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Hagrid's Big Problem [fic + podfic]

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Hagrid breathed out deeply. Another seventh year student had snuck out of the castle at night to visit his hut. It always happened a few times a year, every year. It seemed no matter what he did he could never shake the same old rumors that had plagued him since he was a boy attending Hogwarts himself. It was usually a girl but sometimes it was a boy, like tonight.

Hagrid had never had any trouble seeing the beauty in any person regardless of their gender but they were all just students to him. And anyway, they weren't even really interested in him. To them he was just a freak and a fetish, not even really a person in his own right. It was always the same: they pretended to be interested in talking to him, to see how he was doing. But before long things would change and they would start... flirting with him. If you could call those sorts of aggressive advances flirting.

Fang let out a snort at Hagrid's feet. Hagrid leaned over and used one of his large hands to pat Fang on the head. The dog was dreaming in the middle of a nap.

"Good boy, Fang," Hagrid said. He pulled himself out of his chair, being careful not to disturb Fang, and stepped outside his hut and made his way off the school grounds and into Hogsmeade. The boy who had visited Hagrid tonight had oddly reminded him a lot of the first girl who had come to visit him nearly thirteen years ago; a dark haired and green eyed Slytherin girl named Madeleine Yaxley.

Hagrid had found her at his door smiling devilishly up at him; her green eyes appearing quite dangerous in the moonlight. To Maddy's credit she didn't even bother pretending what she was there for, unlike all the students who came after her. Hagrid had always felt uncomfortable around the girl as he did all the students who ended up serving You Know Who. But that night her appearance had really struck fear into him. There was something about her gaze that seemed predatory and he had realized what was about to happen before it happened.

"Hello, Hagrid," Maddy said.
"Hello, Miss Yaxley," Hagrid responded, cautiously."Wha' are yeh doin' outta the castle at this hour?" Without answering and without permission Maddy pushed her way into his hut.
She turned around to face him (although in truth it wasn't his face she was focused on) and said, "You're a big man, Hagrid." Madeleine moved forward and extended a hand toward Hagrid's groin. Hagrid stood there petrified as Maddy dragged a single finger down his crotch, smiling wide and saying, "Huge, I bet."

Hagrid pulled back in fear. It had been a very long time since anyone had touched him like that, and he felt himself stirring in his pants, uncomfortably. "Yeh're a student! Yeh need ter get back inside the castle!"

"Oh come on Hagrid," Maddy said and grabbed between his legs hard and Hagrid felt himself stiffen against his will. Maddy's eyes went wide and she looked up at Hagrid. "That's one hell of a wand you've got there, Hagrid. It’s as big as my arm! Very impressive. I wonder what’s in the core?” She began to rub it but Hagrid pushed her off.

"Yeh've gotta go. Now!" Hagrid demanded, pointing at the door to his hut.

Madeleine scoffed, called out, "Freak!" and left in a huff. Hagrid wasn't sure what had inspired her to come down to his hut that night but he was grateful she didn't come back. Later that night to his own shame Hagrid wanked, unable to deal with the sexual frustration that came with being touched after so long. When he came he barely noticed the pleasure but was happy to have the relief.

The boy who had visited him tonight had not only resembled Maddy (to the point where Hagrid wondered if they were somehow related) but was just as aggressive and unwilling to to obtain Hagrid’s consent before touching him. But Hagrid had grown a lot since then and he knew how to shut the students down before things got out of hand.

In the years that followed many more students (and sometimes even teachers) had come to him, with the intention of getting a look or a feel of his cock. Not only was he a half-giant (though this was a secret he had successfully managed to keep all these years) but he had felt his personhood become trivialized over the years as the only part of him that anyone ever seemed interested in was not a part Hagrid considered to be that important. This had left him uncomfortable in his own body. At times he was nearly disgusted by his cock, even though he knew it was just a natural part of his body. He didn’t want to be a spectacle or a fetish. He just wanted to be a person.