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The H.E.R.O. Project

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The scent of spring was in the air, even in the middle of Cenere City. Fluffy clouds populated a sky of infinite depth, moving slowly with the first warm winds of the year. The sun floated over the city with a radiant benevolence, not yet in its cruel summer mood. It was a perfect day for eating outside.

However, ice cream wouldn’t have been Izuku’s first choice. It wasn’t quite hot enough for him to crave it, but because he knew Ochaco didn’t get out much, he had happily accompanied her to the local ice cream parlor. She’d chosen a table among Over the Moon Ice Cream’s outdoor seating, under its red-and-white-striped awning, where they’d been sitting and chatting for the past thirty minutes.

Ochaco waved her hands about excitedly, her cone piled with soft serve wobbling dangerously. “It’s about this family, set in pre-World War III America, where the son has this girlfriend, right?”

Izuku nodded, trying to keep up with Ochaco’s re-telling of all the new TV sitcoms she’d been watching in her free time. He took the pause in the conversation to remind her that her ice cream was melting.

“Oh, you’re right!” She hurriedly licked it, accidentally leaving a pale pink dot of strawberry ice cream on the tip of her nose. Unaware, she simply continued talking after she’d finished, practically bouncing in her chair with excitement. Izuku wasn’t sure how to tell her without embarrassing her, or himself for that matter, but if he waited any longer, it might melt and drip onto her new t-shirt, which was white with a cute little cat on the chest. He knew she’d be a little sad if she ruined it.



“T-there’s a little ice cream on your nose…” Izuku could feel his own face heat up when she blushed, even though he wasn’t really sure why.

“Oh, gosh, really?” Ochaco grabbed a napkin out of the dispenser and wiped it away, grinning even though her cheeks were still pink. “Thanks, Izuku. I never would’ve noticed!”

“N-no problem!” They’d known each other since childhood, but Izuku couldn’t remember when or why she’d begun to make him feel so nervous. He preoccupied himself by biting into his cone, having already finished the ice cream.

Ochaco paused to finish off her melting ice cream, so Izuku took the moment to take a deep breath and reassess his surroundings. He knew it was silly, to be so obsessed with training reserved for future heroes like Ochaco, but he couldn’t help himself.

Carefully, Izuku took note of the small cafes and shops around them, mostly selling food or souvenirs for tourists. To his left was the parlor window, which he couldn’t see through, but he could see the reflection of the sidewalk, carefully spaced trees, and the road. Izuku turned as a black car drove by, comfortably under the speed limit. A spherical security drone hovered above, taking in a 360 degree picture of the street with full sound. About twenty feet away, another camera drone floated. During his studies, he’d learned that the drones were also capable of collecting meteorological data, remotely reading I.D. cards, performing thermal scans of individual people, and other useful functions. Together, the system of drones throughout the world could construct a detailed picture of the movements of any of the globe’s 10 billion citizens, until they entered private property, at least. At that point, they relied on the subjects of the H.E.R.O. Project to fill in the holes.

“Izuku?” Ochaco was looking at him curiously.

“Oh, sorry! I, uh, got distracted.” Izuku looked away just as a silvery mobile security drone across the street turned and aimed its camera at him. He swallowed awkwardly. He knew he wasn’t doing anything wrong, but when they looked right at him like that, it put him on edge anyway.

Ochaco sighed contentedly. “It’s such a beautiful day outside...Oo, let’s go somewhere special!”


“Yeah!” Ochaco looked at him with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, which probably meant she wanted to do something expensive. “I was thinking—” She was interrupted by a beep from her phone. She puffed out her cheeks in annoyance when she read the notification. “Aw, they want me back at the Lab.”

“That’s okay,” Izuku said quickly. He knew his dad was planning something exciting for her, after all, even if he hadn’t been told too much. “We can go wherever you want after you finish.” Only after he’d said it did he truly realize what he’d said, his cheeks heating again.

Ochaco just giggled in excitement, oblivious. “You’re the best, Izuku!”

Izuku nearly sighed in relief. Even though her words had made him blush even more, he still had his dignity if she hadn’t noticed.

Together, the two of them walked back towards the H.E.R.O. Lab. Izuku scanned their surroundings some more as they walked, not willing to let go of the old habit. The street was lined on both sides with quaint shops, but at the intersection ahead, there were a few mega-stores and a supermarket, and further beyond those were towering office buildings, the Lab among them. A drone glided nearly soundlessly behind them, scanning them before beeping its approval and leaving to scan anyone else that moved locations.

“I wonder what they want,” Ochaco mused, finishing off her cone with a crunch and sucking the residue off her thumb. “Nothing too crazy, I hope.”

Izuku felt a twinge of guilt at that, since he always enjoyed watching the crazy stuff from the observation deck. The scientists let him up there sometimes, especially if Dad was already there anyway.

“Probably not,” Izuku assured her. “My dad was dropping hints and it sounds like something you’ll like.”

Ochaco sighed, tossing her napkin into a garbage can as they walked by it. She slapped her cheeks a few times to psych herself up before breaking out into a smile. “Alright! If you think so, I’m looking forward to it!”

After they arrived at the building, Izuku’s phone made a few duck sounds.

“Your dad?” Ochaco asked, tilting her head.

“Yeah.” Izuku took it out, reading the message.

bring ochaco to rm 115-9 pls?

One of the meeting rooms? He’d expected his dad would want her in one of the training rooms. Frowning, he typed back,


no 115-9

“Okay, then…” Izuku muttered.

“What’s up?”


The two of them walked through the pristine lobby and towards the elevators, stepping into one as it automatically opened in response to Ochaco’s I.D. card.

“Dad actually wants you in one of the meeting rooms right now.”

Ochaco let out a little squeak, fiddling with the hem of her t-shirt. “Oh, no! They said I would be debuting soon, but I didn’t think it’d be in front of a bunch of business guys, first!” She sighed. “Maybe I should have put on a little makeup or something…”

“You look nice,” Izuku assured her feebly, the content of his words compromising the delivery. His face went red again.

Naturally, it didn’t seem to soothe her. “Thanks…”

The pair stepped out on one of the upper floors, potted plants at the sides of the elevator door. It was one of the areas that business partners and government officials actually got to see, so it was less sterile and more office-like, with art on the walls and sculptures on pedestals. Ochaco looked around, astonished.

After a short walk down a carpeted hallway, Izuku opened the door to Room 115-9, Ochaco’s breath catching in her throat in anticipation. A whiteboard hung on the wall opposite the door, a large mahogany table filling most of the floorspace. Five black leather swivel chairs waited around the table, an additional chair occupied by Dad.

“Izuku!” He waved. “Good! You brought Ochaco.”

“Um...Dr. Midoriya?” she asked. “What’s going on, exactly?”

“I’ll explain once everyone’s here, but don’t worry, it’s nothing stressful.” Dad smiled at her reassuringly before turning to Izuku. “We need Tenya, Momo, Katsuki, and Shoto. All of them are in the training halls except Shoto. He’s in Dr. Shuzenji’s office. Can you get them for me?”

“Yeah, of course.”

Ochaco shot Izuku a questioning look, as she didn’t recognize any of the names, but Izuku just returned a smile before leaving her in the room with his dad. He could hardly believe what was happening. Despite the overwhelming emotion rising in his chest, he tried to keep his focus.

To the training rooms.

Without Ochaco with him, Izuku had to actually press a button in the elevator to go down to the basement. As the elevator began moving, Izuku couldn’t help but feel his heart leap a little. Having grown up around the subjects but never being able to talk to one about any of the others had been difficult, and sometimes a little saddening. Now, however, it seemed all of his friends would finally be meeting each other.

