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The Ballad of Ianto Jones

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Voiceover		The Harkness speaks - pray silence please, 
For Torchwood is begun.
And far and near, in cyberspace,
Where comfy seats are drawn
Near monitors, all lights turned low
Anticipation starts to grow.
Shots of the team now cross the screen,
While murmurs hushed and voices keen
All praying Rusty won't be mean,
And hoping for a certain sight,
A just reward to eyes delight -

Chorus Three weeks already have gone by
We've Owen's arse seen, fleetingly,
But that's not what we're waiting for-
Hurrah for Harkness, give us more!

Voiceover The scene is set inside the Hub.
The lights are low, a nicely scrubbed
And worried looking Ianto Jones is standing by the door,
He frowns, and then adjusts his tie, then touches it once more.
Lights flash, and then the siren sounds, the hatch rolls slowly wide,
Beyond the door, we see at last the team, at play, inside.

A basketball (marked 'Torchwood', natch)
Is bounced and thrown about,
From hand to hand passed easily
They leap, are playful; shout
Vague insults in a friendly way,
The point is scored, a victory roar,
An outstretched hand a 'loser' marks,

Owen Jack's round!

Voiceover triumphant Owen snarks.
They leave the Hub together still,
Jack throws the ball; that bitter pill -

Chorus Alas poor Jones, poor Ianto Jones,
The ball he catches as they leave.
They run about, and jump and shout
And now the sods have all gone out,
Without a thought, and there's no doubt
That sympathy abounds for Jones,
This man who wears a suit.

Voiceover Relieved they're gone, he drops the ball
Ignores his pain to make the call.

Ianto That's two tonight, and coleslaw please,
Nutrition, says my boss, I need,
I'm looking pale, or he suspects
Some rickets round my knees.

Voiceover He chats, all friendly on the phone,
The butler's bland façade relaxed.
The team is out, he's home alone
(Unloved, unwanted, nay, ignored),
He hears the door, his poise restored,
A cheerful greeting, says hello,

Ianto Konnichi wa,

Voiceover His bow is low:
Respectful, always, Ianto Jones.

As head held high, he leads the way
A bright blue glow imbues the scene,
And once the door has been unlocked
The source of this bright light is seen:
A sleeping woman, quite serene,
Her shiny, tin bikini gleams,
Wired, tubed and clamped; a live machine.

Advancing, stunned, the scholar gasps,
Entranced, he's eager, mesmerised -

Tanizaki Impossible, not one survived.
(He gasps) My god, she's still alive!

Voiceover His mouth is round, his eyes grow wide
As Ianto steps there by her side,
A gentle kiss to lips-full pressed,

Ianto This is my Lisa.

Voiceover Through his pride
Sound blares, then there's a crash of light,
And Torchwood scrolls from left to right,
A moment longer, titles glow,
The music fades, we're dropped into
An explanation - flashback scenes;
Red lighting, flames and lots of screams.
He rescued her, he pulled her out,
He called for help, he tried to shout
Then, when he saw the fate of those
Like her, he hid her well away.

Tanizaki But how, I have to ask, did you
Know what exactly you should do
To set up this machinery?

Voiceover A woman's voice says;

Lisa That was me.

Chorus Alas poor Jones, poor Ianto Jones,
His tragedy is finally known;
His girl is half a cyber-clone.
A casualty of Torchwood's pride,
But still, at least she's half alive -
If not for him she would have died.
But half and half is not the whole
Of her he loves, he knows her soul
This smart, sweet man, her Ianto Jones.

Voiceover Now she's awake there's life in Jones,
Straight to her side he rushes fast.

Ianto Are you in pain?
How's this new dose?
Shall I adjust the drip, the feed?
Or any other thing you need?
And look, the doc I called is here,
The man I said I'd bring you, dear.

Voiceover Then Lisa smiles a small, pained smile,
She murmurs,

Lisa You're so good to me,
You keep me drugged to help me sleep
And promises you always keep.

Voiceover Impatient, doc descends at last,
With questions needing to be asked
(Some exposition; memories, pain,
That flashback scene gets used again).
Then Tanizaki gets excited,
Wrinkling browed, the Orient's sage
Unfolds his eager hands to touch,
Flesh sumptuous, in metal caged,
While Ianto flinches, twitches, tuts,
He's not enjoying this so much.

The camera pans, we see a pub.
The scene is set: the team at rest,
Drinks after play, Jack laughs and smiles,
He tells his tale of men with horns,
And women desperate for the warm
Embrace of them (You'd almost think
To hear the bloke he'd got a kink).
They laugh and drink and then Tosh sighs;
News quickly through the ether spread -
There's something seen in nearby skies,
They leave the pub, now hub-ward bound,
Still laughing, yes, but mission led.

Back in the hub it's getting worse,
The doctor works, but will not be
An optimist.

Tanizaki You must agree,
She cannot stay indefinitely
Like this, it's simply much too cruel.
More merciful, much kinder too,
And conscionable through and through
To let her go than make her fight,
Perhaps the bullet you must bite,
You should be ready, though it's hell,
To say your final, fond farewell.

Voiceover But Ianto will not take his cue,

Ianto If she dies because of you -

Voiceover Then Lisa coughs; then Lisa breathes,
A miracle! And Ianto cleaves
And sighs and sobs, (all right, he weeps.
Poor soggy Ianto, pale-pink peep).

Chorus Hoorah for Jones, this joyful Jones,
His girlfriend, Lisa, is alive!
And sympathetic hearts relieved
At Ianto's joy, for he believed
And trusting, helped their love survive.

Voiceover A hub alarm - we pan back, wide,
Across the Plass, they blithely stride
As Tosh and Owen disagree.
She wants to drive the SUV,
But Owen will not cede the wheel,
Insists next time they've got to deal
With aliens, invading fleets,
He'll still be fiddling with the seat
As ETs take Newport High Street.

Still not quite sure of being there,
Gwen cautiously suggests they share,

Gwen Perhaps a rota might be fair?

Voiceover Jack grins, amused - she's cute confused -
But can't pretend to be enthused:
Few secret teams with hidden lairs
Who hunt out tech and alien life,
To his recall, find time to care
Whose turn it might be next to drive.

They're through the door, they're coming down,
There's humour in Jack's cheerful scowl,
As cautious Ianto leaves the pair
Locked in downstairs. Joy can't repair
His nerves so taut - he wipes his brow
The smile he seeks is more a frown;

Ianto They'll soon be gone - I'll come back down.

Chorus Alas poor Jones, poor Ianto Jones,
His joy so sweet is turned to dread,
The team are seen, but she can't be -
His love must hide away instead.
An anxious Ianto Jones then, he
Who greets the team, but they don't see
Past all his lies that suit so neat.

Voiceover Jack gives his orders, pulling rank,

Jack That man called Neal at Jodrell Bank -
Gwen talk to him. The radar, Tosh,
And Owen - take the RAF.

Voiceover To Ianto then, hands pleading pressed,
He turns to make one last request

Jack Just work some coffee magic, please?

Voiceover As Ianto sweats there's busy peace,
The kettle in his sights,
He's trying hard to buttle,
When Lisa's grid puts out the lights.

Unknown to Ianto, while he waits,
The doctor's found a messy fate -
But Jack's upset, demands some facts,
And diagnostic system checks.

Now here's his chance; he swallows, speaks -
Once more it's Ianto to the breach;
Some cables he saw loose, he lies -
He'll sort it out.
Jack smiles; Jones sighs
Then hurries back to cut the power
To Lisa's peaceful cyber-bower.

He throws the switch and then gasps loudly,
Watches Lisa's head held proudly
Turn to face him, cold and strong,

Lisa His upgrade failed, the drill went wrong.

Voiceover In horror Ianto must deny
The truth he sees before his eyes,
An accident, at best mistake,
He wants to think for Lisa's sake.
But there before him on the floor,
Misshapen head and mangled jaw,
He can't pretend - the doctor's dead,
The metal shoved right through his head.

Now Ianto starts to rage, he cries,

Ianto You've ruined everything we tried,
How could you? He was helping you.

Lisa I know, that's why I helped him too,
Out of his feeble, human flesh,
It's all right, love, I'll do you next,
And all your little friends as well.

Voiceover His jaw he straightens; will she hell.

Ianto You don't touch them, or else you're through.

Lisa Oh really? Why? What will you do?

Voiceover She looks at him, a stranger seeming,
Metal body shining, gleaming,
Stares until he turns away,
His shoulders slumped (he's far from gay),
A body to dispose of, stat,
He'll deal her when he's done that.

Chorus Alas poor Jones, poor Ianto Jones,
His duty calls, a corpse to haul,
The truth has caught him by the balls,
He saved her life, but now she's changed,
Not simply different, more... deranged.
He pulled her out, he pledged his all,
And hearts are breaking now for Jones,
His young love's dream doomed after all.

Voiceover The UFO identified,
The side plot's quickly shoved aside,
A fast response to move the plot
'So nice to see you, please sod off,'
Then pace kicks plot - at last some action!
Split between the upstairs faction
And the sundered pair beneath
Their dream of love kicked in the teeth.

Poor Ianto hauls the doctor's corpse
While Lisa smiles with no remorse,
Lies back to charge her batteries
And in the hub the pictures freeze,
As power stutters, lights go down.
His smile turned wry, Jack starts to frown;

Jack Hey Ianto, have you found that fault?
It's ages since you hit the vault.
Hello? Hey, Ianto, are you there?
We've got a dose of darkness here.

Voiceover But Ianto's hands are rather filled
With Tanizaki's stocky build,
He cannot reach the switch, can't speak,
There's nothing but a strangled squeak.
Besides, what could he even say?
I'm sorry, sir, I was delayed?
My girlfriend killed this man - yeah, right -
We're playing 'hide the corpse' tonight?

