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Wars End

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Hyperspace, on the way to planet designated P2B-382; Ancient name: Illirianis. 2015.

"SG-1, we'll be arriving over Illirianis in just under three minutes." A male voice said over the speakers in the hanger bay.

"Hey," Colonel John Sheppard, the commander of the Phoenix said standing at the entrance to the Puddle Jumper to the dark haired woman sitting across from Dr. Rodney Mackay, Atlantis' chief scientist. The woman looked at the Colonel before giving him a small smile, her eyes then shifted to the woman and man carrying metallic cases behind the Colonel. Colonel Sheppard's hand rested on the hull of the greenish grey cylindrical ship just above the button that would close the rear ramp once the team known as SG-1 finished inspecting their equipment and supplies for their mission.

However, this was a different SG-1 than the one Colonel Sheppard met in Atlantis the day they disrupted the Ori Supergate in the Milky Way from dialling out. This team wasn't the team comprised of Colonel Mitchell, Teal'c, Colonel Samantha Carter, Vala, and Dr. Daniel Jackson. In fact, the first four were missing in action- most likely dead- during the mission to send the Sangraal to the Ori galaxy. And Daniel Jackson was considered a traitor. The last one to see them was General Jack O'Neill who was found unconscious on the damaged Odyssey by ships from the Free Jaffa Nation after the Ori ship carrying the Sangraal left through the Supergate, and to the Ori Galaxy.

Back in the present day, Colonel Sheppard walked into the Jumper after stepping aside previously so that the Athosian woman and second in command of SG-1, Teyla Emmagen, and the Satedan soldier, Ronon Dax, could walk in with the cases of weapons and ammunition they were carrying. In the meantime, Mackay, was running diagnostics along with the dark haired woman on the seat across from him. And in the pilot seat was Lt. Colonel Evan Lorne, the new SG-1 commander, who looked back at Colonel Sheppard and nodded his head before turning and continued pre-flight procedures.

Colonel Sheppard acknowledged Colonel Lorne after the former led into the Jumper. Sheppard's head then turned towards the dark haired, thirty five year old in a jumpsuit with the SG-1 badge on her upper left arm and the Pegasus logo on the upper right arm, with the old patch for the SGC just below it. Seeing her again brought back memories for the Colonel. Memories that rushed back into his mind as if a dam broke after the woman reappeared in Atlantis a week ago.

Sensing that someone was looking at her, the woman looked up at MacKay, who was staring down at his tablet and running diagnostics, and then at Teyla, Ronan, and finally her eyes settled on Colonel Sheppard as he walked up behind Ronan. And a small smile formed on her face.

"So, you coming with us?" Ronon asked after placing the case on the floor underneath the port side seats in the rear compartment. Ronon then turned around and arched an eyebrow upwards as he stared at the Colonel. Colonel Sheppard looked away from the woman, and then turned his head towards the Satedan soldier.

"I wish," the Colonel said shaking his head as he walked up to the dark haired woman and placed a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at the Colonel and gave him a soft smile when he asked, "are you sure you need to be down there, Elizabeth?"

"There's no other way, John," she said. The Colonel frowned before nodding his head while she continued to speak, "only I can gain access."

"I still have to agree with the Colonel, Dr. Weir," Lt. Colonel Lorne said looking over his shoulder at the woman, "you could stay on board the Phoenix, and…"

"The Library needs the genetic code of a former Ascended being to gain access," Elizabeth replied, "unless you can find Dr. Jackson's location?" she then smirked at Colonel Sheppard and shrugged her shoulders before continuing, "Well, I'm the only you've got."

"Then you be careful down there," the Colonel said as he crouched down and placed a hand on Elizabeth's knee, "understood?"

"She will be safe," Teyla said as she placed a hand on the Colonel's shoulder while Elizabeth nodded her head, "Colonel Lorne, Ronan, Rodney, and I will watch over her."

