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sweeter than fiction

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It all seemed more than a little ridiculous. “More than a little” of course translating into this entire thing being fucking ridiculous.

They had one week off and Dylan had been more than happy to go back to their apartment and bury himself under blankets on their bed and only come out when the week was over. Tyler had had other plans though, already on his phone tapping away at the beginning of the workless week. Dylan hadn’t asked, electing to just lie down on the couch in the living room and fall asleep.

Once he had woken up from a decent nap Tyler had been in their room packing two suitcases and smiling at him. After a short conversation and a few hours of traveling in the car, they were on a private beach in southern California with Hoechlin looking all proud at the bungalow he’d rented last minute.

It was their third day there and Dylan was slowly settling into a routine of sleeping past noon, spending the day on the beach with Tyler, and then going back to the bungalow to eat and fuck. He honestly couldn’t remember the last time he had been this relaxed.

“Are you awake yet?” Hoechlin asked into the skin of his shoulder, strong hands running up and down his sides.

Dylan grunted, snuggling further into his pillow. He was sleeping on his stomach, eyes firmly shut and legs tangled up in the sheets.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Once again Dylan grunted, nodding into the pillow and just letting Tyler do whatever. Morning sex was such a rarity between them since neither one of them was particularly happy in the morning. Being on vacation though was a different story since Dylan was still tired, but he wasn’t groggy and grumpy like usual. Today wasn’t a day for morning sex though judging by Tyler turning him over until he was pressed up against his side, his cheek on his chest.

“What do you want to do today?” Tyler asked.

“Sleep some more,” Dylan said, closing his eyes once again and swinging an arm and a leg over Tyler.

That got him a gentle shove until he flopped over on his back, Hoechlin’s weight pressing him into the mattress seconds later. “Dyl, we can’t just stay in bed all day.”

“I don’t see why not,” he said, finally opening his eyes and seeing Tyler smiling at him. He couldn’t remember the last time Tyler didn’t smile at him. It was like no matter what he did, it would always be good enough for Hoechlin. “There are lots of things you can do in bed.”

Tyler kissed him at that, something short and simple that had Dylan leaning up for more after Tyler pulled back.

“Like what?” Tyler asked.

“Sleep,” Dylan shrugged.

“I think you’ve done enough of that for one day.”

“Play checkers.”

“We’re not playing checkers again,” Tyler said, mouth moving down Dylan’s neck. “You always find a way to cheat.”

He was about to argue about how it was impossible to cheat at checkers before he remembered stealing some of Tyler’s black pieces from the board while he had taken a bathroom break. Of course he had gotten caught, being subjected to Hoechlin tickling him until he had started to sport a more than uncomfortable (and embarrassing) hard-on. Apparently ticking was some kind of weird kink for him.

“We could watch a movie,” Dylan suggested.

“We never make it through movies.”

Another good point. They couldn’t even make it through baseball movies without having to pause it and then eventually stop the movie. Their relationship was only a few months old, both of them still trying to wrap their heads around being able to look and touch. Hoechlin had told him after two weeks of dating that it had been impossible being around him all the time and not being able to really be with him.

That was one thing that scared him about Tyler, that he was so honest about everything. Dylan hadn’t exactly been in any serious relationships before and this was his first one with another guy. He had always cared about whoever he was with and always wanted to make them feel wanted, but being with someone who wanted him more than anything and treated him like he deserved the world was definitely new.

“Breakfast in bed?”

“Way too messy,” Tyler said. “Crumbs would get everywhere.”

And then they would have to do laundry. Dylan was shitty at laundry, always shoving all his clothes into as few loads as possible and ending up with pink socks that used to be white. Funnily enough Hoechlin was also shitty at laundry. They had had to sit through a half hour presentation of Seana and Posey showing them how to separate darks from lights and what temperature the water should be. It was still hard to believe that Posey of all people was teaching them how to be domestic.

“You could always just fuck me.”

Finally he had gotten the right answer, Hoechlin smiling widely at him before opening Dylan’s mouth up under his. Morning breath was a bitch, but when they both had it it wasn’t too terrible.

“I think afterward I’m going to teach you how to surf,” Tyler said, hands on Dylan’s thighs as he hiked them up around his waist.

“I’m hoping that’s a euphemism and not you wanting to spend all day laughing at me for falling off a surfboard.”

He didn’t get a response to that, so he assumed it was, unfortunately, the latter.