A second try, still no reply,
Jack's store of patience soon runs dry,
No beautiful Welsh vowels to hear,

Jack You know, somehow I start to fear
There's something just not right round here.

Voiceover Downstairs, a sweating Ianto Jones
Would say he's got that right.
The list of things he has to do
Has gone from 'Set love free,'
To 'hide another mangled corpse
Where no one else can see.'

The sheeting pulled across his face,
The doctor in his hiding place
Now Ianto sinks, his head he clutches,
Impetus, emotional crutches
Lost amongst the death and lies
He's so, so sorry, softly cries
That elusive Ianto Jones.

Chorus Alas poor Jones, poor Ianto Jones,
It's all too much for him to bear.
And though it's possible to see
And still to have some sympathy
For this poor shaking six-foot chap
It's hard to now ignore the fact
However well his suit he fills
'Accomplice' fits him to the gills.

Voiceover They seek him here, they seek him there,
Those Woodies seek him everywhere
With 3D plans and high-tech scans
They search the building for the man;
Tie-wearing, pressed and neatly shod,
Be-suited Ianto Jones.

Two signals found where one should be,
The signs are clear, the team can see
Jack's quite annoyed but not surprised,
Security's been compromised.
Reacting quick, immediately
He leads them to the armoury.

Jack Find Ianto, that's priority.
And stay together, take great care,
We've no idea what's lurking there.

Voiceover Bright torches flaring in the dark,
The doc and copper take their guns,
Down to the cellars. Losing comms,
They search around (that 'X-files' shot),
The blue light easy now to spot,
And soon the door they're drawing near.

Back with Toshiko, Jack is tense,
Demands his team reply,
But only static greets his words
(He's not a happy boy).

Toshiko But that's not all I found, look here
There's something else to see -

Voiceover They watch the screen as Ianto's seen,
The doctor and his gear.
Now Jack's annoyed,

Jack Just what the hell is going on round here?

Chorus Alas for Jones, poor Ianto Jones,
He only wiped the pictures off
Poor foolish man, his clever plan
Has been derailed by smarter Tosh.
And now the worry Jack has shown
About the missing Ianto Jones
(Still hiding Tanizaki san)
Has turned around to bite the man,
Such sympathy he garners will,
Like lies and death, undo him still.

Voiceover Downstairs, our duo reach the room,
Inside, survey the scene,
The doctor gasps, he's petrified,
Aghast at what he's seeing.

Owen Turn it off! Just turn it off
Right now! This shouldn't be -
It isn't right, it can't be here,
They brought down Torchwood One,
A Cyberman in every home,
They overran the Tower!

Voiceover His whispers fill the silent room
In lieu of humming power,
Then while they're staring, quite inert,
Jack's voice comes breaking through.

Jack If I don't get some answers soon, I'm coming after you.
Come on now guys, what's up down there?
Just tell me what's in sight,
I'll run down in a minute,
But the timing must be right,
Dramatically, know what I mean?
I wouldn't want to crash your scene.

Owen It's bad (he's anxious, clearly fraught),
The Cyber menace Torchwood fought?
They've come to make another call,
And left a spare bed in our hall,
It's powered up and working too,
I don't know what the hell to do.

Voiceover A step and then a vicious whack,
And Owen's flat upon his back.

Her back-up gone, Gwen's clearly scared,
But to the shiny woman squares,
And touching comms relays the facts:

Gwen Code zero - Jack, it's an attack!

Voiceover Then wide-eyed, bravely tries to stall -
Negotiation first of all
(Although her gun she's holding, high
Just like Jack taught her - hand on thigh),
She really doesn't want to die
Or kill - but Lisa doesn't care,
And grabs and hoists her in mid-air.

Upstairs, it's more than Jack can take,
Gun drawn, the order given straight,

Jack Wait fifteen minutes, then you leave.

Toshiko Don't tell me that. You can't believe
I'd dump you here, locked in beneath.

Jack You have to go, you've got to see
You're the last line of defence,
The human race must count on you
To use your common sense.

Voiceover Toshiko nods, her jaw she sets,
Jack races to the scene,
To find Gwen just about to be
Upgraded - a machine.

Jack's focussed on the job at hand,
About to shoot the Cyberman,
But startled by the sight of flesh
(A first for Jack), he takes a breath,
Exhales surprised, Gwen's life the prize,
Aim holding firm on Lisa's eyes,

Jack You're a woman!

Voiceover Aims, then fires.

A hurried stride, he's shoved aside,
His balance knocked, his shot gone wide,
His elbow numbed just like his pride
As he's tackled by a suit.

Chorus Alas for Jones, this Ianto Jones
His plans have all gone wrong
It's come apart around the seams
He understands just what this means
His life and love are broken dreams.
But Ianto in his bloodied suit
Can't bear to stand and let Jack shoot,
Her morals might be destitute
But he couldn't watch her die.

Voiceover Drills start to whirr above the rack,
Where Gwen lies trapped, still tightly strapped
And struggling with her metal bonds
As whirling blades like deadly fronds
Spin closer to her fragile flesh,
She shrinks against the cold, hard mesh -

While Jack, enraged by Jones's tight press,
Is forced to watch his deadly guest
Walk free, as Gwen's confessed distress
Grows louder now - her plight impressed
With calls for help, fraught, anxious cries
And finally shoving Jones aside
Jack snarls,

Jack You're fighting the wrong guy!

Voiceover Gwen yells again, as, guilty-faced,
Jones hurries now to set the pace -
A straight, smart dash, a worried glower,
He hits the switch to kill the power -

The handle shifts, a shower of sparks,
But still the blades come whirling fast.
Gwen's life flies past with every pass,
She screams, imploring, begs and shouts
She won't give in - she can't get out!
While helpless Jack can only stare -
Fish-mouthed, eyes bulging, messy hair -
And Ianto's stumped, still wracked with doubt
Of how to sort the circuits out,
No time to think; no time to spare -

Ianto Shut off the power - everywhere!

Voiceover Jack barks the rapid order out,
Transfixed in bleak frustration,
But Tosh is stressed, she must protest,
With anxious hesitation,

Toshiko But we'll be trapped if I do that,
The hub will lock right down
There'll be no way of getting out -

Jack Don't argue, do it now!

Voiceover Tosh throws the switch, bleak darkness falls,
And silence spreads from wall to wall,
Then crimson flickers light the black
As bolts crash home and locks slam flat.
The Hub is sealed; they're trapped inside,
But Gwen (who's glad she hasn't died)
Tells Jack she's sure she's sort of fine,
Although if he could find the time
To get her out she'd be sublime -

Jones's guilt, it seems, he's making plain,
Apologising once again,
While Jack just orders -

Jack Guard the door.

Voiceover Gwen frowns, what's Ianto sorry for?
But much more pressing, she would know,

Gwen So did you get her? Where'd she go?

Voiceover Jack shoulders Owen, gets his gun,
They leave the dingy room,
Then stop together at the noise,
There's no pretence, they've got no poise,
All frozen in the corridor,
The Cyberwoman looms once more,
Then stops; she knows they're standing there,
But merely stands, and waits, and stares,
They want to run, but there's nowhere -
And then she walks away.

Jack's lip curls tight, he turns his aim
At Ianto's devious head,
Just one quick squeeze, that's all it needs,
A traitor will be dead.

Gwen's shocked - she thought she'd seen the lot,
But aimed and cocked, composure shot,
Jack looks as though he's lost the plot,
The order snapped to get them back
She's half afraid he's simply cracked -
And pleas to know what's going on
Are greeted with a growling frown
Gun tight to Ianto's sweating brow,
He snarls, teeth gritted in a scowl;

Jack I'm trying not to shoot.

Chorus Alas for Jones, conflicted Jones
His Lisa lives, this much is true,
But flesh is weak, and Ianto too -
He's in too deep, his cover's blown
His girl's insane - he must have known
With Tanizaki's corpse to hide
She wasn't safe to keep inside.
And loving Lisa won't erase
The death and fear; won't garner praise
Though sympathetic voices raised
To see his loyal trust dismayed,
Can't dignify his fall from grace -
Disloyal Ianto Jones.

Voiceover When darkness falls, the empty space
And silence of the hub's embrace
Is unfamiliar, senses fooled
As glimmers from the standing pool
And shadows shift, cause Tosh to fear -
Then echoed movement, soft but clear,
That patient Sato hoped to hear
Comes suddenly from close at hand,
And through red gloom, a well-dressed man
Walks silently across the strand.
He's followed in by Gwen, then Jack -
On edge, gun raised, Jones's movements tracked,
And something hanging down his back.

Concerned, confused - where's Owen gone? -
Toshiko's shocked to hear a moan,
Then, shaky cargo finally shed,
(Who groans and rubs his aching head),
Jack's shading to an irate red
As agitation takes control,
His order growled across a scowl.

Jack Tosh - weapons room - bring everything.

Voiceover Bemused composure wearing thin
She can't comply -

Toshiko It's all locked in,
No manual, no override -

Voiceover Jack doesn't care; insists she try,
While, focus fixed, preoccupied,
A terse demand that Jones's hands rise
And point-blank aim accompany
His stern decree,

Jack Get on your knees!

Voiceover Standing, staring, mouth agape,
Tosh hasn't moved, she can't mistake
Such dire intent, this must be wrong,
But has to ask - stuck here on comms,
She's no idea what's going on.

Jack's not inclined to tell her twice,
He's had enough of being nice
(Besides, which part of 'alien threat'
Do his crack Torchwood team not get?).
He grits his teeth, brow wet with sweat,
And snarls, his aim to see her run -

Jack I gave an order; get the guns!
And Gwen, you help -

Voiceover They step back stunned,
But Jack's already turned his glare
He needs the facts - now Jones must share.

Jack Did you know that that thing was there?

Ianto I put her there.

