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Of Light and Love.

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Lucy giggled, bringing her hand up to cover her mouth as she struggled to not choke on her drink. She was drunk and so was Mina. 

After their first visit to the lovely seedy bar that the brunette had drug them to, Lucy had been more willing to go a second time. She was more prepared for what awaited them than she had been before. 

The bar might have been dark and had more dangerous patrons than the Savoy but it also allowed her to act more like her true self.

Her giggling died down and she glanced around at the many dancing bodies that surrounded their small table.

Two men were dancing closely together, just like another couple she'd seen the first night. Her eyes followed them, wishing that she had the courage to ask her friend to dance with her. Even if it was under the guise of a more platonic reason. 

Mina got up suddenly, her hand covering Lucy's. "I'll be back. Would you like anything else, darling?"

The blonde's eyes flew toward the brunette, her cheeks darkening at the affectionate name. "No, please don't be too long... We don't want any repeats of last time." She said seriously, her giddy excitement dying down temporarily.

Mina waved her off, "I'll only be gone a moment."

Lucy watched her go, taking another sip of her drink to calm her nerves.

Mina had barely disappeared from view when a shadow fell over Lucy and the blonde glanced over her shoulder toward the source.

"Your friend is lovely..." The woman said, flashing a row of beautiful teeth. "Are you two...?"

Lucy's eyes widened and her grip tightened on her glass, "Oh, my no." 

She laughed heartily although she knew that there was a nervous quality to it. The alcohol running through her veins helped to numb the panic she should have been feeling as the fair haired brunette took her friend's seat.

"Oh, I'm sorry... I thought-"

"It's quite alright." Lucy said, smiling almost shyly over the rim of her glass. 

The other girl returned the expression, her green eyes lowering for a second before meeting the blonde's again. "Would you like to dance?"

Lucy's eyes widened and she looked toward the proffered hand, "Uhm... Yes, I suppose I could..."

Her hand slid over the other girl's and a shiver rolled down her spine as she was helped from her seat. They made their way over to the dance floor and Lucy momentarily let go. She forgot who she was there with, she forgot that she wasn't supposed to enjoy another woman's company by society's standards.

She giggled, hiding her face as they twirled clumsily around before coming closer together. The distance made her breath catch in her throat and she couldn't help but melt as her eyes met the other girl's.

It all seemed to be going so well when she suddenly felt a hand on her arm, "Could I cut in?" 

"M-Mina, there you are..." Lucy stuttered, dropping her arms immediately and taking a step back from her dancing partner. Mina's eyes looked between the two, a small smile playing at her lips, But Lucy saw through the expression, it didn't quite reach the brunette's eyes. 

"I'm sorry, I'll leave you two..." The newcomer said softly before disappearing into the bodies around them. 

Lucy swallowed and turned to head back to their table when Mina's hand closed gently around her wrist. "Where are you going?"

The blonde glanced back over shoulder, her cheeks burning. "To sit."

"Why? Don't you want to dance?" Mina asked, sounding a little hurt by her friend's sudden retreat.

Lucy turned then, her eyes widening slightly. "Oh, yes." She nodded, and tentatively approached the brunette. She clasped one of Mina's hands in her own before her other found the taller woman's lower back.

Within minutes the alcohol had won again and Lucy's heart was warm and light. She was in almost a constant state of laughter as she and Mina not so gracefully made their way around the dance floor. 

They weren't paying attention and bumped into another couple, causing Mina to bump rather soundly into Lucy. The brunette managed to catch herself, just before impact, their faces inches apart.

Lucy's smile faltered and they both grew still, her eyes drifting down toward Mina's lips. The brunette watched as a few emotions flickered across Lucy's features before blonde pulled away slowly.

"Wait, Lucy... Where are you going?" Mina cried, following the shorter woman through the throng of bodies and back into a quieter space. The blonde was on a mission though and did not stop until she was outside in the same courtyard that Mina had visited last time.

"Why'd you leave?" She panted, both from their dancing and her rush to catch the other girl. 

Lucy shook her head, leaning back against the brick of the building as she tried to catch her breath. "It's nothing, I just... I felt a rush of nausea from the alcohol and dancing..."

"You're lying." Mina said, stepping closer.

Lucy raised her eyes then, defiantly. "Who are you to tell me what I feel?" She snapped, a little harsher than she had been intending. 

Ignoring the blonde's tone, Mina stepped closer still and placing her hands on the brick on either side of Lucy's hips. 

"W-what are you doing?" Lucy asked, her eyes widening. 

Mina swallowed, trying to calm her heart as she pressed her body slowly into the shorter girl's. She could feel the cold against her back but Lucy was warm and soft. Her fingers slid against the brick, nails dragging slightly over the course surface. 

"Mina-" Lucy's voice died in her throat as soft lips brushed her own and a small whimper replaced her words. Her hands rose quickly to grab Mina's face and keep her close, not completely convinced that what was happening was real.

The brunette pulled away slowly, her eyes fluttering open to meet Lucy's. "We should get back..."

Lucy swallowed, her heart sinking a little at the words. "Yes, we should..."

Mina pulled away before holding out her hand, "Care for another dance, Miss Westenra?"

Lucy blinked and looked up, immediately charmed by the playful smile on the brunette's lips. "O-okay."

"And after we've had some more fun... I think we should call it a night." Mina said, pulling her toward the door.

"Yes, it is rather late...Where will we be staying?"

Mina paused, a slow smile pulling at her lips. "It doesn't matter but... I do hope that I'll get a kiss goodnight."