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Just a Puppet on a Lonely String

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The early afternoon sun is already beating down on the men and women gathered at the square in front of the wooden stage full of new slaves, but where Jared and other prominent persons sit in their cushioned chairs under a large sunshade, the air is still pleasantly cool and refreshing.

Jared holds out one hand and a cup of wine is immediately placed into it. He takes a sip, humming in appreciation at the taste, and shifts in his seat, ready to watch the show that’s taking place in the Empire’s capital city today.

The seven-day celebration of the glorious victory over the Ackles kingdom ended yesterday and while Jared certainly enjoyed that, especially since he is one of the most valued and esteemed warriors of the entire war campaign and it was to a large extent thanks to him and his men that the Ackles were defeated, he's been looking forward to this day even more.

On this day, the finest men and women of the Ackles kingdom who were captured during the war will be sold as slaves at the City’s most prestigious slave market.

Most members of the Ackles family were killed during the incursion, but two of their finest specimens were left alive, too pretty to be wasted like that. And now, as the short and stocky auctioneer commences the auction, those two fine specimens are ushered onto the stage among the other slaves.

The first surviving Ackles is Mackenzie, a sweet blonde thing, blushing at the jeers and catcalls that come from the audience ogling her beautiful, soft, feminine body. And then there’s Jensen, her older brother, who is somehow managing to look royal and distinguished even though he’s just as exposed as his sister is, restrained by heavy iron manacles and completely naked otherwise. He makes no move to try and cover himself from the prying eyes – not that he has to, with such an amazing body. His head is held high, his back straight as he immediately moves to stand in front of his sister in an attempt to protect her from at least some of the attention by drawing that attention to himself.

See, it doesn’t really happen very often that Jared takes a liking to a man – he usually prefers to find his pleasure in a woman’s rounded, full softness – but there is something about Jensen that awakens a deep, burning hunger inside Jared and he feels himself stir and harden in his leather pants. Maybe it’s the plump fullness of Jensen’s perfectly shaped lips, maybe it’s the defiant hatred burning in his beautiful large green eyes, or maybe it’s the strength of his tall, well-muscled body. Whatever the reason, Jared wants to have it all. And what Jared wants, he always gets.

“That one’s mine,” he whispers, leaning towards Jeff Morgan, the man who owns the slave market.

Jeff nods, not daring to disobey the wishes of one of the country’s most proficient, valued warriors and noblemen, and gets up, intending to take Jensen off the offer list but Jared halts his progress by wrapping one hand around Jeff’s wrist and drags him back down into his seat. “Leave him where he is. I want him to sweat and fear before I take him.”

“As you wish.”

The auction goes on, the auctioneer pointing out the assets of his slaves, putting them on display one at a time. They’re all captives, mostly nobles from the Ackles court, huddling and cowering, eyes downcast in fear and cheeks burning in embarrassment. The two Ackles come last; they’re the icing on the cake after all. The auctioneer starts with Mackenzie, dragging her forward roughly and making her stumble. But her brother is right by her side to catch her before she falls, squeezing her hand comfortingly before he’s jerked back by his chains held by one of the guards. Mackenzie throws a worried glance over her pale shoulder before turning back to look at the crowd that’s ogling her, withering them with the same defiant, contemptuous look that her brother wears. They’re the wild ones, these two.

The auctioneer is full of praise on Mackenzie’s beauty, pointing out how delicate and soft and unspoiled and innocent she is, fresh meat. When the bidding starts, dozens of hands are raised. The worry in Jensen’s face grows exponentially at that and he starts struggling against his bonds, managing to slip free from the grip of the guard who was holding his chains. What he does next surprises everyone though – he doesn’t attempt to escape, instead he moves quickly so he’s again standing in front of his sister, at the very front of the stage, obscuring her from the audience’s view. “I’m better than her,” he says loudly, his strong, confident voice carrying across the crowd, showing that he’s well used to addressing great masses of people. “I’ll last longer. I’m stronger, not as easy to break. Much more fun to play with.”

Dumbfounded and utterly fascinated by this turn of events, Jared can only sit in his chair and watch as Jensen stands there on the platform, challenging and commanding, imposing and majestic, those serious green eyes travelling over the faces of the crowd. If Jensen wanted to make an impression, he doubtlessly succeeded now.