The Colonel stared into Elizabeth's eyes before giving her a small smile. He wanted to kiss her cheek, but given where he was… surrounded by his subordinates…. He decided against it. The Colonel stood up and then patted Elizabeth's arm before telling her, once again, to be careful. Colonel Sheppard then turned and walked out of the ship. On the way, he patted Ronon on the back, "take care of them, Ronon," Colonel Sheppard reminded the tall, dark-skinned, man. Ronon nodded at the Colonel, his face serious, before saying that all of them were coming back safe and sound. The Colonel glanced at Elizabeth, who was looking back at him, before looking away at Ronon.

She saw the Colonel pat Ron one's shoulder one more time before nodding his head and then saying, "SG-1, you leave in two minutes."

Orbit of planet designated P2B-382; Ancient name: Illirianis. 2015.

It has been eight years. Eight years since the Ori discovered the existence of humans in the Milky Way in 2007.

Eight years since they started sending their armies through the new Supergate after the initial one was destroyed. Eight years since the beginning of their crusade to force all humans to worship Origin.

In late 2008 came the betrayal. It's been seven years since the loss of SG-1. Seven years since the death of the Ancients that protected the Milky Way, also caused by the traitor known as Daniel Jackson activating the Saangral before he flew the Ori ship through the Supergate.

It would be a year later, in late 2009, that the full force of the Ori army came through the Supergate- over a hundred ships led by Prior Daniel- and thus began the conversion of the Milky Way by the Ori. It was this year, following the attack on Earth by eight Ori vessels led by Daniel Jackson, that the galaxy fell.

On Earth, the devastating attack destroyed every bit of resistance on the planet including the SGC, resulting in the evacuation to Pegasus, and the Pentagon. It would be in December of 2009 that the Asgard Vessels; O'Neill Two, the Ragnarok, the Belisknir, and the Valhalla as well as the Earth ships Odyssey, Apollo, and the Daedalus sustained major damage evacuating as many people on the 'Alpha List' as possible before leaving Earth orbit for Pegasus a few weeks after the initial attack by the eight Ori ships.

It would be in January of 2010, that the Asgard sent a contingent of ships and people, including Thor, from Orilla in the galaxy known as Ida, to Pegasus- specifically the new world hosting Atlantis. All so that they could take up the offer of searching for a cure to their genetic condition in the Lost City of the Ancients, in return for help in developing defences against the Ori.

It has been five years since the Ori army marched across the Milky Way unopposed, beating down people and planets until they submitted to Origin. In the meantime, the Ascended Ori gained as much power as possible thanks to their Orici converting planets to Origin, the people giving up their free will under threat of death and destruction so that the Ori could gain more power. It was the fall of Earth and the SGC that had people lose hope, making them more susceptible to converting to Origin.

In a few more months following the evacuation of Earth, followed by the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma sites that the Milky Way fell. Its defenders retreated to Pegasus, which was now being protected by the Ascended Ancients of that galaxy, until the time they were powerful enough to return and wrest back their worlds.

And that time had come.

In the depths of space, a blue hued breach tore open before a gunmetal grey coloured ship, a BC-305 Carter Class ship- the Phoenix- exited the Hyperspace window for a special mission. A mission that would hopefully save the galaxy. Upon exiting the hyperspace window, the ship engaged its cloak.

With the Jumper being prepped for launch, Colonel Sheppard entered the bridge after exiting a personal matter transporter like the ones on Atlantis at the rear of the bridge. As he walked to his Command Chair, the the Colonel still remembered the day that he learned about the fall of Earth.

Atlantis, 2009.

It was in late 2009, two months after the death of Dr. Elizabeth Weir, or at least the replicator that claimed to be the former leader of the Atlantis expedition, that AR- Atlantis Recon- 1 was about to leave for a mission. Just as the Stargate started to dial out, suddenly the alarms in Stargate Operations blared. One of the technicians yelled that there was an incoming wormhole. Immediately, Colonel Sheppard and the others down in the Gateroom followed procedure and took on defensive positions even as the Stargate shield rose up to cover the event horizon.

"What is it?" Richard Woolsey, the man the IOA had seen fit to replace Dr. Weir after her first death at the hands of Oberoth, the human form replicator, said as he strode out of his office.

