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City of Night

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Spike had to hand it to the lawyer boy. Lindsey couldn't have picked a more perfect test. Spike was not patient by nature, but he was, on the other hand, kinky as hell. At least he had a thick rubber penis in his mouth to suck and lick on as he wriggled in the chains, trying somehow to get some relief for his hard cock. However, he had no intention of using the out. Lindsey was far too interesting, and Spike wanted him more than ever now.

After several hours of fitful sleep, Lindsey got back up. He went into the bedroom only to find Spike still in place but whining from frustration. Without removing the gag or blindfold, he began to stroke his hands over Spike's body, drawing moans from the helplessly bound vampire. He took away the key and placed it in a drawer. There was no way the vampire was getting free yet, and maybe not for a while. He leaned down to whisper in Spike's ear. "Took away your escape, so it's too late now. I ought to just keep you bound to use as my own personal playtoy."

Spike groaned loudly at that. Lindsey chuckled and went back to stroking the vampire. He got onto him, straddling him, and could feel that nice hard cock poking at his ass. He decided, right then, what he wanted. He took a few moments to lube himself. Spike could smell the lube, could hear the noises, and he was pretty sure what was coming next. And he was right. Lindsey lowered himself onto Spike's hard cock and began to ride it like the cowboy he was.

Spike groaned, unable to really thrust up, just having to lay still as Lindsey rode him. He was as passive, he reflected, as if he were the one getting fucked. Lindsey didn't last long, he was as pent-up as the vampire, and the two of them came not far apart. Lindsey collapsed for a few minutes then pushed up and unlocked the cuffs.

"You've got a choice. You can leave now or you can put on this collar here," Lindsey gestured to it in the drawer. "And turn over to be chained up again. I want to try that tempting little ass of yours." Spike didn't pause. He got the collar and locked it on and then turned onto his belly. Lindsey locked the collar to the bed and then cuffed Spike in place again. "A decisive one. I like that. You realize I could just keep you now. No one would be the wiser or come looking for you."

Spike shuddered and nodded. "I do. You have me at your mercy, lawyer boy."

Lindsey smacked his ass. "Smart-ass even helplessly bound. Reminds me Corporate law in an evil firm involves a lot of fuck and be fucked. And whips and chains are just foreplay..." He smacked down hard again on Spike's ass, drawing a little gasp.

"You're a lot more like a demon than you let on," Spike replied with a moan.

"Maybe I am. Because having you at my mercy makes me hot as hell." He smacked a few more times and then stopped to take a drink. He dropped the ice in a glass and looked over at Spike. "Want some?"

"Bloody hell, thought you'd never ask."

Lindsey chuckled and poured the bourbon over the ice and sipped some, then positioned Spike's head so he could take a few swallows. Spike swallowed greedily, the cold bourbon turning into sweet fire in his gut. Lindsey sipped some more then slowly fed Spike the rest. He was giving himself time to recover, to let the sight of Spike's helpless body rouse him to full hardness.

Finally he was ready and he got out the lube. He took his time, working the lube into Spike's ass, feeling him moan and twist. Then he slicked himself and climbed onto the bed. "You are the sexiest thing I've ever fucked," Lindsey said as he slowly worked his way into Spike's tight ass.

Spike groaned and pushed back as much as he was able. "Flattery will get you everywhere, lawyer boy."

Lindsey was lost in the sensations. How long, he asked himself, since he'd fucked with there being nothing in it but the sex and the pleasure of it? No corporate games, no subtle networking or pleasing some client? A long fucking while, too long. And here was Spike, so sweet and so bad and all too fuckable. He had no intention of letting him go anytime soon. He wanted his mouth next, maybe, find out what all that hundred plus years of experience had taught him there. There were references in the files...