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A Place Of Deep Emotion

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The two women look at each other. They look into each other’s eyes and suddenly forget the world. For a moment they lose track of their surroundings. For these few seconds they aren’t trying to break a curse. There isn’t an entire town depending on them. Just Emma, Regina and the sparks that are created by their chemistry.

But they dismiss it. What else was there? At this moment, how could either of the two possibly fathom what that look could mean? They share a moment of awkward silence, and proceed to change the subject.

“So has Henry got a girlfriend?” inquires Regina, interested in her son’s life.

 “There is this one girl, but it’s kind of complicated…”

 "What is?”

 “Well, he isn’t exactly sure about the feelings that are involved…” Emma starts looking at Regina discretely.

 “He knows he really likes her… But he doesn’t know how she feels about him… See, they used to be enemies. She made fun of him and bullied him at school, but eventually she grew out of it...Now they’re on good terms, but it’s still kind of awkward between them…”

 By this point Regina has caught on. She isn’t sure where this is going, but she wants to play along…

 “Why doesn’t he try to make a subtle move, you know… To figure out how she feels?” she asks, curious as to what she would hear

 “I think he’s afraid, not exactly of being rejected, but of what would happen between them. Plus I don’t think he thinks he’s ready for such a complicated relationship…” She cringed on the inside. Now she blew it… What was that? Damn it! A complicated relationship? Henry? He’s 14! If it wasn’t obvious already that they weren’t talking about Henry, it was now! Damage control? What’s the point?

 “Ah… I see…” The brunette starts to move forward, and stands only inches away from the woman opposite her, who looked almost nervous. “Well… What if she was the one to make a move on him? How do you think he’d take it?” She looks into Emma’s eyes seductively, and in a sudden move she turns around and heads back to her original position.

Emma was caught off guard. What had just happened? She tried to conceal the mix of sensations she had just felt. Was Regina actually interested? Even in the least bit? She tried to discard the thought and continue their conversation. “I think he’d take it pretty well… “, she coughed nervously, half out of breath. She pulled herself together and continued, trying to hide the fact that her voice was shaking. “Wouldn’t believe it, but if he was certain that it wasn’t some trick of hers, he’d definitely go for it…”

 “Oh…She likes playing tricks does she?” She flashes Emma another smile and looks back at the potion brewing. “Oh, you have no idea…” Emma chuckled. It was clear that neither of them was actually talking about their son, but they didn’t care. In fact, they were both slightly turned on by the idea that there could be a possibility of something happening between them. But one of them needed to make the first move, and neither


Regina ’s office, Three Days Later

Regina wasn’t quite ready to admit her feelings for Emma, let alone ask her out on an actual date… And she was certain that Emma wasn’t going to do any of that either… At least not without a little push. So, she decided to spend some quality time with her, just to make the both of them feel more at ease. It’s not like they’d been the best of friends before… She needed an excuse to haul the blonde down to her office. Magic. They were facing a threat. Emma was the savior, and she needed to learn at least the basics to magic anyway…

She picked up the phone, but as she did she noticed her hands slightly shaking. Was she…? No. Regina dialed the number –by heart- and noticed that at the first ring her heart rate sped up. Okay, she was nervous. Fuck. Regina Mills does not get nervous. She waited for Emma to pick up. Second ring… Third ring… She did not appreciate being kept waiting. Under other circumstances she would have hung up. But alas she waited. And at the fourth ring, Emma answered.

“Hello?” she was quite shocked to see the name on her caller ID, so she tried as best as she could to hide the mixture of excitement, nervousness and curiosity that overcame her at that moment.

 “Miss Swan, its Regina. I would like to see you in my office today.” Regina sounded strange. She spoke a bit faster than usual; however there was restraint in her voice as well. The mayor was always the perfect example of self-control, so no shock there…

“Sure, what time?”

“Eight o’clock. Is that alright? I realize you’re on a tight schedule” It was quite a rare thing for Regina to show consideration towards other people’s plans, but she couldn’t afford to sound completely cold. Not if she wanted to get anywhere with Emma anyway…

The blonde was puzzled by that notion, but didn’t hesitate at all.

 “Yeah eight o’clock works. Should I be worried or something?” She was actually concerned. What could Regina want with her? It was completely out of the blue.

 “No no it’s quite alright. Everything’s fine. Just don’t be late.”

“Okay. Bye Regina.” You could almost hear the smile on Emma’s lips as she spoke.

 “Goodbye Miss Swan“ Regina hung up.

 She took a deep breath and held the phone to her chest as she inhaled. She held the device and looked at it. Exhale.           

