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Dylan's Christmas Star

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"Yes well the holidays can be the worst" Ianto nodded sagely as he stared at who might be his newest client and the man smiled back just as politely.

Jack Harkness, a Captain no less and desperately in need of Ianto's aid sat nervously opposite.

"So, you will be deployed for how long?" Ianto asked as he looked at the papers again.

"Six months on Iraviton" Jack nodded, "I've been over there for eighteen months but had to come back when....well."

"Your ex-wife was killed" Ianto supplied the parts Jack couldn't say out loud, "I am so sorry. Your little boy is your first concern of course."

"I could ring out and take an early retirement but I wouldn't get my full benefits then. I can't trust my family and you come so highly recommended as a childcare service. I know this is an extreme measure but I don't know where else to go."

Ianto plucked the edge of the pad he had been writing in, then reached out to turn off the recording device he used for these meetings, Jack watched the movement with raw hope even as Owen shifted in the seat beside him.

Ianto stared at the pad some more, "This is not a simple Nanny position, I know what you are asking."

"The world" Jack replied. "For my world. My son."

"And the full benefits you will receive will cover my fee as well as extras for your future with your child" Ianto leaned back and stare at Jack for a few moments, the unspoken words flaying around the room as Jack felt a cold bead of sweat travel down his spine.

Ianto touched the button again.

"Captain Harkness, this all seems in order. I will send you a list of possible employees suitable for your needs" Ianto closed the file and rose, his hand reaching out and Jack took it without a second thought, the spark between then making them both hesitate with surprise.

Ianto pulled his hand back and stared at it with a frown, "Now isn't that a surprise."

"Yes" Jack replied, his own hand rubbing absently against his hip, "thanks."

Ianto saw him to the door and watched Owen walk with the man to the front entrance then escape to the bustle of the world beyond Ianto's silent realm.





Ianto was true to his word as Jack had felt he would be, the files waiting for him on the vid-screen and he hesitated before touching the screen to open them. Four. Ianto had narrowed his huge employment base down to four possibles.

A man and three women.

Jack sat with his glass of whiskey and contemplated which one he might entrust to raise his son while he finished out his active service. Again and again his eyes were drawn to Ianto's avatar that waited patiently at the corner of the screen. A cute little red dragon. He hadn't expected that level of humour either, such a dower man to have such a hidden childishness to him.

Jack made the call.

"Ah, Captain" Ianto said smoothly and Jack felt annoyance as he saw Ianto was in a robe.

"I am so sorry, I never looked at the time when I made the call you are getting ready for bed" Jack sighed, cursing his stupidity.

"Not at all, I am reading" Ianto lifted a book and Jack smiled as he lifted the said same book from his coffee table. Both men blinked and then started to laugh softly as they both seems to be reading Never-ending Story.

"I've seen some of the movie versions but I do so prefer the written word" Ianto smiled and Jack agreed, leaning back and gesturing at the screen.

"The woman called Chrys, is she still available? She looks kind and the testimonials of the family she works for are top notch" Jack said and Ianto turned as if looking at something on the corner of the screen and Jack realised he was. Somehow he could see Jack's screen like a mirror image and he stared at the picture, then back to Jack.

"She is available, you can meet if you like to see if he likes her?"

"Great" Jack said happily, "You will be there right?"

"Of course" Ianto canted his head to hide the annoyance and alarm in the request as he had hoped he would not have to be in the same space as this man again. That momentary contact had been electrifying in more ways than one and Ianto knew that if he were in the personal space of this man again he might be unable to shield as well as he did at the initial meeting.

Jack was an Alpha.

A wonderful, handsome Alpha that not only called to his Omega soul, but his inner wolf that had not stirred like than in so long.

So long.

Ianto stared at the blank screen and sighed.

He would need to meditate.