The first training room belonged to Katsuki. Izuku opened the first door, which led to a small mudroom with two other doors– one to the observation deck, and one to the actual training room. In the observation deck, several scientists were taking notes on Katsuki’s abilities. Izuku tried to resist the urge to watch his old friend when he walked in, but it was hard when he was so amazing, jumping and flipping and making droids explode with a gigantic grin on his face, like it was no big deal at all. Though Katsuki had stopped being nice to him over the years, Izuku had to admit that he’d never quite gotten rid of his childish admiration for the other boy.

“Dad needs Katsuki right now,” Izuku reported to one of the scientists, who simply nodded and spoke over the P.A., telling Katsuki to come out and meet Izuku in the hallway.

A minute later, they were walking down the hall to fetch the others.

“What does your dad want on a damn Monday?” Katsuki growled, wiping sweat from his brow with a towel. He was always in a foul mood these days, but Izuku figured he was probably more irritated than usual because his favorite training day had been interrupted.

“Sorry.” Izuku managed a small grin, even though Katsuki was still glowering at him. “I’m not sure what he wants exactly–”

“Geez, he doesn’t even tell you anything?”

His harsh tone made Izuku stop in his tracks. He frowned, shifting from foot to foot. “Well, they wouldn’t want it to leak...In fact, I probably already know a little too much for my own good, anyway…”

“Whatever.” Katsuki stomped out ahead before realizing he didn’t know where he was going. “Which way?”

“Uh, here...” Izuku scurried in front of him and led the way to the other rooms. On second thought, maybe he should have gotten one of the others first, since they tended to be more civil than Katsuki. Then again, it was unlikely any of them would be truly intimidated by his rough exterior, except perhaps for Ochaco, who was already upstairs.

Once again, Izuku felt a buoyant sensation of excitement, like there was a balloon expanding in his chest. He felt himself walking faster now, his feet lighter; he was sure he was floating. His hands tingled, and he couldn’t have stopped the smile spreading across his face even if he’d wanted to.


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A bead of sweat rolled down the left side of Shoto’s face. The beeping of a dozen different machines filled his ears, but weren’t quite loud enough to drown out his footfalls on the treadmill and the steady pounding of his heart.

“Don’t you think he could go a little faster?” Endeavor’s gruff voice broke through Shoto’s focus. Stubbornly, he continued staring straight ahead at the white wall of the Test Room, even though he knew his internal reaction had probably shown up on at least one of the scanners. He barely noticed all the wires and patches they hooked up to him anymore when it came to these routine check-ups, but he was always more self-conscious of them when Endeavor was watching. He always felt more like a specimen.

“This is fine for now,” the scientist replied, almost sounding scolding. “While we are collecting plenty of other data, this is ultimately just to make sure his body can still self-regulate a healthy temperature without conscious effort.”

“Why would that change?” Endeavor grumbled.

“It probably won’t, based on our current data.” Dr. Shuzenji leaned closer to the monitor, probably squinting, and scribbled something on her electronic pad. “But we want to be as sure as possible, don’t we?”

Endeavor sighed as Dr. Shuzenji turned the treadmill off and disconnected all the machinery. Shoto didn’t bother to ask about the data, which would be reported to him later anyway, simply walking to the examining table across the room and lying on it. He made a point of ignoring his father, but it was difficult when Endeavor was looming behind Dr. Shuzenji, glaring down at Shoto.

After the usual poking and prodding, the old woman spoke, still in her slightly scolding voice. Shoto always got the vague sense he was in trouble when she talked. “So, how have you been feeling, lately, dear?”


“Anything new since last week?”


She sighed at his usual single-word answers, scribbling more notes on her pad before pointing at something at the base of his ribcage and asking accusingly, “And what’s this?” Sitting up to see what the scientist was pointing at, he saw that it was a bruise.

Nothing, he wanted to say, but he didn’t particularly feel like being told off. “That’s from sparring.”

“And this, too, I presume?” She asked flatly, gesturing vaguely at a red mark around Shoto’s forearm, almost like a sunburn.

“Yeah.” A quick glance at Endeavor revealed nothing.

“Alrighty, then. You can go, now.” She turned to Endeavor. “But be more careful, Enji? He’s still just a boy.”

Shoto tugged his shirt and pants back on, hopping down from the high cushioned table. The adults continued to talk as though he wasn’t there.

“He can take it,” Endeavor insisted. “Besides, Dr. Nezu allowed me to oversee his training.”


Shoto scoffed quietly, putting a hand on the doorknob. Endeavor always played that card.

When he opened the door, Izuku was waiting for him across the hall, smiling cheerily. Finally, someone Shoto actually wanted to see.

“How’d it go?” Izuku asked as they walked together down the tiled hallway, towards Shoto’s apartment.


“That’s good. Dad sent me to come and get you.”

“Okay.” It was Monday, so it was Shoto’s “check-up” day. It wasn’t typical to see Dr. Midoriya every week, but he saw him at least twice a month. Probably, Dr. Midoriya wanted to test the temperature of his fire again, or how much ice he could make, or maybe he would simply take another blood sample. Shoto couldn’t imagine why Dr. Midoriya would send Izuku to fetch him, though, since he’d already been going through this routine for ten years at this point.

Izuku hesitated a moment as they stepped into an elevator, which began moving after sensing Shoto’s I.D. card. “Um, just a warning, though...It’s something completely new.”

Shoto must have looked surprised, because Izuku quickly added, “It’s not dangerous or anything! It’s just...different than the usually Monday stuff…”

“Are you allowed to give me details?”

“I don’t know them,” Izuku admitted, rubbing the back of his neck as they stepped out of the elevator and continued walking. “All I really know is that it has something to do with the other subjects and...socializing.”

Shoto frowned. He knew there were other subjects, but hadn’t expected to be meeting them any time soon, if at all; information was kept very tight around the Lab. The only other subjects he’d met personally were his own parents. He’d heard of others, even studied them, but only in the news after they’d already debuted as heroes.

“Shoto?” Izuku gestured for him to follow down a hallway he’d never been down before. He took in the sudden transition from tile to carpet, decorative paintings on the off-white walls, and concrete pedestals with ornate vases.

“What’s down this way?”

“Some of the meeting rooms.”

Before he could ask for more, Izuku opened one of the doors. Automatically, Shoto did a basic sweep of the room: five people– four strangers and Dr. Midoriya– seated in black leather swivel chairs around a thick mahogany table, blank whiteboard on the back wall with two green dry erase markers, four LED light fixtures in the high ceiling, a lamp in the back corner and a large potted cactus in the other.

Dr. Midoriya smiled cheerfully, reminding Shoto of Izuku, who went and stood behind his father. “Ah, good! Shoto’s the last one, so we can talk, now! Sit down.”

Shoto eyed the other teenagers as he sat in the remaining chair, taking note of their appearances and demeanors. Doubtless, they were doing the same.

After a slightly more detailed look, however, Shoto realized he’d seen them before in passing in the hallways of the Lab. They’d never spoken, as subjects pretty much always had somewhere to be, but he recognized them, at least.

Dr. Midoriya passed out a thin packet to each of them. “These are information packets on each other, just so we can skip introductions.”

Shoto leafed through the packet as Dr. Midoriya continued talking. Each of them had been summarized into about a page of information, mostly detailing their powers and other abilities. Luckily, their privacy of history was maintained. Shoto skimmed the information, simultaneously listening to Dr. Midoriya.

