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Louis POV

When I was completely bare, Marshall came over to me and gave me a brief, tongue filled kiss. When he pulled away, he had a serious expression on his face.

"Louis, I have to know if you're okay with all of this and that you feel like you can tell me when you want me to stop."

"Marsh, I don't want you to stop, now or ever really. I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me in a way I didn't like," I replied, touched he cared so much.

"Well we should have a safe word just in case, yeah?"

"Ok. How about "tomatoes"?"

""Tomatoes"? Really? That's so fuckin random!"

"I know okay but it's the first thing that came to mind!" I replied with a laugh. (A/N that's actually what I first thought of lol)

"Ok now that's settled, on your knees slut," he replied with a smirk.

I grinned and complied.

He then told me to take his jeans and boxers off while and proceeded to remove his own shirt.

I made to take his cock in my mouth, but he yanked me back by the hair and said,

"Did I tell you you could suck me??"

"No daddy."

"That's right. Now open up that pretty mouth baby."

I did and he drove his cock in to the back of my throat. I actually gagged and my eyes teared up as he pounded my face. I relaxed my throat and started breathing through my nose, but all the rough treatment had only served in making me instantly hard. I moaned around Marshall's thick cock, sending vibrations up his shaft and making release a moan of his own. I felt him twitch in my throat and thrust even harder.

"Fuck yeah baby, so good. That's so good."

I moaned again at the praise and swirled my tongue around his shaft whenever I could, trying to bring him as much pleasure as I could. My throat felt completely raw, but I liked it, how he made me feel so used and like I was there just for his pleasure and to do with as he pleased.

Which was actually pretty true.

He pulled out then, and grabbed me by the chin.

"You liked that, yeah you little slut?"

"Yes daddy," I replied, my voice wrecked.

"Of course you did. Like being used don't you?"

I replied in the affirmative again and he smirked before pressing his thumbs into my jaw, forcing it to open.

He spit into my mouth, and then licked my swollen lips. He didn't let go of his hold though and I waited, expectant, with his saliva on my tongue. He looked at me for a moment, and then thrust his tongue into my open mouth. He fucked my mouth an I tried reciprocating the kiss as much as I could, but was not able to as much because of his hold. His tongue explored every inch of my mouth and kept tongue-fucking me for a while more before he pulled back and spit into my mouth again. He let me swallow it this time and then moved back.

"On your feet," he commanded as he went to the various items lined on the floor beside the bed.

"As much as I love seeing your body naked, I really wanna fuck you in this," he said, holding up a filled bag.

"Go to the bathroom and get ready."

I took the bag from him and made my way to the adjoining bathroom.

When I emptied out the contents of the bag, I found a small, black pleated skirt and a pair of white long socks. I rolled my eyes at the cliche costume, but put it on anyways.

The skirt left the bottom of my ass hanging out, and my hard dick made it tent out a bit. The socks reached mid-thigh and were silky smooth. I turned to the rest of the contents and picket up a black headband with cat hears. I donned it and put it so my fringe was pushed back. Then, I turned to the makeup.

I thankfully had some experience with applying makeup (what with living with so many women) and made fast work of the eyeliner and mascara, which made my cerulean eyes pop, and applied the strawberry lip gloss. When I finished I looked at my reflection in the full-length mirror and blushed. I actually looked pretty hot and could pass as a girl if I wanted to. I looked like a right slut and that made it all the hotter.

I made my way out the bathroom with a blush still evident on my face, and walked towards Marshall. When he saw me, he licked his lips and threw me such a seductive smile, my cock leaked. His eyes darkened till there was almost no iris visible, the lust evident, and I'm sure mine were the same.

He was laying in the middle of the bed, slowly stroking his cock, and motioned me to come over with his free hand. As I did, he said,

"Straddle me"

I did so and he reached over the side of the bed and his hand came back with a contraption. He attached each clamp to my nipples with a chain connecting them. He smirked, satisfied when he pulled the chain and I let out a soft moan. My nipples were very sensitive and as he continued pulling on them, my hips started rocking down of their own accord. Marshall hasn't stopped me so I took that as approval to continue and rubbed his cock in the cleft of my ass, his hips occasionally rising to meet mine.


