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Let's get down to business

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“You’ll find my resignation on your desk in the morning, sir.”

“Yeah, you can fuck off for all I care. Now get the hell out of my office.”


There was a collective round of sighs as they watched him go.

“Come on, pay up Hanta. You too Denki. I win this round.” The pair grumbled, but handed over the cash.

“Damn it, I thought Mashirao’d last longer than two weeks though… Ugh, you always win Mina.”

“That’s because you guys are way to optimistic. Mr Bakugou always finds a way to break them.”

The boys glanced at each other. “Keep it down would you? Unless you want a new job too.” Hanta mumbled it, and still almost jumped out of his skin when the door slammed open.

“Hey! Do some fucking work and find me a new fucking assistant! And one that can fucking cut it this time!”

“Right away sir,” Mina replied smoothly. She’d already started writing the email when Mashirao had broken the news. “I’ll begin recruitment immediately.”

Their boss stomped back into his office, and all three of them breathed a small sigh of relief.

“Seriously though,” said Denki, once he was sure the coast was clear. “Where the hell are we going to find another assistant for him? That’s the fourth that’s quit in three months!”


Katsuki Bakugou stalked his office, taking in the view of New York. Well, that was that. Another bottom feeder that had scraped themself off his boot. If they couldn’t cut it in an environment like this, what the fuck were they even doing here? Whatever. It wasn’t his problem, and it just meant he didn’t have someone breathing down his neck while he worked. And on that note… He flipped open his laptop, and sank down into the chair in front of his desk. He still needed to finalise the details of his takeover of Ingenium enterprises.


At just twenty seven, Katsuki was already one of the most successful people on Wall street. After starting up his own pyrotechnics firm while at college, using the money from his student loans, and through a combination of ambition, acumen, and sheer ruthlessness, not only was his own company thriving, but by twenty three he’d already performed his first takeover of another company. Four years later, he’d already made his first billion. He’d been voted Wall Street’s number one rising star, and had been considered for most eligible bachelor, until he told the person asking for an interview where to stick it.


The only thing more legendary than Katsuki’s ability was his temper.


It was more of a relief than usual when he signed off for the day, and hit the elevator call button in his office, the doors immediately opening. Iida was being more of a pain than he’d hoped over the deal, and it felt like he hadn’t gotten anywhere all day. And being pissed from another assistant quitting wasn’t helping. The elevator only went a single floor, before the doors slid open, and Katsuki pressed his thumb to the keypad. The door slid open, opening onto his penthouse. He’d always liked to be close to the office, so when he’d bought out the building, he’d claimed the top three floors for his own use. Four, if you counted his personal offices. on the forty eighth floor.


This was where the real view was at, from the windows that ran floor to ceiling on every wall, to the panoramic view of the city he had from his rooftop pool. It was all sleek, and modern, and expensive, but today he headed straight up to the gym. He had some frustrations to work out.


It was two weeks later, with the merger deal finally sorted, that he received a call from Hanta.

“Sir, we have an application for the position.”

“Position- What, for my fucking assistant? The fuck took so long?”

“Sorry sir. I don’t think there’s many left.”

“Watch it. Well? Who the fuck is it?”

“One… Eijirou Kirishima. He says he can come in at your convenience.”

“Then tell him to get his ass here tomorrow, two pm.”

“I’ll let him know.” Hanta filed the rougher edges off the message. He’d find out soon enough anyway, and even if it was only a few weeks, it’d make his life quieter while he lasted. Hopefully the guy was desperate. “Sir, just to remind you… he is the only candidate.”

“Doesn’t fucking mean I’m going to hire him without an interview, am I? Tell him he better not be fucking late,” Katsuki added, before hanging up.


On the other end of the, now dead, line, Hanta sighed. “Why does he even bother with personal assistants anyway? He just uses us as them…”

Mina patted him on the back. “Maybe this one’s finally the one.”

There was a pause, then all three of them laughed, but quietly, in case their boss heard.

Denki had the last word. “Poor guy. God have mercy on his soul.”


He was on time at least, in a plain suit and tie, but with red hair slicked back into spikes. It was a bold choice, but one that probably wouldn’t be an issue. By the time he’d walked into the office, a little lay due to Bakugou’s previous call overrunning,  the betting pool was already being set up.


“So, what makes you think you’re qualified?” Katsuki had gone straight into the interrogation, not even bothering to let Kirishima introduce himself.