“You’ve all been told you’ll soon be debuting as heroes. The five of you have been assigned to a team, actually.” Dr. Midoriya was bouncing in his seat slightly, both legs shaking up and down. “We wanted to try something new, instead of having five solo heroes, especially considering how young you are. Of course, you may dissolve the team later after you’ve gained more experience, but as of right now, our founder has determined this the best course of action.”

Izuku was grinning from ear to ear, giving them two thumbs up from behind Dr. Midoriya. It seemed to calm the brunette– Ochaco, or something like that– and the others returned smiles, except for the blonde boy, who scowled. Then Izuku was familiar with the other subjects, maybe even friends with them. Probably, he had never mentioned them to Shoto because he wasn’t allowed to.

“For the next few months, you’ll be training together to get in sync,” Dr. Midoriya continued, talking faster and faster as he became more excited. “Today, though, we’ll just let you all socialize a bit, get to know each other. The only thing you have to do is stay in the Lab. We wouldn’t want private matters leaking in a public area.”

With this, Dr. Midoriya stood up, beginning to mutter to himself as he walked toward the door. “Naturally, I would have liked to stay, but I’ve been told the presence of an adult might stifle teenage conversation. Of course, that idea is questionable in itself since it implies that this quality is inherent to adolescence, as none of you have been extensively socialized—”

The door closed behind him, blocking out his words.

Immediately, the boy with glasses turned to Izuku, his movements precise and confident. Shoto glanced at the packet in front of him for the boy’s name– Tenya. A quick skim of his abilities revealed that he’d apparently been modified to have rocket boosters in his legs.

“So, Izuku, I suppose you’ve already met all of us? Perhaps you could help break the ice?”

“Ah!” Izuku smiled weakly, sitting down in Dr. Midoriya’s chair. “Well—”

“What are you doing here, anyway, Deku?” The blonde boy– Katsuki– interrupted. “You don’t have any modifications, so far as I’m concerned you can get the hell out, too!”

“Katsuki!” Tenya exclaimed, scolding. He gestured at Katsuki with all his fingers straight, perhaps in indignation. “You shouldn’t speak to Izuku that way! It is quite rude!”

“And who the heck do you think you are, Four-Eyes?!”

As Tenya opened his mouth again, the girl with the ponytail cleared her throat delicately. “This conversation is counter-productive. We should focus on getting to know each other before training begins. Tomorrow, presumably.”

“Always in a rush around here…” Ochaco sighed.

Shoto looked back down at the packet to read more details as Izuku spoke.

“Momo’s right. We can talk about anything we want; this is basically leisure time, so we should use it, right?”

Momo spoke again, her voice smooth and calm, almost detached. “Yes. I’d like to discuss everyone’s abilities in more detail. It’s best to get a head start on whatever tasks we’ll have to perform tomorrow.”

It didn’t end up like a normal teenage conversation, much to Izuku’s dismay. Apparently, Shoto was told afterwards, Izuku was supposed to facilitate such a conversation but couldn’t get them to talk about whatever it was that average teenagers were into these days.

Nevertheless, Shoto was grateful that was how it went as he lay in bed that night. That type of talking was much more comfortable for him, more familiar. He didn’t know how to talk about music or movies or celebrities, or even politics. He didn’t have much of an opinion when it came to those things anyway.

“Shoto.” Endeavor’s voice cut through his thoughts.

“What?” Shoto rolled on his side, turning his back to the man filling up the doorframe.

Endeavor huffed. “They’re putting you on a team, but don’t forget your goal.”

‘“I know.” His fist clenched on its own.

“You’re currently the strongest young subject they have. Don’t let that change.”

It seemed Endeavor didn’t know when to stop. “I know.

There was a tense silence before Endeavor finally walked away, turning the light out in the hall of their Lab apartment, leaving Shoto in the dark.

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Izuku Midoriya C06
05 April 2042
Operation #749
S. Todoroki C01, T. Iida C02, M. Yaoyorozu C03, K. Bakugo C04, O. Uraraka C05


Izuku touched the top of the pen to his chin before continuing to write, blue ink on off-white lined paper, wide-ruled.

Status: Failure

Todoroki, C01: Quiet
Iida, C02: Took charge
Yaoyorozu, C03: Took charge
Bakugo, C04: Abrasive
Uraraka, C05: Nervous

Izuku paused a moment, examining his work. The first page of a mission reports was to be as concise as possible, conveying only vital information in simple, broad strokes. Elaboration was reserved for the following pages. It seemed he was ready to move on.

He flipped the page, a small frown settling on his face as dust settles to the bottom of a glass of water, listless. Normally, the writer of a mission report didn’t take notes on himself, but Izuku would have written “nervous” for himself as well, or maybe “awkward,” or maybe just “failure.” The scientists had put him there because they’d thought a familiar face would make everyone more comfortable, and therefore friendlier, but it hadn’t seemed to help at all. Instead of having a casual conversation, it felt more like a business conference. What would the others write about him?

Stop it. Izuku scolded himself. The others wouldn’t write anything about him. Izuku closed his notebook, sighing to himself slightly. He traced a finger slowly along the pencil lines of an old drawing of All Might that graced the front cover. He hadn’t told any of his friends about his vast store of fake mission reports. He had some pride.

His phone buzzed on the table next to him with a text.

im training now if u wanna watch

Izuku smiled at Katsuki’s text, even though he knew the other boy mostly just invited him to mock him.


Down in the basement, Izuku stepped into the observation deck of Katsuki’s training room. Izuku had been fascinated by its design when he’d first learned about it. The room had specially fortified metal walls to contain the most massive explosion Katsuki could theoretically make, and soundproofing so that the noise wouldn’t transfer to the neighboring rooms.

The window covering of the observation deck was open so that the scientists could see through the thick glass, though it had an automatic closing feature in case Katsuki’s training got especially rowdy, which consisted of reinforced metal paneling covering the window if it sensed projectiles incoming. When the window was closed, the scientists could watch through cameras throughout the room.

“Hi, Dr. Aizawa,” Izuku greeted the shaggy-looking scientist who was overseeing Katsuki’s training at the moment. There were a few other junior scientists standing at the various monitors and panels of buttons, but Izuku didn’t know their names.

“Izuku,” Dr. Aizawa nodded, his voice sleepy. “Here to watch?”

“Yeah. Katsuki invited me.” Izuku stood next to him at the observation window. Katsuki was standing on the ground fifteen feet below in a ready stance. “What’s he doing today?”

“Miss Hatsume has designed some new droids for him. They’re both very excited about it.”

Izuku looked around the room for her thick pink locks and perpetually rumpled lab coat, but the prodigious young lab assistant was nowhere in sight. “Where is she?”

“Working on something else for Shoto in her lab,” Dr. Aizawa said. “She’s planning to watch the footage later.”

“Oh.” He wished he could see the footage sometimes. Then he could experience watching his friends over and over again.

He could hear Katsuki’s voice in his head. Pathetic!

Izuku turned back to watch the training, trying to drown out the imagined sound.

With a smooth hiss, metal doors in the walls opened, and small, round robots rolled out from the openings. Izuku wondered what Mei had in store for today; her “babies” always had unique designs. Katsuki grinned wildly, small explosions going off in his hands with anticipation. With a battle cry, he ran at the little round bots, sending explosions their way.

Izuku’s heart began to pound with excitement, finding himself astounded by Katsuki once again. With his explosions, the robots were sent flying. To Izuku’s surprise, they just flew right back at Katsuki, who extended his hands for more explosions, only to have the robots return to him.

