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I Can't, I Won't

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"Hey Naomi!" Justin said, waving.

"Hey!" replied the girl in question, almost flirtatiously. She walked into study hall, setting her books down.

"Do you wanna come over this Saturday for a study date? I know you had mentioned that you were having a hard time in History."

Naomi bit her lip. She wasn't really supposed to, but it was a good opportunity for her to try and convince Justin to get her marijuana with some time alone. She had already tried twice, and he wasn't budging. "Yeah, sure, sound great. Around 2?"

"Works for me, I'll text you!"


Saturday had come sooner than it was supposed to, and definitely sooner than she wanted. When she shut her car door, Justin was waiting for her on the front porch.

"I was thinking we could hang outside since it's nice out?" he said, setting down a textbook and folder on a glass top table with a closed umbrella in the center.

"Yeah, sure," she said, setting down her backpack.


Half an hour later, they were in the middle of the Emancipation Proclamation, and Naomi blurted out, "why won't you get me weed? I would go out with you if you just did this one small thing for me!"

Justin's breath caught in his throat, and he set his pencil down. "Naomi, I do care about you, but please, I can't. I just got accepted into my dream college, and I can't just throw away my future like that."

"Please, Justin, please, if you just get this for me one time, I'll be your girlfriend, I'll go to the prom with you, I'll do anything, I'm just asking for this one little favor. Please?"

Justin swallowed. "Naomi, I don't know how else to tell you this. I can't, I just can't" he said. They sat in uncomfortable silence for a few moments before he said, "I think it's for the best if you left." Naomi nodded, picked up her backpack, and left.


A few weeks later, several students were arrested for illegal possession and sale of pot. Not so coincidentally, Naomi and some other "transfers" stopped attending school altogether. Justin tried texting Naomi, but there was no reply.

Around 9:30, he got a text from a number not in his contacts.

Hey,,,, so um now that the circumstances are different, u wanna go out??? :)

Who's this?

Naomi :)

I had a feeling, smiley face.

Lol, but do u wanna go out for lunch this Saturday?

I'll pay<3

Um sure??? When and where?

The Panera next to Game Stop around 1?

Yeah, sure.

But wait.

Idk how I should trust you.

I mean like you kinda lied to me big time and then tried to get me to sell u weed like seriously?

Dude, I was an undercover cop

Like exactly, r u even allowed to go out with me under these circumstances??

I mean like idc if I get in trouble bc like I admire you.

??? w H A T ???

Lol, just go out with me and we can start over? No more secrets not more lying? Pleeease???

Lol, fine, only for you.

K, see you Saturday:)



Lol, go to bed

S tO p sAy in G L Ol



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Goodnight dork

Night :)