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A Tale of Two Hearts

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"Oh god… Oh god, what now? What happens now?" Ruby panicked as she stared at the closed door to the rest of the dormitory building, the sound of it slamming still ringing in her ears. Weiss had just stormed out of the room and Ruby was sorely tempted to rush out after her angry girlfriend that was until Blake finally got out of the bed that Ruby had also been in not to long ago.

"Ruby, leave her be," Blake said quietly as she stood in front of the shorter girl.

"I can't just let her go Blake; I need to talk to her!" Ruby yelled as she felt hot tears rush her face. She tried to push past Blake, but the Faunus girl was not letting her by Blake grabbed Ruby's upper arms and pulled her close against her body. Ruby struggled briefly to break free of Blake's strong grip on her arms before giving in and leaning against Blake, burying her face in the girl's shoulder and crying. Blake loosened her hold on her lover when she knew that the girl wouldn't try and run away and instead wrapped her arms around Ruby's shoulder and hugged the red haired girl to try and comfort her.

"Shhh, it's alright Ruby. I'm here for you," Blake murmured softly as she stroked Ruby's hair.

"How can it Blake? How can it be alright?" Ruby asked, her voice muffled as she spoke into Blake's shoulder. "This was the worst possible way for Weiss to find out about us."

"That is true, Ruby, but we'll work things out."

"Ho—" Ruby started asking before Blake tilted her chin up so she was looking directly into her determined eyes, amber meeting silver.

"Ruby, I don't have all the answers, but I know that I love you, so we will make this work," Blake said confidently, before continuing in a smaller, more nervous voice Blake, "You… you love me too, right Ruby?"

"Yes, I love you Blake," Ruby answered quickly, unlike when she had been asked that question earlier by her white haired girlfriend. Blake smiled at those words and captured Ruby's lips in a loving kiss that Ruby quickly reciprocated, desperate for some kind of affirmation that things would be alright.

"Now that we have calmed down a little bit, we should get you cleaned up," Blake said as she pulled away from the kiss looking Ruby up and down.

"You also need to clean up, Blake" Ruby pointed out. The pie on Ruby had smeared itself on Blake during the embrace the two had shared.

"Yeah, you are right on that," Blake said. Reaching her hand over to Ruby, the taller Faunus dragged her finger across Ruby's chest, the tip of her finger leaving a streak through the pie on her. Bringing her finger to her mouth, Blake licked the pie off of her finger without breaking eye contact with Ruby, a forced smile on her face while she did this. "Just keep pushing forward" Blake thought the entire, she felt horrible about what they had put Weiss through but she was going to put on her best smile to help Ruby.

"Nope...nopenopenope, as hot as that was this is not how we are going to clean ourselves Blake," Ruby rushed out as she felt her face flush as she watched her lover. Blake laughed as she finished cleaning off her finger.

"I know. I just wanted to get a reaction out of you 'cause you are adorable." Blake laughed even harder as Ruby puffed out her cheeks and crossed her arms at that sentence.

"This is not the time, Blake," Ruby pouted. Blake gave Ruby a kiss on the cheek licking her lips when she pulled away, tasting the pie that had been smeared on Ruby's cheek.

"See things aren't so bad, are they?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks Blake."

"You are welcome Ruby. Anything for my…" Blake stopped herself before she said the word that they had avoided using the entire time during their affair. Ruby quickly realized what Blake was going to say and cupped Blake's cheeks with both of her hands.

"Blake… You can say it now," Ruby quietly told the unsure Faunus.

"Ruby… are you sure? What about Weiss?"

"Blake, after what just happened do you think Weiss would still want to be with me?" Ruby asked rhetorically.


"And Blake, I love you. It's been tearing me apart hurting both you and Weiss. I hurt her by lying about our relationship. I should have ended it, but I could never find a time that seemed right to tell her, and the longer I waited the harder it became. I hurt you by forcing you into this secret relationship, making you hide how you feel. I'm sorry Blake," Ruby finished speaking as she gently kissed Blake's cheek. Blake felt tears of happiness gathering in her eyes as she looked at the red haired girl who filled her life with joy.

"Ruby. I love you. I love my girlfriend," Blake said, feeling a sense of elation in her chest as she said the word that she had avoided for so long when speaking with or about Ruby.

"I love you, too, Blake. I'm sorry I made you wait so long to say that word."

"Ruby, let's not worry about that. We have other things to worry about, and the first thing on that list is showering. We're still covered in pie."

"Oooh, good point. I'll take my shower fast okay," Ruby said as she headed towards the bathroom that adjoined Team RWBY's dorm, stopping to grab a change of clothes out of her dresser.

