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The Hospital

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It was the first time you’d actually seen the famed soldier. Captain America. In his full costume coming to visit the kids. They loved him. They’d talk about him for days after one of his visits. He strolled up to your desk like he wasn’t being stared at by every woman in the room.
“Hi.” He says quietly, you don’t glance up from the screen you were studying. How did the doctor expect you to understand this shorthand? Ugh!
“One second please sir.” You say jotting down a note to call Dr. Pilmner then glance up. He’s literally the most attractive person you’ve ever seen. Light brown hair, blue eyes and an easy smile. “How can I help you?” You ask with a smile.
“I was hoping I could visit some kids today.
Would you be able to bring me to some rooms?”
“Of course Captain.” You say standing and moving from your desk.
“Pardon?” You ask puzzled grabbing the clipboard of rooms that allow volunteer visits.
“Call me Steve.”
“Oh, okay.” You say as your pen slips through your fingers. He catches it before you even have the chance to react. “Thanks.” You laugh softly as he passes it back to you with a lopsided smile.
“So you know my name but I don’t know yours.” He says as you start down the hallway together.
“Oh, right sorry.” You introduce yourself with a smile.
“Nice to meet you.” He reaches a hand out for you to shake. Your fingers close around his and you’re surprised at how gentle he is.
“How much time do you have?” You ask looking down at the clipboard. Your foot catches the corner of the counter and he steadies you, “Ugh.” You growl bringing a smile to his face.
“I have two hours.” He says trying, and failing to keep the amusement out of his voice. Little did he know that this was a daily occurrence for you, you were known on the team as the biggest klutz.
“Okay, let’s start in Natalie’s room. Her favorite Avenger is Black Widow. Because they have almost the same name and that’s super cool.”
“How old is she?”
“Twelve. She’s got lung cancer.” He looks grim, you knock on the open door and Natalie looks up.
“Hey girl!” She cries, a smile appearing on her face. You bring her popcorn on a weekly basis, this had brought the two of you closer than most hospital admin staff would get with a patient. “Did you bring me popcorn?” She asks with a slight wince, she’s been going through a new experimental trial to rid her of her cancer but so far it was just making her exhausted.
“No. I brought you something better.” You motion Steve in and watch as her eyes grow as round as the shield he carries. “Natalie, this is my friend Captain America. Captain this is Natalie.”
“Nice to meet you Natalie.” He says with a smile, “One of my best friends is named Natasha, I call her Nat. Do your friends call you Nat?” She nods, her mouth open. You can’t keep the grin off of your face. Soon Steve has Natalie talking with him like they’re old friends. “Alright Nat, I have to go visit some more friends now. You keep fighting, maybe next time I can bring Nat with me to see you.”
“You could do that?”
“I could try.”
“Can we take a picture?”
“Of course.” You hold your hand out for the phone that you know she keeps on her bedside table. She hands it to you and you take a picture of her and Steve grinning next to one another. You pass her back the phone and give her hand a gentle squeeze.
“I’ll bring popcorn tomorrow okay? Get some rest.”
“See you tomorrow.” She says leaning back against her pillows. You exit the room bumping into Steve when you exit.
“I am so sorry.” You say with a sigh.
“It’s alright. Where to next?” You lead him to four other rooms, only tripping twice and nearly dropping one cell phone when you went to take a picture with a family.
“Do you have time for one more?”
“Sure.” He catches your arm and tugs you back into him as a gurney comes barreling around the corner. You squeeze your eyes shut, wrinkle your nose and purse your lips in embarrassment.
“Thanks.” You say glancing up at him, he’s grinning down at you.
“No problem, you’re keeping me on my toes for sure.” You laugh softly, that’s true. He probably thinks you’re a disaster.
“Okay, so the last kid we’re going to see is named Thomas. He’s got brain cancer, it doesn’t look good.” You admit. You tap on the door and enter, only to find Thomas looking dazed. “Hey Thomas. Are you up for a special visitor?” You ask eyeing him in concern.
“Yea.” He says weakly and you motion Steve into the room.
“We can’t stay long. He seems exhausted.”
“Hey Thomas. My name is Captain America. How are you feeling today?” That’s when it happens. Thomas’ small body starts to shake violently. He’s having a seizure, and you spring into action.
“Steve pull up the guard rail. Don’t touch him.” You hold down the stopwatch button on your fitbit until it buzzes then yank up the rail closest to you then lower the bed while pushing the emergency button.
“What can I do?”
“Get out.” You say steadying Thomas’ head. “Not to be mean.”
“I’ll wait outside.”
“What happened?” The lead nurse says rushing into the room.
“Seizure. It’s been two minutes.” A monitor starts to beep and she glances at it anxiously.
“Copy. Move.” You move away and she takes your place. “Stay in the corner until the seizure stops so I know how long it’s been.” You do as she asks and a minute later he stops.
“Three minutes, fourteen seconds.” You say she looks anxiously at the monitor then pulls her walkie. “Code blue. Room 433.” She says into it. “Out.” She says to you and you hurry out as the rest of her team comes running toward the room. One of her team members crashes into you knocking you to the floor. You’re so shaken it doesn’t even register.
“You okay?” Steve asks softly leaning down for you.
“What?” You ask, blinking up at him.
“Are you okay?”
“I think so.” He reaches down for you and when you put weight on your left foot you yelp in surprise. He scoops you up before you register what’s going on.
“You’re not okay.”
“Nope. After an entire day of near disasters I was bound to sprain something.”
“You don’t think it’s broken?” He asks looking down at you in surprise.
“No. I’ve broken that ankle before, as well as sprained it three times, I know shocking.” He chuckles, you love the sound of it.
“Where would you like me to bring you?”
“Well, my shift is over but I need to know what happens with Thomas.”
“So you want to stay?”
“Please. I’ll just have someone bring me an icepack.” He’s looking down at you amused when people start to file out of Thomas’ room. They look grim, this isn’t good.“
“Mariah?” You say to one of the nurses and she shakes her head.
“We lost him.”