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You're rambling

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“Rose, dear, please stop wiggling about,”

“Kanaya, I promise I’m not doing it on purpose, this fabric is just a little itchy and it’s hard not to squirm a little,”

“I understand Rose,” Kanaya started, putting the fabric down onto her table and handing rose the silk robe she kept in her studio for client privacy, “but I want to see how this fabric will look on you--and don’t worry, the real thing will be lined with something soft so it doesn’t itch.”

“How about we take a tea break and talk about why you are making me a dress. Unless you are planning on keeping me in the dark about it?” Rose offered, tying the robe tie around her torso, shielding her undergarments from non-existent wandering eyes. It was only Kanaya and her in the room, and Kanaya had already seen much more than just undergarments.

“That sounds delightful, but we can’t spend too long, I have an actual client scheduled after this. And yes, I am keeping you in the dark about the dress. All you need to know is that you need a new dress.”

The girls walked out of the studio’s only windowless room and into the nicer, better lit main room. Rose, moving to sit on the jade couch, pulled out the knitting she had been working on.

“Oolong or green?” Kanaya called out from the small kitchen-type area she kept supplied for her clients.

Rose hummed. “Oolong!” she decided, never faltering in her expert knitting.

“You know,” Kanaya said, her voice soft and delicate as she set the tea on the small oak table in front of the couch, “we should sell your knitting right here in the studio. It would most definitely make more than it does on Etsy. Not to brag, but with my clients, you could make a fortune and you could majorly overprice them and, knowing them, would hardly notice it.”

“It would be nice to get more revenue for my knitting,” Rose said as her wife placed herself onto the couch beside her, “Yeah, I think we should do that! As my dearest ecto-brother would say...actually let’s not get into what he would say. It’s a nightmare in itself.”

“You’re ecto-brother isn’t bad, he’s pleasant to be around most of the time,”

“You don’t have defend Dave. I was just teasing him,”

“I’m still quizzical on how siblings work. I know you’ve explained it to me before, but it still doesn’t make much sense. Of course, since I grew up in a society that doesn’t have any concept of siblings, it makes since on why I wouldn’t…”

“Kanaya,” Rose said, scooting closer to her wife with a smirk, “you’re rambling.”

“Oh,” she said, her tea long forgotten on the table in front of the two.

“You know,” Rose whispered, laying her head down onto her wife’s lap, “it’s kind of cute.”

“What? My unnecessary and gross display of droning out of my mouth? How is that cute?”

“While I do think that your rambling is cute, I was talking about the studio,” Rose smirked.

“I’m glad to hear that. I did spend a lot of time fixing the place up…”

“I remember. It was fun getting to start over. After everything with Sburb, getting to have a normal life is something especially grand,”

“Do you ever miss it?”


“Yeah,” Kanaya sighed, “not the whole death thing, obviously, but the adventure of it,”

“Sometimes. Back when we were naive children, there was a lot more exciting things,” Rose paused, thinking, “But, now we can still go on adventures and do god-tier shit. Speaking of, Roxy was wondering when we could come to her workshop so she can have time to gain energy to “void-up” your quest bed.”

“Next Saturday perhaps? Are we staying the night at her hive as well?”

“Most definitely. So what about that dress? What are you planning?”

“I was thinking a floor length dress--I’m still deciding if I should make a small train or not. What would you prefer?”

“I don’t know. I’ll think about it while you describe the rest of the dress,”

“Okay. It will have a corset-type torso piece. The edges will be a white snow pattern, since you’ll be wearing it near the Twelfth Perigee season. Of course, the dress will be a shiney purple, per your request,”

“Kanaya I never requested purple…”

“Not out loud, but I know you well enough,” Kanaya teased, chuckling, her skin glowing (literally glowing). “Oh, look at the time! We’d better go back to the studio if we want to be done by the time my next client gets here.”

Rose groaned, getting up and stretching her arms over her head, “Who is your next client?”

“No one important, just some guy who wrote a couple webcomics and got famous. Apparently he needs a suit for some convention he is going to.”

“Is he that guy whose webcomic, Homostuck I think it’s called, John is obsessed with? Hussle maybe? If so, I am sorry to hear you’re going to be subjected to that.”

“Yeah, I think that’s him.” Kanaya closed the door to the windowless room, turning on the bright overhead light as Rose hung up the robe where it was placed originally. Facing her wife, Rose quickly pecked her cheek before walking next to Kanaya’s tidy desk of tools.

“Rose, darling, could you try to not squirm around this time? I only have a few more measurement to use with this fabric and then we’ll move to a much smoother fabric,” She informed, grabbing the fabric she had been using before their short break.

“Only for you.”

Kanaya swiftly lead herself to Rose, going through her usual routine for the itchy fabric. For five insufferable minutes, Rose stood like a tree with no wind, desperately trying not to flinch everytime the fabric moved.

“That should be it,” Kanaya said, moving the fabric off of Rose’s bare stomach. Rose, slouching into a chair behind her, scratched at her stomach with the intent of getting rid of every itch the fabric gave her.

“That was awfully quick. And I mean awfully in a “it was awful and painful,” Rose joked, standing back up as she saw Kanaya bring out another fabric out of her huge supply.

“This one is going to be much faster than the other one. I just want to see how it would look like as a skirt. I must admit, I am using this dress as an experiment to see what I can do with these different fabrics. Coming from a planet with barely any regard for fashion, my fabric choices were limited the most basic and common fabrics. Here on Earth C, there is much more fabric types than I could have hoped for on Alternia…”

“Kanaya,” Rose interrupted.


“You’re rambling,” Rose giggled.