“Five hundred!” A male voice from the midst of the crowd comes, immediately followed by another one, female this time: “One thousand!” “Fifteen hundred!” “Three thousand!” The bids go up fast and in the seat next to Jared, Jeff shifts uncomfortably because by his promise to give Jensen to Jared, he’s losing a lot of money here. But he’ll keep his word; a merchant of his caliber and reputation has to.

Jared lets the bidding go on for a while longer, enjoying the tense, nervous expression that Jensen can’t hide completely even though he apparently tries, calming himself down by taking deep, slow breaths that make his muscled chest rise and fall, sunbeams playing with his smooth, oiled skin.

“I’m taking him,” Jared says finally and the crowd falls silent immediately. Across the distance that separates them, his and Jensen’s eyes lock and the air between them sizzles as two strong-willed, stubborn minds collide, neither willing to back down.

“And his sister too,” Jared adds as an afterthought, realizing what a great leverage Mackenzie will be. It’s obvious that Jensen is willing to do anything and everything to protect her, and anything and everything is exactly what Jared’s going to get.




Jared hasn’t felt this eager and impatient ever since that night long years ago when his father had promised to take him to battle for the first time. He does his best to go through the rest of his day as usual – a sparring session with Chad, an inspection of the ranks, a discussion of the best tactics for the Empire’s upcoming forays with the other war leaders. But despite his best attempts at devoting his full attention to the tasks at hand, the images of Jensen’s eyes, those sinuous lips, that great body, come unbidden and refuse to leave, teasing and taunting Jared, and it’s only his soldier’s discipline that gets him through the day.

Then evening comes – finally – and Jared gulps down his dinner so fast he doesn’t even register what he’s eating, much to his mother’s distaste. He excuses himself from the table early, taking long strides through the spacey, tastefully decorated corridors of his family’s mansion as he heads to his rooms. “Have Jensen escorted to my bedroom,” he instructs the personal slave that’s following him, exactly two steps behind, and the slave nods and scurries off to execute his master’s orders.

Jared takes a quick bath and puts on a loose, comfortable lounging gown, settles on his massive, four-poster bed with a glass of fine red wine and waits.

Five minutes later, there’s a soft knock on the door and Jared’s personal slave enters, head bowed respectfully as he steps aside to make room for Jensen who’s flanked by two slave guardsmen.

Jared lets his eyes roam over his newest acquisition, taking in the simple white linen pants and shirt that Jensen’s wearing now, just as Jared had ordered earlier today because making Jensen strip for Jared is going to be so much better than having him naked right from the start. Jensen’s hands are still bound, but the heavy manacles used at the slave market have been exchanged for leather cuffs, fitted snugly around Jensen’s wrists without really damaging his skin.

“Are you going to behave if I let them take these off?” Jared asks, jerking his chin towards the cuffs.

“Will my sister remain unharmed if I do?” Jensen shoots back, straightforward.

A grin slowly spreads across Jared’s face. This is so easy. “Of course.”

Several moments go by as Jensen studies Jared carefully as if searching for a sign that he’s not lying. Which Jared is not – he might be rough and uncompromising, but he isn’t a liar. Jensen must come to the same conclusion too because he gives a curt nod. “Then yes. I’ll behave.”

“Unbind him.”

One of the guardsmen moves to fulfill his command.

“Thank you,” Jensen says when his hands are free, his words clearly directed at the guardsman and not at Jared, but Jared isn’t sure whether that’s just a provocation or a residue of the way the Ackles family treated their own staff and servants; slavery was abolished in their kingdom centuries ago. The guardsman frowns slightly, not used to being acknowledged like this, but he doesn’t dare react in any way.

Waving his hand towards the door, Jared says, “The rest of you can leave now.”

And then they’re alone, Jensen standing still by the door and Jared watching him from his comfortable sprawl on the bed. Even dressed, Jensen is breathtaking, his clothes doing absolutely nothing to conceal his strength and beauty.

“You know why you’re here, what I’m going to take from you.”

Jensen holds Jared’s gaze without as much as flinching. “Yes.”

“Have you ever been with a man before?”

No change in expression. “No.”

A wave of intense arousal runs through Jared. “Wonderful, I get to be your first then.” This is even better than he had hoped. “Take your clothes off.”