Voiceover No hesitation
Self-condemned, Jones's confirmation
Given freely, Jack's impatience
Escalates; his temper breaks,
And, Webley marking Ianto's face,
He gets a grip, then tightens it,
Eyes filled with rage, lips flecked with spit;

Jack A Cyberman in Torchwood -
And you didn't even share,
What else have you been hiding?

Ianto As if you'd even care.

Voiceover With blood-shot eyes and reddened face,
Jones speaks his mind; presents his case
Amenable expression chased
From snarling lips by vitriol -
He cleans their shit up, does it all,
And no one asks, 'cos no one cares
What Ianto does when they're not there,
Providing for Jack's every whim:
When did he ever think of him?

Jack's taken back by Jones's attack,
Eyes narrowing, he changes tack,
Steps back, gives Ianto room to speak,
Gun low, but still his look is bleak.

Ianto She's Lisa, she's my girlfriend,

Voiceover They're shocked, it's clear to see,
And he can't bend, her life depends
On making them agree -

Though thoughtful Gwen just wants to know
Why Ianto didn't share his woe.
They could have helped, she's fairly sure -
But Ianto's torn - he knows the score;
It's Torchwood's basis - what they're for.

Ianto I know exactly what you'd do -
So why the hell would I tell you?

Owen Perhaps a little loyalty?

Ianto My loyalty's to her -

Voiceover He speaks of love, then,
Lisa's right to sick pay, days in lieu,
Of injuries industrial, and Lawyers just4U.

Ianto It's not her fault she's in the vault,
She worked for Torchwood One,
Got caught up in the fighting,
Wasn't quick enough to run,
She's owed so much, of this I'm sure -
We're duty bound to find a cure.

Voiceover Jack can't believe the words he's hearing
Grinds his teeth, and then some more,
Is this because he's not been caring?
Kneeling, Ianto on the floor,
Insisting Lisa can be saved
Just isn't big, or smart, or brave.
To bring her to the Torchwood cave,
Was worse than stupid; what he's done
Could cause another Torchwood One.

Jack She's not the woman you adored,
Her human side was simply cored.
She's gone (he tells the weeping man),
Get over it; I'm sure you can.

Voiceover But Ianto doesn't want to know,
Jack must be wrong - it's not as though
The job was finished, can't he see?
It's their responsibility
To set his girl, his Lisa, free.

Frustrated now by Ianto's tears
Jack curbs his anger, changes gears.

Jack A chance like this is all they need
To re-establish, power that feeds
On human weakness can succeed
Where simple might would never win;
You make the choice, you let her in,
That's where the slaughter will begin -
She'll hunker down inside the base,
Rebuild the stinking Cyber race,
The Bay today - the world tonight!
And soon the universe will quake
Worlds gone as they assimilate.
From seeds so small they'll grow again,
She's tried already - threatening Gwen
Was just the start, she'll kill us all -
But this stops here - our duty calls;
We stand together, then she'll fall.

Ianto But we're in love! (a plaintive wail,
And Owen's eyes roll, Gwen just pales)
I had to save her, can't you see?
Or have you never loved like me?
I'd give the world to save her hide.

Jack It's time to choose, you must decide,
You want to make it out alive?
Then think about it, pick a side.

Chorus With honest words so harshly spoken
Surely Ianto's heart is broken,
Jack won't bend for selfish woes
It's Ianto's choice now - friend or foe;
He's got to choose, he can't be both.
So sadly dies this young love's dream -
Now these would be those adult themes:
Forget the bollocks, arses, fucks,
The point is, sometimes life just sucks.
There is no rule that good guys win
And no one cares about a sin,
No fairy tale or pantomime,
No law down here to rule on crime,
No rules at all but laws sublime:
Trust, gravity and Jack - and time.

Voiceover Time's running out, they're stuck inside
No guns to use, nowhere to hide,
No power for hours. They hear a stride -
The Cyberwoman's back in sight
But tearful Jones still won't comply,
Insisting all he has to do
Is talk to her, he'll see this through.

Ianto I'll save her life - and our lives too -
She's not a monster - are you, dear
(He turns to face her, moving near),
Please, Lisa, let me help you change,
Give up your wicked ways,
We'll find a cottage, settle down,
And metal babies raise.

Lisa But you are human; squishy, flawed,
I'm clearly much superior,
My glossy metal shiny bits,
My nicely chromed posterior,
I've been upgraded, I'm mark two;
Much better than the rest of you.

Jack You've seen yourself, I s'pose (he shrugs), you're really kind of hot,
And murderous, and quite insane - C3PO you're not.

Voiceover He won't back down, she turns around
The water tower reflects her frown -
She's not impressed, her face is grim,
Disgusted at the sight of skin,
Then Ianto's plea to help gives pause;
A way, perhaps, to fix her flaws -

Lisa Although my upgrade failed to take,
We've still got time to wipe the slate,
If we're in love then this is fate;
We'll share your brain, upgrade together
Join in thought and flesh forever.

Voiceover Ianto's shocked; he can't agree,
However much he wants to be
In Lisa's arms, he's sure their flesh
When joining is supposed to mesh
Not merge;

Ianto I'm yours and you are mine,
But needs like these can't be aligned,
This love is made of you and me
One each, both thinking separately.

Lisa If that's the case, it's clear to see
We lack compatibility.

Voiceover Economy of word and deed
Are met and measured in the speed
Of Lisa's arm, the shock and fear
On Ianto's face both written clear
As, flapping hard, he fails to steer -
And landing in a tangled heap
Lies still enough to be asleep.

Chorus Alas poor Jones, poor Ianto Jones,
His love's no good; the cyber-cow
He loves just wants his body now.
With anguish wracked - though brain intact -
He's thrown aside; he's tossed as scrap
And shame and anger battle now
For pity and the fact
The daft be-suited boy's all damp
His head and heart both cracked.

Jack You can't do that!

Voiceover Jack yells, enraged,
Gun raised, already cocked.
A crack and then a lightning bolt;
And he staggers, clearly shocked.

Now, finally, the team take flight,
Code nine manoeuvres, left and right
They dodge and run, they duck and call,
They can't afford to drop this ball.
Locked in, they've nowhere left to flee,
Impassive to the nth degree
She follows quite relentlessly.
While they around the table, panting,
Shaken from their pointless ranting
Listen to her slowly clanking,
Drawing near while Jack expounds,
Makes clear the precedent and grounds
On which they'll shoot to kill, not maim -
Her death must be their final aim.

Pragmatic Jack, then, eyes agleam,
Assigns each member of his team
A role within the greater scheme:

Toshiko's sent, lock-pick in hand,
To delve beneath the leaflet stands
With orders to divert the power,
Then meet them by the water tower.
She must protest; it's not the door -
Although that's added to the score -
(And worse, that doc of whom she dreams
Is standing with the one who screams),
But yet again, with lines to say
And poignant scenes that she could play
Jack's ordered her to go away!

Disgruntled Tosh despatched at last
Jack turns to Gwen and Owen's task:
Some weapons now they must accrue,
Jack's easy; anything will do.

A thoughtful Owen, sure he'll soon
Find plenty lethal in his room,
Gets set to sneak across the gloom,
But Gwen just frowns, she can't be keen,
Suspicious of their leader's scheme
She has to ask, she hopes she's wrong -

Gwen So what will you do while we're gone?

Voiceover Jack's look says all she needs to know,

Jack I'll buy you time - go on now, go!

Voiceover Then right on cue (as if she's due)
The enemy comes striding through,
Determined pace still unabated,
Intercept anticipated,
Jack's distraction buys their flight -
She enters left, they exit right -
And Jack can't run, can't even fight,
She's just too strong - he must be bright,
Audacious, knock her off her perch.
If baiting her buys time to search,
He'll keep his distance, use his head -
Determined still to see her dead
Jack plies his tongue and talks instead.

Jack You can't profess to be the best
Unwanted, uninvited guest
A guy could have, but while you're here
A word, please, in your shiny ear.
You snuck inside without my ken,
Brought all your high-tech cyber-tat
And drained my power - I won't pretend
I'm pleased, but I can live with that -
But now you've tried to hurt my friends
And that's enough - this has to end.

Voiceover Once round the table, down the stairs -
The slowest chase that's ever aired
While Lisa makes her case quite plain:
She'll take their base - Jack's case is vain,
Immune from care, no shame or pain -
Delete them all and start again.

Jack doesn't flinch, he's resolute;
While he could flee her slow pursuit,
Each second bought aids their dispute,
He's got to stall, he can't be mute -

Jack You've suffered, and it's still a shame,
But fear and pain can't take the blame,
No matter what - I'll make this clear -
This ends right now, it stops right here.

Chorus Hooray for Harkness! Captain Jack
Our hero - though the odds are stacked
Won't hesitate; unarmed, straight-backed -
He'll put himself in way of harm
With no defence but wit and charm.
His bravery, though, can't disarm
A momentary déjà vu
Obscuring fannish points of view.
While each might play a vital role
In gaining their important goal,
And battle must exact its toll,
We know our man - no thinking fan
Would gasp to find Jack's cunning plan
Involves a last, heroic stand.

Voiceover She's not impressed; no aesthete she,
Jack's winning smile and moving plea
Dismissed without a single thought -
Past reflex fast and muscle taut
A lightning hand flicks out - he's caught!

Jack shakes and shivers, groans and gasps,
Electric palm to shoulder clasped,
A final twitch, a rough breath rasps,
The Captain crumples; well-shaped arse
Meets floor, legs folding to the ground,
And shocked, the team who hung around
Stare horrified as he's brought down.

Toshiko, watching from the cage
As locks begin to disengage,
Has no recourse but what Jack bade:
No arguments or foolish pride
Her duty now to get outside
And quickly, while she's still got time -
He tried his best, but Jack's supine,
And now it seems she's next in line!

But Jack's not done - he's simply resting,
Plumage singed but still contesting
Lisa's voltage - amp and watt,
He's not impressed; if that's her lot
With every volt of power she's got
She'd better take another shot -
He's shocked for sure, but on his feet,

Jack I'm not so easy to delete.

