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A Tale of Two Hearts

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"You are just such a cutie!" Yang squealed as she scratched the puppy behind a wet ear. The dog had what looked to be a happy expression. "You like getting a bath don't you," Yang kept talking to the dog as she rubbed some shampoo into its fur, the dog looking up at her with its tongue lolling out of its mouth. Yang had found a metal tub in the laundry room that she had filled with water and carried outside so as not to get water everywhere inside. Using her semblance to quickly warm the water up, Yang then put the puppy into the tub without so much as a fight. Instead, the dog seemed to enjoy the warm water. Yang took off her normal brown leather jacket to keep it from getting wet before she had begun to put some shampoo into her hand and rub it into the dog's fur.

"You know, we can't just keep calling you the dog or the really adorably cute puppy. We need to give you a name," Yang said as the dog looked up into her lilac eyes with his brown eyes. Yang put her soapy hand to her chin and scrunched her face in thought. She looked the puppy up and down, trying to think of a good name that would fit the fifth member of Team RWBY. "I know!" Yang shouted, pounding her fist into her open palm, "We're going to call you Fighter! How do you like your name, Fighter?" Yang asked the puppy, tilting her head to the side like he had been doing. In response Fighter barked in what the blonde girl assumed was an affirmative answer.

"Then it's settled. Welcome to Team RWBY, Fighter!" Yang cheered as she scratched Fighter under the chin. "Alright, let's finished getting you washed up, and then we can go back to the dorm and you can see your new home," Yang finished saying as she pulled Fighter out of the metal tub and reached out for the towel she had set nearby to dry the now clean puppy. Yang had one hand on Fighter so he wouldn't run off or try to shake his wet fur and get her soaked as well, while with her other hand she was searching for the towel. She wasn't going to risk taking her eyes off the puppy, so her hand was scrambling around to find it. Yang felt her fingers brush against something soft and she quickly grabbed the towel, not wasting a second as she wrapped the piece of cloth around the puppy.

"Now hold still so I can dry you off," Yang told the puppy as she started drying it off with the towel. This part he didn't seem to enjoy as much as the bath, because he kept moving underneath the towel, trying to get away and failing as Yang held him down with one hand and dried him with the other.

Yang was almost done drying the little guys' fur when he suddenly twisted around underneath Yang's hand, loosening her grip enough for him to wriggle free and dart off before she knew what was going on. Yang watched dumbstruck, her mouth hanging agape and the towel hanging useless in her hand for a moment as she watched the puppy dash off across the campus, heading who knows where.

"Wait… WAIT GET BACK HERE Fighter!" Yang shouted as she quickly stood up and started running after the puppy. Yang was in peak physical condition, she had to be to get as far at Beacon as she had and especially with her hands on fighting style, but even with that this small puppy was a hell of a lot faster than her and the distance between Yang and Fighter was slowly increasing as he kept running. As he ran around a corner Yang realized she would have to go for a different plan of attack if she was going to catch up to Fighter, slowing down she started jogging after Fighter. "I've got an idea," she thought as she closed her left hand into a fist and settled into a walk, cupping her right hand by her mouth she called out.

"Fighter, I've got a treat for you!" she called as she waved her hand that held the 'treat'. She was about to call out again when she heard a low noise coming from up ahead, in the same direction Fighter had run. "What could that be?" Yang asked herself as she slowed her walk down, trying to make as little noise as possible while she closed in on the source of the noise. As she got closer Yang saw that the noise was coming from an alleyway like space between two buildings. As the distance between the blonde haired girl and the noise had shrunk it was starting to become clearer and she could start making it out. "It sounds like someone is crying, a girl by the sound of it," Yang decided as her walk slowed to a crawl as she heard a voice start speaking, making Yang stop where she stood.

"I suppose you want attention," the person said.

Yang realized that it was Weiss talking. "Wait does that mean that it was Weiss crying? No, that can't be. Weiss never cries."

"Looks like me and you are the same. Both of us have been abandoned by the people we love," Weiss kept talking, to who Yang had no clue, but listening to the white haired girl Yang could tell without even looking at her that she had indeed been crying, her voice was strained and she sounded like she was holding back her sadness.

"Who could make Weiss cry like that? Why would someone make Weiss cry?" Yang thought before her eyes briefly flashed red, "What or whoever hurt her is going to have to deal with me," Yang thought before Weiss kept speaking and Yang was reminded to stay quiet as she listened to Weiss.

"Of course you can't understand me, here I am just talking to myself," Weiss said,

"Well clearly she isn't talking to me," Yang thought before she heard something that made her gasp.

