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Juniors’ Society | 96-Liners |


Jeon Wonwoo [ S E V E N T E E N ]

Description: cold guy next door who's too cold to let someone in his life. After some events in the past leading him astray, he picks himself up and hopefully changes the course of his life.

Major: History and Literature of the World

Club: Book Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: jeonwonwoo

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kwon Soonyoung

Romantic Interest: --

Kwon Soonyoung [ S E V E N T E E N ]

Description: The sun in Wonwoo's life. Bright, loving and kind are the best words to describe Soonyoung. He's also a great leader, and he manages to juggle both show choir and the dance team.

Major: Performing Arts

Club: Show Choir and Dance Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: yourboyKSY

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Jeon Wonwoo

Romantic Interest: --

Lee Jihoon [ S E V E N T E E N ]

Description: A musical genius, known best for his terrific music-making skills and excellence in various instruments. Despite this, he tries to live a double life -- mixing law school and his passion.

Major: Political Science

Club: Show Choir and Debate Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: woozi_jihoon

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kim Seokwoo

Romantic Interest: --

Kim Seokwoo [ S F 9 ]

Description: Tall, handsome and handsome. Wherever he goes, he always turns heads. He's so handsome and kind to the point that he has fangirls drooling all over him. He's also smart, so where do you want to sign up for his club?

Major: Political Science

Club: Student Council and Basketball Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: seokwoonrowoon

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Lee Jihoon

Romantic Interest: --

Wen Junhui [ S E V E N T E E N ]

Description: That cute undecided junior who's well-loved -- either because of his stare or his personality. He's originally known as a fuccboi but it's just his defense mechanism. Anyway, someone better talk to him because he's still undecided at junior year.

Major: Undecided

Club: Basketball Club and Debate Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: wenjuncute

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Baek Juho

Romantic Interest:--

Baek Juho [ S F 9 ]

Description: he's the type of guy who'll come to your mind once you say "college student". Stressed, dorm, library, sweatpants and coffee. An average guy with exemplary social skills although he just observes in parties.

Major: Civil Engineering

Club: Basketball Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: baekzuho

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Wen Junhui

Romantic Interest: Choi Yujin (Girlfriend)

Kim Dongyoung [ N C T ]

Description: The hardworking kid who's very well-known for his hardworkingness. He claims that he's chill-life but he has like, 3 part-time jobs. Not to mention that he's a full-scholar, too.

Major: Economics

Club: Basketball Club and Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: kd_young

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Ten

Romantic Interest: Kim Sejeong (Girlfriend)

Ten [ N C T ]

Description: Has a long-ass confusing name so let's just call him "Ten". He's that one college friend who looks like a rich kid, but in fact, he is. He can buy you, your grades and your friends.

Major: Biological Engineering

Club: Basketball Team and Biology Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: chittaponten

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kim Dongyoung

Romantic Interest: --

Choi Youngjae [ G O T 7 ]

Description: The smart and nice music major who is Hanbin's favorite guide maker. He spends time in the dorm singing to the point that they get called out by their neighbors.

Major: Double degree of Music and Performing Arts

Club: Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: cyjaehello

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kim Hanbin

Romantic Interest:  --

Kim Hanbin [ i K O N ]

Description: Another genius songwriter, only that he has no constraints. Maybe the thing about him is that his parents pressure him to be the best -- only that his friend and rival cockblocks him.

Major: Double Degree of Music and Statistics

Club: Show Choir and Math Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: black_hanbin

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Choi Youngjae

Romantic Interest: --

Park Jinwoo [ A S T R O ]

Description: The photography major who's low key the life of the party. Knows well how to create amazing parties, and is the center if everything. He likes photographing the parties in his way, too.

Major: Visual Arts

Club: Student Council

Twitter/Instagram Account: jinjinmamen

Residence: South Building Dormitory

Roommate: Jin Longguo

Romantic Interest: --

Jin Longguo [ J B J ]

Description: The insanely shy and homebody person who is a personified cat. Quiet and mysterious, despite trying to be lowkey, he's quite popular in his department -- simply because he's hot.

Major: Veterinary Medicine

Club: We Love Cats Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: jinlongcat

Residence: South Building Dormitory

Roommate: Park Jinwoo

Romantic Interest: --

Im Changkyun [ M o n s t a X ]

Description: That one hot nerd in school who cares about nothing but physics and sciences. He's too focused on his education to the point that it comes off weird and nerdy.

Major: Physics

Club: Robotics Club and Debate Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: p6chkyun

Residence: South Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kim Jaehwan

Romantic Interest: --

Kim Jaehwan [ W a n n a O n e ]

Description: Loud. Absolutely loud. In fact, loud is an understatement. He's so loud that his voice can pierce through the walls. But he sings well so it's forgivable, right?

Major: Music and Electrical Engineering

Club: Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: kimJAEHWAAN

Residence: South Building Dormitory

Roommate: Im Changkyun

Romantic Interest: --

Kang Daniel [ W a n n a O n e ]

Description: He's that cute puppy-ish guy in college who's always smiling. Does he even have bad days? I guess not. He has a girlfriend, he lives fine.

Major: Double Degree of Statistics and Economics

Club: Basketball Team and Modelling Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: KangNielNyaw

Residence: East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Oh Heejun

Romantic Interest: Park Sooyoung (Girlfriend)

Oh Heejun [ K N K ]

Description: The tall guy who's stronger than everyone in their dorm. The backbone of the dorm is also quite nice but he's best at bluffing and pretending that he's cool.

Major: Double degree of Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Club: Show Choir and Robotics Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: itsoheejun

Residence: East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kang Daniel

Romantic Interest: Lee Dabin (Girlfriend)

Jennie Kim [ B l a c k P i n k ]

Description: Sharp, calculating and manipulative. Looks like she can kill you and will actually kill you. She's dealing with some major trust issues so she doubts people very easily.

Major: Double Degree of Architecture and Music

Club: Pep Squad and Dance Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: justjennie

Residence: East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Jung Yerin

Romantic Interest: --

Jung Yerin [ G f r i e n d ]

Description: Soft, mature and known for her beauty. She and Jennie are polar opposites but are alike in so many ways, like her trust issues for an instance. Turns out, an ex caused her to drift away from a close friend.

Major: Biology

Club: Modelling Club and Dance Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: heyyayerin

Residence: East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kim Jennie

Romantic Interest:

Park Sooyoung [ R e d V e l v e t ]

Description: An ice beauty who prefers smiling, but in private. She used to smile the brightest, but now, because of a past she prefers hidden, everything’s changed.

Major: Digital Arts

Club: Modelling Club and Animation Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: Joysooyoung

Residence: East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Oh Hayoung

Romantic Interest: Kang Daniel (Boyfriend)

Oh Hayoung [ A P i n k ]

Description: The mature and demure woman who is a scary senior to her juniors. She’s known to be a badass, and she went to the military before, too. Even the girls are scared of her.

Major: Double Degree of Chemical Engineering and Nuclear Science

Club: Chemistry and Softball

Twitter/Instagram Account: aeihayoung

Residence: East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Park Sooyoung

Romantic Interest: --

Kim Chungha [ I O I ]

Description: Known for her moves, Chungha’s popular as a dancer and as a dog-lover, too. She frequents plays with stray dogs after practice and before heading for the dorm.

Major: Veterinary Medicine

Club: Dance Team and Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: kmchngh

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kim Sejeong

Romantic Interest: --

Kim Sejeong [ G u g u d a n / I O I ]

Description: in contrast to her roomie, she’s known for her singing skills, and was frequently dubbed as “The Next Big Thing” in the show choir, only that some situations seems to be holding her back.

Major: Double Degree of Music and Performing Arts

Club: Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: sejeongfloweroad

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Kim Chungha

Romantic Interest: Kim Dongyoung (Boyfriend)

Yoo Jeongyeon [ T W I C E ]

Description: The boyish girl in the club. Known as the girl who can actually give out punches, most of the guys in the club are afraid of her. She’s the daughter of the basketball team’s coach.

Major: Double degree of Physical Education and Public Health

Club: Basketball Team (as Manager) and Martial Arts Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: yoo_jeongyeon

Residence:East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Lee Dabin

Romantic Interest: --

Lee Dabin [ M o m o l a n d ]

Description: The girly-girl and official mascot of the club. Pretty, alluring and quite sly. She and her boyfriend are the chiefs of mischief, but you can pretty much trust her as long as it’s not secrets.

Major: Digital Arts

Club: Modelling Club and Pep Squad

Twitter/Instagram Account: missyleexxdabin

Residence: East Building Dormitory

Roommate: Yoo Jeongyeon

Romantic Interest: Oh Heejun (Boyfriend)

Hirai Momo [ T W I C E ]

Description: Usually quiet and talks only when necessary, Momo is another one of the kids who dance the best. She’s nice and well, quiet, but she’s quite a feat.

Major: Performing Arts

Club: Dance Team and Pep Squad

Twitter/Instagram Account: hiraiMomo

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Minatozaki Sana

Romantic Interest: --

Minatozaki Sana [ T W I C E ]

Description: A man-hater who had an awful past with a batchmate. She used to be nice and sweet and bubbly before a certain event that broke her heart and the relationship she had.

Major: Theatre Arts

Club: Drama Club and Modelling Club

Twitter/Instagram Account: idfcminatozaki

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Hirai Momo

Romantic Interest: --

Park Soobin [ W J S N ]

Description: The peppy, bubbly and bright art student who spends her time drawing, most of the time. She doesn’t go by the book and her style is so distinct, you can tell it’s hers.

Major: Fine Arts

Club: Art Club and Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: akrehdie

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Park Myungeun

Romantic Interest: --

Park Myungeun [ L o v e l y z ]

Description: A no-nonsense character who’s going to spit fire when she can, and she won’t hesitate. She’s like the fire, who’s too strong for everyone’s eyes

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Club: Engineering Club and Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: jinjinjin

Residence: North Building Dormitory

Roommate: Park Soobin

Romantic Interest: --

Lee Soyul [ D I A ]

Description: A girl ready to bitch on anyone, anytime, anywhere. She’s normally like that, though, and it’s her own personal wall that she doesn’t look like she’s going to take down anytime soon.