Voiceover Then well-plucked cyber-eyebrows meet
As Lisa steps, annoyance plain,
And simply zaps him once again.

Gwen cries out,

Gwen Jack!

Voiceover She turns to run
But Owen's there to hold her tight,
With low-voiced truth he bids her:

Owen Come -
Jack can't be helped, but we must fight.

Voiceover Gwen turns her gaze from Jack's pale corpse,
To Lisa, then the silent Jones,
Then, shining tears like failing hopes,
She follows Owen up the slope.
Their chances of surviving low:
Two down; now only three to go.

Chorus In silent darkness Harkness lies:
No sign of life, his sightless eyes
Turned inward, contemplating death.
Expectantly we pause, but breath
Does not return, and we, bereft,
Must mourn him now - how, once before,
We wept to see him on the floor.
Our hero lost, and clothing shed
In hope of taking him to bed
Is torn instead, with harrowed cries
Insistent still that Jack will rise,
Our Captain surely cannot die.
Such anguish felt, laments so shrill;
In darkness cradled, Harkness still
Can move, although he no more will.

Voiceover Alone unmoved, now Lisa shifts,
Trajectories plotting, data sifts,
The scattered team identified,
Her target set and verified -

Across the hub, Toshiko, shaking,
Sees the line that Lisa's taking,
Trying to contain her fright
By urging on the blinking lights
A beep, and as the LEDs
Light green, the lock clanks finally free,
Still not quite there, a little more -
With Lisa close, Tosh grits her jaw
And sets her shoulder to the door.

The weapons Owen thought to find
From past post-mortems left behind
Have come to naught, he's getting fraught,
What good's a torch? He would have thought
A bone-saw, something sharp, serrated,
Hunting still, his hopes frustrated,
Simple scalpels all that's there.
He sweats and searches, frets and swears
While Gwen, on look-out, gets to see
Tosh roll the hatch, slip finally free -

Relief postponed until the door
Is rolled right back and locked once more,
Toshiko breathes a shaky sigh,
Her hopes are high - she's safe outside,
Then terror grips her, tight and fresh,
As Lisa punches through the mesh,
Toshiko gasps, she's got to run -
No peace until her task is done.

A simple sum, now Lisa knows
Two down, one fled, leaves two to go.
She swivels, scanning nice and slow
And Gwen, on watch, moves just too late -
Her torch shines full in Lisa's face!

She gapes, aghast, descending fast
Down well-scrubbed steps, breath harshly gasped.

Another exit - sure to be
But Owen has to disagree;
They're trapped inside - they'll have to hide,
Unless she fancies getting fried.
Although one place might be secure...
He gestures to a metal door
Pulls out the drawer -

Owen In here, you see?
I'll get in first, you lie on me.

Voiceover She's unimpressed - he's not her type;
Not round enough, too sharp, too bright -
What's more the space is just too tight,
She not a prude, but this won't do;

Gwen I can't just lie on top of you!

Owen I know it's not the greatest plot,
But sorry, love - it's all we've got!

Voiceover In silence dark and damply dank
On shadowed walkways, past the banks
Of monitors now Lisa clanks.
Each step she takes stirs crimson gloom
And echoes like the knell of doom
Pervade the white-tiled cutting room.
While, fighting panic, plans depleted,
Resolute, still undefeated
They've no way out: no second door
And no more time for doubts, before
They climb straight in and close the drawer.

Chorus Oh wretched Woodies! Blessed with haste
But lacking sense - they must embrace
The simple facts: their hiding place
Is far from safe, their lives at stake,
The compromise they had to make
Is looking bad - they might escape,
Toshiko's role might be fulfilled -
But ignorance condemns them still:
Jack's plan expired when Jack was killed!

Voiceover The scene as seen pans slow and wide,
Dark, stark and silent, life denied;
An elegy for love and pride,
Two bodies prone, two trapped inside.
And bloodied by the dim red light
The Hub lies still, no hope in sight
As thudding steps bring Lisa near,
Inside the drawer they quake with fear -
Was Jack's pledge right? It all ends here?

Chapter Text

Voiceover		A gasp, a twitch - dim shadows shift,
Stiff shoulders roll and eyelids lift
As rising hands scrape sweat-damp hair
From off a brow that's lined with care
And death - though pained he's never tamed.
Then, poise reclaimed, that famed blue stare
Refocused on the larger game,
Disoriented, wracked with pain
But duty-bound, Jack stands again.

Chorus Words can't compete - joy conquers tongues
As from the great beyond Jack comes
Once more, his bitter-sweet reward
We doubted once, but never more
Will mourning dim our inner glee.
And though we clearly must agree
The blessings brought by Rusty's grace
In bringing Jack through time and space
To Cardiff's rift, we must insist
This precious gift needs better care:
Soft hands to smooth dishevelled hair
And warm flesh chilled by concrete bare -
While pliable amenities
That launched a thousand 'ships
Deserve more comfort, twisted lips
Should be kissed better, freed from threat -
He's not a pet. You know we're right;
Jack's not for Christmas - he's for life.

Voiceover He shakes his head to clear the ache
Tries not to wonder why his fate
Seems frequently to act as bait,
Then spotting Ianto slumped close by,
Foul insurrection's set aside
As creased concern fills Harkness' eyes,
And slithering down the concrete bank,
He presses tight to Ianto's flank
Then looks to see if Lisa saw -
But she's intent upon the drawer...

Inside, the pair are lying close
Breath mingling, almost nose to nose,
Cop top: doc bottom, silently
Both waiting for discovery.
Hydraulics hissing, upgrades creak,
She bends, she grips and metal squeaks -
Then pulls the handle, blankly stares
Ta da! The drawer lies empty, bare.

Across the hub while Lisa seeks,
Jack names this Ianto, taps a cheek.
There's no response, no breath is seen,
Beneath the red lights pale skin gleams -
It can't be true, is Ianto dead?
Jack leans in closer, lifts his head -

Death scented, hid in dark restriction
Nerves necessitate prescription,
Doctor Harper specifies
A palliative for anxious fright,
Effective, simple to apply...

Down in the pond, in clearer sight
Jack seems to think that Owen's right.
A tiny pause, a better view,
Then two and two, tongues breaking through,
Four pairs of lips are firmly glued
(Though Ianto's mouth is quite involved
The rest of him is still out cold).

Now lenses focus, data feeds
Through high-spec firewalls at top speed
To where, in basement level six,
The Torchwood Archive whirrs and clicks:

File path assigned: CCTV/Hub interface/Security
Sub-sectioned further: Staff/HR/First Aid/ Requiring CPR

A musing click, a worried hum,
The system chews its VR thumb,
Creates a copy of the log
And files it under: Harkness/Snog

Chorus All hail to Rusty! God indeed
Providing for our every need,
He gave us Jack, then brought him back
With joy and anguish, angst and crack
(Of many kinds), and now to bring
This vision to our sight we'll sing,
All voices raised in praise to thee,
Almighty Celtic deity.
And though we're not entirely sure,
The point is moot - who cares what for -
Jack's snogging Ianto on the floor!

Voiceover Some, TARDIS-like, Time Slip equipped,
Their buttons fumble, press and grip,
Devour each moment lip to lip,
With zoom employed to check for tongues,
Where hands are placed - the shape of bums -
Thus forming, with a joyous whoop,
A slash-infused perpetual loop.

Gwen and Owen, Ianto, Jack -
As frames roll forward, then roll back,
The moment tightens, goes to slack -

Chorus Such concentration addles senses
Causes fires and weakens tenses,
Thought, like touch, a bare sensation,
Nonetheless bears radiation -
Image joins imagination
Scratching at that subtle crust,
Corruption threatens, fuelled with lust -

Voiceover Time's fabric stretched, that fragile skin
'Twixt like and life is drawing thin,
Acceleration, retrograde,
Such interruptions aggravate
That spatial rift which fuels our plot,
Excited neurons, running hot,
Scour layers now from either side;
Electrons thick: dimensions wide -
Reality, contained inside,
Contaminates the great divide!

But viewing's joy begins to wane
As fraught nerves stretch, suspense sustained
By repetition growing strained:
It's not enough in retrospect,
They've got to know what happens next -
Vexed thoughts collide, reach out - connect!

Frayed edges merge, frail links restored
Time reconnects - and on the floor
Pale Ianto gasps. With nerves still raw
From love's betrayal, his mouth drops wide,
Eyes stunned and glossed, heart's fibre tried
By trials and loss, and now his boss:
Disgraced, embraced, all said - he's lost.

Jack shakes his head, a single finger
Pressed to close Jones's lips let linger,
Waiting for the proper cue.
Whilst, back inside, the other two
Have made the most of dark seclusion.
No debate and no confusion,
Mutually assured conclusion
Dimly lit, hands roaming free,
No pause for breath, complaint or plea
'Til suddenly, illicit peace
Is shattered by a tipsy Rhys.

Stood framed against the Cardiff glow,
Relaxed, tanked up, with Daf in tow,
They're heading for a curry now.
But first, this self-confessed Welsh dream
Must ring his Gwen. His simple scheme
To ask a favour wreathed with smiles -
This loving bloke, out on the tiles,
Forgot to check his Radio Times
(And don't forget there are existing
Other forms of TV listing),
He'll miss his show - he'd rather not -

Rhys Can you tape Wife Swap? I forgot.

Voiceover Shocked lips draw tight, eyes wide with fright
Meet, blinking blindly, seeking light
While fumbling fingers stalk the sound -
It must be stopped or they'll be found!

Chorus Accursed phone! Your plangent tone
Ensures your whereabouts are known,
That signal that you've somehow found
So many storeys underground
Must wrest fraught lips from passion's throes;
Their hiding place has been exposed!
The ironies of tangled plot -
As sneers conceal blood running hot
Gwen might insist she'd rather not
Get quite so near, but can rank fear
Be solely blamed for snogging here?