"Do I even want to know why Ruby cheated on me? Do I want to sit down with her and listen to the reason she'll give me?" Weiss kept talking, nearly crying as she spoke.

Yang wasn't sure if she heard right. "What!? Ruby would never… there must be some mistake. My little sister would never do something like that," Yang thought to herself, though there was a niggle of doubt in her mind as she listened to Weiss and the sorry state she sounded to be in.

"I guess she's my ex now, and I wouldn't be surprised if Blake didn't want to talk to me after what I said."

"What does Blake have to do with this?" Yang wondered, before that small doubt in her mind came to the front of her thoughts. "No, she would never… Blake is way to calm and disciplined to do something like, especially with my sister."

"What do I do now?" Weiss asked herself and Yang had to stop herself from answering the distressed girl. Yang heard a small thud before Weiss resumed talking. "Maybe this is why Ruby left me? I'm weak. I don't know why I'm here at Beacon."

Yang decided then that she needed to talk to Weiss, she had to learn what was going on and she also had a more personal reason as well. Yang took a deep breath to steel herself before she walked around the corner she had been standing behind and into the alley, Weiss was sitting on the ground her head against the wall as tears silently flowed from her eyes. Fighter was curled up next to Weiss, her hand softly scratching behind his ears.

"Well that's one worry I can check off," Yang thought as she searched for her voice, nervous to disturb Weiss when she was so obviously in pain.

"Hey Weiss," was the simple greeting Yang offered to get the other girl's attention. "Hey? HEY!? What is this just a casual meeting in the cafeteria?" Yang mentally kicked herself as Weiss snapped her attention to the intruding voice. Yang was now able to get a good look at Weiss' face and the sight made her want to reach out and console the shorter girl, her ice blue eyes were rimmed with red from her crying, there were tracks down her face to mark the path her tears had taken as they had fallen, and her voice was slightly congested because of her crying when she answered Yang.

"What are you doing here?" she asked sharply.

Yang ignored the tone of her voice and slowly walked over to Weiss. "I was looking for this guy right here," she replied, pointing at Fighter who looked up at Yang before resting his head back down. "He ran off while I was drying him off."

"Well now that you have found him you can leave," Weiss replied haughtily as she turned her face away from Yang.

"Mind if I take a seat?" Yang asked ignoring Weiss snide comment.

"Yes, I do," Weiss shot back, not turning her head to look at the standing blonde.

"Well too bad," Yang answered quickly with a smile to show she meant no ill will as she sat next to the heiress.

The two of them sat in silence for several minutes, Weiss not wanting to speak and Yang not sure of how to broach the subject she wanted to asked the other girl about. Eventually though Yang decided to just be straight forward.

"Weiss, I heard you crying," Yang said simply, not wanting to come on too strong for fear that Weiss would withdraw further.

Weiss stiffened visibly at this before regaining her composure and looking at Yang. "Yes, I was," Weiss answered, not giving any ground.

"What's wrong Weiss?" Yang asked, even though she had already overheard Weiss talking to herself, but she wanted Weiss to explain what had happened.

"Nothing is wrong, you blond oaf," Weiss angrily said, trying to rile Yang up to get off the topic.

"Weiss, it's alright. You can talk to me, just tell me at your own pace," Yang said encouragingly and as she looked at Weiss she could see the other girl waver slightly before heavily sighing.

"You aren't going to go away unless I talk to you, am I right?" she asked tentatively.

"You bet'cha," Yang replied in the affirmative with a wide smile.

"Fine, if it will get you to leave me alone," she said before pausing to collect herself, Yang waited patiently. True to her word she did not rush the other girl, just happy that she was going to confide in her.

"After you left to go give the dog—"

"Fighter," Yang interjected, confusing Weiss.


"Fighter. The puppy's name is Fighter."

"Alright. After you left to give Fighter a bath I went to our dorm to surprise Ruby with the cookie pie and flowers that we bought in town," Weiss resumed speaking.

Yang nodded her head as Weiss spoke to show she was giving her full attention.

"When I got to our room I could hear something on the other side of the door and I heard someone calling Blake's name. I didn't think anything of it, so I opened the door… and… and inside was Blake and… Ruby..." Weiss started taking shaky breaths as it all rushed back to her again, but she was with someone else so she would not let herself cry. "They were… they were having sex," she paused when she saw the unbelieving look on Yang's face. "Yes, I was just as surprised as you… without meaning to I dropped the vase. The crash got their attention. Ruby jumped out of the bed without covering herself and Blake at least had the decency to cover herself up." Weiss took a steadying breath to try and calm herself so she could keep talking. Yang felt herself getting angry as she heard Weiss recount what had happened, but she had to calm herself. She was here to comfort Weiss, not get angry.