Major: Architecture

Club: Show Choir

Twitter/Instagram Account: jennyofsoyul

Residence: South Building Dormitory

Roommate: Sorn

Romantic Interest:

Sorn [ C L C ]

Description: The other half of the shady duo who’s REALLY shady. However, unlike Soyul, Sorn doesn’t keep things to herself and goes straight to the point.

Major: Asian Studies

Club: Dance Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: lolchonnasorn

Residence: South Building Dormitory

Roommate: Lee Soyul

Romantic Interest:

Chang Seungyeon [ C L C ]

Description: Another unpredictable character who enjoys messing with other people, especially Jaehwan for some reason. She owns the bed in the clubroom for a reason – she doesn’t like hearing – uh, weird noises.

Major: Economics

Club: Dance Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: wthseungyeon

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Lee Soyul

Romantic Interest: --

Choi Yujin [ C L C ]

Description: The reason why Seungyeon sleeps in the clubroom – because Yujin and her boyfriend (or past boyfriends) keep sleeping in their room. She’s smart but she dislikes attending class.

Major: Performing Arts

Club: Modelling Club and Dance Team

Twitter/Instagram Account: wtfyujin

Residence: West Building Dormitory

Roommate: Chang Seungyeon

Romantic Interest: Baek Juho


“Are you idiots sure that we aren’t a club because we’re all Asians?” Myungeun asked the other thirty-one people in the room right now.

“We’re already three years into this club and you’re only asking that NOW?” Wonwoo asked, and the girl shot him a deadly glare.

“Shut up four eyes, last time I checked, I wasn’t talking to you.”

Thirty-two students, born in the same year, one same club that for some reason, even I don’t know why this club was even made.

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Junior's Society
001 : Who We Are, Really.

[Junior's Society]

Dabin: Guys we are doomedt

Hayoung: finally! Thrill in this club.

Heejun: but we're not boring :((((

Jennie: Don't mind them.
Jennie: What's going on, Dabin? Is this one of your tricks?

Dabin: meanie! >3<
Dabin: Some idiotic new club called Dab Society wants to take our clubroom 
Dabin: heard it from Seokwoo but he doesn't have the balls to tell you guys so someone with the actual balls has to tell you

Jennie: well that's bad shit

Jihoon: first of all what kind of club calls themselves Dab Society?

Jaehwan: AND SERIOUSLY???? DAB SOCIETY?? WHAT DO THEY DO there?????????

Daniel: they DAAAAAB

Sooyoung: another word, Daniel, and I'm breaking up with you.

Daniel: Yup sorry I'll be nice

Sorn: Well, we should do something about this.

Chungha: Sorn's right. We should do somethin.

Seungyeon: yeah and I'll be freaking homeless so we'll do something.
Seungyeon: also, you guys will lose a reason to hook up every now and then so...


Jun: Are yall rich?

Dongyoung: ten is, I'm not.

Jinwoo: so obviously, Bribing is out of the question.
Jinwoo: how the hell are we going to lose it anyway? Seokwoo basically has it protected for us so how?

Myungeun: Jinwoo's right. What happened, Seokwoo???

Seokwoo: The son of the dean of humanities is the founder of the dab society.

Soonyoung: haha
Soonyoung: yea we're doomed
Soonyoung: but we have to do something

Seokwoo: they want us to dissolve the club since we're just a hangout club

Juho: I think you meant hookup club

Yujin: as if you didn't benefit from it

Sana: ugh men are trash

Longguo: don't generalize.
Longguo: I'm in english class and they told us that it's a fallacy

Sana: ok i'll pretend u never sent that

Chungha: Longguo should stop texting in class, the professor keeps glancing at you.

Sorn: probably bc he's hot 

Chungha: he's beet red blushing

Sorn: aw cute

Wonwoo: so what about our club guys

Youngjae: should we get a front? Like should we disguise ourselves as something we're probably not?

Hanbin: How about a music club?

Soyul: nice try but our neighboring clubs both SPECIFIALLY asked us to keep our mouths shut so how about pass

Jaehwan: remember why we make club meetings happen during the evening? Yeah that one.

Momo: food tasting club????
Momo: I love free food

Jinwoo: we can do a photography appreciation club

Dongyoung: both of those clubs exist at this date, so pass

Myungeun: drop d ideas genius.

Dongyoung: how about we make a film review club? We can simply say that we're here in the day because of review and in the evening, we can watch movies.

Ten: I can get a projector set in my house
Ten: or if you guys want a legit tv i can work it out too

Seungyeon: then i can make the clubroom look cozier then!!!!
Seungyeon: leave this shiz to me

Jeongyeon: also, what is the name of the Dab Society founder, Seokwoo?

Seokwoo: dab society founder?
Seokwoo: bambam?

Jeongyeon: ok i'll deal with him.

Dongyoung: deal with him how?
Dongyoung: Coach's daughter???

Sorn: Are you going to punish my baby boy???????

Jeongyeon: Me?
Jeongyeon: No, not really.
Jeongyeon: Anyone outside the basketball team is out of my power.
Jeongyeon: But everyone inside it are.


Soonyoung: Now that’s over, SHOW CHOIR!! WE HAVE PRACTICE!!!!
Soonyoung: IM NAYEON IS SCARY!!!!

Seokwoo: And I thought you guys wanted to leave this club..



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Junior's Society
002 : Wrong Classrooms


Junhui’s POV

You’re a year to graduation, are you still not going to pick a major? Don’t you want to graduate on time?” Yay, good morning to me, being nagged by Jihoon but it’s not like that’s new. Jihoon, Wonwoo and Soonyoung have been nagging me since the semester started – hurts to be undecided. “Why don’t you go and pick Music? You’ve attended enough core classes and you sing well.” I rolled my eyes at his remark.

“And what? Die on my father’s hands?”

“Okay, maybe not that one.” I sighed as I picked up my backpack and we headed for the elevator. I only attend my core classes because I still can’t pick a major, though I’m in Humanities with my two friends, Jihoon and Wonwoo. The last member of our group, Soonyoung, is in the Arts. He’s still sleeping now, because he slept at 5am, working on his project. “Anyway, it’s best if you choose a major this term. If you don’t, you may be up for extension.”

“I know, I know.”

“Good morning.” A yawning Wonwoo greeted us. Obviously, he’s not in the mood to go to class. He’s wearing a sweater and track pants for school with just a pen and his notebook. “Is my bed hair bad?”

I shook my head. “Not worse than Jihoon’s, so it’s pretty good for now, Wonwoo.”

“Right.” He noticed Jihoon’s cap. “Yeah, I can tell with the cap.”

“I’ve never gone out without a cap, though.”

“Oh, right.” Yeah, Wonwoo’s probably out of it. We got out of the dorm and to our building. Wonwoo and Jihoon went ahead of me first, since they’re going to attend their major classes. Me? I’m going to attend my core classes, of course. I stepped into the lecture hall. To my surprise, there are still lots of vacant seats left – of course, I’m thirty minutes early.

Another surprise for me. It’s Park Soobin. To ya’ll who probably know, we’re in the same hookup – no, I mean, hang-out club. Although these days, that club just turned into a Movie Review Club. And Soobin is one of the few girls who I haven’t talked to. She has this wall around her, and among my friends, she only talks to SoonHoon. (Soonyoung and Jihoon) I think it’s because they belong in the Show Choir, too.

Ugh no, I don’t want to get things on with her. I’m just intrigued. Other than the fact that she and I don’t talk, what is she doing here? No jokes though, she should be in the Arts Department. I heard from Soonyoung that she’s in Fine Arts.

Lucky Junhui. Looks like there’s a free seat right next to her. I decided not to think much and go next to her. When I got there, she didn’t even bat me an eyelash. She just kept drawing on her sketchpad. Great. I am such a failure.

But it’s too early to lose hope!

“Excuse me?” I finally called her out. Looks like she finally felt my presence because she removed her earphones to hear me. No wonder she ignored me. She’s wearing earphones.

Our eyes met. Well, she has small eyes, and her pink-dyed hair looks good on her. Overall, I think she’s pretty. “Yes, do I know you?”






“Y-you don’t know me?”

I saw her slowly shake her head in innocence. SHE REALLY DOESN’T KNOW ME?! “Although you do look familiar to me.”

“Can I sit with you and chat? I suddenly feel offended.”

Her eyebrows curled in worry. She looks so innocent! “Oh, I’m so sorry!” She picked up her bag and moved it to the floor and I scooted in to sit next to her. At least, we’re making a great conversation now! She began rolling her earphones and she closed her sketchbook shut before glancing back at me. “So, you mentioned that we’ve met?”

I nodded. “The hook – no, the Hangout Club.”

She looked up to me. “Oh! Really?” She maintained eye contact – “I didn’t see you there.” Yeah, girlie, probably because I’m either hooking up with someone or I’m flirting with someone.

“Wonwoo, Jun and Soonyoung and I are friends.”

“Oh,” Yes, she remembers me! “So you’re the fuckboy?”



I coughed, quite harshly, ultimately worrying her but I raised my hand in dismissal. “Sorry, but who told you that?”

“That? Wonwoo did.” She smiled shyly. “He told me not to get too close to you because I asked him if he knew someone who can model for me in a class work. He originally suggested you but he took it back almost immediately.” She raised a brow and asked me once more with her innocent tone. “Are you really one?”

That idiot Jeon Wonwoo. I can see his smirk a mile away. “Well, I do go on a lot of dates, does that make me one?”

She blinked and shook her head. “Well, I go on lots of blind dates, too, but I’m sure I’m not a fuckgirl.” She smiled at me and I smiled back. She’s a smart girl.

“So, why are you in Humanities?”

“Ah, I enrolled for this class!” She pulled out her book – the class book.

Oh, figures. Girlie needs inspirations.