Voiceover Their brief reprieve has reached its end,
They're out of hope, they can't pretend
It's looking good - they must defend
Their fragile lives with tiny knives -
No time to pause, they hit the floor
Dishevelled, rolling from the drawer
To see her turn a bare, blank stare
To Gwen. Then slow, with steady pace
Advancing with the need to share
Her fate, this fatal steel embrace.

They're trapped, and worse this time they're seen -
There's no way out, frank panic gleams
Gwen surely can't evade her plans...

But wait! A hero comes to stand!
Whip-thin, a wary, wiry man -

Owen Don't you touch her!

Voiceover He's shaking, wired,
Adrenal boosters primed and fired.
A nimble flick, he sticks her quick
Then twists the blade. This healer, sick
Of death, must kill or else be killed,
But knows whose blood he'd rather spilled.

Distorted tones roar loudly, pained
As Lisa falls, such self retained
That sends chilled blood through Ianto's veins -
As mothers know their wounded young,
He knows that voice - his love's undone
Her anguished cry demands he come -

As Ianto sprints towards the ramp
Jack slumps, exhausted, on the bank,
And wary Owen slowly backs
Face tension-etched, he can't relax,
But feigning calm then turns to catch
The glaze that twists Gwen's well-kissed pout.

Gwen So what the hell was that about?

Voiceover His practised shrug conceals his doubt -
While accusation he'll dismiss
With reticence; so what - they kissed.
And nonchalant he waves a hand,

Owen A last kiss for a dying man?
It's not as though I had it planned.
Embarrassing enough, though, true,
Considering we made it through -
It's not as if I fancy you.

Voiceover Still flushed from fear and secret snogs,
Gwen sniffs - his base reaction mocks
His words, her senses won't be conned;

Gwen Don't bullshit, Owen. I'm not wrong,
I know a prick when I meet one,
And yours was hard - though not so long.

Owen It's not like you were struggling, hon.

Voiceover They rest in silence - sorely tried,
Worn out by fear, but satisfied
To make it through the day alive,
Then sudden movement stirs their numbed
Brief slump as, frantic, Ianto comes,
The stairway taken at a run,
With trembling hands and loose-lipped grief
To sour this briefly felt relief,
Unswerving, wracked with shocked remorse,
Jones doesn't falter from his course
But falling to unsteady knees
With trembling hands now starts to reach
For bloodied flesh. He can't appease
Death's grasp, this time he can't rebuild
His love, her flowing life's-blood spilled.

Then solemn Owen finds his voice;

Owen We had to kill her or be killed.

Voiceover Gwen must agree,

Gwen We had no choice.

Voiceover Such reasons fall like empty noise
On Jones's remorse; his fractured joy
Must run its course. Those tender hopes
He'd entertained to find a cure
Have left him drained. Grief fills his throat
And drowns his heart - their love was pure,
A state of bliss, and now to see her
Brought to this...
At Torchwood One
Where they employed her, foolish pride
Almost destroyed her. When he'd done
Her life was saved - but at such cost:
True love betrayed, all sense denied
He thought he knew what lay inside
Her heart. Now death, though overdue
And much too soon, compounds his loss:
Not merely Lisa, Torchwood too.

Chorus Alas poor Jones, so dead inside,
Without her love to justify
This sad existence, Ianto's lost.
He did his best but now the cost of
Lisa's life has been made clear:
Betrayal, violence, lies and fear -
Whilst hidden in a storeroom near
The room that saw their last embrace
A mangled corpse, his ruined face
An accusation, lies - like Jones
A broken man, his poignant fate
In giving aid to be undone:
Though selfish grief, like death, can't wait
For Jones, remorse has come too late.

Voiceover A sky of tears blurs Ianto's sight,
For everything he's lost tonight:
His cornerstone; his good repute;
The pain of loss strikes sorrow mute -
Then sudden motion draws his gaze
From musing fugues of mourning's haze
To see her eyes flick bright and wide -

In shocked surprise Jones cannot hide
The terror in his tear-filled eyes.
He finds his feet, starts back in fear,
Quite clearly frightened of his dear
Sweet cyber-girl, conflicted love
Renounced him once and that's enough.

Gwen grabs his arm; he's got to come,
She's on her feet now - time to run -

Gwen Get out! Please, Ianto - move your arse,
Get out I said!

Voiceover They're moving fast -
Up clanging stairs they run; Gwen's last
Ensuring Ianto's coming too -
They have to flee, it's what they do
But where the hell they're running to...

Then suddenly the hopeless sight
Of dim-lit walls and doors locked tight
Is brightened: hope is Harkness shaped -
Across the Hub their course set straight,
And round their Captain congregate,
Though startled Owen shakes his head
And then observes

Owen You should be dead.

Jack I'm the stubborn type, I can't help that.
Now get behind me, just keep back.

Voiceover He clicks a spark; he lights the flame,
While Lisa scorns such petty rage,
And Ianto moans, but Jack is firm;
He'll end this here, upon this stage.

Upstairs Toshiko kneels and frowns,
Though ordered up, she's feeling down,
And ponders as she checks the board
If that's what Jack thinks team-work's for.
Then, muttering beneath her breath
The number that she can't forget,
Resolves to shine at solo scenes
If they won't let her play sardines.

Jack shakes the bottle, torch waved wide,
He'll keep her back or see her fry.
Sharp orders snapped, then marinade
Must be applied - she's quickly sprayed
Then scrambling to the lift full pelt,
Jack joins his team. No movement's felt
He tries again, a grim refrain
That takes Toshiko's name in vain
Then, looking Ianto in the eye
He frowns,

Jack I'm sorry.

Voiceover From the sky
The flap of leathered wings comes near.
With razor-jaw and reptile sneer
Myfanwy from her nest drops, rapt,
She's hungry, needs to eat,
And though in silver foil it's wrapped,
That's fresh, well-seasoned meat.

They hold him tight, can't let him free,
But can't dismiss Jones's panicked plea,

Ianto She'll die!

Voiceover Three silent frowns agree.

Tosh working quickly, eyes alight,
Has found the circuit numbered right,
With three-five-seven patched straight in
This gorgeous geek can crack a grin
As tubes quick-flicker, start to glow,
A sudden surge jolts volts below
And lo! The magic slab ascends.
Its progress slow, they want to go
But can't escape the gruesome show:

A mighty punch, the irksome beast
Is cast aside, but will not cease,
Saliva dripping from her beak,
Foul eyes alight, she wants to feast.

They rise above the killing floor,
But still the noise of battle's roar
Rings clearly: Lisa's cries of pain
And fear; Myfanwy's hunger plain,
While Ianto struggles, cheeks harangued
By raging tears, this quiet, meek man
Demands Jack try another plan.

Ianto Just call it off - I know you can,
It's not too late; we'll lock her up,
Just have some fucking mercy - stop!

Voiceover His pleas are shunned; so far from base
He can't get off - the sturdy brace
Of Gwen and Owen, steadfast, true,
Restrain him; what he wants to do
Is suicide. They hold him fast
Until they reach the top at last
Then stagger blindly on the Plass.

Dead silence fills the darkened scene
As Tosh runs up, her face agleam,

Toshiko It worked! I did it! See - you're here!
What happened -

Jack No.

Voiceover His anguish clear,
Jack can't accept Toshiko's cheer
And turns away. They've won the fight
But being right can't stop the pain -
More loss from Torchwood One. What gain
Could justify such death and shame
As this? No teasing smile, no kiss
Will set things right, or yet dismiss
The cause: Jones's heart-strong act ensured
Jack had to kill - there was no cure -
And no choice now: he must endure.
His never-ending, lonely span
Condemns him still: his joy's all sham,
His life entailed, his duty clear;
He'll take their weight - the buck stops here.

But Ianto's rage is too profound
To merely mourn, and spinning round
A straight fist flies - Jack hits the ground.

Ianto You could have saved her!

Voiceover Crimson faced
Jones snarls - and Gwen and Owen race
To stop the fight, defending Jack
Who's floored, but soon comes bounding back,
Lip split, his nose a bloody flow.
While Ianto, rage undimmed by blows
Held back by Gwen, distils his woes
To venom and a hate-filled stare:

Ianto You're worse than anything down there.
I'll get my chance - don't think I'll care
To save you when your life's at stake,
I'll watch you suffer while you wait
For me to act - then watch you die!

Voiceover The punch was painful, but this spite
Has pole-axed Jack. This can't be right -
He's died so many times tonight
To save his team, now Jones' contempt
Hurts more than Lisa's volts. Resentful
Accusation, blood and shame
Aren't new, but blame can't see the frame
Of reference changed: Jones can accuse,
Parade his loss - but Jack's still Jack:
Still gives a toss. He staggers forward -
Still the boss but human too,
Too close to tears to stay aloof.

Jack What else was I supposed to do?

Voiceover In all the fuss and scuffling rush
Of retribution, curse and cuss,
Toshiko's save is rather lost.
And though she won't solicit praise
She has to speak, can't be delayed,
Her bright idea was quite inspired -

Toshiko Back in reception, pulling wires,
I found the switch that stopped the count -
I've tripped the lockdown timer out!
It's nearly done - it won't take long,
A few more seconds, once those wands
Are off the power will come back on,
And we can get back in!

Voiceover A moment's silence, Jack just stares
At Tosh. She's proud, quite unaware
Of repercussions from her act
Though Ianto grasps the salient facts
While Jack's still gaping, turns his back
And simply sprints away.

Chorus Oh woe is Jones, this yo-yo Jones,
He's up, he's down, his torment known,
But dogged to the bitter end,
Which must come soon - this sad pretence
That Lisa's life can be fulfilling
Has to change Jones's final billing.
As with Suzie, twisted thought -
Insanity - unless well taught
Will end in death or Bedlam's cage
(Or, rarely, on the West End stage).
But still he runs: he can't deny
Or justify his harsh reply,
Condemned by love, hard-pressed, distressed
Co-author of his own sad plight.