Jensen is looking at Jared as he unbuttons his shirt, slipping it over his broad shoulders and letting it fall to the thick, lush carpet under his bare feet, and he’s still looking at Jared as he steps out of his pants, naked once again.

Suddenly thirsty, Jared takes several large swallows of his wine. “You work out a lot,” he comments.

“I’m a warrior,” comes the reply accompanied by a slight shrug.

And yes, now that Jared is closer to Jensen than at the slave market, he can see the various scars that cover the other man’s body. “You’re a lot more like me than I thought.”

Finally something other than dispassionate blankness shows on Jensen’s face: anger and contempt. “I am nothing like you!”

One day, Jared might even take the time and effort to argue about that, but right now he wants something else, something he’s been craving ever since he first laid eyes on Jensen, and he’s going to have it. “Well, not that it really matters now. You’re mine and you’re going to do exactly as you’re told.” He doesn’t have to add the Or your sister’s in trouble, Jensen knows what’s at stake here better than anyone, and he’s not going to risk Mackenzie’s safety for his own pride.

That apparently doesn’t mean he’s going to play the part of a meek and obedient puppy though, judging by the defiant glare he’s giving Jared. Anger looks good on him. But then again, everything looks on Jensen.

Jared laughs and sits up, throws his legs over the edge of the bed. “Glare at me all you want, it doesn’t change anything.” Actually, it makes things even better. Jared’s always appreciated opponents with a strong spirit. “Now come here,” he points at the empty space between his spread legs.

Jensen goes, standing there and waiting for further instructions.

Jared sighs and fights the urge to roll his eyes. Again, he’s not sure whether Jensen is just provoking him with his denseness or whether he truly doesn’t know what’s expected of him at this point. “On your knees.”

Jensen grimaces and bites at his full bottom lip, but he obeys without protest, folding himself until he’s kneeling right in front of Jared’s crotch where the smooth, silky fabric of the lounging gown is tented by Jared’s erection. “You want me to suck you off.”

“For starters,” Jared agrees and doesn’t miss the brief look of disappointment that flits across Jensen’s features. Had Jensen been naïve enough to hope a blowjob would be all Jared would ask him to do tonight? Well, Jared is more than willing to see that hope shattered completely: “I’m going to fuck you, Jensen. So now, get me all nice and wet.”

Jensen reaches for the knot that’s holding Jared’s robe closed and it’s a testament to his courage and self-control that his fingers aren’t trembling at all, steady as they work until Jared’s cock springs free, long and thick and red. Jensen’s eyes widen in fear at the sight.

Chuckling, Jared fists one hand in Jensen’s short, dirty blond hair to draw his head closer to his cock. “Yes, I know I’m big. And it’s all going inside your ass. To the last inch. So it’s really in your best interest to start sucking now.”

The first slow, tentative lick of Jensen’s tongue along Jared’s length has Jared gasping in pleasure, his grip on Jensen’s hair tightening. “Go on. Take me inside that pretty mouth of yours.”

Jensen wraps those perfect lips around Jared, struggling with Jared’s girth, breathing hard through his nose, eyes squeezed shut as he works to get more of Jared into his mouth. He’s clumsy and inexperienced but at this point it doesn’t really matter, the sight more than makes up for his lack of skills. “Yeah, that’s good, pet,” Jared praises him and Jensen’s eyes snap open, glaring daggers from beneath those thick, curled eyelashes. Unable to control himself any longer, Jared snaps his hips forward and Jensen starts to choke, eyes watering as he’s held in place for Jared to use.

It’s too good, Jared isn’t going to last long like this, and he really doesn’t want this over before they even get to the main event, so he abruptly pushes Jensen off him, giving Jensen (and himself) a bit of time to catch his breath before issuing his next command. “On the bed, on all fours.”

It takes Jensen longer to obey this time, as if he’s only now finally realizing the full extent of what’s going to happen, what’s going to be taken from him, and for a short while Jared thinks he’ll have to bring up Mackenzie’s well-being again, but then Jensen takes a deep breath, his face schooled back to blankness once more, and gets into the required position.

Jared quickly slips out of his robe and grabs the jar of oil from his nightstand before climbing on the bed behind Jensen. He allows himself several long, delicious moments to admire the broad shoulders and muscled back that taper to a narrow waist and a firm tight ass. The fact that it also serves to build up the anticipation for Jensen, prolonging the tortuous period of waiting in uncertainty, is just a bonus.

