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The Running Back

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Rachel didn't end up staying in the hospital for long, for which she was very grateful. After the doctors ensured that she was healing properly she was free to go home. Quinn came along with her. It was nice to have her girlfriend around, but the pain from her ribs made cuddling a bit difficult. They had to be really careful about it. Sleeping was also quite bad but thankfully Quinn wasn't the kind of person to usually toss and turn while asleep. Once they found a position that was comfortable for the both of them the rest of the night would usually go by nicely.

Quinn insisted on staying over for a couple of days, or longer if need be. She babied Rachel a bit, doing everything she could so that her girlfriend would be comfortable. The pain wasn't that awful that Rachel was unable to do anything but she allowed Quinn to coddle her because she knew that it made Quinn feel better. Quinn was by her side almost all the time and so it was a surprise when Rachel received a bit of a party when they got home after their first day back at school since the game.

It was too loud or exciting, but all her friends were there and that's what mattered. She was disappointed to tell them that she wouldn't be able to play any longer. The news had already traveled so most, if not all, of the team already knew but Rachel wanted to say it herself. They promised that they'd win the championship for her. They felt like they owed her that much. They hung out for a while. Noah had decided to bring his Xbox along so that they'd be able to do something that wouldn't force Rachel to exert herself too much.

But the fact that she'd often yell at the television just happened to slip his mind. The pain wasn't too intense, but Rachel had to stop after a while. And there was also the fact that she was kind of embarrassed about having Quinn see her screaming over a video game. She let the boys have their fun while the girls headed up to her room. Just for fun, Quinn scooped Rachel into her arms, bridal style, and carried her up there. Santana made a gagging sound, but pretended that she hadn't once Brittany let out an "Aw!"

Still, it was hard for Santana not to recoil slightly upon entering Rachel's room. She had been there before but she had never quite gotten used to how bright it was or by how many Care Bears there were. But a glare from Quinn and a pout from Brittany was all that was needed to ensure that she kept her mouth shut. It was just the four of them plus Gabrielle, which made things feel a bit awkward but aside from some of Santana's snarky comments there was little uneasiness between them.

Gabrielle was her normal self, or at least her normal self around Rachel. And that meant that she was a bit shy and quiet. Like everyone else she was really happy that Rachel was okay and she had even gotten her some flowers along with a handmade card. Rachel wouldn't have guessed it but Gabrielle was quite the artist and her penmanship was impeccable. It was really sweet of her. Thankfully, Quinn didn't get over possessive of her or at the very least she didn't show it if she did.

It was nice, having some girl time. Since joining the team Rachel had mostly been hanging out with the guys or just spending time with Quinn. A change of pace was good for her. And now that she wouldn't be able to play she'd actually be able to have more girl time. At least there was that. Rachel tried to look on the bright side. She really wanted to be there, on the field, when the Titans won that championship. And, while it was likely just her competitive side, she really enjoyed playing the game.

Rachel didn't necessarily love the game and given the choice she'd always pick Broadway over football, but she liked to think that she had gotten to know her best friend a little better playing alongside him. She could only hope that the team could still win without her. Rachel knew that the Titans were a good team so long as they believed in themselves, but she was worried about how well they could do without a decent running back to give them some options.

That would come later though. For the time being she could just relax. At some point her closet got opened and the girls started discussing her choice in clothing. Santana though that most everything she owned was atrocious and argued that the best part of her wardrobe was Quinn's Cheerios jacket. Brittany too judged her clothing a bit. She thought some of her stuff was cute but thought that Rachel needed some more sexy clothes. At which point she ended up getting a great idea.

Brittany quickly sped out of the room, Santana in tow, after asking Rachel about her size. That left Rachel alone with her girlfriend and Gabrielle. There was a moment of silence before Gabby got to her feet. She smiled at them nervously and waved. "I guess I should go," she quickly said before heading for the door. She got as far as a step before Quinn called out for her.

"Stop," she said and Gabrielle did. Quinn waited until Gabby turned to them before continuing. "Things don't have to be weird between us and I'm sorry for being a bit cold towards you recently. I was being an overprotective girlfriend and I apologize for that. Forgive me?" Gabrielle looked surprised. She looked back and forth between and Rachel and Quinn's face before giving off a genuine smile.

"Of course. It made complete sense anyway," she reasoned.

"Maybe," Quinn guessed. "But I can't blame you for having a crush on Rachel. She is pretty amazing." She turned to her girlfriend and beamed.

"Yeah," Gabrielle agreed. "Besides, it could have been worse. It's not like I had a crush on…" Gabby quickly stopped herself before she said too much but her sudden silence had earned both Quinn and Rachel's rapt attention. Both of them had curious looks upon their faces. Rachel wanted to ask but she was pretty sure that Gabrielle was comfortable in answering. Quinn though didn't put too much thought into that before opening her mouth.

"Wait, who else do you have a crush on?

"No one!" Gabby squeaked, her cheeks growing a deep shade of red. Before Quinn could ask her again the door suddenly swung open. Quinn looked up, surprised at the idea that Santana and Brittany were back so soon, but it wasn't them standing outside Rachel's room.

"Frannie? What are you doing here?"