Love and Betrayal in Asia.

Sooyoung’s POV

“One, two, three, pose.” First shot is done. “Alright, Sooyoung, run your fingers through your hair, sweetie.” Second shot, done without hardships. “Sooyoung, who did you get for your partner for today’s shoot? Heejun? Seokwoo? Or maybe Wo –“ I cut off the photographer before she can say another name.

“My boyfriend, Daniel.”

“Oh, isn’t he the runner-up for the Fall Runaway?”

I nodded and looked over at the clock. Daniel should be here by now, where is he? Is he running late? Is he still stuck in one of his classes or is he still in his dormitory? Why is he running late?


My phone rang. I moved away from the camera, of course, to get my phone and look at the text message.

Hey babe. Sorry I can’t join you today, something crazy urgent came up and I just have to go there. Really really sorry babe!! I’ll make it up to you~ But for now, I sent my good friend, Hwang Minhyun, to switch for me. He’s in show choir, BUT I can assure you babe, he’s good-looking! I’m really sorry my love, but I’ll explain later, okay? I love you! –Niel :)

My face froze. Is he kidding me? But of course, do I look like I have a choice?

“Excuse me? I came for Miss Park Sooyoung?”

I looked up, raised my head, and looked for the owner of the voice.

So that’s Hwang Minhyun. He’s got a big head but he’ll do. “Hey, Niel Told me about you.”

Daniel’s POV


Only if this seminar isn’t required, I wouldn’t have even dared to step foot in this lecture hall! Apparently, this lecture isn’t about anything else but the war in the past, not that I care. I’m so bummed. Why is this room even full?

“Kang Daniel.” Someone called me out? I looked up to check who it was – she’s standing, of course, I have to look up.



The mere mention of her name sends shivers to my spine. “S-Sana.” I saw her raise a brow. She’s a man-killer. Ya’ll saw how she easily sent “men are trash” in the group chat, right? Damn, she’s crazy scary.

She raised a brow when I mentioned her name. “I was asking if anyone’s sitting here.” She pointed at the seat next to me. Actually, Sana has this cute face. Her eyes are wide, she’s crazy pretty, too but it’s just her defense mechanism against guys. The main fact that you won’t strike up a convo with her unless you’re a girl is really something.

I shook my head. “No one is.” I noticed the spot she chose is also on the corner. She didn’t hesitate and she sat next to me – weird. “But why are you in this class? This is for Economics, though?”

“I’m filling in for someone.” She sharply remarked.


She nodded. “She had to sleep out last night because of Yujin and her boyfriend. As expected, men are trash.”

I raised a brow, now. Damn, this convo is getting long. “Don’t generalize.”

“And don’t try to defend yourself.”

I was about to comeback but the lecturer arrived. Well, Minatozaki, you sure are challenging the great Kang Daniel.

Chungha’s POV

A year before clinical studies is this year. It’s the least hectic year for the med students. I mean, I’m a med school student, but in veterinary med. I love animals, in general and I guess that’s my drive for getting into vet med.

But I guess the only hectic part here is topping the exam for clinical studies, because that’ll serve as our ticket to actually get to clinical studies or I’ll have to retake that exam this summer – and I actually value my summer.

Right now, I’m in the library studying with Jeongyeon. She’s also in med school, but also in the Athletics Department. She’s under a double-degree program. Still, she has to pass the exam for clinical studies.

“Chungha.” She called me out and I looked up to meet her eyes.


“Where’s Longguo? He’s supposed to study with us.”

“He and I aren’t close.”

“But you’re in most of your classes together, so call him over. We have Ethics of Medicine to study, and he has most of the powerpoint slides.”

Right, Longguo’s the head for that class, so it makes sense that he has the powerpoints. I stood up, took my phone and headed out of the library. Longguo’s fine but he and I are polar opposites. He’s like, a cat person. I’m a dog person. And also –

“Hey, Miss Pretending.” See, he has the tendency to call me that.

I just rolled my eyes. “Don’t call me that.”

He smirked playfully as he raised his phone, with my caller ID on it. “I’m only a few minutes late, right?”

I nodded. “But Jeongyeon’s already pissed.”

“When is she not?” He said as he ended the call for me and headed to the library first. He saw Jeongyeon’s short hair almost immediately and he sat next to the seat I’m supposed to sit on. I was going to sit back on my seat but then I got another phone call. “Who’s that?”

I glanced at my phone. “It’s Terri. I’ve got to go.”

“Oh, you mean, your fake friend?” I shot Longguo a glare. Ever since he’s met my friends, he’s been calling them fake. That’s where the Miss Pretending came from. But I know my friends.

Jeongyeon raised a brow. “Chungha, are you still hanging out with Terri’s gang?”

“I sort of need to. I don’t have anyone in my classes but them.”

Longguo blinked, though it wasn’t obvious at all. “So, me in your classes is nothing?”

“You’re a guy.”

“So? I think I can be better than them at being friends with you, though.”

I rolled my eyes. If only he knew.

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Junior's Society
003 : Still Beautiful


Myungeun’s POV

My beloved Four-eyes!” Aw, I saw my favorite victim just right after physics! My day is complete right after this. Although I can hear him say, here we go again, but my four-eyes is my favorite four-eyes.

He narrowed his already narrow eyes. “Don’t you have anything good to do other than bother me?” He crossed his arms and crooked his head. “What are you doing in the Humanities commons, anyway?”

I smiled plainly. “My blind date bailed on me.” I shrugged and he nodded.

“So if your blind date bailed on you, you’ll pick on me?”

I nodded. Actually, I’m not going on a blind date at all. “I was lying.” I shrugged once more. “Club meeting, you know.”

“Our hookup club?”

This dickhead. I don’t think Jeon Wonwoo has any other names for our club but a Hook-up Club. Not that he’s wrong or anything, it’s just weird. “Yeah, we have a movie review to do and post on the website.”

He raised a brow and we began walking to the clubroom together. “What movie are you going to review?”

“Kimi no na wa, probably. That was the only movie I was able to focus on for the past few days.”

I noticed him nod. I’m one of the few people Wonwoo talks to for some sort of reason, other than his friends. He used to date Yerin a year ago (I think) and things got weird between them, so they broke up.

My love life?

Well, me and Ten hooked up once, during club meeting. Weird, awkward, and I don’t wanna go back to it. But after that, I can pretty much tell that I’m a no-boyfriend-since-birth person. Or, well, my friends call me heteronormative, so you guys should call me haven’t-dated-since-birth, that’s a lot better, I guess. “You?” I asked him, referring to his own review.

“Maybe Pitch Perfect 3. I watched that with Jihoon a week ago.”

I nodded and we headed for the clubroom. It’s already 4-o-clock, so the neighbors, also known as Book Readers Club and the Silence Club (I’m guessing the Silence Club is also a hookup club), are out of their clubrooms now. It’s time to watch a good movie!

When we got there, there are already a few people. Well, Seungyeon did a great job re-furnishing the clubroom and Ten actually bought a TV for us WELL HELLO THERE RICHASS. Also, there are at least thirty people in this club, so there are new lockers by the door, and a fridge and a microwave. If ya’ll mistake this for a dorm, I won’t even doubt you. ALSO there are five or six sofa beds and a lot of carpets and bean bags. As exected, Chang Seungyeon. What is she doing in Economics? She should go take up interior design!

“How was it?” Seungyeon asked with a big, beaming smile on her face.

I gave her a thumbs-up and Wonwoo nodded. He looked amazed, too. “Good work, Seungyeon.” We both went to the lockers to search for our names and when we found our lockers, we put our bags inside and switched to comfy slippers. The few (actually, there are five) people who already arrived are Soonyoung, Longguo, Changkyun, Momo and Soobin. Soonyoung’s on one of the sofa beds, has his earphones on and is currently (probably) dancing to a beat. Longguo brought in another stray cat into our clubroom as if it was VERY VERY normal. (But hey, Chungha brings in stray dogs, too.) Changkyun’s solving another freaking physics question that he’ll probably post on Instagram later. Momo’s sleeping and Soobin’s drawing stuffs on her sketchpad.

I glanced at Wonwoo, who already headed for Soonyoung, so that leaves me on my own, because Seungyeon went out to the convenience store.

I guess I’ll be solving Phy-fucking-sics with Changkyun.

Dongyoung’s POV

“First of all, what the hell?” I heard Sejeong curse as we scanned her term grade’s current standing, where it says that she didn’t submit some classworks. “This doesn’t make sense! I submitted all my classworks!” She looked up to me with frustration in her eyes. I can tell, she’s pretty worked up.

At this moment, we’re in the convenience store, my part-time job as she’s waiting for me before going to the club meeting, or should I say, movie night? It was my idea. Not a bad one, but a weird one. I heard Seungyeon got the whole clubroom renovated within a day so she skipped all of her classes. She sleeps on classes, anyway, so it doesn’t look noticeable.

“AYO!” Oh, speaking of. Chang Seungyeon has arrived. She looks like a goth with all her make-up but she looks like a gangster with her outfits. She looks like she can kill any moment. “Sejeong, Dongyoung, hello!”

“Oh, it’s Seungyeon.” Sejeong closed the tab to her grades’ portal and stood up. “How’s the clubroom?”

“Wonwoo liked it, so it’s probably fine.” Seungyeon shrugged as she answered Sejeong before facing me. “Do we get free food today?”

I nodded as I pulled out four whole plastic bags of chips and beer from the counter. Not to worry, these foods will expire in two days so the owner just gave it to me to get it over with. “We can finish that within tonight right? Those things expire in two days.”

Seungyeon had a meh-smile. “In our club, we have a drunkard and a glutton so we’ll be fine, Dongyoung.” She picked up the bags and managed to wave goodbye. “I’ll see you lovebirds later.”

“Bye!” Sejeong smiled softly but her face changed the moment Seungyeon left the door. It’s dim, quite sad and unflattered. I wish I can do something to help her, but I can’t, it’s been ticking her off ever since we lost the show choir duet to some sophomores. I squeezed her hand gently. “Dongyoung..” She called me out.