Blake watched Ruby head into the bathroom, feeling better about the situation despite what had happened with Weiss and it was all due to a few simple words. "I can finally call Ruby my girlfriend," Blake thought happily as she grabbed a change of clothes and waited on her bed for Ruby to get out of the shower.


Blake stepped out of the bathroom, toweling off her cat ears as she looked around Team RWBY's dorm. Ruby was the only other person in the room and she was sitting on Blake's bed reading a weapons magazine in her pajamas, which were same type she had during her first year at Beacon, which was a black tank top with a Beowolf on them, and pink pajama pants patterned with roses, although they were a larger size

"Some things never change," Blake thought before she looked down at her own attire. She was wearing black sweatpants and a white t-shirt. Blake still had her nightgown, but she did not wear it every night like she did when she had started attending Beacon.

"Hey Blake, take a look at this!" Ruby exclaimed excitedly, waving the Faunus girl over. Blake smiled and walked over to her bed, taking a seat next to Ruby who started pointing excitedly at the weapon schematics on display in the magazine and explaining how they worked and how she could improve Crescent Rose and Gambol Shroud—that is if Blake would let her. Blake was enjoying the peaceful atmosphere with her girlfriend, the word still making Blake smile as she curled up next to Ruby who kept on with her talk of weapons. The calm atmosphere was broken when the door opened as Yang strode into the room, her lilac colored eyes sweeping across the room before they settled on Blake's bed where Ruby and Blake were cuddled close together, both of them staring at the blonde who had just entered the room.

"Blake, can you leave the room? I need to talk to my little sister about the issue she had earlier with her loving girlfriend," Yang said calmly as Blake stood up at the use of her name and because of the knowledge that Yang was aware of Blake and Ruby's affair.

"Yang, hold up, we can all talk about this—"

"Blake, I asked nicely, but since you didn't listen," Yang said calmly before her eyes flashed red as she looked directly into Blake's amber eyes and she growled menacingly, "Get. Out. Now."

Blake briefly thought about arguing with Yang. She was certain the brawler wouldn't actually ever hurt one of their teammates, but she decided against arguing when she saw the small licks of fire that coiled around the blondes long mane of hair. "Alright Yang, I'll go," Blake conceded as she carefully walked towards the blonde standing near the door. As soon as Blake started towards the door Yang's eyes immediately reverted to their normal purple color and Yang regained her friendly demeanor.

"Thanks so much, Blakey. This shouldn't take too long, so why don't you go take a walk," Yang suggested with a smile.

Blake nodded in agreement as she shot a look back at Ruby who was still in the bed, attempting to hide behind her weapons magazine. Blake had a bad feeling about how this would turn out, but there was nothing she could do, so with one last backward glance at Ruby, Blake walked past Yang and left Team RWBY's dorm not sure where she was walking.

Yang looked at the door as it closed, listening carefully for a few moments to make sure that Blake had indeed walked away from the room and that her and Ruby were alone. Once she was sure that Blake had left Yang slowly turned her head to look at her sister. Ruby was lying on Blake's bed in her pajamas; her face was hidden behind an issue of her favorite weapons magazine in a childish attempt to distract Yang's attention away from her. Yang shook her head as she kept her eyes focused on Ruby. Clearing her throat to grab Ruby's attention, Yang took a step closer to the bed, her boots thudding loudly against the floor. Louder than usual.

"Ruby," Yang said imposingly as she stopped walking, standing in the center of the room near Blake's bed, never moving her eyes away from her little sister. Ruby slowly lowered the magazine so she could look over it. As soon as the magazine was no longer obstructing her view the red haired huntress sight was immediately filled with the towering form of her older sister. Ruby took a deep breath before setting the magazine down to the side and throwing her legs over the side of the bed so she could stand up. Even after three years and a growth spurt Ruby was still not as tall as Yang, her eyes only coming to Yang's nose. Ruby had to look up slightly to make direct eye contact with her sister.

"So, Yang… lovely weather today?" Ruby sheepishly said, not wanting to say anything wrong. Yang just stared at Ruby her expression telling Ruby that the blonde was unamused by Ruby's weak attempt at conversation. "Damn it, Yang is going to kill me!" Ruby worriedly thought as she looked at her sister. Just by looking at her body language Ruby could tell that the brawler was not in a pleasant mood. Ruby had known that Yang would not approve of the relationship she had with Blake, but she had not expected Yang to find out so soon after the fight with Weiss.

