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It might be you...

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Miranda POV

Location: Bright small house, with a lake nearby, a swimming pool and a long red carpet. Flowers around, red and champagne roses. Somewhere in New York, far from paparazzi and reporters

Miranda Priestly is walking down the aisle. She cannot believe about what she is about to do now, she is going to marry the person she truly believes is her soul-mate.

All of this started some years ago, when one day, Emily Charlton, “introduced” her the possible new second-assistant. At the time Miranda's life was a mess, a complete nightmare with a failing marriage that she tried hard to save, two pre-teen age daughters that wanted her attention more than anything and a magazine, that she considered her baby, with some issues, the biggest one, the Elias-Clark president that wanted by all means remove her from Runway.

When Miranda first laid eyes on her, she didn't see the woman in front of her. She only a shadow of something sitting at the desk. And when Andrea Sachs stopped in front of her to tell her whom she was, Miranda felt a bit uncomfortable with the confidence of this woman that believed could work in fashion, even as her assistant position.

Well, from day one of working together Miranda saw she was more than a might-be good profissional, Andrea was simply perfect. Once she learned how to work to for Miranda, she never failed. It was the opposite, the girl seemed to be able to predict her orders, her desires and so on.

And it was all going smooth, the aspiring-journalist who once give a speech about her dream to be a journalist, was given a position to work at Runway, a place she was not used to, transformed into that beautiful woman in front of her with the Chanel Boots.

Everything was simply beautiful, and charming, and perfect like her, until that fateful day where she compares Andrea to herself. And the naive girl, inside the beauty woman, simply cannot believe about choices that need to be taken in life, comparing her actions to what Andrea had done to Emily.

And like that, being compared to Miranda, scares the girl to death and she simply left, with no regrets.

And from that day until their path once more cross, Miranda lived life on the edge. She missed the brown chocolate eyes in front of her, the true and simply easy smile, the dedication coming from a simple warm heart and more than anything, the true care.

And they stayed apart, with no contact with other, for almost five years until some months ago Nigel met Andrea in a bar. She was living in Russia for six months, after almost three years in London. Suddenly New York had been too small for the journalist and she needed to embrace other parts of the world.

During her time in London, Andrea Sachs dated and then became engaged to a very handsome and rich man, whose family had a small empire dealing with jewelery. It went well until one day.

Miranda went to London’s Fashion Week and Andrea saw her in front of the hotel and well, the girl just realize that her feelings for the Editor-in-Chief were much more than small or medium crush. And in less than one week her name where in the tabloids because she left one of the most prominent fortunes in the country without an explanation.

Andrea left London behind and accept a freelancer job in Russia and did it well for several months, doing very interesting articles about how is the day-by-day life in the ex-USRR.

Miranda continued with her life, with her staff around her killing themselves to impress the Editor, her daughters got bigger and became beautiful women, her ex-husbands always at newspapers and tabloids in one more scandal, apart from James, he was truly the best one of them.

One day, early in the morning when she was walking at Central Park with Beatrice, the new dog after Patricia passed away, she saw her. Andrea Sachs was sitting at the grass, with a baby in her lap and a couple near her. The free smile, the laugh and this is what takes to Miranda create courage and stops in front of them.

She still remember as it was yesterday she coming along and saying “An-dre-ahh” and the young woman looking up and smiling. And since that day, she believed in God and Heaven, because it was what her life become. A joy during early days and late nights.

Andrea Sachs is the woman that is going to complete her. She is truly the one she had been waiting for until this moment and with the blessing of Caroline and Cassidy, she finally feels complete.