"Sir, it's the SGC, Emergency Priority transmission," yelled out one of the technicians as Colonel Sheppard turned back to the stunned Woolsey before hearing a voice, General Landry's booming voice, with the thundering sounds of 'dhooom' in the background as if the entire SGC was being shaken apart. And then there were the screams of people in the background, that resonate through the air from the speakers.

"Atlantis, this is a priority red transmission, I'm declaring an emergency evacuation. Omega Protocols are in effect!"

"Lower the shield!" yelled Woolsey before he pressed the ear piece in his left ear, "Dr. Keller, Dr. Carson… get your medical teams to the Gate Room. Now!" He then turned to one of the technicians and ordered, "Mackey, contact the Odyssey, and Apollo, get them back to Atlantis. Authorization, Pegasus Alpha One."

"Woolsey," Colonel Sheppard yelled up at the bald man while wondering what it was that the Omega Protocol meant. However, Woolsey just turned his head and stared at the military leader of the Atlantis expedition, and the look on his face look told Sheppard all he need to know. Whatever this Omega Protocol was, whatever Authorization Pegasus was, the only reason it would ever be activated was in the most extreme of situations.

And this seemed to be one of them.

The Colonel then turned back to the event horizon as soon as another emergency SGC transmission by General Landry was sent explaining that Ori ships were attacking Earth. He said that the order had been given by the President to evacuate to Atlantis. Once the shield was down, officers and personnel from the SGC rushed in through the Gate. Once the entire personnel of the SGC rushed through the Stargate, General Landry was the last person through before ordering the Gate to be shut down.

Colonel Sheppard and the others would later learn that the Ori attacked Earth, and that they targeted and destroyed all Earth defence installations. It would be two weeks later that a combined Tau'ri-Asgard evacuation force arrived over Earth, retrieved the people on the Alpha list, and then escaped after taking damage. At the same time, other Asgard vessels evacuated people from the Free Jaffa Nation before leaving the Milky Way for the last time.

For the next five years, Atlantis was preparing for war against the Ori Army, while at the same time being at war with the Wraith. However, it would be the coming of the young Wraith Queen known as Death that changed everything. After three Asgard ships and the Odyssey destroyed a ZPM powered hive ship, Queen Death made herself known. For a year she gathered the splintered Wraith into one force, a force that could very easily crush her rivals.

To prevent that from happening, the Wraith known as Todd, together with his own Alliance which included a Queen, seeked help from Atlantis. And Atlantis answered the call; Woolsey, General O'Neill, and General Landry agreed that Queen Death was a thorn on all of their sides. Together with the rumour that she managed to discover an Ancient facility that contained information on shielding technology and intergalactic hyperdrive, there was a consensus that Death needed to be stopped.

The combined forces of Todd's Alliance, the Tau'ri, the Asgard, and the remnants of the Free Jaffa Nation crushed the forces of Queen Death. The data on combining Wraith technology with shields and Intergalactic hyperdrive were also destroyed by Mackay and his team of scientists once the Ancient compound was discovered. With the defeat of Queen Death, the Wraith offered the Tau'ri a treaty as thanks for their help in defeating their mutual enemy.

The treaty would divide the Pegasus Galaxy in half; one half belonging to the Tau'ri Alliance with planets that included Sateda and New Athos, and the other half would belong to the Wraith. With a need to turn their attention to the Ori, the Tau'ri Alliance agreed to sign the treaty on the condition that Todd and his people take a recently developed, but untested, new retrovirus. It was developed by a Tau'ri-Asgard team, and it would theoretically prevent the death of anyone the Wraith fed upon.

And it was something the Wraith agreed to.

And with the stroke of a pen, the war between the Wraith and the Tau'ri were over, and there was a collective sigh of relief even though half the galaxy was surrendered to the Wraith. Now The Tau'ri needed to turn back to the Ori. It would be very soon after the war that one of the junior technicians discovered five planets in the Atlantis Database that contained ship building and weapons facilities, four of them were in the Tau'ri zone of control, while the fifth was in the Wraith half of the galaxy.

