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Katsuki had finished for the day, was wrapped up in his civilian clothing and was walking home. He had just stopped off at the local grocery store for Auntie and was going to drop by hers before returning to his own home for the night.

Katsuki had his hands deep in his pockets, there was a buzz from his arse where he had stuffed his phone before leaving the agency, but he ignored it. No way in hell was he going to take his nice toasty hands out of equally toasty pockets just to answer a text. He was nearly at aunties anyway, so whoever wanted him could wait five minutes.

Katsuki huffed and buried his nose further into his scarf. Today had been a good day, Katsuki had saved a lady from her stalker, helped Uravity in a recuse mission at a collapsed building down town, and brought in a new sidekick.

The kid was good also, had a fire type quirk what Katsuki pretended not to be impressed by, and a sarcastic whit what could burn even Katsuki.

All round good guy in Katsuki books.

He was about to turn the last corner when a flash of green had his neck whipping around so fast he was scared he would crick it. The shopping bag hit the ground, but it was a distant thump to the slap of Katsuki boots racing down the pavement.

Katsuki knew it was a trap, knew that from the first flash of green that it was a trap and he was going to walk right on into it all guns blazing.

No he was going to barge into it with explosions and death threats, hey he hadn’t grew up that much in the last nine years.

All that Katsuki knew was that he was going to kill him. He was going to wrap the palm of his hand around that stupid face and blown the little twerp into teeny tiny pieces.

No one would be able to find his body, Katsuki would make sure of it. All the police would have to prove that this fucker was dead would be the few strips of skin Katsuki would leave behind.

He was going to enjoy it, enjoy making that stupid mouth what use to smile up at him, scream around the pain he would cause. He didn’t even know that through his anger, through his bloodlust to kill the bastard, if he would be able to get answers. The main one being why.

He was just so utterly and completely pissed.

Rounding the last corner into the small alleyway Katsuki snarled, palms snapping with explosions, teeth bared in a growl as he took in the figure before him.

The super villain Dauntless was leaning against the far wall, head cocked to the side slightly as he regarded Katsuki, watching him like one would watch a deer before bringing the rifle up and shooting it in the heart. It pissed Katsuki the fuck off.

He was dressed to impress, forest green shirt had been pressed, and the cuffs folded - not rolled, Katsuki noted - to his elbows. Tailored black pants clung to the curves of his thighs, a black waist coat hugged his lean chest and taper waist. Suite jacket merely places over his shoulders, like the villain didn’t expect to move fast enough for it to fall off. His oxfords where the same green as his shirt with black accents, shiny and polished enough for Katsuki to see his own refection in. Tight black leather half palm gloves finished off the look, though what look it was meant to be Katsuki wasn’t sure.

Mafia boss, maybe. Either way Dauntless looked fucking stupid. Okay that was a lie, he looked good enough to eat but Katsuki was sticking to stupid thought, so he didn’t have to think too much about the other one.

Katsuki let his mouth twist into a vicious snarl while hunching over slightly, palms facing outwards, readying himself to attack. “Ready to die”

The younger man smiled, and it was all razor blades and bloody teeth. Gone was the sunny smile of the boy he once knew in middle school. “Oh Ground Zero” he taunted, tapping his chin with his head still tipped to the side. “How easy you are to read. Bet you couldn’t wait to follow me when I showed up in this run down town of yours. How utterly boring, I thought you may have gained some knowledge in age, but alas” Dauntless gave a long tired sigh, shrugging his shoulders before spreading his arms wide, like one would ask for a hug. “Look, you've made it so easy”

“Do you ever fucking shut up” Katsuki snapped. “You’re always running your damn mouth, always use to fucking ramble, even when we were kids. Just love the sound of your own fucking voice right?”

The other man laughed, his head thrown back to expose his milky white throat. He was completely and utterly insane. “Oh you might be some fun after all!” he sang, smile slashed across his face once more. “Take him alive” he crooned.

To late did Katsuki realised he was surrounded, he let off an explosion in a man’s face who made the mistake to grab him from the side, but he wasn’t fast enough to catch the man wearing a bird mask, who gripped the back of Katsuki neck. Pain erupted through every nerve ending, it was like he was being taken apart and put back together again, and all the while Dauntless laughed.

“Oh Kacchan, how I’ve missed you”

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Chapter 1

Katsuki came awake fighting, what unfortunately did nothing to help his situation in the slightest, apart from make pins and needles erupt down his arms. With a groan he got his feet under him and stood as best he could.

He was hooked up to a wall by his wrist, hands encased in some kind of metal to stop his quirk. Katsuki had been left to dangle by his arms, so his shoulders were screaming at him in agony. Getting his feet underneath him didn’t help too much either, as he could just about put the tips of his steal toe cap boots to the concrete floor below.

The room he was in was small and bare, like the rooms use to interrogate people in movies. It even had a wooden table, chair and the stupid bare lightbulb hanging from the ceiling. Katsuki couldn’t hold back the eye roll, didn’t even try to stop it.

How fucking original Deku.

Movement to his left caught his eye, and Katsuki whirled in that direction, lips pulling back to snarl. What unfortunately that did him no good with the muzzle strapped around his jaw.

A fucking muzzle, Deku, really!

Someone had watched the sports festival from his first year at U.A. he was betting Deku.

The man was wearing one of those old doctors’ masks, the ones what made them look like giant stupid fucking birds. With a glare Katsuki realised it was the same man who had gripped the back of his neck earlier and took him out of the fight.

He strained against the bonds, trying his damnedest to get to the stupid bird fucker. Screaming every profanity in his arsenal around the stupid fucking muzzle.

The man simply raised a brow, looked him up and down once like Katsuki was something found on the bottom of his shoe, nodded and then walked from the room, leaving the door open in in his wake. It was a slap in the face if Katsuki ever did see one, showing that whoever held him hostage believed he wouldn’t, no couldn’t, escape.

