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You Changed Me

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First day of High School for Emma Swan and Kara Danvers, and they were pretty excited. Kara especially who woke up and at 4am. The girls lived near one another so they met up and walked to school together, with the company of Kara's new older sister Alex. Kara and Alex's relationship was a bit bumpy at first but now it was going a lot better. As for Emma's new family, she had two amazing younger brothers, Neal and Henry, and two awesome parents.

The girls mainly walked in silence usually interrupted by Kara's poor attempt at making jokes which caused Emma to snort and Alex two roll her eyes. Since Emma was used to new places from being around so much she wasn't nervous, but Kara was getting nervous the closer they got to the school.

"Do you think turning back is a good idea," Kara asked her voice laced with nervousness.

"Calm down," Alex said trying to get her little sister's anxiety down, "everything is going to be fine."

"Yeah," Emma spoke up. "Besides I doubt anybody will notice us anyway. What are you so worried about?"

I'm worried about everything, Kara thought. "Making a fool out of myself ," she said and as fidgeted with her skirt.

"Don't worry you're not going to do that. You'll walk into to school and everything is going to be alright," Alex said encouragingly and Emma made a sound of agreement. Kara nodded and pushed up her glasses.

It was minutes before they arrived to their school, National Brooke High School. The school was big and loads of students were surrounding the premises. Kara breathed in and out and then she and her two companions went inside. The halls were filled with loud students who were either reuniting with old friends or making new friends.

"Okay," Alex said stopping in an uninhabited corner. "I'm going to tell you some ground rules to surviving high school." Kara and Emma shared brief looks and then looked at the brunette girl again. "So number one don't draw attention to yourself, number two try to be responsible and number three, and most important, do not under any circumstances get in either Cat Grant's or Regina Mills' way, they will end you." Both blondes nodded and then proceeded to get settled into their new school.


About fifteen minutes away from the school, two other girls were getting ready to attend school. Regina Mills and Cat Grant newly called step sisters. Regina's dad had married Cat's mom and now life sucked for the two teens.

"Ugh! Cat hurry up," Regina yelled from the living room, "we are going to be late because of you!"

"Can you just wait a minute," Cat responded, yelling with all of her might. She was finishing up the final touches on her outfit and she needed peace and quiet for that.

"Come on!"

"Why can't you just leave without me?! I have my own car!" The realization had just struck Cat, she'd forgotten about her car.

"Your mom has your car!"

"Dammit," she cursed loudly. "Fine! I'm coming!" One last glance in the mirror and she grabbed her bags and she was off. She climbed down the stairs and saw Regina with her arms and an impatient look on her face, "Can't you wait a couple minutes?" Cat exited the house with Regina in tow.

"Can you dress faster ." Regina and Cat's bickering had no end and it was always mindless insults and stupid attempts at making the other angry.

"Well if I dressed faster I might end up looking like you, a tragic fashion disaster." Regina took a deep breath and counted to ten. The girls got in the car and drove off to school. Regina's phone ringed and she looked at the caller ID. It was Lois, one of her closets friends. Before she had the chance of answering, Cat swiped to ignore the call.

"Hey!" Regina whined and Cat laughed. "Why'd you do that?"

"I don't like her," she said as it was the most obvious thing ever. Regina resisted the urge to hit the blonde, after all they're not five years old.

"So she's my friend," Regina said very annoyed. The girls stayed silent for a second and then Regina murmured pretty loudly, "Bitch."

"Asshole," Cat replied while looking at her phone.

"Idiot." Regina shoved Cat.

"Jerk." Cat shoved the brunette back. They glared at each other and Regina went back to driving and Cat went back to texting. After that little fight they choose to remain silent the rest of the way to school.

They finally arrived and instantly were filled with a crowd. Kathryn, Mal and Lois quickly took Regina away to God knows where. Cat chatted with a few people and then went with her friends, Siobhan and Aurora. They headed inside of the building ready for a new year of school.


Kara and Emma were walking through the halls. Emma was completely confident and looked up at everything. Kara on the other hand, wanted to disappear but the feeling wasn't as strong as when she arrived.

"Em," Kara said, "you're leaving a trail of drooling boys behind us." Emma looked back and saw that her friend's statement was true. She laughed which caused her friend to laugh as well.

"It can't just be me, we're both hot stuff," Emma joked and Kara blushed. The girls kept walking through the halls. Kara had her arm looped through Emma's to calm her anxiety. A few moments later a brunette girl dressed in red and black approached. She was a bit taller than Emma and her was streaked with red.

"Damn blondie," she said as she stood next to Emma, "you have a long line of suitors." Emma shrugged and rolled her eyes. "Ruby Lucas."

"I'm Emma Swan and this Kara Danvers," the oldest blonde said. Kara silently waved at Ruby and then played with her skirt.

"You both new around here?"

"Yeah, we come from Midvale. We just moved here," Kara decided to speak up and Emma smiled at the younger girl.

"Wow. New town, new start," Ruby said and Emma nodded.

"New families too," Kara said.

"Good for you two."

"First year of High School?" Emma asked and Ruby nodded.

"Completely exciting. Last year was a good year since I didn't have to worry about much socially."

"What do you mean by that?" Kara was very curious what the brunette girl meant since it wasn't something people say regularly.

"No mean girls to worry about last year."

"Regina Mills and Cat Grant?" Emma asked.

"Yep. They're a year ahead and they're total bitched, who are worshiped by every fool here." Emma nodded and Kara clutched Emma's arm to her chest. She hopes she never crosses paths with any of the two girls. Or if she does, she hopes it's a nice meeting. "But don't worry they hardly ever notice other people because of their gigantic egos."

"So are they like this gigantic friend group," Kara asked wanting to know more about the apparent queens of the school.

"No, more like rivaling gangs. they can't stand each other. I guess it's going to be worse now that Cat and Regina are step sisters." Emma nodded and Kara was staring into space. She was so lost that it was to late to realize that she was going to collide with the one and only Cat Grant.