“Well, I was a personal assistant to Tensei Iida for four years, but with the merger recently, there were redundancies.”

“You moved fucking fast then.”

“I didn’t want to be out of work any longer than I had to. Bills to pay, that sort of thing.” For someone who’d just lost his job, he was damn cheerful. That dumb smile hadn’t left his face the entire time.

“You won’t need to do much business wise. The idiots outside handle all that, so I’ll need you for errands. Lunch, dry cleaning, shopping, all that shit. You do know how to make coffee, don’t you?”

“I got through college by working as a barista sir.”

“Then you can’t be any fucking worse than the last guy. I’m gonna work you to the fucking bone, you know that?”

And he still smiled. “If you’re paying me, I’d like to think you’ll be getting your money’s worth sir.”

Katsuki grunted. “Well, it’s not like I’ve anyone else in mind. When can you start?”

“Tomorrow, if you want.”

“Tomorrow’s a fucking Saturday.”

“I know.” He was a daring little bastard, but he still knew who was in charge, and Katsuki could get behind that.

“Well, I’m not working fucking weekends, so be here Monday morning. Eight am.”

Kirishima stood up. “Thank you sir,” he said, offering his hand. “I’m looking forward to working for you.”

Katsuki didn’t bother shaking it. “Let those assholes outside know to expect you on your way out. I can’t be fucked wasting my breath on them.”

“I will do.” And still that dumb smile, Katsuki thought, as he watched the new guy go. It’d probably get annoying, but he could always fire him.


“So I guess I’ll see you all on Monday then. Is there anything I should know?”

“Well, you already met him,” said Denki with a grin, ignoring the elbowing from Hanta. “Just keep your head down and do what he asks and you should be fine.”

“I don’t think there’s anything that you wouldn’t be better hearing from him…” Mina began to add, before she snapped her fingers. “Wait, coffee things. I’ll show you where the maker is. The boss does love his coffee after all. Seriously, he should get a machine in his office, but he’s too stubborn to make his own.”

“You call that thing a coffee maker?” Nothing Katsuki had said had made his smile falter, but the sight of an instant coffee machine did it. “I thought you said he liked coffee?”

“Alright, mister barista. We can’t all be hipsters about it.”

“...You think I’m a hipster?”

She was tempted to make a comment about red hair, but with his expression, it would have been like kicking a puppy. She sighed.

“Just… see you on Monday, okay? And be a little early. Mr Bakugou says he starts at eight, but he’s a bit of a workaholic.”

“Thanks.” That bright smile was back, and there was a definite spring in his step as he left the office. Mina grinned at the other two, and held out her hand.

“God, fine,” Denki grumbled, handing over the cash. “I swear, you make more off these bets than you do working here.”

“I’m just better at reading people than you. You too Hanta.” He groaned. “Right then. Envelope predictions for how long he lasts. Usual buy in?”


It was probably best for Eijirou’s ego that he didn’t hear the conversation after he left. But he at least managed to hold himself together until after he’d taken a cab home, and let himself into the small studio apartment. Then he let himself turn into a small quivering wreck. The Katsuki Bakugou! Employing him ! Sure, he’d worked for the Iida brothers for a few years, but but they didn't have his clout. Or his reputation. Admittedly, he hadn't seemed too bad in the interview, but he wasn't actually working for him then. Easy on the eyes too, but Eijirou wasn't about to be unprofessional and ogle his boss while he was working. His boss. It still felt weird calling him that. It'd take some getting used to.


Tempting as it was to go out and celebrate, he didn't want to risk being rough on his first day. So he phoned his mom instead.

“Hey, Mom? Yeah, I got the job. Yeah, it actually pays a little more, so, you know, it's kind of a blessing in disguise.” He sighed. “Mom, I know he’s the reason I lost my job in the first place, but it was just business. It’s not like he woke up and thought ‘Let’s make Iida’s assistant redundant. Mom, stop worrying, I'll be fine. Mom. Mom, that’s not stopping.” He sighed, and held his phone away from his ear while she rambled away. “Mom, someone else is trying to call me, I'll call you on Monday, okay?” She was a nightmare once she got going, and he wasn’t being called at all, but there was no way to stop her without a good excuse. It was still only about four, too early to bother eating… Hmm. Tempting as watching trashy reruns of U.A. was, he’d was going to be productive. Eijirou booted up his laptop, and pulled up google. Time to act like a creepy stalker, and find out as much about his new boss as he could.