I didn't stop though, and this caused him to let out a growl and stop my hips himself, gripping them hard. I moaned, but finally stopped.

"I had told you to stop Louis," he said in and angry tone.

"I-I'm sorry daddy please don't stop now," I pleaded.

"I won't stop, but I think you deserve some spanks, no?"

"Yes daddy, spank me I've been a bad girl," I said with anticipation.

He moaned at my words and pulled me off him. He told me to bend over the end of the bed and wait for him. I did so immediately, half of my ass showing when I bent.

"Give me your arms."

I did and he took them both, pressing my face down into the mattress and making me support myself on my chest. I felt a cold clink of metal and realized he had cuffed me.

"Wh-what? Daddy why??"

"So you won't touch yourself baby. But you don't get a cock ring because I want you to come more than once tonight," he replied in a sickly sweet voice.

I shuddered with excitement and felt him lift the short skirt reveal the rest of my ass.


I yelped and moaned at the same time with the stinging slap on my arse. He was using a wooden paddle so it was harder than when he had used his hand, but all the better for it. He continued raining down smack, upon stinging smack, till my arse was numb and heated. At that point he put the paddle down.

He grabbed me by my cuffed arms and hoisted me up. He led me to the middle of the bed and positioned me with my face in the mattress, yet again, and my arse in the air, my back bowed to make it stick out even more.

I felt him move around behind me, till he settled right behind my arse. When I felt the first lick of his tongue, my cock exploded. I hadn't realize how close I was, but it was to be expected as he had already worked me up so much.

He continued licking me throughout my orgasm, but didn't stop there. I was so sensitive from my recent orgasm and my hole was getting so oversensitive. I couldn't bear to tell him to stop, I liked it anyways. Damn, how much of a masochist was I?? Seriously.

He licked up my crack a couple times, and then narrowed his attention more on my hole. He started poking the tip of his tongue in, but then he would take it out again and go back to licking outside again. He continued teasing like this for a while, until I gave a particularly loud and tortured moan/whine. He chuckled lightly at this and plunged his tongue in without abandon. He fucked my hole thoroughly with his tongue, licking at my walls and thrusting in and out, going as deep as he could.

He pulled back as I started shaking from another oncoming orgasm and I heard a faint 'click' sound before I felt something hard at my entrance that didn't feel like Marshall's cock. I tried to look back but he held my head down and forced me to stay down.

I felt it enter me in one hard thrust and I screamed. The stretch was wonderful and it made me feel so full, but it wasn't Marshall's cock. Darn.

Still, doesn't mean I didn't enjoy myself. Thoroughly.

He wasted no time before thrusting the toy at a brutal pace, my hole tingling with the pleasure of it.

Soon, I screamed again when the phallus started vibrating right against my prostrate. It felt so good, the drag against my walls was even better now.

I felt his fingers playing with my stretched rim before one started pressing in. I moaned at the burn and how it made my hole open even wider. Soon, three of his fingers were thrusting in along with the toy. It was magnificent. My hole was stretched to new widths and I felt the most full I ever had before. The friction my rim was getting was a pleasurable pain, though it must look red by now. My prostrate was still receiving brutal jabs and I thought this was the best sex I'd ever had in my life.

That is, until Marshall removed his fingers, making me moan in protest. It was unnecessary though because soon after, I felt the tip of his thick cock pressing against my entrance. He pushed in along the toy, making me feel like I was being ripped in half. I screamed and thrashed on the bed. It was exquisite agony. I yelled at him to stop, but it was exactly the opposite that I wanted. It was more that, by him not stopping, I had given him complete control and I was but an object used to please my master. That thought gave me a rush, only fuelling my mounting ecstasy and desire. One only Marshall could sate.

"Yeah, you like that you little whore. Like the feel of daddy's cock splitting you open completely?? Leaving you ruined for anyone else but me??"

"Fuck yeah daddy. Don't stop master."

"Fuck. Are you my little pet? Here for me to do what I wish??"

"Yes daddy, my master. Anything for you."