Voiceover Though wearied, still the team will follow,
'Cross the paved, the wooden straight,
And pounding boards, all panting, madly
Chasing Jones, can't hesitate -
He must be stopped. If she survived
He'll never make it out alive.

Chorus Now tender hearts may weep, it's clear
That tragic end is nigh,
Jones won't be stopped, no threat or fear
Can halt his stumbling slide
From fragile grace to hasty death -
But hush! A maid draws nigh
Intent to serve. This sweet-faced child
Of Cardiff knows our Jones as mild
And funny, smartly dressed, quite cute,
With no idea of mad pursuit
Or Cyber-girlfriends - Torchwood's just
A regular, with crispy crust.

Annie Pizza!

Voiceover Arms both filled with boxes
Coleslaw balanced on the top,
She's disconcerted when the lock
Clicks open, but then steps inside.
No answer and no Jones in sight
She frowns, calls,

Annie Ianto?

Voiceover No reply
Comes forth, but when she turns to find
A door she's never seen, surprised
But curious, she has to pry...

Through metal doors and tunnels dim
Her path is lit, then bright lights glint,
The door rolls slowly shut,
Her only comment now she's in
And sees the wider Hub,
A perspicacious:

Annie Bloody hell!

Voiceover But has to ask - it pays her bills -

Annie Hey, Ianto, want this grub or not?

Voiceover Then suddenly, high overhead,
A screeching cry rings loudly
Incredulous, her wondering stare
Turned roof-wards tracking slowly
While tremulous but empty air
Is filled with chords that darkly blare
With minor menace, growing still
To mark with shrill and steely thrills
How, with the power restored, light clothes
The Cyberwoman: bland, composed,
Her bloodied flesh exposed (of course
Those stains might just be spicy sauce).

Struck dumb, bemused - too late to run -
It looks like Annie's time has come.

Chorus Alas for Jones, he's bound by twists
Of plot to rue what pain dismissed -
His hunger brought her, now she'll feed
Unsentimental cyber-greed.
Although one spark of brighter light remains -
With what he's done and seen,
And how his heart just aches tonight,
He's rather lost his appetite.

Voiceover Across the quay the team move quickly,
Catching dust from Ianto's heels,
Cross Mermaid Boardwalk, clattering fleetly,
Jack insistently appeals he

Jack Stop!

Voiceover Gwen's tack is scarcely quieter,
Knives might fail, their slice is slight -

Gwen The pterodactyl just attacked her
How the hell could she survive?

Voiceover Toshiko, meanwhile, must protest
She only did what she thought best.
But Jack's disdainful, unimpressed -

Jack When I want you to think, I'll say so!

Voiceover Ianto's there, the door swings wide -

Toshiko If you'd just share your plans then I'd know!

Voiceover Out of sight, he ducks inside
The quay-side office that's his pride
But now he's got no time to preen
Just frowns, and leaning past the screen
He jabs the button, grabs a gun,
Then whirls to face the team he's stunned.

They stop stock-still, with hands outstretched
Their pleas released on panted breath -

Gwen Please, Ianto, don't be stupid.

Voiceover She's trying to be calm,
And stretches out a soothing hand
To reassure, perhaps disarm
While Jones, aim turned on Harkness' face
Won't let her near, steps back a pace -

Ianto I'm going back to save her,
Don't stop me or I'll shoot,
You'll never understand my pain -
I've nothing left to lose.

Jack There's always something left to lose.

Gwen Just drop the gun -

Voiceover Tosh gasps, and then
As Ianto turns his aim on Gwen
Jack grips his wrist, steel fingers twist,
The swift manoeuvred hold insists.
While, close behind, the team implore
For sanity, Jack; Webley drawn,
Sets sights along Jones's trembling jaw.

Jack You want to make that kind of threat
You'd better follow through.
You hid from us - from me - withheld the loyalty we're due,
And every move you've made tonight has screamed betrayal too.

Back down! Your theory's flawed - you're wrong;
The girl you loved is dead and gone.

Ianto Get off me!

Jack If you go back in
You'll end this how it should have been
And stand beside us - join the team.
You brought this on us, I want proof
Of loyalty beyond reproof.
One final chance: if she's alive
You'll execute her - do it right,
But if you let that thing survive
Don't hope, don't doubt - she'll still be dead,
I'll execute you both instead.

Voiceover But threats are pointless - Doting Jones
Too blind to see - his love too strong
To kill the one he dotes upon
No matter what that love's become.

He straightens in Jack's baleful gaze,
And though the shaking voice betrays
His apprehension, he won't play -
He's petrified but resolute;
No power on earth will make him shoot.

Ianto I won't, and you can't make me.
You're think you're bloody great,
All coat and innuendo
And the rules you have to break.
Your braces, belt and sexy hair,
That suave demeanour, charming flair;
One big damn hero. Captain mine,
You're not heroic, not divine
Your pedestal has caught on fire
Your reputation will expire.
No more employees in your thrall -
So, kill me, prove to one and all
You're the biggest monster of them all.

Chorus In cyberspace the tension's tight,
Will Ianto Jones survive this night?
To monitor and TV screen
Intent, concerned, all watchers lean,
With whirling brains and frazzled care
From snogs and shocks, while fingers bare
On mice (or mouses) start to wear
The fabric of the Net quite thin,
A quiet hum becomes a din -
What should be 'out' is getting 'in'.

Voiceover Now Jack steps forward, Ianto back,

Chorus In darkness, there's a quiet crack

Voiceover Another pace, and then a third,

Chorus Now louder, voices can be heard

Voiceover Jack lifts his gun once more, takes aim...

Chorus A cry of 'shoot!' A cry of 'shame!'

Voiceover And now a sudden hush is heard,
Some, fingers crossing, wait the word,
For this is Jack; he's always been
Much darker than the dancing queen
He seemed back there in Doctor Who,
His ruthless streak is hardly new.
This driven man, so debonair,
Has lived more lifetimes than they care
To think about. What's in his head?
And really, what's just one more dead?

Chorus Across the great electric tide
Are those that take the other side -

Voiceover This Jones they like, they think he's cute -
What's more they don't think Jack should shoot.
Poor Ianto's suffered too, they say.
If Jack's so old he's worn away
Some of his corners, smoothed his ire
And dampened his internal fire.
Jack's got a special place for Jones
(And not just in his eager stones).
Harassment, sir, the rallying cry,
The coffee-dragon flag flies high.

Chorus Will Jack kill Ianto? Will he shoot
And ruin such a lovely suit?

Voiceover With so much thought all concentrated
Energy accumulates,
Throughout that space unconsecrated
Surging tides now escalate:
The lines are drawn, the lines are breached,
A clear agreement can't be reached.
A rip is heard, a punctured shriek -
Reality has sprung a leak!

Chorus And spilling from the ether swirling
Hundreds, thousands, now come whirling
Arguing, shrill voices raised,
To fill the concrete painted stage -
A surging tide of startled geeks,
Discovering the power of speech!

Lord Rusty What's all this fuss?

Voiceover A voice exclaims
(Enthusiastic, Welsh, mid-range),
A breath of hush, a quiet aside,
A giant of a man is spied,
A dark-haired woman by his side.

Lord Rusty (for 'tis he) descends,
Without pretence he condescends
To listen to the crazed debates,
The likes, the loves, the raging hates,
Sometimes he nods, some notes dictates
While Lady Julie contemplates.
The arguments will all be heard,
But Rusty's is the final word.

Jack's lip curls hard, his finger twitches,
Fandom quickly digs its ditches:
Weapons drawn, in trenches squatting,
Fen divided - TV watching
Armed with capslock, icons, art,
Flames, spam and wanking - blah, blah, blah,
The better-death-than-retcon mob are heading for the bar.
A fatwa pledged on Rusty's head if Jack does not desist
And others still who simply wish
Jack naked, bound, or merely kissed.

Each case presented, pro and con,
The battle rages on and on.
While Ianto, though his love's confessed,
Would rather live - he's sorely pressed
To speak in his own interest.

Ianto Lord Rusty, please, just let me live
My future's your prerogative -

Voiceover He flutters gamely, fading not,
His face all shiny-wet with snot,
Then tears upon his cheeks fall fast,
As he prepares to breathe his last.

Ianto But while I can (he stutters out),
I've got some final words.
I did it just for love, you see,
That's all it was, no gain for me
Beyond the bliss of Lisa's arms.
You've seen the upgrades, but her charms
Go far beyond the shiny pants.
And if you give her half a chance,
You'll soon find out you like her too.
She's sweet and lovely, gentle, nice,
And funny - really, and I know
The first impression wasn't good,
But give her time, on you she'll grow
Just one last chance, you know you should.

Voiceover He swallows hard, he hesitates,
And Rusty's furrowed look gestates.
It can't be good, his head he shakes,
As Ianto in his puddle quakes
The frowning God prepares to speak -
Then on his knees, damp Ianto squeaks,

Ianto I know I've lost my right to plead,
And I can't say I'll let her go,
She's been my love - You've got to know
I'm bound to be a mite emo -

But this I'll pledge - if Jack will take his gun from out my ear.
As punishment, my virgin arse I'll forfeit gladly pay,
To slake his need to praise my rear, repeatedly, each day.
I will (his shoulders stiffen now), I'll do just what I must
To satisfy the needs of plot, and slake the Captain's lust.

Jack's urge to shag I'll yet assuage,
Just let me make it past this page!

Voiceover A rumpus then; some fangirls faint
Floor managers bring out restraints.
The audience descends en masse:
Some cradle Ianto, others press
And targets sketch upon his brow,
While others still converge on Jack,
Who struggles not, submerging now
Beneath a tide of sprawling limbs,
Til Rusty's shout disturbs their fete -

Lord Rusty Get off that Captain! Put him down,
That's you, Jack, too - we're running late.