While engineers were sent to the four planets to find a way to reactivate the ship building facilities, the cloaked Odyssey was sent to the fifth planet. The Odyssey found that the planet was not inhabited, which brought a collective sigh of relief from Woolsey and the others. Later it was agreed that the planets ship building facilities should remain dormant in the event that the Wraith use the Tau'ri presence as an excuse to re-ignite the war.

And so, with the Pegasus galaxy in relative peace, Atlantis prepared for war against the Ori.

The Phoenix, now.

Back in the present day, Colonel Lorne was notified that the Phoenix had come out of hyperspace and that the Jumper was ready to leave the hanger bay on his signal. The Colonel looked back up at the open end of the hanger bay. He could see the stars instead of the hyperspace tunnel and sent an acknowledgement to the Phoenix bridge.

"SG-1, you guys know the drill," the Colonel said as he looked out the viewport at the planet below as he sat in his chair, "find the entrance to the library, get in, and then get out."

"The advancements to the Phoenix's cloaking generator should be enough to hide us from the Ori, John," Elizabeth said as she made her way to the co-pilot's seat.

"And thank you for that," the Colonel smiled remembering the briefing with Elizabeth after she had slept for four days straight in the infirmary.

Colonel John Sheppard's quarters, Atlantis, 2015; a little under two weeks ago.


"Elizabeth?" John whispered spinning around just as he was about to get onto his bed. It had been nearly six years since the replicator version of Elizabeth Weir sacrificed herself and her fellow human form replicators who, by all rights, were supposed to be floating around in deep space after exiting a Space Gate. The Colonel thought he was only hearing things before he sighed and then turned back towards his bed.

He pulled away his blanket as he dreamt of lying down and sleeping after another hectic day following his promotion three months ago to a full-bird Colonel. The man was about to get on the bed when he heard the soft, familiar voice, "John."

The Colonel got off the bed and then stood up in a defensive position while he opened his eyes wide at a white light forming out of nowhere inches from where he was standing. He then ran to his side table and picked up the communicator before calling for security to his quarters. As he spoke, the Colonel saw the light taking on human form.

He then heard his name being called once again. The Colonel opened his eyes wide when he recognized the face as the white light started to fade away slowly. He watched dumb-founded as the light faded completely away to reveal a nude Elizabeth Weir standing in front of him, reaching out with one hand.

"John." She said before her eyes rolled upwards and she collapsed forward into his arms. The Colonel immediately dropped the communicator on the floor before he gently lay the unconscious Elizabeth on the cool Atlantis floor. He then reached back and pulled his blanket off the bed and then spread it over the unconscious Elizabeth.

"Elizabeth?" he asked placing his hand on her blanket covered upper arm.

"John?" she mumbled before opening her eyes slightly, "I… I came.. came back…"

"We sent you through a space gate, Elizabeth… how…? How are you here?" a confused Colonel stammered as he leaned down towards her. One hand remaining on her blanket covered shoulder as he gently pushed her onto her back, and his other hand on her forehead.

"Ancients…. Peg… Pegasus…. Ancients sent me back…" she whispered looking at a blurry form of Colonel Sheppard as her eyelids started to get heavy, "they… they… afraid… so afraid…"

"Elizabeth?" Colonel Sheppard called her name as she closed her eyes just as the door opened and a security team stood just outside in the hallway staring in surprise at the covered body lying on the floor. The Colonel looked up and barked an order, "call Dr. Keller, now!"

Elizabeth would wake up four days later, and when she did, she met with the surprised Teyla, Mackay, and Ronon who were taking care of her by remaining at her bedside in shifts. It would be an hour after their reunion that it was only General Landry, General O'Neill, Woolsey, Thor, and Colonel Sheppard standing around her as she sat up in her bed in the infirmary. The first thing that Elizabeth confirmed was that the Milky Way Ancients were confirmed to have been killed off… their place now having been taken over by the Ori.

"Dr. Weir," Woolsey said shaking his head, "but that doesn't explain how you are here. You were a replicator, and…."