“Did we lack anything?” See? She’s still ticked off about our loss. “I mean, I wanted to do that duet, too.”

I don’t know what to say, to be honest. The sophomores were just too good. Their vocal timbre, their tone, even their emotions were too real. “The spring competition will be up after the Winter Competition, honey. We can always try again.”

She smiled softly again, but you can tell it’s a sad smile. “Right.”

As if on cue, Lisa, the person who’s on the shift after me, arrived. “Sorry I’m late!”

I smiled. “It’s okay.” I took off my apron, pulled my bag from the counter and took off with Sejeong.

Seokwoo’s POV

“Yo, Seokwoo, heading for club meeting?” Ten asked as he threw me a towel. We just finished practicing for a practice game with Cooper University. They’re last year’s Intercollegiate League’s champions, so we can learn about them if we fight them.

I nodded. “I think I’ll pass for now. I have a Public Law exam tomorrow, and I have twenty pages of backlog.”

“Unlucky you.” He changed into his shirt and headed out first, and I did the same. Actually, Jeongyeon, the coach’s daughter, also our manager, managed to get back our clubroom from Bambam as she punished Jaehyun, Mingyu and the other basketball boys who live in the same dorm as the kid. Poor sophomores. I actually live in the same dorm as them but their floor has always been wild.

Anyway, I picked up my gym bag and left the locker room. Time to go back to the dorm and study hard for the damn exam. It’s going to be a long walk, since the dorm is on the north side of the campus and the basketball gym is on the east side so I have to walk.


Oh, it’s my phone.

From: Wu Xuanyi (Student Council – Press Relations Officer)

Greetings! Please be noted that the culture festival will be held next-next month (March) on the second week. Please make sure that your organization has something prepared.

Terrific. Now, our hook-up club has to do something that’s NOT hooking up.

“Seokwoo, watch where you’re going.” I looked down, thanks to my tall height and saw two of my clubmates. Both of them are their respective department beauties. The departments are Fine Arts and Design and then Sciences, respectively. Yerin and Jennie. The former’s on the innocent side of beauty while the latter’s on the bitch side of beauty. They’re friends, and as they say, opposites attract. I don’t know, but both of them have something in common, too. “You almost bumped to Yerin.” Jennie began scolding me and I just raised an arm in apology.

“Sorry, I got a text saying that we need to do something for the culture festival.” I apologized with a soft smile, but when I said that we have to do something, both of the girls glanced at one another.

Jennie raised a brow. “What? Hook up in front of other people?”

Yerin and I coughed out on the same time, and Yerin smiled slightly. It’s nice to see her smile. It’s been a while since I saw her smile. “Not a bad idea.” Yerin immediately agreed but I both shot them a glare. We’re not doing that. “Seokwoo, didn’t you know that up north isn’t the way to the clubroom?”

I shook my head. “I think I’ll pass. I have a quiz tomorrow at seven.”

Jennie smirked. “Wow, unlucky you.”

“Ten said the same thing before I left practice.”

“I should praise him, then.”

I smiled and bowed slightly. “I’ve got to go now.”

The two girls bowed slightly as well and nodded as I took my leave.

Yerin’s POV

After meeting Seokwoo, who I probably don’t meet outside club, me and Jennie headed to the clubroom – the one that was almost stolen from us. When we got there, the other kids already found their spots. There are like, sixteen people in the room already. Including Sooyoung. Whenever I see her, that scene always flashes back through my mind, like it’s always coming back to me, like it never left me, like a year hasn’t passed. Soonyoung, Wonwoo, Jihoon and Junhui are on the sofa bed, chattering loudly. Longguo, Chungha, and Jeongyeon are studying at another sofa bed. Changkyun and Myungeun are doing their homework or something. Momo, Seungyeon and Ten are picking movies and Soobin, Dongyoung and Sejeong are chatting. Sooyoung – she’s probably waiting for Oh Hayoung.

Jennie and I headed for the lockers to change shoes. Seungyeon had the room carpeted, the first thing she would hate is shoes on the carpet.

“Hey.” Speaking of Oh Hayoung, she also headed for the locker. And Seungyeon just had to assign my locker right next to her. Terrific. “Yerin, hi.”

“Yeah, hi.”

I saw her smirk and change quickly before running off to Sooyoung. Jennie and I understood each other immediately and went to the other side, a little closer to Soobin’s group. It didn’t take long for Dabin, Heejun and Jaehwan to arrive. The moment Jaehwan arrived, Momo, Ten and Seungyeon ran to him, looks like he rented the movie the trio wanted.

“Hey, bonos.” Jennie grabbed everyone’s attention. “Not everyone’s attending today, should we start without them? It’s almost seven.”

Ten nodded. “Then let’s start the movie at exactly seven.” The others seem to agree with Ten, so we decided to wait a little bit more.

“So, what are we watching?” Chungha asked.

The four movie-players, Jaehwan, Momo, Ten and Seungyeon chorused. “Pacific Rim.” Wow, the chorus is good enough for show choir.


Someone pushed me from the back. I looked up to see who it was –



“Sorry.” His voice is still deep, still alluring, still beautiful. “I-It was Soonyoung.”

But I didn’t hear what Soonyoung said after that. I became drowned in his eyes again. It always happens like this. “It’s fine, Wonwoo.”

Longguo’s POV

“The tension on that side is petrifying.” I noted as Wonwoo (through Soonyoung) pushed Yerin from the back.

I saw Chungha nod and I glanced at her. Chungha, well, we’ve known each other in high school, and she’s really appealing. She has the moves and the looks, plus, she’s nice, too. To be honest, if it’s her and Jeongyeon, I can easily open up a conversation with them. They’re literally the only ones I talk to, and they’re the only ones I sincerely trust.

But Chungha, she’s always trying to get recognition from other people – not that it’s bad, it’s just that she’s willing to play slave for them just for her to be “friends” with them. And I’m talking about Terri and company. She isn’t like that during high school, and I really hate this change about her. Is she trying to gain acceptance or something?

“Do I have something on my face, Longguo?” I shook my head upon her question. To be honest, I wouldn’t even be in this club if it wasn’t for her. I wouldn’t even talk to these people if Chungha wasn’t here. I’m here to keep her in check, make sure no one Terri-fies her in this – hookup club.

“Put down your hair.” I called her out – it’s the fifth time I caught Kwon Soonyoung staring at her.

“But it’s hot.”

“Just do it.”

She heaved a sigh and pulled her hair tie. I pulled her bag and grabbed a comb for her to fix her hair with. I can’t have other kids preying on her. She’s too vulnerable, she can’t pull off a Yerin, we can’t – I can’t have that happening to Chungha.

Chapter Text

Junior's Society
004 : Freedom! ‘90


Soobin’s POV

Last night was a good night because we watched a good movie and it sort of gave me some inspiration to draw so it was worth it, I guess. But what wasn’t worth it was watching other people make out. I guess Seungyeon opened a small room in the clubroom for these kinds of situation. I don’t get my clubmates’ one-time-thing. I haven’t had it, and I don’t want to have it. Call me conservative or whatsoever.

“Soobin.” I looked up to meet Junhui’s eyes. We’re in Love and Betrayal in Asia again. This is the only class that we have together, though.

Honestly, I lied when I told him I didn’t know him. I actually drew him on sketch multiple times – kissing girls, probably. I think he kissed everyone in our club except me, Sejeong and Yerin, probably. Me because I don’t kiss in public, Sejeong because she and Dongyoung have been together even before college (but they broke up in freshman year for a semester but they’re back again! What’s meant to be will be!) and Yerin because Junhui doesn’t hook up with his friends’ exes.

“Y-yeah?” Yeah, why did I stutter?

“Is someone sitting next to you?” I shook my head and I scooted in and continued sketching. He sat down next to me, and I can feel his eyes on my working hands.

“Is there something wrong, Junhui?”

He shook his head and smiled softly. “It’s just that I’ve been looking over at your work last time and I just noticed that your style’s so distinct.” He began analyzing my work. “Like, your lines are distinct from the others.”


“I didn’t expect that from you.”

He beamed. “Well, you should expect the unexpected if it’s Wen Junhui.”

I nodded and smiled at him. That’s nice of him. “Sometimes the clothes do not make the man.”

“Wow, are you ripping off lyrics from Pitch Perfect or are you praising me?”

This time, I was the one who beamed at him. “I’m doing both, Junhui.”

“Just call me Jun, Soobin.”

“Alright then.” But I have a question. “Jun, how do you know about line styles and distinctiveness?”

As if a lightbulb popped out of his head, he smiled brightly. “I actually like akrehdie! She or he posted an art in my mom’s gallery and I tried to get his or her name but my mom wouldn’t let me. Plus, his or her instagram is on private.”



Akrehdie is my pen name.

“I see.”

“Can I see you paint?”

I smiled subtly. “I’m sorry, I don’t let people see me paint.” I gently rejected him.

“Ouch, Soobin. You keep rejecting me.”

I smiled it off but I can’t help but feel apologetic. I’m really sorry, Jun.

Soonyoung’s POV

“Five, six, seven, eight. Jung Jaehyun! Move those arms!” I called one out. “Lee Seokmin, you’re off-beat!” I groaned. “Hwang Minhyun, do you have two left feet?!”

“Hey, Soonyoung, don’t slander Minhyun!” Jaehwan yelled.

“You have two left feet, too, Kim Jaehwan. Move that ass!” I scowled. Seriously, this show choir must be a show choir with two left feet.

“Listen to Soonyoung. Jamie, move your hips a little more.” Chungha, who’s standing next to me, also training them, yelled to the girls but nicer than my tone, definitely. She’s not yet stressed. “That’s better, Jamie.”

I noticed one of the other kids not-so-dancing. I know that group. It’s Chungha’s group of friends. I elbowed Chungha to get her attention. “Chungha, your friends aren’t dancing.” I saw her bit her lower lip. Why is she getting anxious over calling out her friends? What, she can’t correct them? I didn’t expect Chungha to be this….



