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shane grins, looking at ryan as he slowly opens the door.

"what, you afraid the ghost is going to be waiting behind the door so when you open it it can pop out at you?"

"no, no." ryan shook his head. "it's not gonna do that, because it wants to talk to me."

"sure." shane muttered, walking behind ryan down the hallway. he shut the door behind them, making sure it wasn't locked before continuing.

"the boys are here!" shane grinned, loudly exclaiming the phrase as they stepped into the main room of the mansion they're staying the night in.

"shane, stop!"

shane laughed while staring down the demon behind ryan, challenging him to attack ryan with him here. the demon eventually looked away and disappeared, and shane grinned, slinging an arm around ryan's shoulders as they continued throughout the room.

"i bet you there will be no demons or ghosts in here tonight."

"oh, really? how much?"

"five hundred dollars."

"oh it's on."