It was already seven o'clock which meant Regina had one hour to mentally prepare herself. There was nothing much to do though... How do you control something you can't even describe? She did have feelings for the blonde, but she couldn't tell how strong they were, and how controllable they would be once she showed up.


One Hour Later

Emma arrived at exactly eight o'clock. She knocked on the door, but didn't bother waiting for a response. She walked in to find Regina in leaning on her desk waiting for her. She was wearing her usual black pantsuit with a purple silk shirt.

"Miss swan, I'm glad you're here." She smiled

 "Well, you did ask me to, so I assumed there was something important going on." She went straight into the room and stood opposite Regina.

 "Yes, ahem" she coughed "Since we are in a time of crisis I thought you might need some help in training your magic." Emma took a step back, but Regina continued "I know you might not think this is a good idea, but believe me it is..."

Emma looked at Regina and gave the idea some thought. Finally she decided to take a leap of faith and give it a go. Magic had helped before... And it couldn't really do much harm anyway.

 "Okay" Emma finally agreed and waited for instructions from the woman in front of her. So, Regina got up from her desk and led the blonde to a table in the office. On it was a candle.

"We're going to start with something simple. Just take a seat and try to light this candle." The two women sat down and Emma stared at the candle for a few seconds trying to conjure a flame. But to no prevail. She raised her head and saw Regina looking at her.

"What am I doing wrong?" She wondered, but she hadn't given up.

"Magic needs concentration. Try again but this time picture the flame actually being there. To make it real, you have to believe it's real." Emma tried again, and created a small flame that flickered for a few seconds but eventually died out.

"That was quite good, but magic also comes from strong emotions. To make magic you need to think of something that you have very strong emotions about. Weather it's love or hate it's up to you."

Emma tried again but the same thing happened again. She tried to find things that made her feel strongly but nothing made much difference. After what seemed like forever she looked up at a slightly frustrated Regina who was also kind of amused at the spectacle of the savior's endless attempts to conjure a simple flame.

"Okay, let me help you, because this could take forever." Regina took Emma's hands and they both looked at the candle. Before Regina had time to do anything, a huge flame was created and almost burnt the building down. But the experienced witch took care of the matter.

"What the hell was that?" Emma asked terrified.

"That was magic." Regina responded, looking just as startled.

"Why are you shocked? You practice magic all the time, this must be nothing new for you..."

"You did that on your own...I didn't have the time to do anything. The second you touched my hands you made that happen..."  The savior just blankly stared at the candle and then Regina. Candle. Regina. She took a few moments to process what that meant. Did this mean she was in love with Regina? Was the flame a representation of the strength of her feelings? Could it? How could she not know? Oh god...

After an awkward silence Regina coughed to break the ice and suggested they try something else.

"Let's try something different. Close your eyes and as I move around the room, you have to try and find me based on instinct alone. Think you can do that?"

"Yeah, sure. I mean, I could try..."  Emma was nervous. And understandably so. After what happened with a small flame nothing was impossible.

"Again, focus and try to find a place of deep and strong emotion. But try to keep it under control. Don't want you throwing yourself out of the room or anything..." The brunette responded chuckling half nervous and half concerned.

"I'll do my best..." Emma smiled and closed her eyes.

"Ready?" And Regina disappeared and a puff of purple smoke, and reappeared on the other side of the room. Emma had here eyes closed, and stood still trying to track the other woman. She tried to concentrate on her senses, but that led nowhere. She concentrated harder but nothing.

"Your senses won't help you here Miss Swan...This is magic you're playing with. Use your emotions." Regina's voice echoed throughout the entire room. Emma didn't want to do this. But she wanted to impress her teacher. She squeezed here eyes shut and thought of her. Her. Regina. Her beautiful dark hair. Her amazing smile. Her gorgeous full lips. Her hazel eyes... And suddenly in a puff of white smoke she appeared in front of Regina, gripping her waist and accidentally pushing her against the wall she was standing in front of.

"What did you think of?" Asked the brunette, out of breath from the shock.

"You know what I thought of Regina. I thought of you. You're a gorgeous woman, you're amazing." With these words Regina smiled. Emma had never seen the woman smile like that. It was so real. You could tell Regina felt the same.

"Miss-... Emma... It's a good thing I feel the same about you..."

And then red, cold, but soft supple lips forced themselves against Emma's, making the two one. Finally they were together. The entire world stopped spinning and it felt as if they were the only  two beings on the planet. Not a care, not a worry. Just Emma, Regina and that fiery kiss that let out all the emotions they had inside them.

But Emma pushed Regina back. "No, wait-"