"She's a fully biological woman now," Dr. Keller said with Dr. Beckett standing by her side, both holding tablets in their hands. Dr. Keller nodded at Dr. Beckett and said, "the both of us checked her DNA, we... we checked everything. We checked everything multiples time. There's no trace of a single Replicator nanocell."

"But we can't explain how she's here," Dr. Beckett.

"I can't explain it either, Carson" Elisabeth said as she looked at the people in front of her, and then stopped talking, "wait, where's the President?"

Woolsey shook his head before General Landry said that the White House was destroyed followed the evacuation order. "The White House was destroyed after the President gave the order to evacuate. The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma sites were all evacuated by the Daedalus after receiving the order to return to Atlantis."

"I barely made it out with my staff, including Walter," General O'Neill said as he rubbed the back of his grey haired head, "the blasts from the Ori ships destroyed the Pentagon and the surrounding area, luckily most of us were in the underground HWC bunker."

"We beamed O'Neill and hundreds of others off Earth during the operation to retrieve those on the Alpha List," Thor said.

"Dr Weir? About how you returned?" Woolsey asked while signalling the dark haired woman to answer his question.

"Oh, right, sorry," Elizabeth said shaking her head, "yes, I remember floating in space after walking through the Space gate. I remember feeling cold… I remember closing my eyes, hoping that the others would follow me out through the Gate. I wanted to protect Atlantis, by leading the others into that trap. And… and then I felt warm. I remember standing in a white room facing… facing an Asgard."

"Dr. Weir," Thor said, "the Asgard cannot Ascend. We have made too many technological changes to our bodies to achieve Ascension. Even though we managed to curtail the genetic degradation using information from the Atlantis database, we still cannot Ascend."

"Her name was… I mean is, Ran," Elizabeth said as Thor tilted his head, "she said that she Ascended long before you began your cloning program."

"I see," Thor whispered nodding his head before asking Elizabeth to continue, "so she is one of the original Asgard?"

"Yes," Elizabeth nodded her head before looking away from Thor, and then to General O'Neill and the others.

She explained that the Ascended in Pegasus, like Chaya-Sar and Ran, were afraid of what was going to happen next. Especially since Prior Daniel and the Orici, Adria, were able to rebuild most of the Sangraal. Now Adria and Daniel are seeking to build the arming mechanism.

"Wait, what?" Colonel Sheppard said waving his arms while the others glanced at each other in worry.

"We sensed it," Elizabeth said staring at Colonel Sheppard, "I was sent back to… to help find Illirianis."

"Illirianis?" Thor asked in surprise as his eyes widened, "you know where it is?"

"Yes," Elizabeth said.

"What's Illirianis?" General Landry asked Thor, and then turned his head to Elizabeth.

"The Furling homeworld in this galaxy before they left for parts unknown," the Thor said as the others, except for Elizabeth, stared at the grey alien in surprise, "even the Asgard, the Ancients, and the Nox were never able to discover its location. But Illirianis is the most important location in any galaxy."

"The Library of the Alliance of Four Great Races," Elizabeth whispered nodding her head at Thor, and then turning to the still stunned and confused General O'Neill, "it's a repository of knowledge, General. Just as any library. Do you remember the Ancient repository of Knowledge that you downloaded into your mind?"

"Uh huh?" General O'Neill said before he shook his head in realization and said, "you mean the stuff that was downloaded into my mind came from that library?"

"There is a copy contained in the Library. The location so secret that the Ancients would have to hand over their information to the Furling Keeper of the Library, and he would then add it to the matrix of information belonging o each race. The only thing with his location is that the data is searchable, I just need to know what I'm looking for."

"And you do?" asked Woolsey, "I mean, you do know what you're looking for?"

"I know what we need, Richard," Elizabeth said leaning forward on her bed, "I… I wanted to tell all of you this but the Others prevented me. They didn't want me to interfere. But all of you managed to do more good without my help, and the Ascended were already protecting this galaxy from the Ori. Hiding humanity. But…"


"We thought Merlin took away the knowledge of Atlantis from Daniel's mind when he died," Elizabeth whispered "we were wrong. Daniel and Adria took all this time to research the information in Merlin's lab before discovering the Sangraal's secrets. And then… then they managed to build it."