It made Katsuki try all the more, pulling on his restraints until he rubbed his wrist raw and blood dribble down his arms in rivers towards his shoulders.

Katsuki was seriously debating trying to walk up the wall and hook his ankle around the chain holding his wrists captive, when footsteps clicking towards him made Katsuki pause. He turned back around to face the door, waiting with his eyes narrowed.

“This is good Chisaki-kun, with any luck we’ll have him by the end of the week” Deku said while walking into the room, he was smiling up at the bird man and Katsuki nearly reeled back when he realised the smile wasn’t the one from the alleyway, it was the same sunny smile Deku use to used as a child.

Deku was holding an open file in his hands, eyes running over the words as he muttered under his breath, finger raised to his chin. He had removed his suite coat but was still dressed as he had been earlier, letting Katsuki know he hadn’t been out of action for more than a day at most.

With one last nod Deku closed the file and handed it back to the bird man, who swapped it out for the one under his arm. Handing the new folder over to Deku, carful to never touch him, Katsuki noticed.

After what felt like years Deku finally looked up at Katsuki, and his smile became a little sharper around the edges. “Good afternoon Kacchan, I hope you are well rested” his smile widened at Katsuki’s bitten off snarl. “Forgive my men for placing you in here, but see I had other business to attend while you were sleeping and we couldn’t risk you bringing the building down. Oh don’t worry though, for I am here now and we’ll have you out of them chains in a jiffy”

What the fuck was going on

Deku bounced forward slightly to place the folder on the table, turning to the bird fucker he waved in Katsuki direction. “If you wouldn’t mind removing his gag Chisaki-kun” he said with a stupid grin on his face and large green doe eyes.

Katsuki now knew how this little shit had everyone wrapped around his finger. Deku, or Dauntless as he went by in the villain world, hand been the bane of Katsuki existence for nearly five years. When Katsuki had graduated from U.A. at 18 and made his first debut as a hero, Deku had come out of the fucking woodworks as the villain Dauntless.

Deku had a full organisation behind him, men willing to die if he so much as clicked his fingers. Villains flocking to him, gathered around him like mouths and he was the only bright light for miles, begged Deku to take them under his wing.

And why you ask. Why were they all running to him, this stupid quirkless fucker? Because the man had promised to destroy All Might, and he had succeeded. Deku hadn’t promised to simply win a game against the hero, no he had taken the number one hero of the playing field altogether.

And to this day Katsuki still didn’t have a fucking clue how he had done it. The guy had been a nobody, a quirkless little fucker who had followed Katsuki around from a young age, worshiping the fucking ground he walked on.

Whatever had happened to Deku before the U.A. entrance exam Katsuki didn’t know. What he did know was that one day this little fucker was fighting some sludge monster of Katsuki and the next he was gone, poof, vanished. The best magic trick Katsuki had ever seen.

Deku’s mother had been in hysterics, the police looked for him for months. Everyone assumed he was dead. Then one day Dauntless had walked out, suite tailored to fit his every curve, like it was now and a mask to rival the birds, but instead of looking like a beak it was all sharp razor teeth. No one had seen Izuku Midoriya in four years, and if you weren’t looking for it, then you would have missed that this new villain was in fact the hero worshiping boy he had once been.

When Katsuki had heard about the villain he had laughed, it was just another up and coming little shit, who thought he could be something in the world. When he caught sight of the man on TV for the first time he had frozen, Katsuki had grown up with them eyes looking at him all his life, he would know them anywhere.

When he went to Deku’s mother with his questions, she had slapped him so hard he felt his neck spasm. The woman was distraught, that was not her little boy she had screamed in his face, her son was good and pure and wanted to be a hero. Inko told Katsuki, in a voice he would never forget, that her Izuku had died four years ago and that man on TV was a monster wearing his face.

Katsuki wanted to believe what she did, Deku would never become a villain. But as the weeks turned into months and the months into years, he learned slowly – painfully – that this man was in fact his former childhood friend.

Deku had always been good at analysing, he was the best at recording a hero’s quirks and working out there weak points, where to attack, where to place the final blow. Katsuki watched with copper in his mouth as Deku took down hero after hero. Until one day he had stood on top of a building, MT Lady nothing more than a pile of ash at his feet, destroyed by one of his cronies, who’s top half of his face looked like it had been stitched to a corpse’s mouth. A smile was slashed arose Deku once happy face, mask forgotten as he pointed at the camera. “I’m coming for you next All Might”

Katsuki wouldn’t have believed Deku could do it, but a year later and All Might had been ripped from his pedestal, the number one hero reduced to a skeletal form of his once glorious self.

That had been two years ago, now both at 23 Katsuki had finally found the little shit, only to have been ambushed. Of course, he had been stupid, of course he knew it was a trap. But even knowing that hadn’t stopped him form rushing in like he hadn’t done since his years in school, letting the anger he had learned to tame come to the forefront in a fit of rage.

And now he was paying for it.

Well done Katsuki, Shouto will be so proud. Katsuki could imagen the other man’s flat tone scolding him on how childish he had acted.

“Oh be careful Chisaki-kun, if I do remember correctly he bites” Deku’s voice brought Katsuki back from his thoughts, just in time for him to feel the bird fuckers fingers at the back of his neck, and hear the snap as the clasp of the muzzle came undone.

When it was away from his face, he spat.

Chisaki froze, glob of spit running down his temple. Katsuki smiled viciously, even as the man’s eyes hardened and his hands began to shake. The bird reached out to grip Katsuki’s face but before his finger could so much as touch him, Deku was grabbing the bird fuckers arm and turning him around.

