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You Anchor Me Back Down (Fanmix)

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1. Anchor - Mindy Gledhill
"I am nearly world renowned
As a restless soul who always skips town
But I look for you to come around
And anchor me back down"

2. Under My Skin - Gin Wigmore
"I got you under my kiss
I got you over my lips
I got you under my skin I got

3. Dinosaur - Kisschasy
"And I know we won't touch for months
And your smell will evade me
But our love could survive a war
Without the slightest sore"

4. Me And You - Jake Bugg
"There are too many flashes and guards around me
There is too little time and places to see
And we can wait so patiently
Cause they won't catch you and me"

5. Honey In The Sun - Camera Obscura
"Oh, I've been spending half the year in a plane going up and down
And you've been seeing other people from a nearby town
Been obsessing and getting depressed about us
Excess baggage and other stupid band stuff"

6. Best Coast - Crazy For You
"I'm always waiting by the phone
I can't wait for you to get home
I'm always crazy when I miss you
I'm always lazy when I miss you"

7. What I Wouldn't Do - Serena Ryder
"Your love is like an ocean
that always takes me home
Whispering wind is blowing
telling me I’m not alone"

8. Sleepy Tigers - Her Space Holiday
"In a week when I fly back home
We're gonna jump in bed and be all alone
you'll make biscuits and I'll make tea
We'll curl up close and then fall asleep
To the sound… of no one else no else around"

9. Baby, It's Fact - Hellogoodbye
"They may say some awful things
But there's no point in listening
Your words are the only words
That I believe in afterwards"

10. You Always Make Me Smile - Kyle Andrews
"I don't know why I love you
I just know, I can't stop thinking of you
Oh wait, it's 'cause you make me smile
You always make me smile"