He fucked my vigorously after that. His thrusts, stretching and ramming me, paired with the continued thrusts of the vibrating toy inside me, made my orgasm hit me with a sudden, unexpected force that made me scream out my pleasure and writhe and pull at my cuffs. The feel of them digging into my skin was barely noticed, as this was the most intense pleasure I had ever felt. Nothing could compare to having Marshall this close to me and only me.

My orgasm lasted for the longest time, and when I was still riding out the aftershocks, I noticed how much faster and urgently Marshall had started thrusting, seemingly to reach his own completion. I tightened my hole around him and he came in hot spurts into my ruined hole.

He pulled out not long after, also taking out the toy. He undid the handcuffs as well and dropped them over the side of the bed, and removed my soiled costume. He handled my limp body, situating me onto my back and leaned over me giving me gentle kisses and softly pried my mouth open with his tongue. He explored my mouth, and I let him, barely having the strength to reciprocate the kiss. His hands were caressing my sides and sifting through my hair.

"Think you can do it one more time baby??"

I moaned weakly and said, "Just for you daddy."

He gave me a soft smile and reached down with one of his hands, his fingers finding my sore rim and inserting two inside right away. There was no resistance and he soon entered a third. By the time he had entered a fourth, my spent cock had already showed the beginnings of arousal. He started kissing me more fiercely, and with one last lick e pulled back and sat on his legs. He had four fingers pressed inside me and was thrusting them in at a steady pace. I felt his thumb wiggle it's way in also, and how my hole just opened up to accommodate him. I was moaning again and my back was arching. His other hand grasped my cock and his pumps matched the thrusts is his hand. I felt his hand pressing more forcefully and soon his knuckles were inside and then his whole fist had entered me. I was in amazement, but also pleasure. My back was continuously arching, and I was a writhing mass on the bed. He started moving his fingers delicately inside me and he moved them as if wanting to know every inch. He thrust his fist lightly and pumped my cock harder. I was shuddering at this point and looked at him to tell him how close I was. I saw him already looking at my face, transfixed. I stared into his eyes while he looked into mine and felt the beginnings of what I recognized as love. Marshall had already become a part of my life in the short time we had known each other and I cared for him deeply.

He seemed to already know that I was close and pumped his hands harder. When I came, I was once again shrouded in darkness.


--Next day--

Marshall POV

Louis had once again passes out after coming for the third time, and I cleaned him up and laid him in bed beside me. I fell asleep soon after as well and when I woke, he was still asleep beside me. I stared at his sleeping face and felt the coils around my heart. This boy already had me in his grasp. I could feel my intense care for him already and also my possessiveness. He was mine and I don't care if it was too early in our relationship for this. I was 40 years old and had already learned petty things like age and time don't matter because you only have one life to get it right and what was the point in not accepting that what you wanted was yours, no matter what others thought.

Louis would be mine to hold and wake up to and I didn't plan on giving him up anytime soon. Fuck anyone who tried.

As I thought this, I felt Louis stirring beside me. When he opened his eyes I smiled and said,


He yawned and said, "Morning to you too. Did I pass out again last night."

I chuckled at this and replied," Yup. You just can't handle all of this." I motioned at myself.

He laughed and said," Oi! Shut up jerk!"

I laughed too and then my face turned serious. He noticed this and stopped laughing as well.

"What is it??" He asked a bit nervously.

"Louis did you seriously enjoy last night?"

"Of course I did," he replied, indignant.

"Would you be opposed to spending a lot more time with me, doing that, but also things that don't include sex?"

He smiled and said, "Not at all."

"Well then, Louis Tomlinson, would you be my boyfriend??" I asked, my heart absolutely pounding. (Yes I was still nervous about asking this, even at this age. Fuck off okay, don't judge me bitch.)

Louis' face broke into a huge grin and he sort of jumped on me and rolled over so he was on top of me in a straddling position.

"Of course I will! You jerk you scared me for a sec!"

I chuckled at this and couldn't stop the huge smile on my face.

We then proceeded to have fantastic morning sex in which Louis rode me into the bed and made me come so hard, I thought I'd never get another erection again.