“Oh no” he said to Chisaki, eyes large as he looked his face over. “This won’t do, come now, lean down, yes that’s it” then Deku was pulling a handkerchief from his pocket, wiping the other man’s face down while throwing a heated glare at Katsuki. “That was disgusting Kacchan! Chisaki-kun has OCD, he does not like getting dirty. Really Kacchan he could have killed you”

Katsuki snarled again the sound rebounding through the room now it was no longer muffled. Teeth bared as he snapped. “Would like to see the fucker try!”

Deku rolled his eyes, still patting down the other man’s face. “There there Chisaki-kun, all gone. Why don’t you go get washed up, you can burn your clothes and I’ll have a new mask made up for you.” Deku was smiling widely again as he dropped the dirtied rag on the table behind him. “I’ll handle Kacchan, you may have the rest of the day of. Oh, and please send me Jin-kun, thank you Chisaki-kun”

The man nodded at Deku once, eyes traveling over Katsuki one last time, hands clenching and unclenching before he marched from the room.

Deku shook his head in a small tired fashion, before leaning a hip against the wooden table and crossing his arms over his chest. “Really Kacchan, have you no manners.” Katsuki snarled, body lashing forward, trying to throttle the younger man.

Deku frowned, eyes looking Katsuki over, he stopped on Katsuki bare arms, what were covered in rivers of blood. “Your bleeding” Deku stated with another frown, hand coming up to pinch the bridge of his nose. “Of course you’re bleeding, would it be too much to ask that you don’t struggle Kacchan”

“Don’t be a fucking idiot, stupid Deku!”

The other pulled his hand away from the bridge of his nose to smile at Katsuki, and for the first time it didn’t hold the sharpness of earlier. “Would you believe me if I said I’ve missed being called that” he said with his head cocked to the side, eyes large and bright.

“Deku, Deku, Deku, Deku!” Katsuki repeated like child, voice getting louder each time until he was shouting. Katsuki suddenly cut himself off when the younger started to laugh.

“Oh Kacchan” he chuckled, hand covering his mouth. “I forgot how much of a stubborn arsehole you could be. Tell me, did you miss being call Kacchan, you haven’t told me to stop yet. Maybe others call it you also?” Deku was closer now, crowding into Katsuki personal space. Katsuki could smell the mint of his toothpaste, maybe it was just the smell of Deku, he didn’t know. The other man ran a gloved finger over Katsuki jaw, head cocked once more as he softened his eyes. “No I don’t think they have, because if so I might have to kill them”

Katsuki lunged at him, trying his hardest to wrap his unchained legs around the younger but Deku danced back out of his reach with surprising grace, laughter darker then before bubbled from his lips. “Oh did I hit a nerve, was I right? Who are you so close to Kacchan, maybe I should meet them”

Katsuki snarled, lunging as far as he could at Deku once again. “Get the fuck back here you little shit. I’m going fucking slaughter you, you hear me Deku. I’m going to blow that smart mouth of your fucking face!”

Deku just chuckled again, hands behind his back and standing in all innocence. He looked like a five year old asking for a toy with them big green eyes and pouty lips. “Don’t worry Kacchan, you’ll have your chance to kill me as soon as Jin-kun gets here. I’m not tall enough to unhook you, see?”

Katsuki stopped struggling to give Deku a calculated glare. With a raise of his chin and less bite to his words, he asked. “You’re going to take the restraints off”

Deku smiled brightly, clapping his hands together in front of himself while bouncing on the balls of his feet. The idiot really did look like a fucking child now. “Oh yes Kacchan, you don’t think I would leave you like this, do you? It’s hardly very hospitable of me.”

“You’re a fucking villain Deku, you’re not meant to be fucking hospitable”

Deku waved him off with a roll of his eyes. “You say to-MAY-to, I say to-MAH-to.”

“There’s not another way to pronounce villain, stupid fucking Deku!” he snarled, tick starting being his eye in anger. A reaction that only Deku could bring out.

“OI boss man, what's with all the noise in here?” And then there was someone else in the fucking room, and Katsuki was ready for putting his own face in is palm and just blowing his fucking brains out.

Deku turned to smile brightly at the man who had just entered, hands once more behind his back as he rocked backwards and forwards. “Oh Jin-Kun you made it!” He said like he hadn't asked for the man to be sent down, but had instead invited him to a party. “If you would be so kind, I need to get Kacchan down, but you see, I can't reach.”

“No problem boss man, always here to serve. Say what happened to Overhaul, wasn’t he meant to be helping you out?” The man stepped forward before pausing slightly, shaking his head like he was trying to shake away a thought. “Oh you don't need to answer, why would you want to answer, I'm just a nobody and of course nobodies should not be asking questions-” he was cut off by Deku’s hand on his arm.

“Jin-Kun you’re getting a little lost again” the smaller man said, reaching up to rub between the newcomers eyes over his mask. It was nothing fancy, if anything it remind Katsuki of that American movie hero/villain? The one with the guns and the butt ugly face what he always covered in a mask. You know the ones people use to actually believe in before quirks became a thing.

“Oh right sorry boss man, wait should I be sorry?”

Deku stepped back with another laugh. “It's okay Jin-kun you be whatever you want to be, you know I don't take offence. Now can you help me with Kacchan?”

The man was bobbing his head along with what Deku had just said, little ‘yep, yep sure thing’ slipping through his lips while he walked back towards Katsuki. He pulled up short and Katsuki swore he could see the man’s eyes go larger under his mask.

“Whoa boss man, you went and caught fucking Ground Zero” a pause while he tipped his head the other way “wait you blew my face of like 5 hours ago, but don't worry man it was one of my clones, not the real me you know.”

Katsuki didn’t know, but he also didn’t care and was really fucking confused by this man. Jin started making his way back over to Katsuki, slight bounce in his step.