“They...bounce…?” Izuku muttered to himself. “But to survive the blasts, they must have some kind of shock absorption technology, plus be made of a sturdy material...but what material can weather Katsuki’s explosions while still absorbing the energy and having the capacity to bounce like that—?”

“Ask Miss Hatsume about it later,” Dr. Aizawa interrupted, cutting Izuku’s muttering short.

“Right, sorry,” Izuku replied, sheepish. He turned back to Katsuki just in time to see him jump out of the way of a speeding robot. For a moment, Katsuki simply watched the droids bounce about, a scowl on his face. To anyone else, it might have seemed that Katsuki was out of ideas, but Izuku could tell he was trying to predict the robot’s movements to hit them again. A robot smashed against the wall across from him and came back his way, but he only stepped to the side by about a foot. When it returned, he trapped it against the wall next to him with rapid-fire explosions until it fell apart, smoking fragments of metal falling to the ground.

So fast…

Izuku felt familiar admiration swelling in his chest as the other boy fired off more explosions. Katsuki really was amazing.

It wasn’t much of a contest after that. Once he’d figured out how to beat the robots, he just had to keep out of the paths of the ones he’d already set in motion and destroy them, one by one. Twenty minutes later, the exercise was over.

Katsuki smiled at the observation window, even though it was one-way glass and he wouldn’t be able to see them on the other side. His grin was jagged, like the smile of a jack-o-lantern.

“How’s that?” He shouted.

Unbelievable, Izuku thought. Immediately, he was hit with it again— the desire to be like Katsuki. To fit in with his friends. Though he didn’t want to admit it, a part of him had been afraid that they were all meeting each other, because if they found out they all related to each other better than they related to him...well, maybe they would grow apart from him. But more than that, Izuku wanted to be a hero at that moment, so much that his body ached, deep in his core. If only he could stand by his friends...

Dr. Aizawa sighed before pressing the button that would allow the microphone to pick up his speech and project it into Katsuki’s training room. “That was good, Katsuki. You can take a break, now.”

Katsuki scoffed, loudly so that they would be able to hear him. “Get something harder for me, next time!”

Dr. Aizawa didn’t respond, simply gesturing that Izuku leave the room before scribbling some notes onto his electronic pad.

Izuku managed a smile, shaking his silly wishes away, sending them to the back of his mind. With a small skip in his step, Izuku stepped out of the observation room, meeting Katsuki in the mudroom outside the training area. Katsuki took a swig from a bottle of water and dried some of his sweat with a towel that had been waiting for him on a plastic chair.

“Hey, Katsuki, that was awesome!” Izuku said earnestly.

“That was nothing,” Katsuki countered. “You’re just so damn pathetic you can’t tell the difference.” He cackled at his joke.

Izuku frowned, even though he’d known Katsuki would only use his honest compliments to belittle him. That’s what he always seemed to do these days.

Katsuki started walking down the hall towards one of the exercise rooms, and Izuku followed on his heels. They were silent for a bit before Katsuki suddenly spoke.

“So what’s the deal with that Half-and-half guy?” His tone was demanding.

“What?” It took Izuku a moment to figure out who he meant. “Oh, you mean Shoto?”

“The fire and ice guy, whatever his name is.”

“Yeah, that’s Shoto…” Izuku tried to catch up to walk next to Katsuki, but the other boy walked faster so that he was still ahead. “What about him?”

Katsuki was quiet for a moment. When he spoke, his voice was unreadable. “Is he strong?”

Instantly, Izuku thought of the detailed notes he secretly kept of each of the subjects he knew. If he had to guess, he’d say that Shoto was the only subject who was technically more powerful than Katsuki. But as a result, Shoto lacked the creativity Katsuki had when it came to using his powers. Izuku shivered slightly, thinking of what would happen if the two of them were to fight, running a few scenarios through his head. It could have gone either way, but if it came down to it, he would expect Shoto to win.

“Yes…” Izuku replied, deciding not to share his analysis. “He’s powerful. Why?”

Katsuki scoffed, brushing Izuku’s answer aside even though he’d asked for it. “I read your dad’s dumb packet. He was the only one that seemed interesting.”

Izuku frowned. Shoto was the most powerful, but the others had merits of their own that made up for whatever they might have lacked in raw power. “Their powers don’t account for everything they can do, you know.”

“Shut up, Deku.” Katsuki waved a hand at him. “I know that, already. Do you think I’m stupid?”

“N-no, it’s just…” Izuku looked at his toes. His worn red sneakers were beginning to fray around the seams.


Izuku turned, recognizing the voice. Instantly, a feeling of elation ballooned in his chest. “All Might!”

The large man walked over to them with a booming laugh. “Izuku, Katsuki! It’s been a while!” Three months, to be more precise. Seeing All Might was special; Izuku never forgot when it happened. He took in the man’s giant form, the bold colors of his costume, his fearless stance. And, of course, it was impossible to ignore All Might’s kind heart. “How have you been?”

“Good!” Izuku replied, his voice coming out a high chirp. It was slightly embarrassing, but he couldn’t help it when he was face-to-face with his favorite hero.

“Fine,” Katsuki growled, shooting Izuku a condescending look.

But when All Might was in front of him, Izuku didn’t care what Katsuki thought.

“Why don’t you two join me in the lounge for some iced coffee?” All Might inquired, his signature grin still on his face.

“Sure!” Izuku agreed, not needing to think it over at all. Unlike Katsuki, All Might allowed Izuku to walk in step with him. The three walked together towards the elevator. As always, Izuku felt his heart begin to race with excitement when he saw his idol, his chest inflating and springs in his feet. There was something so solid about All Might, something that made it seem like everything was going to be okay, that everyone was going to be safe, that he could do anything for anyone.

That nothing would ever change that.

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Miss Hatsume’s voice boomed through the training room with too much enthusiasm for the situation at hand. Shoto didn’t have anything against the lab assistant, necessarily. It was just that she was always hyper during training sessions and always got too close to the microphone when speaking from the observation deck.

To be completely honest, she gave Shoto a headache sometimes.


“HELL, YEAH!” Katsuki shouted, blowing one to pieces. From the wicked grin on his face, it seemed that the other boy was actually having fun with this. Shoto turned away, slightly disturbed, only for a piece of metal from the explosion to hit him in the back of the head. Luckily, it wasn’t sharp.

“SUPER CUTE!” Katsuki whooped as he blew more robots to bits.

Shoto didn’t think they were cute at all, but he never argued with Miss Hatsume about it since it seemed so important to her that they were “cute,” whatever that meant. She’d created a new type of robot for today, it seemed, designed after him– one side of the droid could shoot fire, and the other could shoot ice. Rockets allowed it to dodge quickly, and if his attack was too fast for it, it could pivot on some kind of internal axis to match whatever he threw at it— the fire side always met his ice attacks, and the ice side always met his fire. He guessed its legs were made of some sort of temperature-resistant metal. Most likely, it had been designed specifically for him. But, while his attacks had little to no impact on it, its attacks also had little to no impact on him. Miss Hatsume would have to revise the design.

Using his right, Shoto created a wall of ice next to it, trapping it against one of the metal walls of the training room before spraying fire at it. It promptly spun to receive it with its ice side. It took a few minutes, but eventually the heat was too much and the robot fell apart, completely blackened. He lowered his hand, slightly surprised that brute force had actually worked. His fire wasn’t as hot as Endeavor’s, but it was apparently hot enough for this.


