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First year back

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A few days after the death of Voldemort, Ginny, Ron and Hermione had cornered Harry when he was down at Hagrid’s hut. Harry had told his big friend that he would take care of repairing his home while Hagrid kept working around the grounds cleaning away all the big bits of rubble and all the uprooted trees.

‘Harry, get your stuff, we’re heading home, finally,’ Ron said.

‘I’m not going, I’m staying here to help with all this, I told you that.’

‘Harry, it’s time to rest and if you stay here you’ll have everyone coming here to see you which will disrupt the staff while their trying to repair the castle. So be sensible Harry, you can’t do that, so get your stuff,’ Hermione said.

‘I am staying here, how many times do I have to say that. But when I’m ready to leave I’ll be getting my own place, I don’t need to be guarded or stay in hiding, so it’s time for me to be on my own.’

‘But Harry, you’re too young to be on your own,’ Hermione said in her normal prissy voice.

‘I’m an adult Hermione just like you are, it’s time to start behaving like one. And since I am an adult and have no family I do what I want and I want my own place.’

‘What about us, if you’re here and I’m at the Burrow we’ll never see each other,’ Ginny pouted then gave Harry a sweet smile.

‘Works for me, and I’ve been meaning to tell you that I’m gay, figured it out a while ago. So you see, you’re not really my type, you don’t have the right assets I’m interested in, meaning a big cock.’

‘Harry,’ Hermione scolded which Harry ignored.

Harry kept his face impassive but his insides were jumping for joy. He got to see shock on Ginny’s face as she realised that she could never be the saviours girlfriend or wife as that’s what she was hoping, she wanted all the attention being his love would get her. Harry also knew that Ron was a bigot, especially about gay men, now Harry was going to see if Ron could act past his hatred of gay men just to make Harry believe he was still a friend.

‘Don’t sound so prissy Hermione, it’s life, sex, we all do it, eventually, and since I’m gay I want cock, and hopefully that cock belongs to a gorgeous dark haired man I’ve been checking out. Anyway, I need to get back to this, Hagrid needs his home repaired. I’m sure we’ll see each other, the war is over, we can go out if we want, which is something I’m going to do. So why don’t you head home to the Burrow with the family, I’m sure their waiting for you,’ Harry turned his back on his friends smiling as he did. He ignored them and just started to repair Hagrid home but after a few minutes he heard them walk off, ‘One down, two to go and they brought it on themselves for trying to use me, like Fudge wanted to use me and Scrimgeour wanted to use me. I was so clueless about those so called friends, all they wanted was to be friends with the boy who lived and chosen one, even more now that I’m known as the saviour,’ Harry hated the fact he was thought of as some hero, he knew it took a lot of people to end Voldemort, Severus Snape being a big part and when Snape had been found alive Harry had been glad that Snape had not received any punishment once Harry explained to Kingsley, McGonagall and a few others what Snape’s real agenda had been and why he had killed Dumbledore. Harry couldn’t even be upset that Dumbledore was dead, not when he found out that the old man had encouraged Hermione, Ron and Ginny to become closer to Harry so they could keep an eye on him then report back to him.

As far as Harry was concerned he was just as bad, Harry was the one that everyone was looking towards to save them, they weren’t looking towards Dumbledore when everyone usually did as he was supposed to be the most powerful wizard around and Harry found out that Dumbledore didn’t like him taking his popularity. Harry had to pretend he cared about the old man but he stopped caring when Harry had told Dumbledore about the beatings he got from the Dursley’s and Dumbledore ignored him saying it was safer for Harry to remain with his relatives. Harry knew some wizarding family could have taken him and then the fidelius charm placed around the home to protect him, he didn’t need to remain with those cruel people, Dumbledore just wanted to control and manipulate Harry which would have worked if Harry hadn't found out all thanks to that conversation he overheard.

At one of his visits to the Burrow, which Harry only did to keep up the pretense of being friends with Hermione and Ron as he wasn’t quite ready for everyone to know just what Hermione and Ron had been doing. Mrs. Weasley kept going on and on about how Harry should change his ways, date girls which would eventually sort him out. Then she kept pushing Harry to take Ginny out all the time that they made a nice couple and in a few years they would have beautiful children. Harry’s inside were seething when Molly Weasley even said that if they had a girl she would be like his mother, Lily Potter, red hair and green eyes. He knew Mrs. Weasley was old fashioned so he expected her to be against gay relationships but he never thought she would be so uninformed that she would believe that just dating woman could change a man’s preference from men to woman or that she would try to use Harry’s parents to manipulate him. Harry told her outright, politely of course, that he liked his life and he liked dating men, they suit him and that’s who he was and who he wanted, but he went further when he knew Ginny was listening, he said that he could never be in a relationship with a red head saying it would be like having a relationship with his mother, so Ginny was out, but he also said that he didn’t like someone that had a temper, he liked to talk things out not yell and Ginny was someone that liked to yell and hex.

Over the next couple of months, while Harry kept helping repair Hogwarts, he had also repaired his parent’s home then moved in. People were a little shocked that Harry wanted to live in the house his parents had been murdered in. So Harry released a statement saying it was the only way he could get to know his parents but it also made him feel close to them. So finally the people understood why Harry wanted to live in Godric’s Hollow, he wanted to go home. Another thing Harry did during this time was go out a lot, always alone, but he never ended up alone for long. So even though Harry had a thing for Snape, he didn’t think anything would ever happen between them, so Harry ended up dating and sleeping with a lot of men during this time and he made sure to talk openly about it whenever Hermione and Ron visited him.

During these visits Harry could tell Ron hated hearing all about Harry’s sexual exploits especially since he went into detail, lots of detail. Harry knew Ron didn’t want to hear any of it but not once did he say anything to make Harry stop, he didn’t even ask Harry to stop telling them anything about what he did with his men friends. Hermione and Ron would ask Harry to go out with them and he always made an excuse, like he was resting, he had a date with some bloke or helping at Hogwarts but Harry never told them when he was going out because he knew they would want to go out with him, they would want to be seen with Harry, with the saviour.

Harry was the one that got all the attention, Harry was the one that was asked to tell his story, which he did he just left out certain details and never mentioned Hermione or Ron at all. Harry was also the one that go invited to meetings, the first was about Hogwarts and the older students that couldn’t finish their schooling due to the war. Another meeting was with the minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt and the wizengamot, they wanted his opinion on some changes that should be made to benefit their world. They also wanted his opinion on a memorial ball to be held on the anniversary of Voldemort’s death and whether that ball should be held at the ministry in the ball room or at Hogwarts as that is where the war finished. When Hermione and Ron had heard about those meetings they said they should have been asked as well, Harry acted clueless and innocent when he said that the minister and others wanted the opinion of the one that killed Voldemort as that’s what the people wanted. Harry even acted embarrassed which his friends believed where Harry was really pleased that they got left out of anything involved in the running of the magical world. It was just the start of his plans for revenge, there was more to come.