“Oh hold on Jin-kun” Deku called, coming over and removing his leather gloves “you just reminded me of a little thing I need to fix, or this confrontation could end up more bloodier than originally planned”

Jin looked over his shoulder before throwing his hands up as if to ward Deku away, even if the younger man's eyes were only for Katsuki. Katsuki on the other hand, had a sudden sicking in his stomach, his gut telling him not to let Deku touch him no matter the cost. “Woah boss man, let me get out the way before you pull the big guns, yeah”

Katsuki struggled, lips pulled back in a snarl as he snapped his teeth at Deku. “Fucking touch me Deku and I'll brake your fucking hand, you hear me, I'll snap every bone in your fucking body”

A sudden punch to the gut had Katsuki doubling over as much as he could from his hanging position, then a hand gripped his jaw in a firm hold, his face being man handled my Deku to look the younger in the eyes. Deku smiled, all sharp edges and razor blades, before leaning forward and licking a strip up Katsuki face.

Katsuki reared back, before flying forward to try and head-butt the younger man but Deku jumped back like he had done earlier, his voice sing song as he said “you can try Kacchan”

Once he was a safe distance away Deku pulled his gloves back on and started pushing the table against the wall, turning with a smile as he began to stretch, gesturing for Jin to unhook Katsuki.

Jin stood on the chair, reached up and pulled on a latched encasing Katsuki hands, there was a click and then Katsuki hands were free. He stumbled to his feet slowly, eyes narrowed as he assessed the situation. Katsuki let his arms come out to his sides and curled his palms, body facing Deku. The masked fucker had ran from the room as soon as he unhooked Katsuki, only peeking his head around the door frame to watch what would unfold.

“I’m going to fucking murder you” Katsuki said with a vicious smile at Deku. “I'm going to rip you apart and then destroy this whole fucking building, I'll destroy your whole organisation Dauntless”

Deku laughed, brought his arms out and gave Katsuki a come get me motion.

Katsuki barrelled forward, running at Deku with a battle cry as he jumped at the younger man, knee first. Deku grabbed his knee with both hands, stumbled back into the wall and then twisted away from Katsuki, arm coming up to knock Katsuki hand away from his face before he brought the butt of his own gloved palm up to hit Katsuki in the temple.

Katsuki stumbled, vision going dark for a second. Deku’s laughter ringing in his ears. “You never learn Kacchan, you always start with a big right swing. The knee was new, but not enough to trick me. You'll have to try harder if you want to win”

Katsuki snarled “fucking Deku, you wait, I'm going fucking murder you!”

He threw a left hook, what Deku dodged, gripped his wrist and twisted more into Katsuki hold, elbow coming up to catch Katsuki in the gut. With a grunt Katsuki stepped back and kicked out, sweeping Deku’s legs from under him. The younger fell, rolled and was up just as fast as he was down, now a few feet away, face split in a grin.

“Come on Kacchan, you can do better than that. You've not even used your quirk yet. Tell you what, I'll even give you a free shot” and then he stood with his arms wide, fucking infuriating smiled on his face as he looked down at Katsuki.

Katsuki roared, flaying forward to wrap the palm of his hand around that stupid face. Katsuki had been binding his time, letting his sweat gather into his palms so when he let the blast of it would completely destroy the other, killing the little shit once and for all.

Only the blast never came, Katsuki couldn't get his quirk to ignite.

Deku was still smiling, all teeth and eyes dancing in humour. He brought his hands up to wrap around Katsuki wrist and upper arm before giving a brutal twist. Katsuki snarled in anger as his shoulder was dislocated, his feet swept from under him in the next attack and his injured arm rammed up his back until he let out a cry of pain.

Deku leaned in over him until his mouth was lined up with Katsuki ear. “It's hard fighting as a quirkless fucker, isn’t it Kacchan?”

“The fuck” he snarled, trying to fight his way out of Deku’s hold, but only managing to grit his teeth against the pain in his arm “what the fuck have you done to me”

Deku huffed a laugh above him. “Oh don't you know? Don’t tell me you tracked me down but did not know what I was capable of. Why Kacchan, I've taken your quirk.”

Katsuki went still under Deku and the younger man used this to get up and away from him. Katsuki breath was stuck in this throat, the walls were closing in, tunnel vision, and everything was going dark and blurry at the edges. He needed to breathe, what had he heard when others tried to quell there panic attacks, three seconds breath in through his nose, five out through the mouth, or was it the other way around.

He was going to be sick, he could feel the bile building and churning in his stomach, burning his throat.

What had Deku said, no quirk. It had been taken, gone, quirkless. He was Katsuki Bakugou, he had had a quirk since four years old, it was one of the strongest quirks out there, made him an amazing hero, one of the fucking best.

That did not mean he could ignite his fucking palms. His muscles strained with the memory of what he needed to do, ached and burned with how he was trying to use them, still nothing, not even a spark.

Shifting his dislocated arm finally made him take the breath he had been starving from his lungs. When Katsuki manage to stop hacking up a lung he glowered over in the direction of the younger, who had now taken up the position of leaning against the open door.

“Oh Kacchan that look” he said in mockery, clutching his heart. “If looks could kill Kacchan, well I don't think there would be much of me left”

“Give me my fucking quirk back Deku, or I swear I'll rip your throat out with my teeth”

Deku hummed, bumping his head lightly against the doorframe, bringing his hand up to clutch at a pale white throat. “Oh I might like that” when Katsuki snarled again he laughed lightly, swooped down and popped Katsuki shoulder back into place. “Oh stop snarling Kacchan, your quirk will come back, in four or five years.”

Katsuki went for him again, he was going to wrap his hand around that pale throat and squeeze the fucking life out of him. Unfortunately Deku was faster, and leather clade fingers wrapped around his own throat, cutting of Katsuki newly returned air supply.