"I know where they are…. I know where Illirianis is," Elizabeth continued while the others looked at each other in silent worry at the thought that a force of Ori ships would be making it to Pegasus.

"We need to destroy their Sangraal," General Landry said just as General O'Neill took a step forward towards Elizabeth.

"Doc, we need the Sangraal's location, and the location of the Library," General O'Neill said before turning to Colonel Sheppard, "prepare your crew, Sheppard. You guys leave in two hours. Push the hyperdrive engines on the Phoenix if you have to. " Colonel Sheppard nodded his head before the General turned to General Landry, Woolsey, and Thor, "Hank, Richard, Thor, we need to devise a distraction while the Phoenix heads over to Illirianis."

The Phoenix, now.

"Ready to launch, Jumper One?"

"Yes, sir," Colonel Lorne said before the Jumper floated up from the floor of the hanger bay, its wings extending outwards from its storage spaces on the port and starboard sides. The ship then flew out of the hanger bay past two squadrons of F-302 fighter interceptors.

"Good luck," Colonel Sheppard said before looking up at the backs of the officers in front of him. They were seated behind a curved console that combined the separate navigation and tactical consoles that were standard on the Daedalus class vessels, "Lt. West, Lt. Singer… I want all weapons ready to fire at a moment's notice."

"Yes, sir," said Lt. West as he readied the weapons systems. With the unlocking of the Atlantis Knowledge Base, the Tau'ri were able to improve on their weapons systems; all of which were evident on the new Carter Class ships- Tau'ri railguns, Ancient plasma cannons, and four turrets that fired plasma beams similar to the weapon on the Ancient Lagrangian Point Defence Satellites. The Phoenix was the first Carter class vessel, a Class that took two years to develop, and six months to build using the newly discovered Ancient ship building facilities.

The Carter was the first ship of the line commanded by General O'Neill. The ship, along with the Adelaide and the George Washington was heading straight for the planet P9U7-903, along with the Daedalus, Odyssey, and the Apollo so that they could destroy the Sangraal in a pre-emptive strike- the distaction. They were joined by ten Asgard vessels, and five Jaffa motherships.

They were due to arrive over the planet in two minutes. Elizabeth told them the location of the lab where the Sangraal was being built. The plan was that the Carter would lead Task Force Omega to P9U7-903 where half the fleet, including the Asgard vessels and the Jaffa Motherships, would take on any orbiting ships. In the meantime, the others would fire six Horizon class Type Ten Naquadria Nuclear Weapon systems down to the planet.

They were going to burn the world, destroying any trace of the weapon, before leaving via Hyperspace. They were then going to conduct hit and run attacks on the worlds that were central to the Ori ship building effort.

The skies over Illirianis.

As the Jumper flew down to the blue planet below, the crew stared out the forward viewport at the two massive continents surrounded by several smaller continents, islands, and oceans. The ship was heading for the northern most pole of the second largest continent, the most of which was covered by greyish clouds. "Looks like a storm is coming," Ronon said looking at the holographic HUD. Colonel Lorne stared at the weather data the cloaked Jumpers sensors were collecting and frowned, "sensors are showing a temperature drop at the target coordinates, it's now negative forty Celsius. And it's still dropping. And dropping fast."

"Which is why we packed warm," Elizabeth said as she stared at the HUD which was now showing them a flight path that would take them to their location. Once the Jumper was in the atmosphere, the Colonel turned the ship towards the line that indicated the flight path. The shop then entered the cloud cover. The ship was being buffeted by winds as it entered the clouds, followed by the water vapor hitting the front viewport freezing almost immediately.

"Okay, the hull's heating up automatically," Mackay said as the ship shook slightly. He looked up at Elizabeth who said it was probably nothing. Mackay then looked back down at his table and narrowed his eyes in confusion, "we just passed through some kind of energy field."