I crossed my arms and frowned. “Forget it. Bring the guys to the second auditorium; I’ll deal with the girls.”

I saw her smile a thankful smile and she held on my arm. “Thank you, Soonyoung.” She and I switched places as she led the gentlemen out of the practice room. I saw disappointed looks on Terri and her friends’ faces. Looks like I’m correct about something.

Ever since Chungha met them, they’ve been treating Chungha like, I don’t know, dirt? It’s been like that for a while now. Just because Chungha is nice and naïve, doesn’t mean that they should treat her like that.

I looked over at the loud shutting of the door. Seeing Chungha smile…

Makes me want to protect her.

Sana’s POV

I pulled myself out of the seats and to the hallway. Sometimes, I feel like the entire school’s bothering me. Just this week, I had to submit two playwrights that were assigned JUST A FEW DAYS AGO. Yesterday, Momo forgot to sort the white clothes from the dark clothes – so my white shirt is now grey. And she had the guts to go out and watch a movie? Terrific. Momo doesn’t know anything but dancing and sleeping and eating.

“Sana.” Someone tapped me and I looked for the owner of the voice – Oh, it’s Park Jinwoo. One of the other guys in the Arts department who’s also in our h(ookup)ang out club. I noticed him retreat his hand to a distance and I also saw him smile slightly. “Miss Perkins is looking for you.”

I raised a brow. “Me?”

He nodded. “About your playwright.”

My brow kept rising. “What about my playwright?”

He shrugged. “I don’t know, she just told me to call you.”

“I see.”

He smiled softly and walked away. I appreciate Jinwoo for being brave enough to talk to me. He’s one of the few men who are able to do that. Other than Kang Daniel irritating me almost every day, of course.

I headed to the faculty office, and saw a familiar silhouette.


Well, can my week get any worse?

Right now, I’m standing next to the worst of all men in history, Kim Hanbin. Terrific. Just, terrific. And to make the matters worse, we’re both standing in front of Miss Perkins, which means that she probably wants us to do something together. “Hello, Miss Minatozaki, Mister Kim. You’re probably wondering why I called the two of you in together.”

Yes I am, Miss Perkins. “Y-yeah.” Hanbin answered her before I did. I just want this to be over, please? Like, immediately?

“I saw Hanbin’s self-composed song. Our Clothes. And I also happened to have read Sana’s playwright. Sometimes the Clothes Do Not Make a Man.” Oh. He passed that song to Miss Perkins? “And I want you two to work together for the upcoming Culture Festival’s musicale. With Hanbin’s songs and Sana’s playwright, I’m sure you can make a good musicale. I can ask Akrehdie to do the poster and the props and everything you need for the musicale.” She shot us both a sharp glare. “Are you two in?”

I noticed Hanbin nodding so I raised my arm. “Not me.”

She smirked. Looks like she’s going to play with me. “Sana, I heard you needed some data for your undergraduate playwright project from the prosecution office.” She pulled out a calling card from her desk. “You see, sweetie, my boyfriend is a prosecutor, and I can get you that data if you do this musicale. Your pick.”


This type of bargain is so annoying. The school hates me, confirmed. “Can I think about it first?”

Miss Perkins nodded and smiled. “I’ll give you three days.”

My choice. I either work with that asshole or I’d have to use unnecessary measures to get that data. Either way, both options are equally disgusting.

Youngjae’s POV

After show choir practice, I headed to the shower room to take a bath. Chungha tired us all out from dance practice, and I have vocal lessons with Coach Hyunkyu to do right after this – I have a solo on the group performance. The sophomores are taking all the solos and they even got the intro and the duet. My sister, Yuju, as she likes to be called, got the duet with Seokmin, who we grew up with. (I think the two are dating but my sister’s love issues are not my issues) Well, the seniors are busy and the juniors are busy, too. Chungha’s supposed to be studying for clinical something but she’s teaching us for the competition.

I took a shower and left the shower room before heading to Mr. Hyunkyu’s vocal lessons. I came across the softball court and I saw the same short-haired girl in the hangout club last night. She’s wearing her practice clothes and shesprettytoo.


Wait what did I say?

Never mind that. I’m running late.

Chungha’s POV

After working on the show choir’s moves, I headed out for the dance team. Other than the show choir, the Dance Team is actually the only place where I find comfort. I’m uncomfortable with Longguo, I’m uncomfortable with Terri and I’m uncomfortable on the Show Choir. Not that I hate it.

I was walking through the corridors but my tracks stopped when I heard my name coming out from a girl’s mouth. My name is Chungha… right?

“Ey, did you hear? Junhui and Chungha, they did ‘it’ last night in the hookup club.” Wait? Me and Junhui?



I listened more to learn more about me and Junhui hooking up. I like the sound of my story. Tell me more! “They did! Wow, Longguo isn’t enough, she has to hook up with Junhui too? Isn’t she being too much of a bitch?”

“Who hooked up with whom, exactly?”


Oh shit shit shit shit shit. I hid myself behind one of the pillars and pulled down my cap.

That voice.


Darn darn darn darn.

He’s not supposed to know about this!

“Chungha hooked up with me and then Junhui?” He raised a brow. “And it happened last night.”

“T-that’s what the other girls in VetMed keep saying.” One of them reasoned.

“Yeah, but that didn’t happen. Chungha’s conservative. The only time she wears skimpy clothes is when she dances.” He was so nonchalant in speaking, it’s always been like that. “Don’t believe it until you see it in your own eyes.” He coldly replied AS HE BEGAN HEADING TO MY DIRECTION!



What the fuck.

Our eyes met and he had this scornful look on his face. The last time I’ve seen this look on his face was in junior high school, 9th grade. He’s pissed. But why? The pissed one here should be me. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to the yard. When we got there, he forcefully, dropped my wrist and glared at me. “You keep worrying me.”


Not this again.

“Longguo, I told you, don’t look out for me.”

“And you expect me to do that?”

“Then what should I do?!”

“Leave Terri and Louisse.” He ordered. I can feel the coldness of his words. “Just do it, Chungha.”

“I –“ I stopped. “I can’t.”

“Yes, you can, Chungha.”

“You don’t understand Longguo.”

He ran his hand through his hair. “Goddammit, Chungha. We both know those two have been using you for privileges.”

“I know, Longguo, I know.”

“Then why?”

I want to be accepted by someone other than you. I wanted to tell him. But instead, other words came out of my mouth. “I’m sorry.”

Chapter Text

Junior's Society
005: Tragedies

Longguo’s POV

“I’m sorry, that’s all?” I asked Chungha, trying not to raise my voice. “Chungha, are we really friends?”

“Stop, Longguo. Nothing’s going to change my mind.” She walked away first and I clenched my fist. Why won’t she tell me? To her, am I really not a friend? God, this is so annoying.

I began walking back to the building. I have no choice now but to watch over Chungha from afar, even though it’s annoying as heck. I’m walking alone right now, and it’s quite dark in the Medical Building, so I know, for sure, that I’m alone. “Oi.”




“AAAH!” I screamed as I saw someone behind me – shit. My eyes LITERALLY widened when I saw her. Do I know her? She’s smaller than me, and she has big eyes. She has a headband on her head that has some spikes or whatever those are and she’s wearing a white dress and pink heels. Talk about no-color-coordination. “God, you scared me!” Who is she, really? I don’t know her! I mean, she looks familiar, like I may have seen her before but I can’t remember. I think I’ve seen her around Changkyun a few times.

Oh, I’m running out of character.

I covered my mouth with a handkerchief and sighed as I tried to recall who she is. “Jin Longguo, I’ve never seen you look that stressed.” Oh? She knows me? But who’s she? She passed me a can of – beer?

I scanned the beer can and stared at it for a bit. Is she going to poison me? “What’s this for?”

She smiled. Oh, now she looks really familiar. I think I’ve seen her hanging around Jeon Wonwoo yesterday. “Drink your frustrations out!” Wow, she’s bright.

What was her name again? Was it Park…


Nah, that’s a dude’s name. The surname’s Park, so who’s the Parks in our club? Park Jinwoo’s the photography dude, Park Sooyoung’s the tall one, Park Soobin’s the one who’s always drawing, so she’s…

“Park Myungeun.” Oh, I got her attention. I’m right.


I smiled softly and said, “Thank you.” I saw her blink and stare at me for a few seconds. Did a bird shit on my face? “Is there something wrong?”

She shook her head. “You do know that you look hot saying ‘Thank You’, right?” I blinked.

Is she –



Playing with me?

Momo’s POV

Annoying. That’s the word that best describes Soonyoung for me. Kwon Soonyoung is annoying. I told myself as I faced him again. “What’s with you now, Hirai?” He crossed his arms and raised a brow at me. Right after a few minutes on fighting over dance steps, I suddenly wish that Chungha’s here with us right now but sadly, she called in sick.

“I told you it’ll be worthless to do the step in the chorus. That only makes the performance messy.” I reasoned as I tried doing the steps he demonstrated earlier during practice. I never look down on Soonyoung. He’s a terrific dancer, but I choreograph, too. And sadly, we don’t get along in the choreo he wants to do.

“Hirai, I can’t see it getting messy just because of one damn step.”

“Kwon Soonyoung, I can bet you two hundred bucks that it won’t go well.”

“It will, I tried it!”

“So, should we call on Chungha and ask her if it’ll work, because I can tell that she won’t like this, too.”

“The jump will be perfect for that timing! And the beat will fit it perfectly.”

I widened my eyes. “No, it won’t!”

“You two are fighting?” Oops. Two sophomores arrived. Perfect timing.

“W-we’re not.” We both chorused.

Mina, one of the sophomores raised a brow at us, unbelieving. They might’ve heard us raising our voices on one another, it’s weird. She just shrugged and headed to the locker room. “Whatever you two say.” I ran my hands through my hair and shot him a glare.