He didn’t fight it, he wasn’t going to show weakness by clutching and pulling at Deku’s fucking arm. He did wrap his own hand around Deku’s wrist, squeezing slightly, letting the younger know silently that if he cut of Katsuki air anymore, then he was going to snap this stupid fucker’s hand.

Fuck was Deku strong, when had he built up so much muscle, when had be become so good at fucking fighting. Katsuki knew that Deku had always been good at fighting, even if he had been terrified throughout middle school. The younger was good at reading people, analysing what moves they would make and coming up with a counter before the other could even attack.

If Katsuki didn’t know the fucker was quirkiness he would have sworn the little shit could see into the future.

“You’re quirkless fucker Deku” he wheezed, voice coming out raw.

Deku cocked his head, cheeky smile pulling at the corner of him mouth. “I was, but you see we found this outstanding little girl a few years back, her quirk so powerful that she could make people disappear, poof, gone! Well we couldn’t let her keep it, far too strong for someone so unstable, All For One passed it on to me. What better quirk for a man who wanted to become a hero no matter what, Eh Kacchan. The quirkless man who wanted to become a hero, is now a villain who can make a hero become quirkless. Fitting right?”

Quirkless Deku, ha! Hadn’t Katsuki always thought the little shit was weak, below them all. He was so weak he couldn’t even manifest a quirk. Now here he was, making others as quirkless as he had once been.

The fucking irony

Deku let go of Katsuki’s throat and the other took a step back, hand coming up to rub at irritated skin.

“What the fuck happened to you”

Deku laughed again, rocking back on his heels. “Oh I’ll tell you all about that later, but right now why don’t we go upstairs. Come, I’ll make you some food.” And with that he turned, snatched the abandoned folder of the table and then marched from the room and down the hallway, Katsuki debated following him for all of a second before huffing in irritation, stuffing his hands in his pockets and stomping after the other man.

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Chapter 2

Deku might not have realised what he was doing just yet but Katsuki would take this chance to learn everything he needed to know about the stupid villain. He would watch and gather all the information he needed before somehow getting his fucking quirk back, killing Deku and bringing this whole house down. Then he would return to the agency and with all the intel he had, they would come back and completely destroy this stupid organisation.

Katsuki learned that he had been held in some kind of basement, what had been refurbished to resemble a hotel? Office? He wasn’t too sure, he just knew that the hallway he walked down was lined with doors on either side, some open, others closed. All looking like the room he had just came from.

Finally at the end was a narrow set of stairs and a heavy set metal door, Deku knocked on it after he opened it - like one would test how thick wood was - looking over his shoulder at Katsuki. “My quirk has been manipulated into these doors, same as the cuff’s you were wearing earlier, they stop quirks from being used”

Katsuki just snorted, hands still curled deep in his pockets as Deku lead the way through the house. There was noise coming from down one hallway, lots or rowdy shouting and laughing, it pinged Katsuki interest. Deku led them away from it and into a large open plan kitchen, shiny white cupboards lined the walls, black granite worktops had been polished enough to see his own refection in. An island sat in the middle of the room with high backed stools, looking out at the far wall of floor to ceiling windows.

“There also quirk proof” Deku said with a wave of his hand in the general direction of the windows. Letting Katsuki know that he wouldn’t be escaping that way. “Grab a seat Kacchan and I’ll get started on dinner, does stir fry sound good?” Deku said, throwing the folder he had been carrying onto the island.

Deku didn’t wait for an answer before pulling pots and pans down, rummaging through the fridge and cupboards, ingredients scattering across the counter tops. “Jin-kun” Deku called, his voice just loud enough to travel out of the kitchen, not loud enough to interrupt all the ruckus down the hall. Still the masked man from earlier sailed into the room. It seemed that Deku didn’t need to command attention, the residents of this house were waiting for Deku to call them like a dog would wait for its owner.

Pathetic tosser’s.

“Jin-kun” Deku said with a smile, turning to face the older man while holding an insanely sharp cutting knife. “I’m sorry Jin-kun but I need Twice for a little moment, would that be okay?”

The man bobbed his head, little, ‘yep yep, sure thing boss man’ falling from his mouth before he reached up and pulled the mask of his face.

Katsuki didn’t try to hold back the grimace. The man’s face was a fucking mess. His head was stitched from hairline to the middle of his brow, eyes frantic and wild, and hair a rat’s nest of light brown spikes.

Deku tapped the point of the knife against his chin before speaking. “Twice I need you to do few jobs for me today while Chisaki-kun rests. Could you informed Kurono-san that Chisaki needs a new mask, his other one was sullied. I need Setsun-san sent to me as soon as he’s done with his tasks, I would like to go over todays mission. Also if you could inform Shigaraki-san that I have Ground Zero in my possession, that would be amazing” Deku was still tapping at his chin with the knife when he suddenly pulled a disturbed face, causing a small bead of blood to form. “Oh and please make sure Toga-sama doesn’t follow you back, I’m not in the right frame of mind to deal with her advances.”

The man bobbed his head before literally splitting himself into four. Katsuki watched a little queasily as they all simultaneously pulled there masks back on and then three of them turned on their heels and walked from the room, leaving - Katsuki assumed - the original behind.

“Toga-kun is very lovely” the clone bastard said, voice a little dreamy.

Deku hummed, back to chopping once more. Katsuki hoped he had washed the knife. “Toga-sama wants to fuck me and kill me, preferably at the same time”

Katsuki nearly choked on his own spit.

Jin pressed his hands together like he was praying while sighing. “So Lovely”

Deku pouted, pointing the knife at the masked man. “Not so lovely when you’re gay” yep Katsuki was definitely choking now “and want to live to see your next birthday. Also Jin-kun just ask her out already”

Jin squashed his cheeks between his hands. “But she’s so beautiful and evil! Have you seen how she can calve up a body, she knows the best ways to cut to make them bleed out slower. She could probably make Endeavour cry out in pain.”