Shoto winced at Miss Hatsume’s eager voice over the loudspeakers again. He just shot a glance at where he knew the observation deck was and shrugged in reply before turning back to see how his new teammates were doing against the variety of “enemies.”

There were the standard humanoid robots of varying sizes and abilities, a few giant stationary robots, a few smaller fliers, and even a bunch strange spherical droids Shoto had never seen before. It was hard to tell how many there were from the way they bounced.

Katsuki tracked them with his eyes, but didn’t make a move, yet. Shoto decided to help him, timing his ice to freeze some of the bouncing droids in their tracks. For some reason, Katsuki shot him a dirty look before turning away to find different targets. Perhaps he’d thought that Shoto was claiming the spherical droids as his own targets, but that hadn’t been his intent. Shoto supposed he’d have to talk to the other boy later.

“Watch out!” Tenya shouted from behind.

He turned around, expecting to see a robot coming his way, but instead Tenya himself was speeding towards him, out-of-control for no apparent reason. Shoto barely had time to process Tenya hurtling towards him before they collided, sending both of them to the ground.

Shoto blinked, having expected it to hurt more when he noticed the pillow in front of him. Somehow, it had appeared between them, somewhat softening the blow.

Tenya sat up, his glasses askew, and turned to Momo a few yards away from them. He gave her a thumbs up. “Thanks, Momo!”

Shoto also nodded his appreciation.

She pulled a handgun out of her forearm and shot a nearby robot until it collapsed. “Of course! But please be more careful, you two!” Then she ran off to help Ochaco with some of the stationary robots, pulling what seemed to be a small missile launcher out of her stomach.

“What happened?” Shoto asked Tenya as they both stood up, slightly annoyed.

“Ah, I was running at full speed when I slipped on a patch of ice,” Tenya admitted, straightening his glasses.

“...Oh. Sorry.” Shoto supposed he’d either have to be more careful about where he put his ice or about cleaning up after himself. He wasn’t sure which would be more efficient, but he figured they would go over it after the exercise was over.

“Don’t worry about it.” Tenya brushed himself off a bit. “I’m sure we’ll discuss it more–”

“QUIT TALKING, YOU IDIOTS!” Katsuki shouted from across the room while charging at some robots. “YOU’RE GONNA GET– AGH! DAMMIT, HALF-AND-HALF!

It appeared he’d also slipped on some ice. And wouldn’t stop calling him “Half-and-Half” even when “Shoto” was shorter anyway.

Shoto ignored him, torching a few more robots before time was called.

With robots smoking all around them, the five subjects exited the training room to go to the review room and study their efforts, grabbing water bottles and towels on their way out. Izuku tagged along behind them as they left, having just exited the observation deck. Through the open door, Shoto caught a glimpse of Miss Hatsume bouncing on the balls of her feet as she talked to Dr. Aizawa, who seemed to be only half-listening to her.

Once they’d all sat around the table in the review room, Dr. Aizawa joined them inside. Izuku stood in the corner, beaming. Shoto had never really understood why, but Izuku was always excited by watching a training session, even when they were young. He would get a big, almost goofy smile on his face, and his eyes seemed to shine. Shoto had confronted him about it once, but Izuku had just gotten flustered about it, so he’d dropped it.

“So...overall, you completed the goal of destroying a certain number of robots.” Dr. Aizawa began, speaking in his usual slow drawl. “But there were a few problems...Anyone want to elaborate?”

Instantly, Momo raised her hand. Her voice was authoritative. “We weren’t accustomed to each other’s abilities, so we were getting in each other’s way. We all slipped on Shoto’s ice at least once. We were watching out for Katsuki’s explosions and the shrapnel, but he didn’t watch for us. Overall, we were all just fighting our own battles rather than fighting a single battle together.”

“But you picked up much of our slack,” Tenya added, nodding at Momo. “I have great respect for your capabilities!”

“Thank you,” Momo replied, confident yet sincere.

By now, Shoto had already picked up on the fact that Momo was extremely intelligent, but he was impressed by her nerve, too. Without hesitation, she’d called out the two most powerful subjects while they were in the room— not something a lot of people were willing to do. Though he hadn’t interacted with many people before, Shoto could recall being feared by his own older siblings, back when they were still around. Endeavor had often told him that people should be afraid. And from the irritated look Katsuki shot her when she pointed out his carelessness, it seemed he also thought so. Shoto expected her to back down, or at least react to Katsuki’s glare, but Momo was not intimidated.

“Anything else?” Dr. Aizawa asked.

Momo nodded. “Additionally, we failed to take advantage of the variation in our abilities. Miss Hatsume designs robots specifically for each of us, but hasn’t made any yet that are capable of withstanding a combination of our powers. In fact, if we had merely switched opponents rather than sticking to the robots designed for us, we could have completed the exercise more efficiently.”

Dr. Aizawa nodded. “Good. Any suggestions for training to improve?”

“Something more laid-back, perhaps,” Tenya mused, rubbing his chin. “It would be useful to develop ways to combine our skills in a more relaxed environment.”
Dr. Aizawa grunted his approval. “Yes, and Dr. Midoriya suggests you all get to know each other a little better, too. Apparently, your conversation on Monday was a bit sterile.”

Ochaco laughed nervously at that, though Shoto didn’t think the “sterile” conversation was her fault. She seemed a little jumpy around the others so far, but she also seemed to be the most approachable.

“You can take a break now or go to one of the gyms,” Dr. Aizawa continued. “Your choice.”

After he’d left, everyone agreed to go to the gym on the floor above the training rooms, and Izuku tagged along as well. On the way, Shoto stepped up to Katsuki, who was walking quickly in front, his gait an angry, stomping swagger.

“Hey, Katsuki.”

“What?” he snapped, without looking at Shoto.

“You seemed upset when I froze those robots you were fighting, so I wanted to clarify that I was just trying to help. That’s all.”

“Yeah? Well, you should stay the hell out of my way!” Katsuki snarled. “I don’t need your help.”

Shoto wasn’t sure how to respond to the other boy’s rudeness, so he paused for a moment before replying. “Alright.”

For some reason, that seemed to irritate Katsuki more, so Shoto kept quiet and fell back, now in step with Momo.

“He’s not the most delicate conversationalist, is he?” she mused, clasping her hands behind her back.

“I don’t think so,” Shoto replied flatly.

“He’ll warm up to us, I’m sure. Izuku says he’s alright after a while.”

Shoto supposed he shouldn’t judge Katsuki too quickly, especially if Izuku thought he was kind. “If he says so.”

Momo hesitated a moment before continuing. “Izuku told me a bit about you, too. He said you’re amazing.”

Shoto raised an eyebrow. “He did?”

“Well, I can’t disagree.” Momo brushed a piece of hair that had come loose behind her ear, breaking eye contact for a moment. “After seeing what you can do firsthand, and to know that’s not the full extent of your powers…”

“Um, thanks.” In his opinion, Momo’s powers were a bit more versatile than his even if she lacked raw power, especially considering her intellect.

“I wanted to ask,” Momo continued, looking away slightly as though she felt awkward. Maybe the conversation was awkward. Shoto wasn’t completely sure when it came to those things. “Were you born with your powers?”

That caught Shoto off-guard. He’d been told he was a subject of particular interest because he’d inherited his powers from his parents, while others were modified to be given powers. But he wasn’t necessarily interested in talking about that.

After a pause, Shoto finally spoke, working to keep his voice impassive. “Why do you ask?”