"Yang… let me explain. I know that you are angry at me and I'm sorry…" Ruby was interrupted as she felt her head knocked to the side and her body hit the floor. "What just happened?" Ruby thought in a daze while she turned her head to look up at Yang and was confused by what she saw. Yang was standing stock still, but there was something different from a moment ago: her fist was extended out.

"Yang...Yang just punched me," Ruby realized. She and Yang had fought each other as a kids, but those punches had been play fights or training. This had been a punch intended to hurt.

"You are damn right I'm mad at you!" Yang exclaimed, her arm still held out as she just looked down at Ruby the periphery of her eyes slowly turning red. "I thought I had been a good older sister and taught you right from wrong, but here you are cheating on your girlfriend with our teammate!" Yang yelled, her voice rising as she kept talking. Ruby just shrunk in on herself as Yang continued her tirade.

"How dare you Ruby! What kind of person are you? Did you even stop to think about Weiss?" Yang shouted, her eyes slowly turning more and more scarlet as she yelled. "She has always been there for you and has been nothing but loving and you go and hurt her! Did you know that she was so concerned about you that she went out of her way today while we were in Vale to get you some gifts to cheer you up, and what does she come home to?" Yang asked rhetorically, giving a small pause and Ruby wasn't sure if her older sister was expecting an actual answer or not.

"She comes home to you and Blake fucking in our dorm room! And then when she ran off, instead you just hung out and played house with Blake! YOU DON'T DESERVE WEISS!" Yang shouted the loudest yet, her eyes completely red as her shoulders shook from the shaky breaths she was taking. At this Ruby slowly stood up as she held the spot where she had been punched.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT FOR!?" Ruby shouted as she jumped onto Yang, knocking the blonde girl to the floor with and straddling her. Yang's red eyes glared up into Ruby's silver eyes before she bucked her hips with all of her strength, throwing the lighter Ruby across the room, her back smashing into the wall.

"YOU DON'T DESERVE WEISS, ALL YOU DO IS HURT HER AND MAKE HER CRY!" Yang cried loudly as she stood up, her red eyes glaring at her little sister. Ruby was getting to her feet, her face set into an angry mask

"WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE!?" Ruby shouted as she charged at her sister, her minds clouded with anger as she started swinging her fists

"I. LOVE. WEISS!" Yang roared as she threw a roundhouse kick aimed at Ruby's chest.

Ruby ducked under Yang's leg and popped up, aiming a fist towards Yang's face. Yang blocked the fist, grabbing Ruby's arm and rotating her waist and throwing Ruby off balance and sending her flying against Weiss' bed, breaking the legs on the bed as it buckled under the sudden impact. Ruby stood up shakily. She was at a major disadvantage in a fist fight against Yang, but she was too angry to care as she charged again.

"BRING IT!" Yang shouted, throwing a jab at Ruby, the shorter girl twisted away from the fist and brought her elbow crashing into the tall blonde's gut, sending the air out of her lungs with an audible oomph. Pressing her advantage, Ruby then brought her fist into Yang's face as the girl doubled over, the blow sending her head reeling back. Yang stumbled back onto Blake's bed and before she could recover Ruby jumped on top of her and started punching Yang in the face and gut, Yang put her arms up to block most of the headshots.

"WHAT NOW YANG?! NOT SO TOUGH NOW!" Ruby yelled after each punch. Yang snarled as she surged forward hitting her head against Ruby's and knocking Ruby to the floor.

"TRY SAYING THAT AGAIN RUBY!" Yang shouted as she pinned Ruby to the floor and started punching. Her punches were wild and sporadic as tears clouded her vision. "I. LOVE. WEISS!" Yang started crying as she punched, her blows getting weaker with each punch until Ruby grabbed one of Yang's fist and held it in place. Yang stopped punching as she felt her tears flow down her face. Ruby could only look up from her pinned position as Yang cried, her tears landing on Ruby's face.

"How long?" Ruby asked quietly as she worked to wrap her mind around this turn of events now that the anger was clearing from her mind and as she came down from the adrenaline rush her body felt sore from the fight and she would bet tons of lien on the fact that Yang was just as sore… "My sister is in love with my girlfriend, i mean ex-girlfriend" Ruby thought correcting herself mind not fully comprehending this fact. Yang and Weiss were always bickering and arguing with each other.

"I don't know exactly," Yang began shakily her eyes reverting back to their normal lilac color, still on top of her little sister "I thought she was special from the moment I saw her in our first year, but I wasn't sure about my feeling until our second year."

"Then why did you never ask her out or even just tell her about your feelings?"