Deku gave a slight chuckle, throwing all the ingredients into the wok. “Again Jin-kun ask her out, because if you don’t you’re clone might”

There was a beat of silence as the temperature in the whole room seemed to plummet a few degrees. “I’ll kill him” the masked arsehole said and then shot from the room like he was on fire.

Deku called to his retreating back “Oh and make sure all your clones are gone by the end of the day, I don’t want you destroying the house with your fighting.” He turned back to the food, chuckling fondly.

Katsuki had been eyeing the file he had seated himself near during the whole exchange, whenever Deku’s back was turned he carefully fingered it closer to himself. Deku tossed the ingredients in the pan and looked over at Katsuki. “Go ahead Kacchan” he said nodding at the file while also upending some soy Sause into the veg and noodles. “Open it up, I know you want to”

Katsuki snorted but opened the file anyway and was greeted by his own face, though a bit younger, and far less scarred. It was a full page on him, his likes and dislikes, everything about his quirk, where he worked, who he was close to and who he hated. The latter being far longer than the first.

“Fucking stalking me Deku?”

The younger laughed, attention only for the food he was cooking. “Not just you Kacchan”

He was right, because when Katsuki fingered his way to the next tab another familiar face greeted him. Stupid fucking hair for brains was smiling up at him in his old U.A. photo. Next tab and there was the walking plug socket ‘Chargebolt’ then the half and half bastard. Heroes, a folder full of them, explaining in detail everything Deku knew about each and every one of them.

Some he remembered from his U.A. days, in the same year as himself or in the ones above or below. Others from different school, heroes he had never met apart from on the field. His stomach rolled once again. “The fuck is this Deku”

“It’s my bucket list” the other sang, chopsticks stirring the ingredients in the pan. “I plan on taking all of their quirks before I die. And you going to watch Kacchan.”

“The fuck I am!” he roared. Jumping from his seat so suddenly that the chair clattered to the marble floor behind him. His hands were fisted around the granite worktop, he wanted his quirk back so fucking much, so he could blast this whole place to fucking cinders.

Deku didn’t even blink. Gone was the boy who would flinch and stutter if Katsuki so much as looked at him.

“Yes you will Katsuki” Deku said, voice cold and hard. Katsuki felt a shiver travel violently down his spine. Everything in his body was telling him to run, to get the fuck out of here. He had never had his flight response tested so much, no villain had ever made him want to run for cover.

But here this little shit was, making Katsuki want to bolt. He bit down hard on his lip until he tasted copper, fingers digging into his palms hard enough to leave bloody half-moon crescents. Katsuki wasn’t fucking weak, he wasn’t going to fucking move an inch.

Deku hadn’t even turned to look at him.

“My quirk” Deku started. “Is call rewind. I can reverse someone’s body to a previous state, can make someone disappear if I really want. You heard me earlier, your quirk will come back in four to five years. That’s because I reversed it, took it back to when you had just been born and it hadn’t manifested yet. In five years you’ll have it back, five years after you may be back to how you are now, with rigorous training of course. But that’s ten years of Ground Zero being gone from the hero world, what would happen to all them innocent people while you’re away?” Deku plated the food up and slid it over to Katsuki, finally looking at the older man.

Katsuki wanted to scream, wanted to blow this fucker up. Deku was looking at him with wild eyes and a smile what was all insanity.

“Why are you telling me this” he managed to growl out.

Deku leaned forward until his elbows rested on the granite worktops, fingers laced together and chin resting on them. “I can rewind someone’s body to a previous state Kacchan, what means I can rewind it back to how it was previously. I can give your quirk back just like that” he snapped his fingers, smile still slashed across thin lips. “So if you want your quirk returned you can’t kill me, not yet anyway. What means you’re quirkless, powerless to stop me. How does it feel Kacchan, to have everything you worked so hard for to be taken from you with just a few flicks of my fingers.” he waggled his fingers for emphasis before tapping the open folder.

“I’m going to take it all from them to. Everything they have work for to try and better this Godforsaken world, and you’re going to watch, you’re going to watch as the heroes fall and you’re powerless to help. After all, what quirkless fucker can be a hero?”

Katsuki felt that last sentence like a punch to the gut, he stumbled back hand going up to cover his mouth. “Your - your fucking doing this because of something I said at 14!”

Deku was leaning on one palm now, fingers tapping his cheek. “Karmas a bitch, right Kacchan? I couldn’t become a hero, so I became the villain. And Katsuki Bakugou, Ground Zero, one of the best heroes of his time! Has become a quirkless nobody by the one he said would never become an anybody. You couldn’t write it better!”

He stood and stretched, shoulders popping with the effort. “Now eat up Kacchan, you’re going to need your strength if you want to kill me”

“I will fucking kill you” he snarled, hand fisting and un-fisting.

Deku hummed, turning to place all the pots in the sink to wash. “If you kill me too soon, you’ll stay quirkless”

“Like I fucking care about that” They both new he was lying. Katsuki had been raised in the spotlight, raised with praise blew up his arse on a daily basis. He couldn’t walk out of here and not keep going, not keep fighting the bad guys. Unfortunately he couldn’t do that without his quirk.

He needed to keep a level head, to try and calm his temper like he had over the years. Katsuki needed to figure out everything about Deku, get his quirk back and get the fuck out of dodge so he could warn his friends and former class mates about who was after them and what he was capable of.

With a growl Katsuki picked the stool back up and sat down. Deku beamed at him over his shoulder, whistling some stupid tune while washing the pots. Katsuki gave the food a calculating look, poking it with his chopsticks, like he was waiting for the thing to spit poison at him.