“Well, your powers are very similar to those of some of the first generation of subjects, namely Endeavor and Blizzard. Their marriage was highly publicized, but I’ve never heard of any children they had.” Momo spoke carefully, as though she sensed Shoto stiffening at the mention of their shaky marriage. Though their union had been plastered all over the news when it had happened twenty-three years before, everything that had followed had been kept completely under wraps by the H.E.R.O. Project.

Momo continued with delicate politeness. “However, you somewhat resemble them both, and I can’t imagine why they would modify your appearance to match your powers if you didn’t already look the way you do. I thought were their child? Or some other type of genetic experiment, different from the others?”

Shoto let out a small sigh. She was too smart. “Yeah, you’re right. They’re my parents.”

Instantly, she smiled. “Ah! That’s good to know! My parents were subjects as well, but not quite as famous as yours. I inherited a perfectly photographic memory from my father, who’s now working as a scientist here, and my creation ability from my mother, who went by the codename ‘Genesis.’”

“Genesis…” Shoto muttered. He’d heard of her before, but he hadn’t made the connection between her and Momo. And if he was remembering correctly, Genesis had been killed off years ago. “She’s not…”

“Well, she was called ‘Genesis’ before she fell in the line of duty, that is.” Momo managed a small smile.

Shoto looked at his feet, something tugging at his heart. “I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s alright. It was a long time ago.” She laughed a little. “I simply meant to say that we’re alike. We’re starting from the same place, I suppose.”

He remembered his ‘beginning,’ the brutal starting point Endeavor had decided for him all those years ago, with an end destination already determined, and a ruthless plan to force him into a mold. The familiar anger boiled in his gut for a split second before Shoto shook the memory away with vehemence, wondering if Momo’s words were really true. Did anyone truly start from the same place, or were some born with blessings where others had curses?

“Yeah...I guess so.”

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The building had to be collapsing. Mountains had to be falling. A meteor had to have struck the earth. Someone must have punched a hole through his chest.

One of those explanations, any other explanation at all had to make more sense than what Izuku had just heard. He felt like the room was moving, turning on its side, sending its occupants tumbling helplessly through the air. Water was filling his lungs, filling his body to the bursting, pouring out of his eyes.


All Might sighed, his huge body hunched over as he rested his elbows on his knees and folded his hands.

He wasn’t smiling.

“I’m sorry, Izuku. But these things happen.”

They didn’t happen anymore. They weren’t supposed to. Almost every major disease had been eradicated or cured. There were accidents, of course, but survival rates were higher than they’d ever been in history. Technology was supposed to prevent things like this from happening.

Not cause them.

“Quit crying, Deku,” Katsuki growled. He was still sitting on the couch, his arms crossed. With a start, Izuku realized he was standing up. “There’s nothing you can do, anyway.”

For some reason, those words stung more than anything Katsuki had ever said to him. They were like a smattering of acid, burning holes through his skin until his insides were exposed to the open air, convulsing, vulnerable. Slowly, he sat back down next to Katsuki, not bothering to wipe the acrid tears off his face.

“It’s not all bad, you two,” All Might continued, though his voice lacked its usual confident flair. People, Izuku especially, regarded All Might’s voice as the voice of a god. But today, it was just the voice of a man. “I’ll need to retire soon anyway. I’m just...getting old. Think of it that way.”

But that’s not how it is at all, Izuku thought bitterly.

Something had gone wrong with the first generation of experiments; after all, it was still relatively new and risky research back then. After a few decades of cellular stability, they’d thought they’d completely succeeded; more subjects were created, and a few were encouraged to reproduce. But if they’d thought it was safe, then the processes wouldn’t have changed too much, which meant…

Izuku thought of his friends, doomed to a fate of decaying, cell by cell. If there could possibly be anything worse than All Might’s cellular degeneration, then that was it.

The door to the lounge opened, Izuku vaguely heard Dr. Aizawa’s voice. “Toshinori? Let’s go.”

“Ah, Shota.” All Might stood up. He still towered over everyone, but somehow, he seemed smaller, now. “Good to see you.”

Katsuki stood up, too. “Come on, Deku, stop being a wuss. Let’s get out of here.”

They walked down the hallway together in silence, in the opposite direction of Dr. Aizawa and All Might. Something was roaring in Izuku’s ears, the sound of a rushing river. He wiped the tears out of his eyes hastily.


He was uncharacteristically slow in his reply. “What?” The word came out softer than usual.

“What if…?” Izuku didn’t even know what he was going to say. What if All Might can’t be a hero anymore? What if All Might dies? What if it’s painful?

What if it happens to you?

“It doesn’t matter,” Katsuki said matter-of-factly. It was a moment before the usual angry edge returned to his voice. “This doesn’t change anything, got it?”

He was wrong, but Izuku could hear in his voice the subtle signs of how desperately he wanted to be right. It would be cruel of Izuku to scare him any more than he already was.


“Izuku?” His mom’s voice interrupted his thoughts. “What’s wrong, dear? I made pork cutlet bowls, your favorite, right?”

“Oh, uh, yeah, Mom!” He picked up the fork he’d left in the bowl. “Sorry, I was just thinking about something, that’s all.”

“Oh, alright.” Mom replied cheerily. “Let me know how it tastes, okay?” She turned to her husband. “Hisashi, you’re distracted, too. Is it work again?”

“Mm, sorry, Honey.” Dad also picked up his fork, which he hadn’t even touched, yet. “I was just thinking about the team, that’s all. We’ve been planning it for so long, and it’s finally happening! There was a board meeting this morning about choosing a leader...I recommended Momo, but they preferred Tenya because they think he has a more heroic image, so they have her as second-in-command instead. We’re all a little concerned about Ochaco falling behind; she doesn’t have the same drive as the others, and–”

“Dear, you’re doing it again,” Mom interrupted.

“Ah, sorry!” Dad ran a hand through his curly black locks. “You know how I ramble sometimes!” He barked out a laugh. “Let’s talk about something else! What’s going on with you, Inko?”

“Well, let’s see, I found a new bakery down the street!”

Izuku tuned out as his parents chatted. He didn’t mean to ignore Mom, but he just couldn’t stop thinking about All Might and what would happen next.

After all, there was really no describing what All Might meant to people. Dubbed the “Symbol of Peace” after he’d single-handedly solved the all-out nuclear war and helped create the Unified Nations, he was the one who kept the world together. If word got out that he was suffering some consequences of the genetic experiments that had been done on him...if word got out that he was was possible the world would be thrown right back into the chaos it had been in thirty years before.

Izuku clenched a fist under the table, biting his lip. He remembered the stories his parents had told him about their childhoods during the war, and he didn’t want anyone to go through that horror.

There’s nothing you can do, anyway.

He’d give anything to be able to do something about it. Anything.

“Izuku…?” Mom was looking at him, concern furrowing her brow. “Something’s bothering you, isn’t it?”

Through the tears in his eyes, Izuku managed a smile. There was a hollow in his chest, but he desperately wanted to hide it. “No, it’s fine...It’s just...I heard about All Might…”

“Oh, Izuku…”

He couldn’t take it anymore, the tears beginning to trail down his cheeks again. Mom stood up and went to him, hugging his head to her chest like he was a kid again, murmuring soothing words.

Dad rubbed his chin. “It is a problem, but we’re working on it, Izuku. Don’t worry! We’re going to find a way to save him.”

But All Might had already been so resigned to it, as though it was inevitable. Izuku wasn’t sure if he believed his dad, who simply continued as though there was no reason not to have faith. Maybe Dad was telling the truth.

