trouble.” Thor says in a stern and flat voice. Loki hobbles behind Thor, his stride shortened by the chains. They gather with many others as the call to Heimdall goes up and they are transported to Asgard in a streak of light.  Loki lands hard upon the Bifrost and doubles over before vomiting up the contents of his stomach. The men around him laugh and mock the puny weak runt. Thor allows him a moment to regain his composure before unceremoniously scooping up Loki and tossing him over an awaiting horse. Thor jumps onto the back of the animal and Loki bobs along uncomfortably like a sack of potatoes draped over the saddle. His treatment once reaching the palace does not improve. Thor just throws Loki over his shoulders and carries him to the healer’s hall like a piece of refuse. Thor plops Loki down onto one of the beds there and instructs the healers to do a full examination of the prisoner before handing over the keys to his chains and leaving in a huff.

                The wrist cuffs covering Loki’s bracers are suppressing his magic. Loki is grateful for his golden arm bracers at this moment. They have kept the cuffs from cutting into his wrists. He can’t say the same for the cuffs around his ankles. They are bleeding.

                “I’m going to remove your ankle cuffs and disconnect your chains from your wrist cuffs. I know well that you do not need your magic to kill me. Do I need to keep the guards here while I examine your naked body or keep a blade held to your throat?” Lady Eir asks in all seriousness.

                “No my lady. I will comply.” Loki whispers. He does not need any of the Asgardian warriors leering at him while his is undressed. It would be an open invitation to be violated at some later time by any that saw him.

                “Follow me.” Loki does as Lady Eir bids and walks behind her. He is quickly flanked by two other healers and led into a small room with an exam table. “Help him remove his jewelry Martha.” She says to one of the healers. Loki feels his large decorative collar fall away as fingers pluck the various jewels and gems from his hair, ears, and fingers. His arm bracers were tricky to remove with the cuffs in the way, but they eventually pop off. “Remove your clothing and lie down.” She states.

                Loki feels some trepidation but is grateful that he is surrounded by female healers and not male warriors for this moment. Jotunns don’t really have two separate genders. They are all one and the same. However, Loki understands the differing anatomy of the Aesir. They are split into different genders. He is glad to be in the presence of females just now.  

                “Internal organs are strong and healthy my lady. There are signs of past abuse here and here.” The healer says pointing to old bone fractures in Loki’s face and ribs. Helblindi had tried to have Loki assassinated more than once, though those attempts were blamed on some unfortunate guards. Some of the injuries were abuse from Laufey, though he’d never told another living soul. The healers continue their examination until they get to the portion regarding Loki’s genitalia and stop.

                “I’m going to check the health of your sexual organs now to include the state of your virtue. I will be as quick and gentle as I can.”

                Loki doesn’t look at her or acknowledge her. He continues to stare at the ceiling with an icy expression on his face as two lubricated fingers parts his petals and plunge into his vagina. The purple blush that floods his face is noticeable, but the healers say nothing. She then moves to cup his balls, pressing to check for any hernias and then to his penis. She strokes it lightly for but a moment to test it for blood flow. When Loki starts to harden she is satisfied and stops. Loki swallows hard trying to think of anything other than the sensation of a stranger giving him a very brief, very clinical, and unsatisfying hand job.

                “The Prince’s virtue is still intact and he is fully functional. He is free of disease and well fed. His teeth are well maintained.” Lady Eir states for record. The exam is finished and she hands Loki a robe to cover himself instead of giving him back his clothes. Loki wonders if he will ever see his things again. “Take him to the bathing chambers then to Prince Thor’s rooms.”

                Once Loki is led away, Lady Eir makes her way to the throne room where the Allfather will be, to give him her report. “I have examined Prince Loki thoroughly your Majesty. He is healthy and his virtue is still intact. He is currently in the bathing chambers.”

                “Thank Lady Eir. You may go.” Odin says politely to dismiss her. Thor is there in the throne room with his father discussing the losses of men and weapons and gear in need of repair. “I saw the way you were looking at our new war prize. What do you think of him my son?”

                “He is a Jotunn monster that I will greatly enjoy punishing on behalf of my fellow fallen comrades, Father.” Thor says darkly.

                “He is but an innocent boy. Not much younger than you, and certainly not guilty of his father’s crimes. You would make him pay for all the sins of his people?”

                “He was the heir to the throne. Aye, I mean to make him suffer.” Thor says.

                “He is called The Flower of Jotunnheim because he is, as Lady Eir has confirmed, still virtuous. I have seen with my far sight the way his father has treated his rightful heir. Loki has suffered at the hands of his own father as much as our people have.” Odin says patiently.

                “You would have me pity the man?” Thor says disbelieving.

                “I would have you understand him.”

                “What need is there for me to understand him? He is Jotunn scum and deserves to be treated as such. Why should I show him any quarter?”

                “Because you are going to marry him Thor.” Odin says resolutely. Thor’s mouth drops down in shock before a mighty yell booms from his throat.

                “YOU CANNOT MEAN IT!”

                “Prince Loki is fully capable of bearing you an heir. An heir that would be the rightful ruler of both Asgard and Jotunnheim. One day, one of your children will sit upon a throne of ice, and the conflicts between Jotunnheim and Asgard will be no more.”

                “I will not breed with that monster!” Thor booms.

                “Oh no? You were content with raping him and then passing him around to the guards to do the same but a moment ago. Tell me Thor, what would you do to ensure everlasting peace with Jotunnheim?”

                “I would kill every last one!”

                “You disappoint me Thor. Is your hate so deep seated, have I failed as a father so greatly, that you cannot see the worth of others so different from yourself?”

                Thor stands there and says nothing, his jaw locked in anger. He knows his father is right, but cannot bring himself to admit as such. Not at this moment. A long awkward pause ensues before Thor looks down at his shoes.

                “You are battle weary and still filled with bloodlust. Think on my words my son, for in 2 days hence you will wed your would-be thrall. I recommend you treat your intended well. A marriage bed filled with fear and hate is a cold and lonely place. I do not wish that for you. I ask you, to look upon Prince Loki with new eyes. Do not see him as your enemy, but a new friend whom you must make with your acquaintance. Court him. You will find yourself happier for it.”

                “What does mother have to say of this?” Thor asks with resignation in his voice.

                “She is busy planning your wedding. I’m sure you can guess.”