Jensen starts slightly when Jared’s slick fingers slip between his ass-cheeks to circle his entrance, his breaths coming loud and harsh in the silence of the room.

Jared laughs as he pushes one finger inside, not too slow but not too fast either. “What, you really thought I’d fuck you without any kind of preparation?” When Jensen doesn’t respond, he continues, scissoring two fingers inside Jensen’s tight heat as he speaks. “I don’t want to hurt you, you know.”

“Yeah, right.”

Ignoring the sarcasm, Jared adds a third finger with considerable difficulty. This would be so much easier if Jensen relaxed and just let it happen, but that’s out of the question at this point. “I mean it. You’re here for my pleasure but that doesn’t mean you have to be in pain.” He withdraws his fingers and slicks up his cock, lining up with Jensen’s entrance. “If you stop fighting this you might even learn to enjoy it one day.”

“Never,” Jensen snarls and then grunts because Jared’s pushing inside, inch by inch until he’s all the way in, just like he promised. “Never,” he repeats, his voice shaky but still determined.

Jared doesn’t let that deter him and concentrates on the way Jensen’s inner muscles contract around him, on the small, distressed sounds Jensen fails to contain. “Don’t be so sure,” he says and reaches around with one hand to find Jensen’s nipple, tweaking and pulling at the small nub of flesh until it stiffens under his touch.

When he slides his palm down the hard planes of Jensen’s chest and stomach to cup his soft cock, Jensen jerks and tries to move away but with Jared above him, he has nowhere to go. “Don’t you fucking touch me,” he growls, and in a different situation the ominous threat in that deep voice would probably make Jared reconsider his actions. But as it is, Jared only squeezes Jensen’s cock again and starts to stroke him, timing the movements of his hand with the thrusts of his cock and after a while Jensen starts to fill in his hand until he’s fully hard.

Jared isn’t conceited enough to think that actually means anything, he knows it’s just a biological reaction any healthy male body would give to such stimulation. But Jensen might not realize that right now and even if he did, the experience is bound to be humiliating to him nevertheless.

“This doesn’t mean anything,” Jensen says, his tone flat, his head bowed.

“Not yet,” Jared agrees. “One day it might.”

“It won’t.”

“We’ll see.” Jared keeps one hand wrapped around Jensen’s cock as he speeds up his thrusts, but he’s only concentrating on bringing himself off now. The fingers of his other hand are digging into Jensen’s hip as his pleasure skyrockets quickly. He shouts when he comes, leans his forehead on the center of Jensen’s back, between his shoulderblades, to catch his breath. Jensen is still under him, waiting as he holds Jared’s weight on top of his own. His cock remains hard in Jared’s hand.

“You want me to take care of this?” Jared asks, tasting salt on Jensen’s skin as he opens his mouth to speak, and gives Jensen’s cock a tug.

Jensen snorts. “You know I don’t but you’re gonna do whatever you want anyway. So do us both a favor and stop acting like I have a choice.”

Sighing, Jared lets go of him and moves back, pulling out of Jensen. He watches a trickle of come slip out of Jensen’s puffy, reddened hole. There’s some blood, but not much, and certainly not too much for someone like Jensen to handle. “You’re right about that. But I want to get some sleep so I guess you’re off the hook for now. You’ll come back to service me tomorrow, and every night after that though. Now you can go.”

Jensen has no trouble obeying that particular command, sliding off the bed and reaching for his clothes as fast as he can before he apparently realizes this must look like a hasty retreat and he slows down, getting dressed with as much dignity as he can with his hands shaking and come staining the back of his thighs. And he’s back to staring at Jared like he’s nothing but a roach under the sole of his boot, all cold contempt and disdain and absolutely no respect at all.

“You did well tonight,” Jared says just as Jensen starts to turn away from him. “Continue like this and your sister will be safe for the rest of her life.”

Jensen doesn’t thank him, of course, but he nods before he leaves, which is probably the most Jared can expect from him. He turns then and walks away, his back straight and his head held high as if absolutely nothing happened between them, closing the door without uttering a word.

Shaking his head in fascinated wonder, Jared blows out a long, heavy sigh as he gets under the covers that smell of sex and Jensen and the sweet promise of their shared future.