Voiceover Now Rusty thinks, he ponders long,
His brow a twitching vein upon,
While prone, the trembling Ianto waits,
His hopeless pose anticipates...

And then at length, Lord Rusty sighs,

Lord Rusty All right then lad, we'll compromise.
That virgin arse that's going free,
You'll shake with ambiguity.

Voiceover His head he nods, a fate ordained,
A pardon granted and proclaimed.

Fair Julie waves her magic wand,
But nothing happens; something's wrong.

Lackey #1 No signal (sighs this techie, passing),
We should've thought, and put a mast in,
It's too late now of course (he gestures)
RSPB special measures;
Though Torchwood's far beyond the law,
Endangered species, pterosaur.

Voiceover She finds a tone, she makes the call,
One finger in her ear to block
The racket from the heaving crowd.

Lady Julie We're working here against the clock.
You know that Jones we're killing off,
The one that Jack was down to choke?
We've changed our minds, it's more a cough.
No, Chris (she's frowning), it's no joke.
Look, add some extra UST,
We'll try for ambiguity.
Just have him cry an awful lot
And then we'll find another plot.

Voiceover Meanwhile, poor Jack is feeling used,
His confidence has been abused,
Should he accept he'll be besmirched,
And saddled with this lissom Lurch.
He contemplates the suited man
Prone at his feet, the form and span,
The length of limb, the face -
Then smiles; he'll bear it for a little while.

But not just yet - he looks and grins,
Sets sights on fangirls, dives back in...

Chorus With no regard for rules or regs,
No net, no risk assessment checks
Or safety harness, nonetheless,
Our Captain does his very best
To reunite opposing factions.
Offering a choice distraction,
Sacrificing dignity
Without complaint - he'll intervene
No matter what he has to do,
What torments he's subjected to -
But bears it with a smile serene
(That's when his face is even seen).
And we, adoring, surge and rush
To verify the Harkness touch -
But don't mistake this zeal for glee;
Procedure here at Torchwood Three,
Where exploration is the key
To understanding what's unknown,
Means samples must be handled - grown -
Preliminary tests repeated
Careful study quite replete, but
Finally our point's proved sound -
It's true! Without a doubt we've found
Enough of Jack to go around!

Voiceover At length, the masses are corralled,
Jack extricated from their whirl
Reluctantly (for such is he),
His trousers found, tugged firmly free,
The shirt though torn beyond repair.
With innocent expression, bare,
He shrugs and smirks and Rusty sighs.

Lady Julie Fetch wardrobe!

Voiceover Lady Julie cries.
Jack grins at her, she looks apace
At make-up smeared across his face,
Then Lady Julie shakes her head
And goes to talk to Gwen instead.

At last, with places now resumed,
Green screens to hide the crowded room,
Make-up adjusted, coiffed and groomed,
Blood splashed and cut and bruised and stuff,
The team are ready for the off.

Lackey #2 Take forty-seven, lights, and... Jack -

Voiceover But Jack's expression fails to crack.
He's looking puzzled, shakes his head,

Jack This isn't right, he should be dead -
He's gone too far to live instead.
He can't just walk, it's very plain,
I'm easy, yes, but not insane,
And if you must then call me dense
But really, guys, this makes no sense.
This Ianto Jones, he cracked my base,
He's threatening the human race,
His girlfriend's killed me twice already,
And now you want us going steady?

Just tell me simply, make me keen,
What motivates me in this scene?

Voiceover Lord Rusty sighs with heartfelt pain,
He gestures;

Lackey #2 Cut!

Voiceover rings out again.

Lord Rusty Now Jack (he draws the man in close),
Forgiveness is the line we'll boast,
Besides, he's fit, he's kind of cute,
You've said yourself he suits that suit.
And while we're here, another one,
Remember 1941?

Voiceover Jack shakes his head, his look is strained.

Jack D'you have to bring that up again?
And don't pretend it's just the same,
I took my chances in the game,
Stood up, was counted, took my fall,
Died slumped against a bloody wall.

Lord Rusty But Jack, unlooked-for kindliness
A rescue from a friend he's miffed,
Might help him change, grow better aims,
Someone much older - get my drift?
I know for you it has to be
Much longer than a century,
But your perspective's not the best;
We knew you in your leather vest!

Don't try to make this hard for me,
You've got no chance, you have to see,
Not just one viewing on TV
(He gestures widely, causing squee)
This lot all bought the DVDs.

Voiceover Jack's turn to sigh.

Jack Just one last chance -
But he's got to show some willing.
I'm making all the running here,
I'm not expecting him to cheer
But surely something has to give
If I'm supposed to let him live.

Voiceover He turns to face the nervous Ianto,
Moving close -

Jack You had your chance,
Now when I say your ass is mine
There's no dispute. We'll redefine
The lines in time, but for tonight
I say 'you piss': You ask 'how high?'
It's bitter, sure, but swallow this
Tonight, I might just take the risk
That Rusty's right. I can't deny
Without a second chance to shine
I'd be long gone, but if he's wrong
You've been advised; I won't think twice,
I'm sick and tired of playing nice.
You might be screwed, but don't ignore
The truth. And if my faith's restored,
Who knows - perhaps we both just scored.

Voiceover He finds his centre, cocks his gun
Locates his well of righteous rage,
Sets jaw, pats Ianto on the bum
And summons his determined face -

Lackey #2 And..... action!

Voiceover Jack's bleak tone is flat.
Ten minutes grace before the fact
He'll grant, but not a moment more -
Jones isn't dim, he knows the score;
His bargain's made, he can't complain
Dissent won't win the day, that's plain,
His urge to fight must be restrained
If he'd survive (He's so unsure -
But certain there must be a cure).
Then stoops to get his gun, stands tall,
His back against the bloody wall -
And turning through the door he's gone
To leave the team to chew upon
The question of what's right and wrong.

Jack's overwrought, pale Owen's calm
Is fragile, worried Gwen won't harm
A spider in her bath,
While Tosh looks stunned,

Toshiko How can you ask -

Voiceover But Jack's retort comes just too fast,

Jack I don't need your opinion!

Chorus Alas for Jack, the strain must show:
With Ianto going down below
The show ticks on. Denouements slowed
By sweet distraction cross the lines
Of interaction; life and rhyme
Can't be sustained within real-time
Without great effort - subtle twists
Of plot (where two worlds co-exist
In more than merely abstract acts)
Have worn him out - the poor bloke's whacked,
If there's another take he'll crack!

Voiceover Downstairs, the Hub is filled with light,
Blood-streaked debris distracts Jones's sight,
Myfanwy croaks a creaky cry:
A restless glance - this search a trial,
No matter how he'd try, denial
Is not a friend to Ianto Jones -
Beneath his feet the concrete bones
Of Torchwood hide another lie:
Two boxes lying side by side
Reminding Jones of hunger, lunch -
The memory stuns - his painful hunch
Of what his Lisa's gone and done
Electrifies; he starts to run...

Racing, splashing, sprinting damply
Through cramped tunnels Ianto pants
And gasps; aflame with shock and shame,
Red shadows frame expectant pain
And hurtling through the unlocked door
He flinches: on the floor before
Him Lisa lies; still, unaware,
By concrete cradled, cold eyes stare
Unseeing; blood and water mired -
The handles off her metal hat, her circuits all cross-wired.

Such anguish won't support his knees,
Too late for lies - he must believe
His bloodied hands; though death's appeased
His pain won't cease. No last riposte -
No words: his agile tongue is lost
To mourning now. She lies, like dross
That he must sweep, her death the cost
Of his release. Beloved life
Wiped out, he's lost his cause to thrive;
Can't live without his love alive.

Impotent grief drowns out his fears,
Deep welling eyes spill scalding tears
On ravaged cheeks, bereft, he weeps
For loss and Lisa, love and life -
Survival's just too high a price.

Time has no pity, pause nor grace
And Jones no time - that frenzied haste
That drove his pace to centre stage
Left un-appraised the shallow cage
Of darkness -

Annie Ianto?

Voiceover On his feet,
Defiant even in defeat,
He leaps, with gun raised high, jaw tight,
Eyes popping at the plaintive sight
That stares across the cyber-chair -
The slim, young woman standing where
He tended Lisa's needs with care
Has cloth and hair in place of steel,
But nonetheless seems not to feel
The bloodied gash that rends her brow.
He's gaping now but simply mouths
A shocked denial - passion clouds
His judgement but he's not insane -

Annie/Lisa Please Ianto, love - it's really me,
Your Lisa. Human now - again.
I had to hold on, don't you see?
I saw you fight so hard for me
I took this body, changed our brains -
I did it all for you!

Voiceover It can't be true; his senses reel
In disbelief - the cyber-thief
That stole his Lisa claims to feel
His pain - has heartless death no shame?

In thickened tones he must refute her:

Ianto You're not Lisa,

Voiceover his dispute.
Though through the loss and nausea
A glance he'll chance to scan the floor -
As stitches joining tender skin
Might be to see her brain stays in
(In situations quite this strained
It's hard to help assigning blame
Whilst standing on discarded brains).
But she's intent; he needs to heed her,
Tries familiarity -

Annie/Lisa You always said you didn't love
Me merely for the way I looked.

Voiceover He flinches; she's on surer ground
Domestic detail has him hooked -

Annie/Lisa You know it was a Saturday
Last time you said those words to me.
We're both hung-over, you made cheese
On toast, and moaned I hadn't
Cleaned my kettle; it was filled with scale.
We set a tent and camped that night
On a beach in Brittany
It got so cold we wore our coats,
You cuddled close to me -
One sleeping bag made room for two.
Then morning came - when we awoke
A dog was pissing on our tent -

Voiceover Gun shaking in his hand, Jones's throat
Is choked, tear-soaked abundance stoked
By vying cries: The green-screened tribe,
Defiantly eclectic, pride
Untamed (captivity's unease
Appeased by Jones's best brew - or tea -
And running feeds on HD-screens)
Are torn now, have to disagree:
Pure angst or pointless poignancy?

