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Reincarnated as a Tentacle Monster

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Conner stood like a deer in the headlights as the i-beam slammed into him. One of the other workers shouted his name as he was flung from the scaffolding. He felt like the world slowed to a crawl as he plummeted from the unfinished 7 th floor. He watched as one of the other guys tried to grab his hand only to miss by centimeters. The air rushing past him, and blood pumping through his ears drowned out his own terrified screams. His heart felt like it would explode out of his chest and he realized what was happening. Then everything came to a sudden harsh stop, and everything went black.

Conner bolted to his upright into a sitting position screaming still.

What was that? A nightmare.

Conner looked around to find he was surrounded on all sides by white walls. His first thought was that it was a hospital but the distinct smell of sterilized halls. At second check he was also laid out on the floor. The stone beneath him felt cold, to the touch and he stood up and looked around to find that the room was solid marble.

Or maybe this is the dream.

“Come this way,” a woman’s voice echoed from behind him.

Conner turned to find a simple arched doorway. With nothing else to do, and still dazed from the whole bizarre situation he did as he was told. The first thing he noticed before he even made it through the door was a metallic smell. As he passed through the arch he saw the base of a small staircase. Turning up he saw the long, shapely, milky legs contained only by a white leather skirt that barely maintained modesty. He slowly scanned over the curve of her hips, and the way the leather tunic stopped just short of showing any of her ample bosoms. Round toned arms crossed just above her breasts, and raven hair cascaded over her shoulders. Finally, he saw her face, it looked like it had been hand carved by the gods themselves. Cool red eyes seemed to size him up as he did her.

Yeah, this is a dream, and I don't want to wake up too soon.

“Hello Conner Aston,” the woman said in a sultry tone, “I am Mná an Chogaidh.”

“Merlin hockey?”

The woman let out an annoyed sigh “Simply call me The Lady, it will be better than listening to you butcher it.”

“Can do,” Conner said audibly sighing in relief.

“Now young Conner I have a bit of news for you,” The Lady said shifting on her throne, “You are dead, but I, I can give you a second chance at life.”

“What,” Conner asked in a flat tone. Damn it so much for the sex dream.

“Oh this is no dream,” The Lady said with a devilish grin, “Observe.”

The lady waved a hand, and a trickle of red liquid pooled up around the space before his feet. A swirling portal slowly shifted color and displayed in crystal clear as a round image. He saw as his coworkers crowded around a dead body. The body's head was cracked wide open on a pile of bricks, and his glassy dead stare pointed straight up. One of the men was clearly on the phone with emergency services.

"That's me," Conner said with a flat stare.

“Yes such a pointless end,” The Lady said with a shake of her head, “But I have a deal for you, a second chance at life, and all you have to do is be my champion.”

“Huh,” Conner asked still numb from the revelation.

"I am a goddess, and as a goddess, I am owed a certain measure of worship,” The Lady said, “Worship that has been lacking lately, and I want you to be the one to restore it.”

“So I proselytize for you and I get to go back to my life,” Conner said.

“Well not exactly your life, It will be a different country, different rules, but you'll actually be alive and not consigned to whatever afterlife you'd go to," The Lady said flicking her wrist and the puddle dispersed, "and well do you really think you're going to heaven with how you lived your life.”

Conner stopped to think about how his life had been up to that point. He hadn’t really done any good, at most he’d donate twenty bucks to an immediate disaster. The bad, laziness, porn addiction, never been to church, any church so chances of the right one were none existent. He had basically nothing going for him.

“So about this deal,” He asked. “What would I have to do?”

“Oh don’t worry you’ll know when you get there all you have to do is say, yes,” The lady said, “And you’ll have a chance at life, and if you succeed I’ll reward you when you return to me.”

Conner stared at her for a moment before saying, “Yes.”

The Lady’s smile widened and she raised a single hand and commanded, “Then step forth and kneel.”

Conner walked forward to the base of the throne. He slowly bent the knee before the goddess. The Lady rose to her feet and confidently took three steps towards him. She raised a single hand and more red liquid flowed up, it slowly formed and coalesced into a single sword. She pressed the flat of the blade against his shoulder.

“Do you Conner Aston swear your loyalty to I Mná an Chogaidh,” She asked.

"I do," Conner said.

The lady moved the blade to his other shoulder, “Do you vow to enact my will on the world without question.”

Conner briefly found the wording a little worrisome but continued anyway, “I do.”

The Lady raised the blade once more, “Then I anoint you my champion, now go forth and spread my name.”

Conner felt as the sword was plunged into his chest. He looked down at the blade as it turned red once again, the liquid wrapped around Conner and he felt pulled down into the water. He looked up to the top of the pool and saw The Lady smiling wickedly down at him, red washed over her giving her a dangerous tint. He felt his body warped and twisted as the light fell away. His bones seemed to warp and he felt his clothes explode as he was suddenly aware of limbs he hadn’t had before emerged. His body flattened and warped into a new shape. He felt his eyes move together until they were in the same place. Finally, a new source of light came into view and he swam towards it.

He felt the cool flow of air across his head as he broke the surface of the water. The area around him was a dark brown pool of water with thick trees rising out of it mist hung thick in the air. The sun was filtering through the trees giving the whole area a feeling of being in the midst of twilight whether it was or not would require climbing a tree to check. As his eyes adjusted to the light he decided to look down at himself.

What the fuck! That’s a tentacle!

Shock at your form has caused you to suffer stress. -10 MP.

Conner raised a single red limb from the water and his eye, yes he had definitely had only one eye, scanned along the limb. He scanned his body and saw that he had about eight or ten of the flexible limbs. He felt what he assumed to be his hearts, both of them, start to beat like jackhammers.

“Calm down!” The Lady’s voice echoed in his head. “This form was chosen for you to complete your task.”

Conner sat floating for what felt like an eternity as he waited for his pulse to return to normal.

“You ready now?” The Lady asked once more, “Okay say status.”

"Status," Conner parroted in confusion. A blue box full of white text simple appeared above him.

Ravager Lvl 1 HP 57/57 MP 110/120 SP 45/45 .

What did the hell did that mean.

“HP?” Conner asked. A window appeared.

HP. Health points are calculated by STR and END.

“STR” Conner said getting an idea of how this worked.

STR. Strength your ability to exert force.

“Status," Conner said and read his abilities.

STR 26 DEX 32 END 31 AGI 19 INT 72 WIS 48 CHA 8 LUK 40

CHA, that’s probably charisma. Conner looked at his tentacles. Probably can’t actually argue that anymore

MP,” Conner said.

MP . Mental points your mental durability.

“Okay now say quest list,” The Lady told him.

“Quest list,” Conner spoke now thinking of having some fun with this.

Quests List. Active Quests. Conquer The City State of Clochbán. Quest giver Mná an Chogaidh. Timeframe, 90 Days.