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Deku and Bakugo have never gone to Oovoo Javer

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Deku was sprawled comfortably on his dorm bed surrounded by his countless all might figures, plushes, blankets, candles, hairclips, slippers and clocks on display.
alone. Now, the word to highlight here is ''Alone'' because Deku is never alone, He's usually surrounded by eccentric characters; Ochako, Iida, Todoroki, basically the whole 1-A class. Now, this fact doesn't match up with the image shown now because now, Deku is sprawled on his dorm bed surrounded by his Supreme All Might Industry (TM) Merchandise not surrounded by his friends. Deku was used to being alone, hell, he spent most of his middle school years alone but he felt a little uneasy. Ochako and the Fam Squad went out to a ''Mochi-Karaoke-Screaming-God-Help-Us-All-Party'' without him because Ochako claimed that she didn't want to catch Deku's ''Sickness cooties''. Deku yawned as he wiped his eye with his hoodie sleeve. Deku wasn't salty. Deku wasn't a salty person. He was a slightly disappointed person but that was about as far as he went. The thing he was disappointed with was the fact that he'd have to watch RIP Vine compilations by himself.

Ever since that one weekend where Bakugo added a person called ''CamieTheCamGirl'' onto their class group and she spammed the group with American memes and ''Shitposts'', Deku had been addicted to those strange weirdly amusing compilations, he had on many occasions laughed so much that he cried, (It was kinda like being crucified with tears). So once again, there he was, sprawled on his bed, watching somebody telling their mother that they spilled lipstick on their white Valentino bag. Deku exited full screen on the video as he clicked the next recommended compilation.

Suddenly that comforting position ceased to exist and instead, he fell back onto the floor as Loud knocks made a racket on the other side of his door. he sighed and stumbled towards the door, Caressing the Signed All might poster he had on his door with his thumb before opening the door.

''Hair-For-Brains told me you had Hot chips''

Deku's eyes widened as vibrant red eyes stared him down. whY WaS KAcChan HeRe???? was what he was probably thinking. And yes, he was thinking that as countless scenarios played in his head.

''Did he deny the trip? wouldn't Kirishima have dragged him? Did they get in a fight? That does seem very likely because yesterday he seemed pretty grumpy, ugh I should just go back to watching my videos, waIT DOES IT NEED CHARGING whERES mY chARGER-''

''Stop fucking mumbling, shitty nerd" Bakugo snarled as he snickered at Deku's (Good Quality, really comfy, rad) nerdy all might loafers

Deku suddenly became socially aware and looked up at his childhood friend-rival-thing. He was wearing his iconic black tank top and sweatpants.

''O-Oh Yeah- I mean yes I got a few packets'' Deku managed to stumble out




''Huh? o-OH YEah sorry'' Deku squeaked as he turned around to rummage through his backpack next to his bed. It took about 35 seconds for Bakugo, who was already growing impatient, to grumpily walk towards him with his hands in his pockets except, of course, Deku's life can never go smoothly as while Bakugo walk-slouching Deku's laptop fell from his bed onto the floor.

''Shitt, earth to nerd, your computer fell''

''Oh Kacchan, could you pick that up- I think I almost found it'' Deku grunted as he furrowed his eyebrows. Has his backpack always been this spacious or is God trying to fuck up his groove?

''Ew no I don't want your fanboy germs'' Bakugou said annoyed.

Deku didn't reply as he quickly gave bakugo a glance and looked back at his strangely difficult task.

''Honestly-Fuck you, Fuck your weird buddies, fuck your shitty room, fuck all might and fuck your goddamm backpack'' Bakugo snapped as he bent down to pick up his laptop.

As Bakugo stood up from his straining position to place this germ magnet onto the bed he saw what was on the tab open.
''Oi Deku! 'Vines that just butter my eggroll'?'' You watch this? I mean I'm sure fucking glad that it isn't midget porn or some shit but''

Deku suddenly looked up at Bakugo with fear in his eyes. Would he be mocked? He didn't need more reasons to be awkward around Kacchan

''Oh Yeah, ever since you're friend sent it to the group'' Deku said nervously looking at his feet. His hands were in midair now, just above his backpack, he was so taken off guard that he jerkily removed his hands from his bag but he didn't know if he should have put it back in his bag or to his sides so now it's awkwardly floating.

''Oh'' Bakugo said, strangely quiet. ''same''

That was when one layer of awkwardness between the two seemingly disappeared. What were the boundaries of their relationship?

Deku, still in shock, nodded his head to the ashy blonde, as if to show his respect. ''You-You wanna watch some with me?''

Bakugo furrowed his brows which only sharpened his features.

''I-I meaN H-HERe's your packet'' Deku said finally finding a packet and flicking it towards the other boy.



''I said fucking sure you fucking idiot'' Bakugou looked away angrily as he said this, almost scared of being vulnerable as if agreeing to watch vines with Deku was much more emotionally frightening than some of the other things the two did.

Deku couldn't help but have a small smile on his round face as he picked up his laptop from bakugo's hands and laid down on his bed; making space for the other student.
Bakugo awkwardly accepted the gesture and was now laying on his bed, keeping a good distance of course.
Before doing anything else Deku embarrassingly grabbed a tissue or two for his runny nose.

''You got cooties too?''

''I guess nerds can be affected too; this condition highly exceeds my expectations'' Deku snickered as he pressed the unpause button on the video.

He swore that he could hear the Blonde mumble ''Shitty Deku'' but you didn't hear it from him. And he was too involved in watching an elderly Caucasian man desperately wanting to be a cowboy-baby.