They're silenced fast - umbrellas passed
Among the hoard are quickly grasped -
While those who can't contain their thoughts
On Ianto's tears, tamed, not by force
But merely threats of intercourse
With super-soakers filled with sauce.
But now inspectors intervene:
It's minor, but a risk foreseen
Must be assessed - behind the screens,
Brave lackeys, tasked with holding fast
Should Ianto's weeping drown the cast,
Are issued sand-bags.

Rusty nods -

Lord Rusty Don't worry lad, those noisy sods
Have no respect for emo sobs,
You do your best - we'll trim the rest.
Now - close together, looking stressed...

Lackey #2 And back in three, two -

Voiceover Ianto's numbed,
Distraction come and gone, his gun
Gripped tightly now as Annie speaks -
A silent pledge that, one more squeak,
A breath of cheek, he'll shoot the crowd
And screw the Beeb instead, can't drown
That rising fright: there's no more time...

Chorus Alas poor Jones, his stand was brave
But clearly Lisa can't be saved,
Jack's point is proved, one death, then two -
She'll work right through the cast and crew.
Must Gwen die, Tosh and Owen too
Before he'll act? She's clearly cracked!
Whatever trace of loving grace
And how her torn and bloodied face
Draws pity, all those tears he's wept
Can't wash her clean - untimely death,
Integrity and self-respect
Are drowned in such a tide of woe
And loss as Jones has never known.
As Tanizaki's life; so Annie's -
Sacrificed to hope in vain,
Pain wells upon his stricken face,
To rival tears that drip and race
He can't say no - one last embrace...
Awash with weeping, wrung by shame
There's nothing right, and from tonight
No more it can be - not again.

Voiceover What little choice he had long gone,
Jones can't deny the siren song
Of loving arms - he can't let go
But must be strong, must take control,
Be resolute, decisive, act...

Face streaming still, he steps straight back
Jaw set so tight it might just crack.
While Lisa, stunned to see his gun,
Can't understand - she's shocked, his blunt
Rebuttal pains; she's only done
What needed doing - can't he see?
She's human now, it's done - they're free
She doesn't want apologies,
But surely he won't see this through -

Annie/Lisa It's me - it's Lisa, please, it's true -
I did this all because of you,
You wouldn't shoot and lose forever
We'll be upgraded - stay together!

Voiceover A final proof he didn't need
And Ianto, weeping without cease
As greedy death prepares to feed,
Must turn away; bereft, gun slack
In nerveless fingers, duty wracked
But torn by care: he cannot act
To save his life, can't stand to share
Her death; life's price too high to bear -
Then suddenly the dank, still air
Is riven by a single shot -

Brow knotted, shocked, he's forced to watch
A slowly oozing, bloody spot
Mark cotton cloth, aghast - enthralled -
The hijacked body staggers, falls...

More shots resounding - darkened walls
Confound with echoes; bloodied sounds
That fade to sighs and silent grief
As Ianto turns, distraught - relieved
Of duty by the team. Four-square,
They stand as one, cares fairly-shared.
He can't react, just stands and stares -
Gwen blinks; the others stare straight back.
Team Torchwood: jury, judge and Jack -
Defiant facts belie hard eyes:
The price of failure - one more life.

And beckoning across that wasted
Place, cold death with Harkness' face
Attends him now. Calm, without haste,
Jones turns to kneel - soul forfeit; staked
On bartered goals - this end foretold -
The bloody concrete hard and cold
Between that soul whose heart was sold
As one adored, and she who bore
Her. Hope is gone; his heart won't thaw -
Head bowed, love's death to contemplate,
A sobbing Ianto waits his fate.

Chorus Alas poor Jones, poor Ianto Jones

Voiceover While mournful strings sing Ianto's plight,

Chorus Love lost, he bears the final cost

Voiceover Grief segueing into wet, welsh night,

Chorus Alone, he weeps but will not plead,

Voiceover Across the peaceful bay, serene

Chorus At Harkness' mercy: rarely seen -

Voiceover Illumination blends...

Swept clean
The Hub's bright-lit familiar scene
Seems bare of life. Then sirens cry
And as the creaking hatch rolls wide
A nervous Ianto steps inside.

Neat, darkly-suited, shirt and tie
In sombre shades of grey and white,
The butler's bland façade in place
He stalks across the empty space.
Quite pale beneath his suit, distrait
But guarded: bleak anticipation
Stops him by the shallow basin,
Stops him, staring up above
To where Jack waits - a silent judge.

Gwen watches both at Jack's left hand,
Compassion in her weary stance -
Love's not enough - no mitigation,
Jones must hope that Harkness' patient
Trust, so broken, can be learned
Again. That second chance he'd earn
Unspoken - then a nod; acknowledgment; Jack's gaze
No sign of praise, no censure.
Harkness merely stays his hand,
And Ianto merely stands -

Chorus Alas poor Jones, this Ianto Jones,
He couldn't shoot the girl he loved,
His future's lost, his heart is crushed -
His love lies bleeding in the dust.
An end now - brief lives flicker out
Decisive action can't hold doubt,
As Ianto too must stand once more,
Pick up his life, reset his jaw.
His Lisa's dead but he survived -
No time to rue his compromise,
His bed is made from death and lies;
He's sold his soul, what's more his crack,
To Torchwood, God, and Captain Jack.

Voiceover Jack's brand of mercy is not strained
By false presumption; Ianto's gained
His life - And maybe something more.
No matter how the game is scored
Respect is never bought - just dearly priced.

Not sure he's still alive
Jones nods at last, the careful mask
Stripped bare to prove the man. Dark-eyes
Cried sleepless can't deny this life
Reprieved: not seized or won by chance
But given up as lost: Unasked,
Set free - and costing everything.

He pauses as his fate sinks in
Then turns away - the day's beginning fast;
Dazed thought can't surely last
Subsumed beneath domestic tasks.

Gwen's more than slightly dazed herself,
Police-work taxes brains and health
(And office chairs and coffee shops)
And though a swap to special ops
Increases risks, cops still get shot -
Just not by their immortal boss.

Gwen You'd never really shoot him, Jack.

Jack No? Wouldn't I?

Voiceover He's not so sure,
But Gwen's persistent, pushing for
A key to understand the man
Beside her

Gwen If I'd gone to stand
By Ianto, then would you shoot me?

Voiceover Jack's answer's simple, stating fact:

Jack You didn't.

Voiceover Gwen can't disagree
But that's not what she wants to know
And tries again - rephrased just-so.
She needs a handle, wants an in
To Harkness' head. That perfect skin
Can bleed - she's seen it,
Life unending lies beneath it,
Borne on pain Jack can't explain -
Or won't. And then he shrugs again.
Plain words rebuff her quest to touch,
Ambiguous - his trust enough
To prove her worth, but still so vague -

Another try:

Gwen Will Ianto stay?

Voiceover Jack shrugs; unsure - or just won't say.

Gwen All that deception, all those lies
Because he couldn't bear his life
Without her there -

Voiceover She pauses, eyes
Jack carefully, a sideways look -

Gwen So, what he said - have you felt love
You'd kill to keep?

Voiceover Jack doesn't speak,
But Gwen can't help her hopeless leap
Through sympathy to what's beneath:

Gwen You know, when she had hold of you
I thought... perhaps it wasn't true,
Perhaps you could die after all -

Voiceover Jack's lip curls - tender, scabby skin
Stretched gently by a wary, thin-lipped
Smile of sorts - then turns to catch her eye.

Jack You want to know a secret? So did I.
And for a second there I just felt so alive

Chorus When we first met you, Captain Jack,
You swept us off our feet:
A con man with a heart of gold
And a ship we couldn't see;
A hero with a hidden past -
Ambiguous, a sensualist at heart.

We wept with joy when you returned
Unmarked, it seemed, from Dalek-death;
Abandoned, spurned, your tragedy earned rage.
We learned your future, found you still alive -
A resident of Cardiff, with your pride
Undimmed you'd changed,
Your outlook strained by never-ending life.
We blamed the Doctor then, but still -
Whatever came, you always played the game.

And now we watch as duty drives,
Reanimates, revivifies -
Returned to life, but not alive,
So wearied by the passing years
Your poignant efforts earn such tears
As Ianto Jones could never buy
No matter who he'd hide - or why.
The future's yours. You talk of change
And say we need to be prepared,
Our Captain; though you don't explain -
No matter where you lead we'd go.
Enigma in a long, grey coat
That boyish charm that captivated
Far from lost, we've hoped and waited,
Loved you as a ne'er-do-well -
And when you did. Your simple spell
Beguiled us with a bastard smile
As tangled timelines hide your wiles:
Bright soul unsold who never fell -
You'll never yet be seen in hell.

Voiceover Jack stands aloof, so self-contained
Unchanging in the midst of change,
Divided, set apart - the seeming
Monarch of the realm unseen
Beneath the streets of Cardiff, gleaming
Lights dispelling lurking gloom
Of this; his living, working tomb.
Bereft of life, he's nothing left
But duty; no where else to go -

As Jack above, so Jones below
Must strive, automaton - alive
In all but spirit, soiled by loss
Accumulated dross, detritus
Washed across the rift is sifted;
Dumped; recycled - task repeated
Past all sense and sanity -
But still, it keeps the workplace clean.

It's said that where there's life there's hope -
And change makes life a little nicer,
Time flees, all things must change or die,
Hope too - no matter what the price
That's paid, or how the players shout
The odds: dice roll, the game begins

Again - for Jones and Captain Jack,
Another try: life, death and time
Another chance, life still goes on -
Just one more try

Lackey #2 Cut!

Fade to black.