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Good Or Bad Luck

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It seemed like a normal day but for one certain brunette everything seemed to go wrong. She came in late for work and burned her hand making coffee. Her boss didn’t seem to have patience with her today and gave her one more chance. She sighs and starts cleaning off some tables, she can’t do anything wrong with that, or can she?

Every morning at 8:15 Chloe Beale walks into the coffee shop to order the exact same things. Only this time Beca didn’t seem to see her behind her and walked into her spilling some leftover coffee all over the redhead. “Shii…. I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you…” The brunette tries to apologize but gets cut off by a loud and deep growl. “Mitchell, my office, now!” Beca snaps her head towards the older man who is starting to have a bald spot in the middle of his head.

She takes a breath and starts walking towards the office he’s pointing at. The redhead is left confused and just stares at the brunette that walks slowly towards the man. She had seen the brunette here every day for the past year at least. They had locked eyes a few times and every time it did something to her. Today was no exception except that this time there was a hint of fear in them.

“That was the last straw, hand in your apron and leave. You’re fired.” Chloe hasn’t moved from the spot that she was standing in and sees the young woman walk out of the office with her head low. Everyone in the shop had heard the yelling and seemed to follow her out of the shop with their eyes. Chloe tries to say something but the brunette brushes past her not even giving her a chance.

Chloe takes a few steps towards the man in charge but is quickly stopped by him almost running at her. “Miss Beale, I’m really sorry about her. I’ve taken care of her. You will receive a free coffee and you can send me the bill of…” She cuts the man off. “I’ll take that coffee thank you, but there was no need to fire that girl. No harm was done.” She tries to stay calm even though she felt extremely guilty over what happened. It was her fault that the other girl walked into her. “The coffee is coming up, and as for the girl she had it coming anyway.” She give him a confused look. “She’s been distracted and hasn’t been doing her job correctly for a while, this was just the breaking point I guess.” He shrugs his shoulders. “Here is your coffee miss Beale, have a great day.”

Chloe walks out and scans the crowd in the hope of finding the brunette but no luck, maybe she will see her around? But honestly even she knows that the chances are very slim in LA, or are they?

Meanwhile Beca is walking towards her apartment because now that she’s fired she has some spare time before her other job in four hours. I can’t believe that just happened. She kicks a little stone that’s on the road and stops at the red light. She would always look forward to seeing the redhead in the mornings. It was always the happy start of that day. Every time she looked into those piercing blue eyes she would get lost. But right now she hated those eyes. She laughs to herself. How could she hate those eyes, they belonged to the prettiest girl in town. But what does it matter, Chloe Beale is a fantasy. You don’t date fantasies.

She enters her apartment and looks around. “I guess I better tidy the place a bit…” She mumbles to herself. Really Benji? She thinks while picking up a pair of dirty socks and empty cans from the little table in front of the TV. She would have to have a word with the boy when he gets home from school later. After cleaning and tidying the place up she kicks her feet up on the couch to relax but that doesn’t last long as her alarm clock starts ringing through the tiny apartment. “Time for job number two.” The brunette sighs and gets back up again taking her jacket and leaving again.

“You’re early.” The blonde man with British accent shouts at Beca when she walks in. “You’re never early.” He can’t suppress a laugh but quickly stops when he sees Beca’s face. “What happened?” He walks around the counter to meet the shorter girl. “Nothing, I’m just early for once. Can I go do my job now?” She didn’t mean to be snarky but it came out that way. “Sorry Luke, I just had a rough morning.” She sighs while trying to put up a smile but fails. “If you need anything let me know, you know you can talk to me right?” Luke puts his hands on her shoulders. “Yeah, I know but it’s nothing.” He gives her a squeeze and lets her go do her job.

Luke takes out his phone and texts the one person that Beca will open up to.

Hey, something’s up with Beca. Don’t know what but she won’t talk to me.

He doesn’t have to wait long for a reply.

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll check on her!

Stacie is the only one that knows the real Beca. They have been friends since they were little, she was there through every up and down. The tall and leggy brunette was the only one that could get her to open up.

A few hours later Beca is finished with her work. “Hey Luke, I’m done in the back. Do you need me to do anything else?” Luke looks at the woman and shakes his head. “No, I’ve got it all covered, you can go.” Beca nods and walks out of the store not noticing the sympathetic look she gets from Luke.

The brunette stops in front of a hotel and walks towards the back entrance. “Your clothes are in the back room, you can start cleaning on the 6th floor and work your way down.” She didn’t even get a chance to walk in properly before getting bombarded with her tasks. She just nods and does as she’s told, she can’t afford to lose another job.

She works the nightshifts at the hotel 3 times a week to earn some extra money. It pays relatively well and it never clashed with her other jobs. It’s tiring but whatever earns her money to take care of Benji she would do, even though  she hates it most of the time. But the good thing is that time goes fast.

“What happened to you?” A tall brunette walks towards Chloe. “Nothing, just a little accident at the coffee shop.” The redhead looks down to check out the damage to her shirt. “Did it by any chance have anything to do with a certain brunette?” Chloe gives the man a hard stare. “What are you talking about Jesse?” He gives her a smirk. “The brunette you’ve been checking out, the girl with those ‘ear monstrosities’. Like Aubrey would say.” Chloe lets her eyes fall to the ground.  Jesse notices this and gives her a concerned look. “Chlo, what happened?” The redhead shakes her head. “She got fired because I bumped into her .” Jesse’s not sure what to say so just stands there with a hand on her shoulder.

“I need to find a way to apologize to her, but I don’t even know her name.” Jesse takes a step back and shakes his head. “What if she doesn’t want an apology?” This statement earns him a death glare. “I can at least say I tried.” She huffs and walks away. “Where are you going?” He shouts behind her. “I’m going to work, this company won’t run itself.” She shouts back without looking back.

The day goes by and no one has seen Chloe since she stormed into her office. A soft knock on her door makes her look up from her computer. “Can I come in?” Chloe looks up and sees her best friend standing in the doorway. “Bree, of course.  How are you?” The blonde walks in and closes the door behind her. “I’m good, but that’s not what I’m here for.” She takes a seat at the desk. “Jesse told me what happened.” She doesn’t get a chance of continuing before the redhead sighs and turns her laptop around. “I tried to find her, I heard her boss shout her last name and I did a search online. Her name is Beca Mitchell, she graduated from Barden too. She had a full scholarship and finished all her classes online. She was a honorary student.” Aubrey looks at the Barden Honorary Students site. “Did you find out what she majored in?” Knowing very well it was a stupid question she still asked. “She majored in business and music. Did you know she did all her classes online? She never actually attended any of the classes.”

The blonde pinches her nose. “Chlo, I know you want to find her to apologize but this is going way too far.” Aubrey instantly regretted even speaking up. “That’s not the only reason Bree, there’s something about her. She’s different and I want to get to know her.” Chloe got up her feet and started pacing. Aubrey lets out a soft sigh. “You’re falling for her aren’t you?” The redhead stops dead in her tracks. “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about.” She mutters. Aubrey gets up and walks towards her best friend. “Oh Chloe, I’m your best friend. I know you better than anyone else. I just hope she’s worth all this trouble.”