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Caged Dragon

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The night was deathly silent. There was no moon, and the few sparsely sprinkled stars weren't nearly enough to lift the oppressing darkness. The wall-to-wall glass window separated the world outside with an invisible barrier. Inside the barrier, Wufei lay still in his bed, watching the stars twinkle in the sky.

Wufei was enveloped in his bed partner’s warmth as the large body wrapped around his smaller frame. He listened as Treize's breathing evened into sleep, and then carefully negotiated his way out of the older man's confining arms. He treaded soundlessly across the room and came to stand before the wide glass window.

The air was cool, but Wufei didn't bother to put on a robe. He rather liked the coldness seeping through his pores and chilling his naked skin. He put his hands on the window glass and saw his face reflected on the gleaming surface, the faint visage disappearing into the blackness of the night sky.

And to think that once, he had been among the stars…

The weight of the gold band around his throat suddenly seemed too heavy to bear.

Wufei pressed his forehead against the cool glass of the window and closed his eyes. Weariness was present in every part of his body. Beneath his eyelids he could still see the bright ball of light as Heero self-destructed, searing his eyes as the debris flew in all directions.

Heero always had been a lucky bastard.

A pair of strong arms slid around him, warm breath tickled his ear, "Trying to get away from me, Dragon?"

The teasing in that voice brought on a fresh surge of anger. Wufei stiffened, his voice cold, "I just wanted a few minutes alone."

"Tsk, tsk," Treize chided him, "Don't sulk. It's too late in the night for your tempers." A pause, then there was that smile in his voice again, "But it's the perfect time for something much more interesting…"

Treize's hands slid down Wufei’s body, caressing the smooth skin of his flat abdomen. They slid up to rub circles around his nipples, two fingers pinching one small brown bud.

Wufei gasped. He suddenly didn't feel cold anymore; warmth suffused through his body, and everywhere those hands touched brought on the tingling sensation of desire...

/ I hate you./

The hands moved down along his hip, his thighs, brushing past his hardening cock and fondling his balls. Wufei bit on his lower lip to prevent a soft moan from escaping as his body betrayed him once again.

/I hate this game you play. I hate how easily you can make me covet your touch./

He pushed forward into the hand that was now stoking his cock, faster and faster, on and on never ending, fanning the flame in his veins, bringing him closer and closer to climax.

/I hate you for what you’ve made me into./

Wufei choked back a frustrated cry as the hand on his erection abruptly stopped, just at the point when he was about to explode. Fingers of steel expertly circled around the root of his erection, preventing the completion he so desired. Strong arms held him prisoner, denying him a chance to take things into his own hands.

Wufei growled.

Treize chuckled, an amused sound, his voice light and good humoured, "Now what do we say, Dragon?"

Wufei bit back the retort that sprang up on his lips, humiliation burning on his cheeks. He knew what Treize wanted to hear. He hated the reality that it became easier and easier to give in to the older man.

"…Please…" he pleaded grudgingly.

The hand stoked, once, then stopped again. Waiting.

Wufei opened his eyes, staring ahead, his heart turned cold even as his body remained hot with the unreleased passion. The stars blinked at him in the dark velvety sky.


Surrender tasted like ash in his mouth.



End of Prologue.