“They’ve already approved a Successor Study, though, to give someone else the same powers when he gets too old for hero work anyway...The only concern is that Toshinori might not last until a new subject can grow up…”

Izuku rubbed at his eyes, still in Mom’s warm embrace. He’d been thinking about it in almost every moment since All Might had told him the news, and even though everyone would probably laugh at him, scorn him, look down on him...if there was anything he could do… “W-well...what if the subject’s already grown up?”

“Huh…” Dad’s eyes lit up. “That’s a thought! And why not? I mean, sure, subjects are usually only four when they start so that they still have plenty of developing to do, but maybe an older subject would actually yield more stable results? That would be an interesting hypothesis to test...Of course, we’d have to be very careful about finding a subject, though...Older people have questions younger ones may not, which may lead to some problems—”

“But...but what if the subject already knows everything about the H.E.R.O. Project?”

“Where are we going to find—?” Dad stared at Izuku curiously, as though he wasn’t sure if Izuku was serious. But Izuku had never meant anything more sincerely in his entire life, meeting Dad’s eyes with determination. If he was given the chance, Izuku would make sure no one would laugh. Dad’s voice was small, and for once, he seemed at a loss for words. “...Oh.”

“B-but Izuku!” Mom grasped his shoulders. “You can’t do that! It could be dangerous!”

“It’ll be okay, if I have training—”

“No!” Mom had tears in her eyes. Something about the look on her face broke Izuku’s heart. “’re my precious baby...There’s a reason I refused eleven years ago when they asked for you...I can’t let you do something like this now…”

“Inko,” Dad said gently. “It’s not decided, yet. I’m not even sure if the Board would agree to something like that—”

“Don’t bring it to the Board!” Mom was usually a calm person. Izuku had never seen her like this. “This is a terrible idea!”

“Okay,” Dad agreed, putting his hands up to placate her. “You’re right. We’ll find someone else.” He stood and wrapped his arms around both of them.

Suddenly, with both of his parents embracing him, Izuku wasn’t sure if it was a good idea, after all. How could someone like him become All Might’s Successor? Then again, one of the things that amazed him about Dad’s work was that it could turn an ordinary person into someone extraordinary.

Izuku looked up at Dad, who seemed to be staring off into space as they hugged. Izuku could practically see the gears turning in his head. So he hadn’t given up the idea, even if he’d claimed he had.

However, a glance at Mom’s teary face forced any more thoughts of it out of his head. He didn’t want to hurt her.

It wasn’t until bedtime that he thought of it again, lying there wide awake, staring at the poster of All Might he’d taped to his ceiling. Dad sat on his bed next to him, putting a hand on his leg through the hand-sewn quilt.

“Izuku…” he began carefully. “What do you really think of becoming a subject? You know that life is...difficult at best. You’ve seen your friends go through it.”

“I know…” Izuku sighed. But seeing his friends go through the tests, the appointments, the grueling training, all the while believing that they were just made him want to join them even more and show them that they weren’t. He hated thinking about his friends living so many lonely hours.

Still, the old voice of doubt was still there. Watching them had taught him that it would be hard, especially in the beginning. He wasn’t sure if he could handle it, and Mom had only reinforced the idea. “She...doesn’t think I can do it, does she?”

“No, Izuku…that’s not it.” Dad managed a small smile, but something unreadable shone in his eyes, then, almost as though he was afraid, too. “She’s terrified because you can.”

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Shoto eased into a fighting stance. He’d lost count of how many matches they’d gone through at this point, Endeavor winning all of them. As expected, he never took Dr. Shuzenji’s advice about holding back any more than he already was.

They exchanged a few blows before Endeavor grabbed his arm and flipped Shoto onto the ground. Endeavor crashed down on him, back-first, knocking the wind out of him and pulling his right arm into an agonizing angle.

Normally, his first attempt to throw a heavy old man off of him would be fire, but obviously fire would have no effect. Instead, he tried ice, planning to make a pillar to lift Endeavor up.

“Haven’t you learned that won’t work, Shoto?” Endeavor boomed, heating up his skin until the ice evaporated right after it formed, leaving behind a hot steam. Shoto’s skin was beginning to protest the heat. He squirmed under Endeavor’s weight, but it was too much for him to wriggle free.

Endeavor pulled harder on the arm he had in his judo hold, relentless. Something popped in his elbow.

Shoto yelped. Tears sprang into his eyes, but he wouldn’t let them enter his voice. “I’m stuck, okay?! That would work on anyone but you!”

Finally, Endeavor let go, sitting up. Shoto gasped in some of the sparring room’s now-humid air, clutching his arm to his body instinctively before assessing the damage. It still hurt like crazy, but nothing permanent. The same went for his seared skin. He’d get a sunburn-like rash at the worst. He allowed some frost to form on his skin to soothe it.

“You never know what your enemies will have up their sleeve.” Endeavor’s voice was as harsh and detached as always. “Especially now that rebels are popping up with powers of their own. It’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to duplicate my powers—”

Shoto knew what was coming next.

“—and All Might’s. Society will be in danger when that happens. That is why you must surpass us both.”

Like that’s really what this is about. But Shoto could never say that out loud. Instead, he just silently stood up for the next round.

Endeavor looked him up and down, probably noticing for the first time what a mess Shoto was. His clothes were soaked in sweat where it hadn’t evaporated, his hair was greasy, and practically all of his exposed skin was red with irritation from Endeavor’s heat or scraping against the mats too fast.

Finally, he spoke. “It’s dinnertime, Shoto. I expect you at the table in thirty minutes.”

Shoto tried to hide his relief, looking away. “Fine.”

Thirty-five minutes and a cold shower later, Shoto sat down at the table in front of a plate of steaming food, prepared by someone in the Lab kitchen.

“You’re late,” Endeavor stated.

“Sorry,” Shoto said flatly.

Endeavor glared at him from across the small round table, but Shoto purposefully ignored him, taking a bite of the bland food. The tension was almost palpable.

“Shoto, I don’t understand why you think you have to be like this.” Endeavor’s voice was hard, full of barely restrained anger. “Don’t you think this little war of ours has gone on too long?”

Shoto didn’t answer, chewing his food more roughly. He knew if he replied, he would say something he would regret.

“I don’t have to tolerate this,” Endeavor continued, growing more irritated. “I could beat you into submission if I wanted to, and don’t think I wouldn’t if I thought it was the only option left. At this rate, you’re going to leave me no choice.”

They were old threats. Shoto ignored them, his grip tightening on his fork. Delicate snowflakes began to form down its handle. He didn’t think Endeavor could see it, but his hands had begun to tremble slightly with anger.

“This is for your own good, Shoto. You know Blizzard would agree with me.”

That did it. Shoto threw the fork down and stood up, his chair clattering to the floor behind him. Blizzard would have agreed out of fear, and Shoto refused to be controlled, too. He had to resist the urge to flip the table into Endeavor’s face, struggling to keep his voice level. “I’m going to bed.”

“No!” Endeavor stood, too, yelling now. “You’re not!”

Shoto didn’t know how long they stood there, but it felt like an eternity. His heart pounded in his ears, faster with every second, his stomach turning. There were cameras in their Lab apartment and Endeavor hadn’t acted up in several months at this point, but no one had ever intervened when things got violent before. On one hand, Shoto was tired of fighting with Endeavor, but on the other...he was suddenly feeling reckless.

Endeavor took a deep breath, and spoke quietly through clenched teeth. He stood with the fortitude of a building. “Sit. Down.”

Shoto didn’t move for a moment. When he spoke, he was quiet, too. “No.