Frannie narrowed her eyes at her little sister with the slightest bit of annoyance. "You blubber to me over the phone about your girlfriend being hurt and you're surprised to see me here?"


"Yeah, oh. Also, who's the asshole with a mohawk who tried to hit on me?"

Rachel raised her hand slightly to answer. "That would be my best friend, Noah," she answered meekly while making a mental note to give him a good smack on the arm once she was feeling better. The anger on Frannie's face disappeared and was replaced with guilt.

"Did I say asshole? I meant…"

Frannie tried to find a word but she couldn't. Rachel spared her the trouble. "It's okay," she assured her. "That's just how he is around most girls." That didn't at all excuse his behavior but Rachel knew that Frannie had to have met some guys like that. "Anyway, it's so nice to finally meet you. Quinn's told me so much about you. You sound like such a great sister." Frannie raised an eyebrow in question. Rachel could see where Quinn had gotten that from.

"Really?" she asked in disbelief.

"What?" Quinn questioned. "Are you disappointed or something?"

"Not really, I guess," Frannie sighed. "I was just kind of hoping that…" She then shook her head. "You know what… never mind, I'm just glad that you're all right and I wish that we had met under better circumstances." Frannie went over to Rachel and gave her hug. She took a look around her room when she pulled back and only then did she realize that it wasn't just the three of them in the room. "Hi." She waved at Gabby, whose face was completely red. "I've seen you before haven't I? We've never properly met; I'm Quinn's sister Frannie." The blush on Gabrielle's cheek deepened, if that were even possible. "Are you okay?"

"Oh My God! You-" Before Quinn could finish Gabby rushed over and covered her mouth with her hands. Quinn's eyes narrowed and she grabbed Gabrielle's hands to pull them away from her face. Gabby only tried harder to keep her quiet.

"I'm fine," she told Frannie as she fought with Quinn. "I mean- I'm Gabrielle. I am fine, but you know… my name, its Gabrielle and uh… yeah, I'm fine." Frannie stared at her and then at Quinn and then finally at Rachel who was frozen in her spot as she watched everything. She hadn't been expecting that. Admittedly, Frannie was very beautiful much like Quinn and from what she had been told Rachel was certain that she was an amazing person.

"Okay," Frannie replied skeptically. "I'm going to head downstairs and grab me some water."

Once she was gone Gabrielle immediately let go of Quinn's mouth. "I'm sorry," she apologized quickly and Quinn's expression softened. "I knew what you were going to say and I couldn't let you. I'm really sorry Quinn. Please don't be mad."

"You have a crush on my sister!" Gabrielle made no attempts to deny Quinn's accusations. She looked down at her lap, embarrassed that her little secret was now out in the open. "Oh my God, oh my God, I- how- my sister, really?"

Gabby shrugged slightly. "I don't know," she answered quietly. "I mean like, she's really cool and like so hot." She giggled nervously at that and Quinn physically recoiled.

"Ew, that's my sister you're talking about," she reminded.

Rachel scooted over to Quinn and took a hold of her hand. She squeezed it lightly to get her attention. "Why don't we just forget about this?" she suggested. Gabrielle had been embarrassed enough already and it wasn't as though her crush on Frannie was the worst thing that could happen. Quinn gave her a look and then huffed out in frustration, but she let the topic pass and Rachel rewarded her with a kiss on the cheek. A small smile grew upon her face and she slowly lifted her head to look up at Gabrielle.

She let out a sigh before speaking. "Sorry," she apologized. "I didn't mean to get mad. It's just… weird." Gabby gave a weak chuckle.

"It's okay. I probably shouldn't have said that your sister was hot."

"Yeah, you probably shouldn't have," Quinn agreed with a grimace.

"Sorry, I'll make sure not to do that again," she promised while nervously rubbing the back of her neck. "So… are we okay?"

"We're okay… just, don't talk about my sister like that ever again."

It wasn't until much later on that Brittany and Santana returned. They had gotten Rachel a couple of outfits. She refused them at first but Brittany insisted and well… it wasn't easy to say no to Brittany. Rachel looked through the clothes that they had bought her and found that a few of them to be a bit more revealing that she was comfortable with. But everyone, even Quinn, agreed that her skirts were just as revealing. Rachel had gotten mildly irritated at that, but a bit of sweet talking was all that was needed to cool her down, although Rachel was still skeptical over wearing something that would show off so much cleavage.

Much to Rachel's surprise, not everything they had gotten was for her. They had also gotten something for Quinn. It was inside a box so no one could see what it was. As they handed it to her, Brittany and a wide smile upon her face while Santana wore an evil smirk. Quinn was cautious as she opened it. There was no denying that they were up to something. Rachel had a perfect view of the box since she was sitting right next to Quinn. And once it was opened fully, her mouth fell agape. Quinn was in a similar state.

"Looks like Berry likes it," Santana said, still wearing that smirk. Quinn looked over to her.

"Well… I suppose I could use some nursing."

"Wow, um… I think I should get out of here."

"Oh, Gabby I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable," Rachel tried to apologize as Santana burst out laughing. Gabrielle was already out of the door though and so Brittany decided to drag Santana out as well, leaving Rachel and Quinn alone. "I feel so embarrassed."

"Why don't I see if I can make you feel better then?"