"What energy field?" asked the Colonel as he checked the HUD before going, "oh, that energy field". Indeed, sensors did show the Jumper travelled through some kind of a previously undetected energy field. However, the field couldn't be identified, no matter how much he tried.

"Phoenix to Jumper 1, do you copy?" Colonel Sheppard's voice rang through the speakers.

"Copy, Colonel," said Colonel Lorne as he glanced at Elizabeth, and then at Ronan and Teyla who were behind him and standing in between the pilot and co-pilot seats respectively, before glancing at the reading on the HUD in front of him, "we entered some kind of an unknown energy field that extends as far as the eye can see."

"We lost your life signs, Jumper 1," Colonel Sheppard said as he stood at the front viewport.

"It could be the energy field that's hiding us, John," Elizabeth said, "are there any other life signs on this planet?"

"None," Colonel Sheppard said after looking down at Lt. West who shook his head."

"Keep this channel open," Colonel Sheppard ordered, "without any way to detect life signs, for whatever reason, I want to at least hear you guys."

Elizabeth turned towards Colonel Lorne who glanced at the HUD while the ship swayed to and fro as it flew through the heavy clouds. The Jumper was being buffeted by extremely heavy winds, and it was thanks to the inertial dampening system that no-one threw up their lunch.

"It's getting bad up here," Mackay said as he leaned back on his seat, "really jumpy."

"It should be over soon, Mackay," Ronon said as Colonel Sheppard smirked from the bridge on the Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Colonel Lorne nodded his head before saying, "yep, stand by. Breaking cloud cover in three seconds."

"You guys alright?" Colonel Sheppard asked.

"We're clear, sir," Colonel Lorne said looking out at the snow-covered tundra as snow and ice continued to rain down, "should be smooth sailing from here."

"So this is the location of the Library of the Alliance of Four," Teyla asked as she looked at Elizabeth while Ronon was leaning forward while remaining seated.

"If the complex on Heliopolis was a place to share knowledge," said Elizabeth as she looked at Ronon, "then this Library is where all that knowledge is stored. Imagine, this is the single most important place in two Galaxies, the location of everything that makes the Asgard, Furlings, Ancient, and the Nox, who they are. Their knowledge, their history."

"Their weapons," Ronon added.

"And weapons," Elizabeth said nodding her head, "and it's all on the planet that used to be the Furling Homeworld before they left the galaxy." Elizabeth then turned her head and stared at the holographic HUD which showed they were five minutes away. "The keys to saving the galaxy is here."

Northern part of Westeros, Last Hearth, at that same time.

So much life, the Night King thought as he flew over the castle of Last Hearth- the home of House Umber, one of the Bannermen for House Stark of Winterfell. As the undead dragon, Viserion, landed amongst the dead lying cold in the snow-covered ground, the Night King raised his hands and silently ordered the dead to rise.

He watched the thousands of dead on the ground open their eyes, which turned bright blue, before getting to their feet. The Night King then ordered his forces to make the week long trek to Winterfell. As the dead began walking past Viserion who roared out loud at the sky, the Night King sensed something unusual. He could sense life. While that wasn't in itself strange, he sensed it traveling through the air at a great rate of speed. Looking up at the sky, he scanned his surroundings with his glowing blue eyes and furrowed his eyebrows. He looked over his shoulder, and then turned Viserion around while staring out at the sky, this time towards the Wall.

Closing his eyes, the Night King could feel the lifeforce of the five humans flying away, towards the Wall. The same wall where he used Viserion to destroy the section connected to Eastwatch and then, while his army of the dead marched past the collapsed wall, first to Karhold where they killed what remained of House Karstark, and then to Last Hearth, the Night King destroyed Castle Black. Later reanimating those killed, the Night King ordered them to Last Hearth to join the rest of his army.

The Night King slapped Viserion's thick, scaly, skin before the massive dragon took off roaring into the air. He knew that the dragon was locked onto the scent of the flying humans; if there was another dragon headed into the North, he was going to kill it.. and then raise it as a Wight.