“Kwon Soonyoung, a word with you.” I motioned him to get out with me and he rolled his eyes as we walked out. It’s already nighttime and we’re still not done with this annoying-ass choreography. “It won’t work, I swear. Your idea is a pep squad routine. It’s not going to work even if we force it to.”

He rolled his eyes – again. “It will, Hirai-san.” He learned Japanese in freshman year so he addresses me formally. “Trust me.”

“I’m a choreographer, too. I know it won’t.”

“It will.”

“God, it won’t!”

I was going to complain some more but he stopped me by moving forward.

Too close. Too close.

I pushed him away immediately. “That was underhanded, Kwon Soonyoung-kun!”

“すみません” He apologized in Japanese. “I was going to demonstrate how the dance will be, but I guess that we’ll have to wait for Chungha, then.”

I nodded. That may be the best idea now. Wait for Chungha.

But why am I sighing out of …. I don’t know, is this relief?

Or is this worry?

Wonwoo’s POV

“Don’t you ever smile?” I for one, cannot believe that I’m carrying Jin Longguo for this woman. And yet she asks me if I smile. She’s WEIRD. She’s SCARY

I shot her a glare as I smelled the smell of alcohol reek from Longguo’s body. “I can’t smile. Not right now. How can you smile in this situation?”

She shrugged. “I’m always happy.” Typical Park Myungeun. She literally spends most of her time laughing her ass out. I just groaned. Is this my curse? Do I really have to be involved with smiley girls? Not that I’m complaining, but if this keeps up, I might consider getting exorcised.

“Don’t you have better things to do? Like, not letting Jin Longguo drink to his death?”

She shrugged again. “He and Chungha got on a fight.”

I raised a brow. “Do they actually fight?”

She nodded. "I'd like to think it's because of my perky nipples."

My face twitched. Is she alright or is she out of her minds? I don’t know, maybe both? “Why would they fight about something like that?”

She deadpanned. "Are you saying I have a problem?"

What is she saying now? I looked up to see her face – and she’s beet red. Looks like she’s drunk, too. From the last time we drank beer, I heard she can’t take more than 4 cans. “How many cans did you drink?”


Oh, god. “You got drunk on campus premises?”

“I do not get drunk-- I get awesome.”

“No you don’t. You get wild.”

“You know, Wonwoo, I’m totally walking straight, but this damn Earth is drunk!”

I rolled my eyes. “No, you’re definitely drunk.” I glanced at Longguo then at Myungeun. I can’t handle two drunken people on my own, I need some backup. I looked for a bench and dropped Longguo there, first. “Sit down, Myungeun.” Last time I checked, Kang Daniel lives with him in the same dorm so I should call him up. I live in the same dorm as Myungeun, so I can take her home –


Or should I just ask another person to pick her up? I don’t want to go back to that time again.

Yeah, I guess I’ll just ask Jennie or someone to pick her up. Jennie seems strong enough. Or maybe Sana.

Yeah, I’ll just call Sana.

But I’ll call Daniel first.

Sooyoung’s POV

“What? Who are you picking up?” I yelled through the phone as Daniel, my boyfriend, is asking for my permission to pick someone up.

“Longguo. He and Myungeun went to face-off in a drinking contest, now he’s passed out and Wonwoo’s looking after him.” Wonwoo, huh? His name gives me flashbacks of war.

“Yeah, sure, but head back quickly.”

His tone changed enthusiastically. “I will! I love you, bye~” He ended the call and I can only smile. Daniel, seriously. He’s a beautiful man. He’s kind and bubbly, he’s the definition of a man.

But I know I’m not the definition of a ‘woman’.

I chose my own feelings over my friend and at the end, I lost.

Well, speaking of. I just saw that friend across the hall. She still has those small eyes that Wonwoo fell for. Sometimes, I just can’t help but be reminded of all the pain I caused her.

All the pain I caused Yerin.

She was nice to me. She was my first friend. But I chose Wonwoo over her.

And I regret it.

But as they say, regrets come after the tragedy. And she and I are tragic – extremely tragic.


Chapter Text

Junior's Society
006: Why We’re A Hookup Club

[Junior's Society]

Dabin: Hello humans I sincerely worry about my beloved screentime.
Dabin: Which I don’t have, absolutely.


Sejeong: @Kim Dongyoung I’m breaking up with you if you EVER dare try that.

Kim Dongyoung: Indeed, noted.

Dabin: @Oh Heejun For the hundred-and-twenty-eighth time! Stop!

Sorn: I wanna watch Jumanji. Anyone up for a jumanji-like marathon?

Jaehwan: Oh did u mean sextime…?
Jaehwan: Youngjae is gonna be happy.

Youngjae: Stfu kim Jaehwan.

Seokwoo: Well, if ya’ll are gonna be watching the movies for a while, the CLYDE would like to be excused.
Seokwoo: That includes Sooyoung and Youngjae.

Jihoon: CLYDE?

Ten: The association of the rich brats who live up north. CEOs, Doctors, Engineers, and Politicians, name it, they have it

Sooyoung: Also, a charity organization so stfu Ten.
Sooyoung: … So we have to go home tonight?

Seokwoo: As per our parents’ decision, yes. I’m on my way to pick up Mingyu and his friends right now.

Youngjae: I guess we’re hitching a ride with you.

Seokwoo: MY CAR ISN’T A VAN.

Sooyoung: Jihyo and Sewoon are on my car. What about Youngjae and Yuju?

Youngjae: My sis will probably join the car with Seokmin in it lol

Sooyoung: The kids are getting more action than us lol

Seokwoo: Who tf are u kidding?
Seokwoo: We’re not the ones getting Christmas sex.

Sooyoung: Shut the fuck up Seokwoo.
Sooyoung: We all know who had the most action back in sophomore year when you DEADASS made sure that your mom wasn’t home when you hooked up with ************ in your brand-new Jacuzzi.
Sooyoung: Take note, MINGYU had to clean that up because your mom thought he and his GF had sex.

Youngjae: You had to call the repairman!!!
Youngjae: And Seokwoo’s maid won’t clean it.

Soyul: Wow, rich childhood friends are INTENSE.
Soyul: Fighting over who had sex in a Jacuzzi.

Youngjae: I have to pull the record that I never had sex in my house, thank you god bless everyone.

Sooyoung: Don’t play innocent, we know you and the Blue Rose girl had it going on.

Seokwoo: You did it in Doyeon’s room, too!
Seokwoo: You corrupted my sister.

Youngjae: aaaah shut uppppp

Sooyoung: It was in freshman year, too.

Youngjae: How about you two shut up?

Dongyoung: HOW ABOUT the rich kids go on their way?

Sooyoung: I’ve always known that Dongyoung is smart.
Sooyoung: Seokwoo, drive safely.

Daniel: Sooyoung you want me to drive for you?

Youngjae: ummmmmmm
Youngjae: How about no?
Youngjae: Didn’t you get into a mess with Siyeon and Junghwa last Christmas?

Daniel: Oh yea
Daniel: Sorry bae

Sooyoung: Nah it’s cool.

Seokwoo: We all know Jihyo’s the only one who likes u kkkkkkkk

Daniel: Aw :(
Daniel: I’ll just take care of drunk Longguo :(

Chungha: Longguo got drunk???
Chungha: He actually drinks?

Wonwoo: He drank because of you.

Chungha: No he did not..

Myungeun: Ye he did.

Wonwoo: You’ve finally became sober?


Sana: Thank god you are.
Sana: Next time, don’t drink outside of the dorm, you don’t know what may have happened to you!

Wonwoo: Next time don’t let them drink at all..

Yujin: What, are you gonna ban alcohol from the club?

Dongyoung: Aw am I gonna chug on the drinks on my own?

Ten: BAN ALCOHOL??? SAYS WHO????????

Wonwoo: We’re not, okay?
Wonwoo: Just for Longguo.

Sana: And Myungeun.

Wonwoo: What she said.

Hanbin: @Lee Jihoon can you come over?


Seungyeon: Someone shut him up.

Junhui: On it.

Seungyeon: THANK YOU.

Jihoon: Yeah Hanbin. Is it the new song of yours?

Hanbin: For the play.

Dabin: Shit should I audition for that?

Heejun: even if u audition ur still my number 1!!!!!!

Jeongyeon: roomie why are you dating him?

Dabin: Tbh I don’t know.

Sorn: Um guys? Jumanji????

Jinwoo: I’m otw.

Soobin: I think I want to watch, too!

Junhui: SAME!!!!

Chapter Text

Junior's Society
007: Fatalities


Dongyoung’s POV

Holding her hand feels so warm. Since the three rich kids are out and some of the other kids are passed out, right now, there are only ten people in the clubroom, watching Jumanji as Sorn suggested. I don’t know why she likes it so much, though. It’s just the Rock being bug-hating. Jack Black being un-straight and other stuffs, I guess.

But then again, I like holding Sejeong’s hands. They’re pretty and soft, like her. “You’re staring at me again.”

“You’re too pretty.”

Her face brightened. “I know.” But I saw it sadden almost immediately. “The kids the CLYDE people were talking about in the GC,” She began so I looked down to meet her eyes. “They were the ones who won the duet, right?”


Really, is she still thinking about that? I poked her head affectionately and I kissed her forehead. “Sejeong-ah, Stop thinking about that duet. We can always try for next time.”

She shook her head, almost furiously. “No, it’s just that,” She sighed, obviously still upset about our loss. “Golden spoons are so lucky. They must’ve had all the time in their hands to practice.”

I held her hand and gently interlanced it with mine. “Then, let’s practice harder for the next time. Let’s even ask Hanbin to work with us!”

Finally, I saw her smile. She’s so pretty, especially when she smiles.

This is why I love her.

Seokwoo’s POV

My brother’s friends and I parked the car in Youngjae’s family’s garage. We headed to their lounge to meet up with our families. And when we got there, most of our parents and the high schoolers are already there.

