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Fandom Stocking 2010/11

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Major Kira looked around Ops, and sighed. It was time to talk to Captain Sisko.

It was natural in a community, she supposed, for the occasional craze to spread. Even in the resistance there had been a card game that had mysteriously leapt between cells and become ludicrously popular.

She'd thought at first that the children were starting them – it seemed a natural enough conclusion when it was yo-yos and those weird bracelets. But it had moved on to PADDs decorated with stickers, Risean energy drinks in special bottles, turn-ups on uniform trousers.

Each time she'd let it slide, and each time it had died away, slowly. But this was taking it a bit far.

'Tiny little hats are not appropriate for duty,' she said to Sisko, in his office. 'Even if they are colour coordinated with the uniform. I mean, what if the Cardassians show up and want to talk to us on the viewscreen? We'd look ridiculous! I'm not going to yell 'hats off' every time we want to activate a comm link.'

Sisko sighed. 'You're right,' he said. 'I'll send out a memo. No more little hats. But Jadzia is going to be mad. She just ordered a new one with fruit and feathers on it.'

Kira stared. 'It was Dax?'

Sisko raised an eyebrow. Kira sighed.

'Of course it was Dax.'