Deku laugh was full of joy once more. “It’s okay to eat Kacchan, if I wanted you dead I would have done it already” Didn’t Katsuki just know that to be true. It was a startling fact to realise and a morbid moment overtook Katsuki, wishing the younger would just top him, that way the worry and anger wouldn’t be eating at his stomach and crawling up his throat.

With a sigh he tentatively took a bite.


Deku was in the process of drying, Katsuki stuffing his face - Hay, he was hungry and Deku wasn’t half bad at cooking - when someone walked into the kitchen. He was lean, fair skinned and tall. Blond hair hiding one eye while his other had very heavy bags underneath. “You summoned me, young Midoriya sir”

Deku beamed at him, bobbing his head. “Yes yes I did.” he said, putting his gloves back on, the man who had just entered visibly relaxed at this. Deku then fixed his arms behind his back and walked around the table to the newcomer. Katsuki had to do a double take at the knife behind the younger man’s back, when the hell did he pick that up? Should he say something?

“Has everything been done for the day Setsuno-san” Deku asked sweetly, finally coming to a stop in front of the man being questioned.

“Of course young Midoriya sir”

“Good good. Then I would like to talk to you about what happened earlier today” the man tensed up all over again. “You failed to follow orders, nearly causing the heroes to be alerted. I’m so disappointed in you Setsuno-san” Deku voice had gone low and drawn out, the tone a father would use with their child who had failed to study for a test.

“I-I’m sorry young Midoriya sir, I was not in the right frame of mind. I do not wish for you to think I was disobeying you on purpose young sir.” the man stuttered. He was standing perfectly still, hands down by his sides and eyes focusing just over Deku’s shoulder.

“Are you saying that you were not paying attention Setsuno-san? That your lack in concentration nearly caused us to be found, nearly caused the people you consider your brothers to be hurt. Do you know that your blunder could have lost us Ground Zero?”

The man was ramrod stiff, breathing coming out in shot shallow pants. “I apologize young sir, as soon as I came too I followed your orders directly. It will not happen again.”

“You said that last time”

The man stopped breathing altogether. His eyes going wide and Katsuki could swear he could see the shine of the other man’s eyes, the sweat beading his brow. Was he really disappointed in himself to have messed up his leaders orders so much, or that he had been caught out doing it for a second time?

Deku rocked up on his toes and pressed on gloved hand to the man’s cheek, in what Katsuki understood was meant to be a soothing touch. Setsuno looked down at Deku, and Katsuki could see how the younger tipped his head to the side, most likely smiling at the older man as Setsuno visibly relaxed into the touch.

“I believe you Setsuno-san” Deku said all sweetly, like melted sugar. “Because I’m not giving you another chance”

Katsuki didn’t see Deku move but suddenly Setsuno took in a wet gasping breath. Blood bubbled up at the corner of his mouth and he coughed once, eyes wide and hands coming up to paw at his chest.

Deku took a step back, grimacing at the blood spattered over his pale face, the shininess the only clue that they weren’t part of his freckles.

Setsuno made another wet gurgling noise and Katsuki snapped his eyes over to the man once more. Gaze going round when he caught sight of the large cooking knife what had been jammed in-between Setsuno’s ribs and up into his lungs.

The man’s eyes tracked Deku, full of betrayal and fear before his legs gave out and he toppled to the floor. Blood spilling from his mouth to puddle around his head.

The noodles on Katsuki’s chopsticks fell to the worktop with a wet splat

Deku signed deeply, running a gloved hand down his face, smearing the blood. “Such a shame, his quirk came in handy when he could be arsed to listen.” he looked over at Katsuki, large bubbly smile plastered on his lips once more, like he hadn’t just killed a man in cold blood. “Eat up Kacchan, your foods getting cold”


The house was full of psychopaths and Deku was king of the insane.

After Deku had taken a man’s life right in front of him, Katsuki had been a little put of his food. Deku had taken this to mean that Katsuki didn’t like his cooking and had pottered about the kitchen trying to find the older man something tastier to eat.

Katsuki had just been trying to keep his jaw closed and his previously eaten noodles down.

While Deku had bounce around the kitchen, blood smeared down his face and green shirt, another man had walked in, promptly tripped over the dead body and then called down the hall for a clean-up team.

Within 5 minutes the body had been removed, the floor had been scrubbed to an inch of its life. Katsuki’s nostrils burned with the amount of bleach used and Deku had made him 3 other dishes, all of which he hadn’t touched.

Thankfully the other mentally ill people living in this house took turns snatching food from his plate. Mouths full while they talked to Deku and cleaned the blood from the white tiles. Katsuki even noticed that the grout between the tiles had a high shine finish so the blood couldn’t stain it… and he should derail from that train of thought, like right fucking now.

A dark figure had stepped through the door once everything was spic and span. Wearing a large green fur hooded parker coat, black jeans and padding along in socked feet. He raised a brow to the room at large before zeroing in on Deku, who was sat next to Katsuki, slurping some fucking smoothie and talking his fucking ear off.

Katsuki nearly opened his mouth when he realised it was the bird fucker - he no longer wore his plague doctors mask, had just a simple turquoise thing to keep the dust away - but when his noodles threatened to make an appearance, he clenched his jaw hard enough to grind teeth.

Chisaki walked over to them and Deku snapped his mouth shut to grin up at the older man. “Chisaki-kun you’re meant to be having the day off” he all but sang.

Chisaki narrowed his eyes at Deku, keeping a few paces away. “You’re filthy” the man finally said. Katsuki nearly jumped a foot out of his seat, it had been the first time he had heard the other man speak. His voice was a low growl, dark and enticing, a voice to be expected of a villain.

Deku’s face went suddenly blank and then he was looking at his gloved hands. Before Katsuki could figure out what was going on the younger man was up and out of his seat. Hands coming up to pull and snap buttons from his shirt, the offending green garment and waistcoat made its way to the trash can. Deku stood in just an undershirt and before Katsuki could appreciate Deku’s lean body the other was bringing his gloved hands up to his mouth, teeth pulling them off so they could be thrown away with the rest of his sullied cloths.

