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"To Finn Hudson, and our wonderful partnership," Kurt said, smiling as he nods his head toward Finn who sat across the table. Glasses rising higher.

Bumping their glasses together, Finn held the stem of his extra tight. Though it still rattled against his partner's momentarily before they took a sip, each from their own. "Yeah... Yes. Our - wonderful..." Finn attempted a smile, as his voice faded out. Better to say nothing, than reveal how much he was shaking inside.

Crossing one leg over the other, Kurt leaned forward in his seat as he set his champagne glass on the tabletop. "You're sure you're okay? You've hardly said a word all night. Not that you're normally very talkative... But usually there's some input."

The way his stomach was churning, Finn was reminded of the time he went to Quinn's house to meet her parents, different suit, just as stuffy. Only, then his proposal involved a false pregnancy that he may not have gotten through if it weren't for Rachel. Finn sighed to himself as he realized that he was giving himself even worse cold feet by turning his mind away from the night's plans. "Um, actually..."

"Yes?" Kurt's voice was sweet, a bit shrill if ever he grew angry, but normally emotions like that only occurred at the heart of a job, when he was suddenly hit with the realization of how serious a case they were working on. A kidnapping. Negligence by guardians. The reaction was understandable, and though it made Finn uncomfortable, he was always so grateful for the fact Kurt refused to hold back.

Swallowing thickly, Finn told himself that if Kurt, a petite, boyish man, could stand up to downright criminals, Finn could also stand up and do something he believed in. Mostly... believed in.

"Kurt, I -" he began, reaching into his jacket pocket, fingers fumbling for the ring, "- Would you...?" Finn's jaw clenched as he found his finger graze metal just before it found a frayed hole in the corner of his pocket. "Excuse me for a moment?" he asked, voice tight as he heard the diamond clink against the marble floor.

Eyes widening, thrown off, Kurt nodded. "Of course," he said, answering in a polite, but confused tone.

Finn took a large breath in before turning his eyes to the floor, spotting the ring a foot away just before a waiter walked passed, kicking it with the black sole of his shoe. Refraining from cursing, Finn slid the napkin from his lap to his chair as he rose and made his way awkwardly between round tables with dining guests, to the area where he saw the ring slide.

Where Finn's focus was elsewhere, the restaurant's host approached the table, presenting Kurt with written notice of yet another kidnapping, much further from most of their cases. Australia, in fact. Nearly a twenty-two hour flight away. "This is terrible," Kurt said, examining the sheet before looking up to Francois. "I'm sorry, monsieur, but we must leave immediately. Have you seen Finn, I have to let him know? I could've sworn he was over there just a moment ago."

"Allow me, sir. I assure you he will return shortly." Francois bowed, and then scurried away. Where he found Finn was on his hands and knees, head bowed under a table cloth. "Erm, monsieur Finn?"

As soon as the ring was between his fingers, Finn took another deep breath and furrowed his brows, rising up from the floor. "Kurt Hummel, will you - Would you do me the honor of... Kurt, would you please do me the honor of marrying me," he practiced, tuning out Francois' voice all together. Finn picked up his feet and walked as steadily as possible back to his table.

"But monsieur!" Francois called after him, in vain.

Kurt smiled as Finn took his seat, "Oh. Finn, did you talk with Francois?"

"Yes... But there's something I -"

Smiling bright, Kurt cut him off, saying, "I know what you're going to say. Francois told me all about it, and I think it's an amazing idea." He brushed his bangs to one side and unfolded his legs. Getting himself in order so that they weren't wasting time.

"He did?" Finn asked, voice raising an octave before he cleared his throat. "How - Wait, you do?" Surprise was evident in his voice, but it was all too confusing, and Finn couldn't keep up. Though, as he realized that Kurt was saying yes, Finn couldn't help but smile slightly as he asked, "I mean, you want to?"

Laughing softly, Kurt said, "I don't really think it's a matter of wanting. More, a matter of duty, really."

Finn's lower lip turned down at that for a moment, confused. "Duty." He rolled it around in his head and then shrugged. "Well, I never really thought of it that way, but. I mean. Alright, how does next... April sound?" he asked, smile forming creases around his mouth. Any yes was a good yes, right?

"Finn, no! We have to go immediately, tonight," Kurt said, waving off Finn's silliness as he quickly walked toward the door, smiling gratefully at the service as he left.

"Wha - Wait. Kurt! This is all so..." he said, catching up with his longer strides, "It's so sudden. Don't you think that's a little fast, maybe? Don't we need like, tuxedos or something? At least?"

Shaking his head as he whistled for a cab, Kurt turned a happy look at Finn who sidled up to him. "We're not spies, Finn. We just need some wilderness clothing to get dirtied up in."

"What, what exactly are we talking about," Finn asked. Kurt wasn't making any sense, and it was worrisome. Of course Finn wouldn't mind a ... manlier state of affairs, but it didn't sound at all like his. Kurt.

"We don't have time for all this talking. We have to get going! Come on, come on," Kurt said hurriedly, ushering Finn into the backseat of the cab. It pulled them around a couple banks of snow before they ended up at Head Quarters. Confused, Finn wondered if they were asking for time off. As Honeymooners.

When they walked through the double doors, white with shining brass handles, Finn's jaw dropped at the number of people in their meeting room. Kurt stepped gracefully up to the podium, lowered the microphone slightly, and said, "Finn and I have an important announcement to make."

Swallowing, Finn offered a nervous smile. He wouldn't have guessed they would go public so soon. In fact, he felt that they should probably actually date (like, with that specific term used) first. Then again, if they were eloping. He supposed this was Kurt's way of remaining close and honest with their colleagues. "We've accepted the mission in Australia."

"Australia?" Finn asked loudly, eyes big as he looked in front of them and then at Kurt who, again, looked confused, but pleased all the same. "Australia," he said softly to himself as his boss took his hand, shaking it before he stepped up to the microphone himself to inform the rest that Finn and Kurt would be flying out ASAP. "Wow."

When Kurt elbowed him, and gave him a side wink, Finn was half-certain he was going to be sick right there, and when he wasn't, he was certain the second he had the chance, he was going to hide the ring in his bedroom somewhere and forget it existed. Australia...