"Are you alright, Weiss? You can stop if you want to," Yang offered. She could see how painful it was for Weiss to relive this memory.

"I'm fine, I appreciate your concern," Weiss thanked the taller blonde. "As I was saying, the crash of the vase got their attention. Ruby started trying to explain herself and I'm ashamed to admit I lost my temper at her. I started yelling at her and when she tried to get closer to me I smashed the cookie pie in her face. Blake tried to reason with me, but I was angry and I called her a dirty animal," Weiss said.

Yang had to stop herself from snickering when she heard what Weiss did with the cookie pie. "Serves Ruby right." "Weiss what happened then?" she gently asked.

"I… I ran out of the room and ended up here. You know the rest," Weiss said, the emotion in her voice barely contained as it fully hit her what had happened. She had seen it with her own two eyes, but now that she was explaining it to someone else and forced to relive it the events of the day were fully sinking it. "Ruby cheated on me," Weiss thought numbly as she felt her eyes brim with tears. Against her wishes she started to cry, but it was not the silent tears of earlier. These were loud sobs that reverberated through the alley that her and Yang sat in. "Yang… I don't know… what do I do?" Weiss asked between tears as she broke down, the emotions she had been holding in bursting forward as they broke the dam she had walled them in.

Yang stared at Weiss as she cried, unsure of what to do. The sight of the normally strong heiress tore at her heart. Yang made a snap decision and reaching over she wrapped her arms around Weiss and pulled her close. Weiss did not push the blonde girl away instead accepting the embrace as she cried into Yang's shoulder. Yang just held Weiss and let her cry, rubbing her back to offer whatever comfort she could to the white haired girl. "I hope she can't hear how fast my heart is beating," Yang prayed as she enjoyed being able to hold the icy girl, regardless of the circumstances. "I wish I could hold you like this all the time, my princess," Yang thought dreamily as she circled her arms tighter around Weiss.

Yang's thoughts wandered as she listened to Weiss cry. She thought back to when she had first seen Weiss back in their first year of Beacon and that even though the other girl irritated her with her short temper and holier-than-thou mentality, she remembered how beautiful the white haired girl was. Yang had watched Weiss from afar, unsure of her feelings toward Weiss. The heiress had been the first girl Yang had those kinds of feelings for. Eventually Yang had come to terms with her feelings and had decided to confess to Weiss how she felt. Though every time she had wanted to talk to the shorter girl it had never seemed to be the right time. So Yang had planned and planned again how to approach this situation, but in the end it had been pointless because Weiss had fallen for Yang's little sister, Ruby. While it had torn at Yang's heart and had caused her to be scarce in Team RWBY's dorm at first, eventually Yang had come to terms with it and decided to support Weiss and Ruby. If she couldn't be with Weiss she would make sure she was happy.

Though this new development changed things, but Yang would not force anything. She wanted to put Weiss' happiness first.

"Weiss, it'll be alright. I'm here for you," Yang said reassuringly.

Weiss looked up from Yang's shoulder and her ice blue eyes met Yang's amethyst purple eyes. She gave her a watery smile. "Thank you, Yang... I don't know what I'm going to do, but knowing that I have support makes it a little easier."

"That's right, Weiss, smile. You look a lot prettier when you smile," Yang said with a big smile to emphasize her point. "Now come on, let's go. I don't think you want to sit in this alley any longer," Yang offered.

Weiss looked nervous at this. "I can't go back to our dorm, not while those two are there."

"Don't worry, we'll ask team JNPR and see if you can stay with them. If you can't we'll ask Velvet and her team."

"Thank you, Yang. I appreciate everything you are doing for me."

"Don't sweat it, Weiss. What kind of teammate would I be if I didn't help?" Yang said, though her thoughts were slightly different. "How could I not help you of all people?" Yang stood up and pulled Weiss up with her, smiling the entire time.

"Now let's going, and you," Yang said, pointing at Fighter for emphasis, "don't run off again you hear me?" Fighter looked at her with an abashed look on his face before walking up to her ankles.

"Aww, I can't stay mad at you," she squealed, "Now let's going. You alright, Weiss?"

"I'm feeling a little better. Thank you for letting me cry."

"Don't worry," Yang reassured her friend before they started walking back toward the dorm building, Weiss not realizing they were holding hands and Yang only able to focus on that fact.

"I'll go in first to make sure the coast is clear, alright?" Yang offered.

"Sounds like a good plan," Weiss replied with a stronger smile. Her heart still hurt, but thanks to Yang's encouragement she could at least keep going. Though one question still lingered in her mind:

"What am I going to do now that Ruby has cheated on me?"