"Every time I tried to tell her the timing never seemed right and I was nervous she would reject me," Yang confessed, this shocked Ruby even more that her older sister Yang Xiao Long could be nervous about something. "And then when I was finally going to tell her how I felt…" Yang trailed off

"...She confessed how she felt about me," Ruby finished.

Yang nodded in agreement. "At first it tore me apart, but then I came to terms with it, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't change my feelings for her," Yang explained and as she did her reaction made more sense to Ruby. The anger her sister had displayed and the fact that she had punched Ruby. Ruby slowly let go of Yang's hand which went limp, Ruby reached up slowly to and wrapped her arms around Yang's neck in a hug

"I'm sorry, Yang, I never knew how you felt," Ruby said softly as she held her sister tight. Yang cried softly into Ruby's shoulder as she listened to what Ruby had to say. "I'm sorry that I hurt you and I'm sorry I hurt Weiss. I regret some of the decisions I've made. Can you forgive me?" Yang pulled out of the hug so she could look at Ruby directly in the face, and she smiled softly past the unshed tears in her eyes.

"Yes, I can Ruby, I know you didn't mean to hurt me," Yang replied in the same tone of voice as Ruby before expression became more stern. "Though I'm not the person you should be apologizing to."

"I know."

"And Weiss may not be as forgiving as me."

"Do you think that there is any chance of her forgiving me after what I've done?" Ruby asked as they both stood up slowly, afraid of the answer that Yang would give her. Yang put her right hand to her chin and thought for a moment before answering the question.

"Yes I think there is, but I doubt things will ever be the same as they were before."

"I'm glad, the way things were before only hurt the people I care about," Ruby quickly answered, making Yang smile at the sincerity in her younger sister's voice.

"Well since it seems things here are settled I'm going to go workout while you work on your apology to Weiss."

"Yes sir," Ruby replied with a slight smile. Yang smiled back as she ruffled Ruby's hair before turning around and walking outside of the dorm room and taking a right to leave the dormitory building.

As Yang exited the dormitory building she saw Blake walking towards her from the direction of the cafeteria.

"Hey Blake, sorry I kicked you out of the room earlier, but I needed to have a conversation with Ruby."

"It's alright Yang; did you two work everything out?" Blake asked tentatively, her eyes looking at the bruise forming around Yang's left eye

Yang nodded before answering. "Yeah, I think so. I don't approve of how you two started your relationship, but you are both old enough to make your own decisions, so I can't stop you."

"What did you two talk about exactly?" Blake asked deciding to venture further when she noticed that Yang's eyes were red. Not their normal red to indicate anger, but they were purple rimmed in red as if she had been crying.

"Nothing in particular, except that Ruby has an apology to work on for Weiss. Come to think of it, I think someone else on Team RWBY has one that they should work on as well," Yang said with a not so subtle nod at Blake.

"I know, you're right. Should i even ask about this?" Blake asked, pointing towards Yang's eye.

"Damn right I am," Yang said with a beaming smiled before she felt her eye and whistled when she felt the bruise "Damn that is going to hurt in the morning. Nah don't worry it was part of the conversation me and Ruby had."

"Alright then. Yang, how are you feeling aside from the bruise?"

"Me?" Yang repeated as she thought about the question. "I'm feeling alright." Yang hesitated at the end of her sentence as if she had more to say and this was noticed by Blake

"Is there anything you want to talk about?"

"No… no I'm good. Now if you'll excuse me I am going to go work out. You should go hang out with your girlfriend and work on your apologies together," Yang said as she walked past Blake before looking over her shoulder, "And I swear to god you two better have clothes on when I get back"

"We will Yang, "Blake said with a grimace as she remembered earlier, "and Yang, what about Weiss? Is she alright?"

"She's better than she was earlier today, but she's not doing great. She won't be coming back to our dorm for the next few days."

"Alright, I'll let you go work out." Blake replied as she kept walking towards the dorm. Yang resumed her walk to the gym. When Blake had asked if she had something she wanted to talk about Yang had lied when she had said no. At the moment her mind was a maelstrom of thoughts, questions, and scenarios, all of them about Weiss. The biggest question that Yang was thinking about the entire time was one that she wasn't sure if she wanted to talk about with anyone else.

"Now that the situation is somewhat resolved what do I do about my feelings for Weiss?" Yang wondered, but as she thought no answer made itself apparent. "Do I ask her out? Do I wait before asking her out? Should I just remain her friend? What should I do?" Yang thought frustrated. All of these questions and the impact they could have on her relationship with Weiss made Yang want to tear her hair out with the indecisiveness she felt, hopefully a good workout would help Yang clear her head and make an answer more apparent to the tall blonde.