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Just a little bit of elbow grease and uh-oh...

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Author’s Standard Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, movies, TV shows, books, comics, Anime, cartoons, music or other copy righted materials used in this fan fiction. No money, jewels, gold or other monetary assets were gain from the writing of this fan fiction. All works are have not been edited by individuals other than myself, expect spelling errors, grammar errors and possible random rants in odd directions. The author is also not a profuse writer and suffers from ADD, she really misses her sanity some days.


Narrator:  In a small quaint town of Sunnydale a nefarious plan was underway.   Unbeknownst to towns population the Chaos Sorcerer Ethan Rayne has set up shop.  Who knows what plans this dastardly villain has in store?

"Janus, hear my plea. Take this as your own. Come forth and show us your truth. The mask is made flesh. The heart is curdled by your holy presence. Janus, this night is yours." 

Location: Sunnydale, CA "Boca del Infierno"

With a bit of disorientation Lex blinked as he found himself in the midst of what oddly enough appeared to be a suburban neighborhood.  A slow grin crossing his face as he turn around taking in the unfamiliar overworld, screaming locals and by the Maker!  The minions!  Not since he had been a  Journeyman and had the honor of being part of a Call had he seen such a quantity and variety of  constructed servants in one place. He must have them, he must have them all!   With a cackle of glee that bordered on the maniacal, the figure seemed to vibrate in place before rushing off at speeds far surpass that of a normal human or demon for that matter.


Willow cried out as she thought she caught sight of her missing friend, only to find the street empty of any signs of him.

"Oh this is not good."

"Think Willow, Think!"

Only to let out a strangled yelp as one of the children transformed into their costumes attacked her phantom form, passing through her torso.  Staring with wide eyes as the miniature mummy scampered up from the ground behind her with snarl and loped down the  lane.


"I said to keep your filthy hands to yourself!"

Willow blinked.

"I know that voice!"

Turning towards the ruckus in time to see her arch nemesis incapacitate Sunnydale High leading quarterback with a well placed kick to the crotch.

"Look At This!"

The figure command with another irate strike of her Gucci adorn foot on to the whimpering teen.

"I'm never going to get my deposit back from Party Town now."

Running across the street Willow yells out in relief at the familiar face.

"Cordelia something crazy is happening!"

Xander moan in misery as he awoke, his mind was overload with information.  He didn't even dare open his eyes with the fear it just might implode.   Memories of last nights antics rattled around his abused brain.  He, no  Master Builder Alexein Fánaí' of the Dun Guild had pretty much run amuck.  Easily traveling the streets and byways of the town unmolested as his cackles of manic laughter and eyes gleaming in zealous fever were more than enough to deter any of the nights denizen.  Not that anything short of nuclear bomb would have been able to permanently kill him.  Cracking his eyes open, Xander turned over and cast a glare at the exposed floor joists that made up the basement ceiling.

"One safe night out of the year"  

He mimic sarcastically as everything came rushing back to him.

"My ass"

He had learned more about the various cemeteries and underground catacombs that resided within the boarders of the Sunnydale than he had ever needed or wanted to know.  Egad, he was going to be mentally scarred for life!   The discovery of the multitude of hidden lairs and mini dungeons hadn't been that much of a surprise.  Oh no, the purposes some of them were being he uses for tho, he shuddered at the memory.  He now knew of no less than five demonic bordellos  that operated out of the underbelly of the town, two of which also catered human clientele.  Two dungeon that were being operated as S&M clubs and several lairs that been built or converted into love shacks.  He couldn't help the whimper that escaped as he shied way from the memory of the kaleidoscopic array of demonic sex toys that had been uncovered or that tentacle monsters seemed to one of their best sellers.