The CLYDE works like this – there are seven (Formerly, four) core families within CLYDE. The Parks, Sooyoung’s family, are the people in show business. Her mom used used to be one of the biggest Hollywood Asian stars and her dad’s still one of the biggest-selling movie directors as we speak. He helped direct Marvel movies. The Parks are like the Asian Kardashians, they used to have that show, too. They have four girls and one son as their children. Junghwa, the eldest, is still in college, Sooyoung is born second, Jihyo followed after her and then the only son, Woojin and the youngest, Siyeon are in high school.

After them are the Kangs. The doctors. Originally, they were disregarded as CLYDE before the dad bought an entire hospital. Unlike the other families, the Kangs are of the families who have the least children. They only have two – Kyungwon and Chanhee. Kyungwon’s in college while Chanhee’s in high school. Both of them are Olympians, too.

The last of the recently-recognized CLYDE families are the Jungs. They’re mob bosses, and they have the Thunder Fang, or the biggest underground gang in our city. Like the Kangs, they only have two children. Wheein and Sewoon. Both of them are currently in college.

The Xu-Wus are the politicians, one of the original core families, and the only Chinese family in CLYDE. The mom’s an ambassador for China and the dad’s a congressman. They used Xu-Wu as their family name because the mom’s family is already a family of ambassadors. They have three children – Yifan, Xuanyi and Minghao. Yifan’s a prosecutor, Xuanyi’s still in college with Minghao.

The Chois, Youngjae’s family, is a family of businessmen. The dad owns an entire empire of restaurants while the mom’s on the fashion side of the industry. They have six kids, but that family’s weird – four of the kids are kids of either parent on its first spouse and the two youngest kids are the only full-blooded Yoo-Choi. The mom’s children on her first marriage are Yoo Youngjae, the eldest who’s always away to help in their dad’s business, and Minki, the second (or third, once merged with the rest of the kids), who’s in college. The dad’s kids on his first marriage are Seungcheol and Youngjae, who are both in college. After them are the full-blooded ones, who are Yuju and Seonho. Yuju (or Yuna) is in college while Seonho’s in high school.

The Lees is the family of law-enforcement people. The mom’s the Disctrict Attorney while the dad’s the police commissioner. The first-borns, who are twins, Sungkyung and Minhyuk, are both in law school, Jooeun and Seokmin are both in college while the youngest, Suhyun, is in high school.

Finally, we have my family, the Kims. My parents are engineers. The eldest in our family is Yongsun, and she’s away in law school. The next one is Seokjin, who works for my dad, then me and Mingyu, who are in college. The two youngest, Doyeon and Hyunjin, are both in high school.

The seven families only meet every now and then, the parents would meet more than the kids, to be honest. But when the entire families meet up, it’s either weirdly serious or something.

Right now, the seven families are separated by family, which means that I’m standing with my siblings.


And Mingyu reeks of alcohol.

“God, Mingyu, did you drink?” Yongsun-noona asked.

Noona, that’s obvious already!” Seokjin-hyung chuckled. “At least he didn’t die.”

Hyunjin nodded at Seokjin-hyung’s response. “I heard from Minghao-oppa that Mingyu-oppa’s girl broke up with him.”

“Of course the girl has to break up with him. She’s a Thunder Fang, he’s a CLYDE member. It’s not rocket science.” I began. Of course, who didn’t know about him and his girlfriend who’s a gang member? It was wild on the school newspaper last week. “Sucks to be you.”

“Thank you for the encouragement, Seokwoo-hyung.”

“No prob.”

I heard Thor Lee, the Lee’s dad, clear his throat. “Can I ask for CLYDE’s 97-liners to join us in the meeting room?” The parents began exiting the room and we glanced at Mingyu. Doyeon was like, ‘Wtf did you do’ to Mingyu and Mingyu just shrugged before following the parents in the meeting room with the other 97’s, leaving the rest of us together. The rest of my siblings soon disassembled to meet with their peers and I did the same. I went to Sooyoung and Youngjae. The Choi Youngjae, not the Yoo Youngjae.

Sooyoung frowned. “What’s with today? They should’ve just called the 97 kids.” She growled. “If this is about your brother’s mess, Seokwoo, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Jihyo was called out, too. Don’t be a hypocrite.”

“We all know that Jihyo’s the nicest in that group.”

“Yeah right, my sis literally exists.” Youngjae added. “So should we ditch this CLYDE meeting and watch Jumanji with them?”

I looked up at the clock – 10:50. “At this time, someone should be doing the deed.”

Youngjae shrugged. “Point.”

Sooyoung now looked at Youngjae, as if an idea came out of her head. “Should we just watch anything in your guesthouse, Jae?”

Youngjae and I exchanged glances. “Do you have alcohol?” I asked him


Sooyoung picked up her handbag and said, “Then what are we waiting for?”

Jennie’s POV


My poor Yerin.

This isn’t the first time she’s gotten another nightmare.

I tucked her in her bed as I saw her eyes tighten, calling out Sooyoung and Wonwoo’s name, sometimes cursing both of them. I pulled out a match and lit up a scented candle. That usually calms her down.

When Wonwoo and Sooyoung cheated on Yerin, it wasn’t just a romance that was destroyed – a friendship between four girls was destroyed, too. Me, Yerin, Sooyoung and Hayoung.

I admit, too, that I’ve felt jealous when Yerin and Wonwoo began dating. We all liked him, but we didn’t tell each other. I only found out later on.

I felt jealous because I liked him first.

But that doesn’t work now.

There’s this unspoken rule between girls – you shouldn’t date your friend’s exes. And I want to keep up with at least that. That’s the least I can do for Yerin.

Jun’s POV

Jumanji is boring – but seeing Soobin observe our club members isn’t. I really find her interesting, I don’t know why. She doesn’t drink that much, and she’s just observing others when someone’s hooking up. I don’t think she’s dated anybody in the club, too. She’s close with the nicer kids, and she’s smart, too. She was praised by our professor in Love and Betrayal in Asia for a great essay.

“Jun, is there something on my face?” She asked innocently. See! This is how she is, usually. “You keep staring at me.”

“I was just wondering, when are you going to let me see you paint?”

She put on her usual smug expression whenever I ask her that question. “And when are you going to stop asking me to?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know, when you let me see you paint?”

“I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon.”

I leaned back and glanced at the screen, also the other couples in the room. Dabin and Heejun are cuddling; Sejeong and Doyoung are doing the same, the others are just watching or drinking beer. I picked up the beer next to me and clicked it open. “Aren’t you going to date soon?”

She raised a brow at my question and tucked some loose strands of her hair behind her ear. “Not anytime soon.”

“Why not?”

She shrugged before glancing and smiling at me. “I’m weird.”



“Are you kidding me?”

She shook her head. “I’m not. A guy dumped me at sophomore year because he thought I’m too weird.”

I narrowed my eyes. “Who said that?”

She crooked her head. “C-Changkyun did.” Wow, Changkyun’s the weird one, not her. Who posts physics problems on Instagram, anyway?

I noticed her shy away as she took a sip from her beer. I pat her head gently before saying. “If you’re weird, then what am I?”

“You’re not.”

“I dated almost everyone in this club. Isn’t that weird?”

“But you’re good-looking.”

“That’s not a reason for me to date them, right?”

I saw her nod in agreement. “Then why?”

I shrugged. “Just because.” I put down my hand. “Everyone’s weird in that sense. At some point, we’re all weird in our own ways.”

She nodded before yawning. Looks like she’s tired. “I’m sleepy, I should go home now.” She stood up before picking up her trash. “What about you?”

Well, what should I do? It’s unsafe for her to walk home alone.

“I’ll walk you home.”

Sana’s POV

The other kids are seeing Jumaji, and I’m not feeling it, so I walked out when I saw Soobin and Junhui leave the club room. It’s cold and I’m just wearing a tee. I’m stupid in that sense.

“Oh, Sana!” That voice is so annoying. I rolled my eyes as I saw Kang Daniel walking towards me.


He passed me his coat? Why? “What’s with this?”

“Don’t you live up north? It’s going to snow soon, so wear that and return that to me in the morning.” He came closer – too close!



“I’m so sorry!” I punched him! Before running away!



Chapter Text

Junior's Society
008: A Competition


Sana’s POV

“What’s with you, you’ve been sulking since last night.” Momo called me out. Look, Daniel fans all around the world, I didn’t mean what I did. I didn’t want to punch him, okay?

“I punched someone.”


Oh, wait, how did she know? “Momo, can you read minds? I think you just read mine.”

She shook her head before grabbing a coat. “Nope, I figured it’s about time you punched Daniel, I think you’ve been planning to punch him the minute you met him.” She began putting on her coat.

I raised a brow. “Are you going somewhere?”

Momo nodded. “Yeah, I’m going to watch the show choir perform today in Cooper University.”

“Wow, supportive.” I sarcastically noted. I know she’s heading there to watch over Soonyoung. I heard they fought over a dance move, so Soonyoung’s incorporating it to their show choir performance.

“Want to come over and watch Hanbin sing and dance?” I rolled my eyes at her comment. Please, she knows that I hate him.

“No thanks, I think I might shit myself if I see him.”

She nodded before grabbing a scarf. “Figures. I’ve never seen you hate someone as much as you hate Hanbin.” Then Momo shrugged. “But then again, after everything that happened, of course you’d hate him.”

I’m thankful Momo understands so that I don’t need to explain much about it. She knows that I hate Hanbin for a reason, and I’m just thankful that she understands me. “You should go.”

She fixed the scarf on her neck and nodded. “I’m going, Sana.” I nodded before I saw her leave. I can’t help but glance towards the script I’m writing.

Must I feed on my pride and not join him for the play? Or should I forget about everything while working with him to get what I want?

Sejeong’s POV

I glanced at the set-ups. Right now, the lead singers are getting prepped. We’re going to perform fifth among the ten contenders.

