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'Tis the season (or so they say)

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"I'll make you pay for this, mark my words!"

"In your dreams, Kaiba," Atem replied smoothly, smirk slowly stretching across his lips.

Mokuba felt a headache coming on. He shouldn't have expected anything good to come from this, really.

"Guys, calm down. It's just Monopoly!"

"No, Mokuba," Kaiba hissed from in between his clenched teeth, "This is an insult!"

He turned back towards Atem, slamming a hand down on the table. "How dare you buy out my street?"

"I do believe it is mine now. Looks like someone should have paid more attention to their funds after that trip to jail, doesn't it?"

"You got lucky with that last card, if you had rolled any other number, there's no way you could have-"

"Are you sure about that?"

With every exchange, Kaiba leaned further across the table, expression darkening. Atem had come closer as well, now placing an elbow on the table and placing his chin in the palm of his hand. He still looked undoubtedly smug, which probably wasn't helping the current state of affairs. He looked like he was having fun though.

And Seto, well... It was hard to tell if he was genuinely upset, or merely arguing for argument's sake. God forbid he'd ever admit defeat, after all.

"Are you implying that your so-called 'skills' are superior to my actual knowledge of the playing field?"

"I think you're forgetting that this is a game, Kaiba." Atem shifted back in his seat, eyes never straying from Kaiba's own. "These rules allow business practices that would be very much illegal in real life. Your experience means nothing here."

"All are equal before the Monopoly gods," Mokuba mumbled under his breath, convinced that he'd be ignored again.

Just his luck then that Seto heard him anyway.

"Don't encourage him!"

Mokuba glared at his older brother, disbelief written all over his face.

"Come now Kaiba," Atem chuckled, "The game's not over yet. Won't you at least give me a run for my money? As my rival, I expected a bit more effort from you."

Mokuba wasn't sure if he should be fed up with Atem's continuing provocations, or impressed that it seemed to be working regardless of how obvious it was.

Then again, nobody got under Seto's skin more than Atem.

Kaiba slammed his hand onto the board again, growling, "Just you wait, you-"

His words were cut short as his grip slipped, and before Mokuba could shout in warning, the table toppled over. Atem had managed to jump out of the way, but the damage was done. The floor was a mess of pawns, dice, paper money, and broken glass - In hindsight, putting their drinks on the same table as the board was a stupid idea, but Mokuba hadn't expected the two of them to get this fired up, honestly.

He sighed. "I guess it's a draw then?"

"Sure, I can live with that", Atem laughed.

Kaiba's eyes narrowed. "You made a powerful enemy today. Next time, you won't get this far."

"Bring it on, Kaiba."

Mokuba left them to clean up the mess.

He was definitely skipping the next game night.