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On Helen's birthday, someone leaves an enormous spray of red roses at the Sanctuary gates. The Big Guy delivers them to her office with what sounds like a vaguely disapproving huff, and Will and Kate both try not to look interested. It's hard not to be a little curious, though, especially given that ...

"No card," Helen confirms, after investigating. They're expensive roses, Will notes, some of them not yet fully opened, their petals velvety and unmarred. They haven't sat long in a florist's shop. Helen shakes her head. "Nikola," she says.

Will and Kate look at each other.

"It could be just about anybody," Kate says.

Helen looks a little pleased at that. "I'll take that as a compliment," she says. "But dramatic and somewhat inappropriate gestures have always been Nikola's style."

"Wouldn't Tesla have made sure you knew they were from him?" Will points out.

"In six-inch letters," Kate says. "Ones that glow."

"Yes, you would think so," Helen says. "But I know how his mind works. He'd rather have me wonder, because that way he can tell himself that I'm thinking about him."

"That's possible," Will allows.

"I'll put them in water," the Big Guy says.

"Yes, please," Helen says, but she deftly plucks one rose from the spray before the Big Guy takes it out, turning it around in her fingers.

"Time for me to get to work," Will says, and Kate follows him out.

"You think they're from Druitt," Kate says in the hallway.

"I think Magnus knows they're from Druitt," Will says.

Kate shakes her head. "Those two are whacked," she says.

"Pretty much," Will says, although he's pretty sure there's no one he's ever dated who would remember his birthday in a hundred years.

"Still, it's kind of ..." Kate begins, and then shakes her head. "No, whacked."

"I could be wrong," Will says. "It could be Tesla."

"Yeah, the vampire could be taking a break from his plans for world domination and from taking down the Cabal to send our boss flowers. That would be much better," Kate says. "Do you notice something wrong with this picture?"

"Welcome to the Sanctuary," Will says, and heads off to start his day.