I noticed that the vocalists, like me, are going to get hand mics, while the dancers like Chungha, will get head mics. There are non-Show Choir people, too, like Momo, Longguo and Jinwoo who came to support us. This Show Choir is like, a big-deal for us college kids. Longguo must still be in cold war with Chungha, Momo and Soonyoung must be quarreling over a dance move, and Jinwoo’s taking pictures, I guess. I’m going to be doing Paramore’s Still Into You later, and Youngjae’s in the second line-up.


Oh, we were just talking about pictures.

Jinwoo snapped a photo of us. Cute. I think he’s keeping those in touch for next year’s yearbook. “Sejeong.” I snapped to reality when I heard him call me out.

“Ah, yes?”

He looked around first before telling me with a smile, “You look nice there, mind if you keep on what you were doing, and don’t mind me?”


“A-Ah, okay.” I walked to Dongyoung, who’s preparing with his hand mic. “Babe.”

He raised a brow at me. “Why? Is something wrong?”

I narrowed my eyes and pouted. “Jinwoo’s strange.”

He looked over to where Jinwoo’s standing right now. He’s talking to Hanbin and Rose, a sophomore, before taking another shot of Chungha and Soonyoung talking, probably. My boyfriend smiled. “Jinwoo is weird and nice in that sense.” He held my hand. “Let’s get our photo taken.”

I smiled at Dongyoung before running with him.

I, just love him so much.

Longguo’s POV

“Longguo, come over!” I raised a brow. The club mascot is here? What’s her name again? I suck at names. But why do they know me, even.

Either way, I headed to them. By them, I mean the Japanese dancer girl, the club mascot, the fuckboy and Jeon Wonwoo. Wonwoo’s the only one I can remember, geez. “You still in a war with Chungha?” The fuckboy asked. What’s his name again? I know he’s also Chinese, so he must be Junhui.

I nodded. Well, there’s truth in what he says. She still hasn’t talked to me since her outburst. I didn’t mean to offend her, but I’m not sure on what offends her and not, actually. “Figures.” The Japanese Dancer girl, she must be Hirai-san. I uh, don’t know her first name. “So, are you looking after her in this subtle way?”

I nodded once more. There’s no lie in that. I want to look after her as much as I can. “You guys should date.” My eyes narrowed at the club mascot’s weird idea. I mean, I like Chungha as a friend, but not more than that, I think. “I mean, you both bring animals in the clubroom, if it’s any consolation.”

I shrugged. “I don’t see Chungha as a woman.”

“Jeon Wonwoo said the same thing about Yerin in freshman year. Boom shakalaka.” Junhui joked (I think) and Wonwoo groaned.

“Stop it, Jun.”

“Right, right.” Junhui shrugged. “What are you going to do about Chungha, anyway?”

I blinked for a second. I actually don’t know what to do about her, too, before I shrugged once again. “I don’t know.”

The club mascot, also, I remember her as Heejun’s girlfriend, got our attention once again. “Didn’t you guys know that this contest’s theme is Friendzone?” She smirked before glancing at Junhui. “Oh, and Soobin’s singing in the second group son, Jun!”

My eyes narrowed, “You like Soobin?”

“Nah, don’t believe Dabin. We’re just friends.”

Mascot, or should I call her Dabin, her face brightened immediately. “Jeon Wonwoo said the same thing about Yerin in freshman year. Boom shakalaka.” Oh, she repeated Junhui’s line.

I can at least say that she’s funny.

Myungeun’s POV

I was hanging out outside the backstage before Hanbin left me – that asshole better come back quick because it’s damn awkward in the hall all alone. I look like a weird-ass SPY but guess what, we have Choi Yuju and Lee Seokmin doing a duet SO WHO’S THE REAL WINNER HERE?

Anyway, where is Hanbin? We’re doing the narration before we begin performing so we have to meet with the stage director.

Anyway (2), I’m waiting at the hall, and right in front of me is the bathroom –


“Jin Longguo?” I saw his cat-like face as he walked out of the bathroom – or restroom, whatever, THE TOILET. I saw him flush. ~Oh~ Is that “we got drunk” scenario still bothering him? “Do you need Chungha?” I asked before smirking hehe “Or are you still in a cold war?”

I saw him glare at me. “You’re mean.”

I shrugged. “Wonwoo says the same thing.”

He sighed. “Don’t tell her I’m here.”


Haaaa? Wait, let me process this guy.

So he went here today to watch Chungha perform, but he’s not going to greet her? Is he some sort of nuts or is it just me? I know Junhui’s watching today because I ~blatantly~ yelled about Soobin and the fact that she got lines in our second group song, I know Momo’s also watching because that sis and Soonyoung fought over a dance step, and I know Jeon Wonwoo’s watching because he’s a loyal-ass mothafaka. But him? He’s weird!

I narrowed my eyes. “You’re weird.” He looked startled and blinked about thrice.


I nodded. “You didn’t get the memo?”

He nodded – um, see?

I heaved a sigh as I saw Hanbin exit the toilet. “Um, am I interrupting something?” He asked, hands in his pocket.

I shook my head. “Nothing. Let’s go back to the waiting room.” But before I left, I looked back at Longguo. “Nothing will be ‘okay’ if you won’t talk. But that’s not my loss, so I’m not going to blabber about it.”

I hope the dude takes my stuffs seriously. Bless!

Soonyoung’s POV

We’re in the waiting room right now, waiting for our turn to be onstage. Right now, it’s the third performers. I can see our solo singer, Park Jihyo, vocalizing on the other side of the room with the duet couple, Yuju and Seokmin. Last year, it used to be Dongho-hyung and Wheein-noona, but now, both of them are graduating Pre-Med so they’re on break from show choir.

Someone from Kallei University, one of the neighboring colleges, is singing Grenade. We can actually observe them in a small TV installed in our waiting rooms. Anyway, Grenade, Is that even a friendzone song? I can see Chungha bopping next to me. Her hair is in a high ponytail and she’s wearing the costume. Our costume is a black mandarin-collared one-piece, with the white linings. The girls are wearing it as a dress up until their knees while we’re wearing it as, really – a one-piece. Hopefully this doesn’t rip – please. But, well, we’re wearing training pants under this while the girls are wearing safety shorts under theirs. “Their main singer is good.” She commented. “She’s pretty, too.”

I nodded. She’s right, but the main singer looks like the mean white girl in a teen drama, but she’s beautiful. “Chungha, you’re pretty, too!”

I saw her break into a chuckle. “That was out of place, but thanks, Soonyoung.” I saw her tapping her fingers on the table quite nervously. “Wow, I’m getting nervous. We’re next after them.” She crossed her arms. “Is our dance routine enough to help us win?”

I nodded, assuring her that what we did for the show choir is more than enough. “We did well, Chungha, we did well.”

“Chungha.” Damn, Terri again? “Care to join us in the toilet, for a sec?”

I glanced at Chungha first, then at Terri. Chungha looks like she’s dead-beat-ready-to-stand and join them,  but I spread my arm in front of Chungha, preventing her from standing up. “What the hell are you guys doing? The toilet, right before a performance.”

Terri blinked thrice. “Stage anxiety.”

Is she trying to reason with me?!

Me, as in, ME?! KWON SOONYOUNG? I saw her roll her eyes. “What, should we just not perform today?”

Um, who does Terri think she is? I breathed in and called someone out. “Minhyun-hyung.” I called out the senior and the club president. “Do we get sanctions if we kick people out at this moment?” He went out of the dressing room with a raised brow. Chungha’s trying to stop me, but I’m too pissed to even allow her to make me stop.

“Who’s kicking out who?”

I pointed at the two girls. “This isn’t the first time I saw these girls treat Chungha like their slave.” I glanced at Chungha. “Didn’t you know?” I had enough. One time, I saw Chungha holding their clothes and towels outside the shower room. Do I look like I’m still going to play games here? “They’re treating you like a slave.” I put my hands on my waist as I stood up and she bit her lower lip. Looks like she knows.

Looks like she’s looking for acceptance.

“Fine, then kick us out. It’s not our loss.” Terri ranted before glancing at Chungha. “You know what happens to you after, right?”

“Touch Chungha, and you’re going to be dealing with me, Terri.” She rolled her eyes before leaving and Minhyun also left me and Chungha as he went back to the dressing room.

She has a defeated look on her face as she asked me, “Soonyoung, what was that?”

I sighed. “Chungha, the way to get acceptance is not through slavery. What you’re putting up with is not the road to acceptance; it’s the road to bullying.” I heaved another heavy sigh. “I’ll see you onstage.”

I hope Chungha takes my word seriously.

3rd Person’s POV

“Up next, get your hands together for Mallenois University!” The emcee yelled and the small crowd of Mallenois University students cheered for their bet, of course, the show choir.

Two boys, one who genuinely looks like a mango and one who’s pale enough to be called a vampire, sat next to that small crowd that Wonwoo seems to have noticed. He immediately nudged Junhui, who also noticed the entrance of the two guys. Both of them sat next to a tall, dark and handsome sophomore. “Who are they?” Wonwoo asked.

Junhui raised a brow. “The sophomore or the two seniors?”

“All of them.”

Junhui first looked over at the sophomore. “That’s Kim Mingyu, a sophomore. Seokwoo’s younger brother.” Wonwoo let out a small ‘oh’ before Junhui moved on to the two seniors. “Those two are Choi Minki and Choi Seungcheol, Youngjae’s older brothers.”

Wonwoo couldn’t help but raise a brow, but before he can ask anything else, the two spotlights flashed onstage. Hanbin and Myungeun walked together from behind the curtains as they began their narration. “Love isn’t love until you give it away.” Hanbin began. “But sometimes, is this love enough for two?”

“We’ve all got a gift, but not everyone deserves that gift.” Myungeun glanced at Hanbin. Wonwoo knows that Hanbin and Myungeun wrote this narration.

“I loved you.” Hanbin battled.

“But I’ve never seen you as a man.” Myungeun fought back.

“I took care of you when no one else did.”

“But you’re just my friend!”

“Is that all I am?”

Myungeun nodded. “Yes.” And as they parted, the curtains went wide open.


It’s time.