Deku was at the sink in the next instant. Soapy water being scrubbed across his face and through his hair.

After a few more frantic minutes Deku stood back, tea towel wiping down his now spotless face. Hair wet and curing more than normal, eyes a little shy as he spread his arms for the bird fuckers inspection. “Better?”

Chisaki hadn’t moved an inch during Deku’s frantic rushing about the kitchen, but he stepped forward now, gave Deku and appreciative once over and a small nod before holding his own hands out. “Take mine”

Deku let out a breath, hands coming down to pull on Chisaki’s gloved fingers, carful to never let his skin touch the others. “Thank you Chisaki-kun”

The other man shrugged once. “You always make a mess” then he glanced over his shoulder at the room once more. Everyone who had been in the kitchen while Deku darted around had now left, slipped quietly away like they had never been here to begin with. “Kurono called, said you had killed Setsuno.”

If Katsuki was expecting Deku to look even the slightest bit sheepish, then he would have been disappointed. Deku slipped on the too large for him gloves and shrugged while fastening them. “He refused to follow orders, it was the second time. I don’t tolerate disloyalty”

Chisaki stuffed his hands back into his pockets and Katsuki noted that he was staying as far away from everything as he could, the only exception being the floor, what he had to stand on to get around. Katsuki thought that this man would love a levitating quirk, that way he wouldn’t have to touch anything, ever.

“You stabbed him”

Deku nodded. “I did. Stupid how they forget that I’m more dangerous when not using my quirk. But wearing gloves always does lull them into a false sense of security”

The bird fucker hummed, eyes looking out of the window to the darkening sky. “You killed him to fast”

“I did?” Deku asked, head cocked and hands behind his back. Giving the older man space, Katsuki noted.

Chisaki looked back at Deku again. “People who are disloyal deserve a slow and painful death”

Yep, Katsuki was in a house fully of the loony toons.

Fucking fantastic.

Deku hummed, rocking on his heels. His eyes seemed a little far away, his smile a little too sharp. “I could bring him back and you could take him apart again”

Katsuki really was going to be sick now. He had known who Chisaki was as soon as that clone bastard had muttered Overhaul. He had just been too focused on what was going on around him and on killing Deku to let the information sink in.

Overhaul was one powerful villain, his quirk allowed him to dissemble and reassemble anything he touched. This could be anything from people to the earth if he wanted. Katsuki had seen what Overhauls quirk could do to people, how he could completely blow them to pieces and then bring them back just to do it all over again, with only one finger. Katsuki also knew that over the years Overhaul had been refining his quirk, he could now take someone apart one nerve at a time if he wanted.

If Chisaki agreed to Deku plan to bring Setsuno back, - something Katsuki didn’t even know if Deku could actually do - just to take him apparat again, only slower and more painfully. Then it didn’t matter if the arsehole was a villain or not, Katsuki was going to have to try and save that poor bastard.

Thankfully the bird fucker made a wrenching noise, face turned up in disgust. “And touch something so filthy, you forget who I am”

Deku sighed. “Well that death will have to be good enough, I don’t trust anyone else to do it right Chisaki-kun”

Overhaul narrowed his eyes slightly before giving his own huff. “Then it will have to be.” he looked over at Katsuki, face sneering around the dust mask. “It seems you haven’t gotten rid of all the filth just yet Izuku-kun” Katsuki didn’t know if he wanted to growl at being called filth or the familiarity in which they addressed one another. Either way he growled around his clench jaw.

Deku reached out to tug on Overhauls hood, drawing the other man’s attention back to him. “Kacchan’s here for me Chisaki-kun, you know why I need him.”

“I don’t like it” the bird fucker sneered. His eyes tracing over every part of Deku’s face. “I don’t like him here, he’s to filthy, he’ll contaminate everything he touches, the house will have to be burned to the ground once he’s gone just to get rid of the pollution he has caused.”

Wow okay this freak had a thing against germs. OCD, fuck no, this guy had something much worse.

Deku let out a long breath, still tugging at the fur hood to get Chisaki to move into a new position, this one with his back to Katsuki, like Deku was trying to keep them out of each other’s line of sight. “Once this is finished we’ll leave, okay Chisaki-kun, wherever you want to move to. I heard there’s beautiful blossom trees up north, you like blossoms right Chisaki-kun?”

The bird fucker physically relaxed when he could no longer see Katsuki, it was as if just having his eyes facing a different way mentally helped him. He was like a dog that liked to bark at everyone, but once it faced its owner it forgot there were others near. “Yes” the older man confirmed, and his voice sounded far away, as if something Deku had said was draining the stress from his body.

Deku beamed up at him, eyes sparkling. “Then it’s settled. Let’s find a house with a nice blossom tree in the garden for our next headquarters. But first, I told you to have today off, you should be resting” he made a shooing motion with his hands. “Go on now, shoo, go get some rest.”

Chisaki snorted and Katsuki nearly toppled back out of his chair. In the space of 30 minutes he had heard Overhaul talk and laugh for the first time. He was in a different reality, or having an insanely fucked up dream. Yeah he would wake up any minute now.

OW! Okay, maybe not, god that pinch fucking hurt.

Overhaul took a step back, hands still buried in his pockets. “I came to check on you”

Deku’s head cocked to the side and the hands what he had been using to shoo Chisaki were now placed on his hips. “Chisaki-kun you don’t need to worry about your boss, what kind of man would I be if I couldn’t handle this family”

Chisaki nodded like this made sense, even if Katsuki’s own head was spinning. With another nod the bird fucker turned to leave, threw a glare Katsuki’s way one final time and then called over his shoulder. “I’ll have his file ready for you in the morning, my lord”