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Critically Enrolled

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Beau was on her way to pick up the booze from her ‘dealer’ (aka an upperclassman she bribed into buying alcohol for her) when she saw some poor sucker sitting in the hall, slumped against the wall in a familiar way. She recognized him, not because he was in her biology class because she didn’t know who half the people were and didn’t care about the rest, but because Jester had told her all about him. His name was Fjord, a freshman with an undeclared minor. He was in one of the beginner art classes with Jester and had quickly endeared himself to her.

“He’s not a great artist,” Jester had told Beau one night, lying on her bed doodling in her sketchbook, “But he actually tries you know? Some people are just doing as little as possible so they can pass and leave but he really cares about doing well. He still needs some practice, but I like his drawings,” She’d grinned to herself as she picked up a colored pencil to add some shading, “He seems to like the ocean a lot, I wonder if he’s a sailor! Texas has beaches right? He could totally be a sailor.”

“Uh-huh,” Was all Beau had offered. She couldn’t help but hear but she tuned out a lot of what Jester said. Jester didn’t mind, if it was really important she would make sure she had Beau’s full attention.

It was pretty obvious that Jester had a crush on him, and from the way Beau had seen Fjord looking at Jester from across the dining hall, he liked her back. Neither had made a move though, maybe now was a chance to give them a nudge. She smirked, walking up and poking Fjord’s leg with her foot.

He jumped a little and looked up, pulling his legs in, “Sorry, was I blockin’ the hall?”

“Nah, you’re good; you’re Fjord, right?”

“Uh yeah, Beauregard right?”


“Nice to meet ya’ Beau,” He held up a hand and she shook it.

“So, you sexiled?”

“You could…say that.” At that moment, a series of giggles could be heard behind the door he was sitting next to.

“Are there…are there three people in there?” She wasn’t sure if she was impressed or more sorry for Fjord now.

“My roommate brought over some…friends.”

“Who’s your roommate?”

“Mollymauk Tealeaf.”

Beau grinned, “You’re a freshman, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, how’d you know?”

“All the upperclassmen are too smart to get stuck with Mollymauk for a roommate. So, I gotta ask, what is Molly? Guy? Girl? Both? Neither?”

Fjord shrugged, “He doesn’t really care about gender and all that, I just say he because it’s easier when I’m talkin’ to the folks back home.”

“Yeah, I get that. Well I’m about to get some shitty beer then go watch shitty movies with my roommate, wanna come?”

It looked like he was about to decline when an audible moan made its way into the hall, “Yes."