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Love, Hunt Me Down

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Shaw smacked her lips as she lifted her head off of her pillow slowly. Her eyes cracked open and she glanced around, trying to think through the pounding in her temples.

It took her a second to realize exactly what the brown form spread out across her other pillow was.

"What the fuck…" She muttered, narrowing her eyes.

A low groan came from the thing and Shaw felt her eyes fall shut. 

"You have got to be kidding me…" She glanced down toward her body, double checking that she was in fact nude.

"Will you stop talking?" Root grumbled, her bleary eyes peeking out from behind her wild hair.

"Only after you tell me what the hell happened last night." Shaw growled, shooting the other woman her most venomous glare.

"Really, Sameen? Do I strike you as the type of person to take advantage of a woman who’s shit faced drunk?"

Shaw curled her upper lip slightly but turned away, realizing that Root probably wouldn’t stoop that low. 

"Besides, after holding your hair back while you wretched… I was not going anywhere near that mouth." Root mumbled before turning her face back down into the pillow.

"I did not." The shorter woman said, sounding appalled. She drank often and handled her liquor quite well. 

"Did too. Luckily you had good aim."

"What the hell did I drink?" Shaw asked, still not believing it, although the foul taste in her mouth told her she was just in denial.

"Tequila." Root responded, peeking one eye open to watch for a reaction. "You took a few shots too many, trying to prove something to Jason… Next thing I know you’re saying you’re too hot and stripping.”

Shaw’s features had been slowly scrunching up and by this point her eyes were clenched shut and face buried in her arms. She wasn’t modest and she knew she had a nice body… but the idea of her acting obnoxious, vying for Root’s attention and running around naked was almost as bad as the taste in her mouth, almost.

"So, how did you wind up in my bed then?" She asked a moment later, her curiosity overriding her embarrassment.

"Well, amidst your drunken dancing and trying to get into scraps with the boys… You made yourself sick. Luckily I got you to the bathroom before any damage was done to the carpet. You were pretty exhausted by then."

"Okay… And what happened to your clothes?" Shaw asked, as if that part were obvious. 

"You said I was wearing too much… And I was. Still wearing my underwear though." She mused, pulling back the sheet slightly as if to double check. 

Shaw’s eyes immediately darted down of their own accord and she swallowed hard. Realizing then that Root’s pale and very naked side was just inches away.

Her eyes were just moving over the curve of the side of Root’s breast when the other woman cleared her throat. Shaw blinked and glanced back up, a glare sliding into place when she noticed the other woman’s smirk.

"Okay then." Shaw muttered, rolling over and immediately getting out of bed. Ignoring the way that Root stared after her as she moved around to grab a fresh change of clothing.

Shaw was barely out of the room when Root shook her head as Jason’s voice cut through the quiet safe house. “Hey vertically challenged, ready for round two?!”