A split second later, there was an explosion in his skull and he was lying on the hard tile of their kitchen floor. His face felt like it was swelling, going numb, his head fuzzy. All sounds were warbled, as though his ears were full of water. His vision was blurry, the lights shining down from the ceiling hurting his eyes.

Somehow, in his stupor, Shoto was resigned to it. Here I am again…

He wasn’t sure how long he’d lain there, but by the time he’d gathered enough strength to sit up, Endeavor had apparently gone to bed himself, if not to sleep then to avoid Shoto. Their dinner lay uneaten on the table, both chairs still lying on the floor. There were slight scorch marks on the floor where Endeavor had trodden.

Cursing to himself, Shoto raised his right hand to his freshly bruised face, using it as a cold compress as he stumbled to his bedroom. If subjects hadn’t also been modified to have higher physical durability, he was sure he would have been knocked unconscious. Still, he expected to have at least a black eye in the morning, if there wasn’t any other bruising.

Sure enough, the next day, half his face was a shade of dark purple— the unscarred half. Using his ice had decreased the swelling that would have been there, but his skin was still slightly puffy.

He waited until he heard Endeavor leave for the day before he came out of his room. Everything was exactly the same way it had been left the night before. Hopefully hero work would keep Endeavor out late tonight.

Jogging to avoid being late, Shoto met up with the rest of the subjects for training in one of the gyms. Ochaco was the first to greet him, but her smile instantly disappeared when she saw the bruising around his right eye, her hands going to cover her mouth.

“Oh my gosh, what happened?”

“Training,” Shoto said calmly. Momo shot him a concerned look.

Katsuki scoffed, somehow loudly enough to be heard from the treadmill across the room. “You look like a freakin’ prune, Half-and-Half. Fall on your face or something?”

“Sure.” Shoto replied dryly. Though Izuku had claimed Katsuki was actually an okay guy, Shoto had yet to see evidence of that. He was starting to think that perhaps Izuku was just too kind to admit Katsuki was simply a jerk.

“Shoto!” Tenya jumped over a bench-pressing machine and landed in front of him, practically shouting even though they were now right in front of each other. “You should apply a cold compress to that, for about fifteen to twenty minutes every hour!”

Shoto was slightly surprised by his caring when they’d only known each other about two weeks. “Um, yeah, I did that—”

“And have you asked Dr. Shuzenji to examine it?” Tenya waved his arms around wildly.


“Be more careful during training! Injuries like that are easily avoidable if you take simple safety precautions, such as—!”

“Yeah, thanks!” Shoto interrupted, loudly. Apparently he needed a little volume to get Tenya’s attention. “I got it. It’s fine. My appointment’s later today.”

That seemed to placate them, and they were able to go back to their training. In truth, Shoto wasn’t sure when his appointment would be, or if he would have one at all. He knew the scientists had seen what happened, and that they would call him in if it looked bad enough that he needed an examination. It was pointless to seek them out himself.

Shoto began stretches in an unoccupied corner of the mat, trying to think despite the soreness in his body. For the thousandth time, he wondered what would have happened if he’d reported Endeavor to...someone. If the H.E.R.O. Project didn’t care, maybe he could call Child Protective Services, or the government’s police force. After all, what Endeavor did was a crime…

But he couldn’t. Shoto tried to keep his muscles from tensing up, but his fists clenched on their own, his shoulders tightening. If word got out that the second most powerful hero was what he was, the repercussions throughout society would be catastrophic. The carefully constructed image of heroes as peace keepers, of people like All Might as the Symbol of Peace, would be shattered. It would be selfish to say anything, especially when Shoto had egged Endeavor on in the first place. Probably he just needed to lay lower.

Though, he also wondered sometimes why the scientists didn’t simply remove him, as they did his mother.

The hero with the warmest heart, Blizzard. She’d been known for her soft touch, specializing in rescue and retreat, removing civilians from harm’s way while Endeavor focused on combat. She’d had compassion even for the evil, despite holding a power that could kill in the blink of an eye. She was determined to save everyone, even those who didn’t want to be saved.

Too bad no one could save her.

Blizzard had quit hero work ten years before, apparently due to the stresses of her job and a desire for a peaceful retirement. Shoto still remembered watching the retirement parades for her through a monitor in the infirmary. She’d stood on the heavily decorated float, hand-in-hand with Endeavor, both of them waving at cheering crowds. She’d been trembling the entire time, eyes wet, but the people had most likely assumed it was with happiness. Though she’d smiled through all the festivities, even then Shoto had known the truth— too many years of tears held back had frozen her from the inside out. The only time her true feelings had shown through were behind the locked bathroom door, where she would go to hide from Endeavor’s searing heat after she’d gotten too close, close enough that her facade began to melt. Shoto remembered that day; tears had soaked through the thick layers of bandages around his left eye.


He looked up to see Momo standing over him, a concerned look in her eyes. “Are you alright?”

Shoto blinked the tears that were forming in his eyes away, though he wasn’t sure if she could still see them or not. “Yeah. Just a little sore from training yesterday.”

Momo seemed reluctant. “Alright...Well, let me know if you need anything.”

Shoto nodded and continued stretching, hoping she would go away. If he wasn’t careful, Momo just might deduce the truth, a truth too painful to face. Sometimes, Shoto thought, it was better to live a lie.

Chapter Text

I can.

Izuku wasn’t so sure.

He stared into the computer screen, fascinated once again with footage of All Might. On the H.E.R.O. Project website, they had archived video files of All Might’s greatest feats. On his laptop, Izuku had also downloaded— with Dr. Nezu’s permission, of course— all the video files of All Might ever taken. Though there were over ten thousand of them, he knew every detail of each one.

This one was from the War, back when camera quality wasn’t as great as it was now, and human reporters actually took the footage. All Might charged at an entire army— squadrons of armed soldiers, primitive weaponized drones, even armored tanks— alone, with a smile on his face. Flags Izuku recognized only from history books waved majestically over the military forces, but they were all blown away with a single punch from All Might.

Izuku couldn’t even imagine himself standing there, much less standing there in All Might’s place. He’d never really tried to imagine it in the past, but now that becoming a hero had become a distant possibility, he was trying to truly examine whether he could do it or not.

Finally, he scoffed at himself. It really was a stupid dream, wasn’t it?

“Izuku, dear?” Mom poked her head into his room. “Could you help me make dinner?”

“Yeah, of course.” Izuku paused the video, All Might’s infallible smile filling up his screen before he closed his laptop, following Mom to their kitchen.

As he cut vegetables, Mom sprinkled seasoning on some sizzling shaved beef.

They were quiet for a bit before she spoke, her voice tired. “Izuku…”

“Yes, Mom?”

She hesitated a moment, but Izuku pretended not to notice, simply continuing to slice the cucumber. He had a feeling he knew where this was going, but he didn’t really want to talk about it.


Now Izuku stopped chopping, but he didn’t look. There was a strange tingling sensation in his gut, part excitement, part fear. “For what?”

“I didn’t realize…” She took a deep breath. “I didn’t realize how much All Might’s condition must be getting to you.”

For some reason, Izuku felt a vague cloud of disappointment settle in his stomach. He resumed cutting the vegetables, now coring a red bell pepper. “Oh.”

“As your mother, I should have noticed, but I wasn’t thinking about how you were feeling, and I just panicked at the thought of you doing anything dangerous…” She managed a small laugh, but Izuku could hear the tears behind it. “Can you forgive me?”

There was a knot in his chest and a small lump forming in his throat, but he replied anyway. “Of course. It’s okay, Mom.”

She hugged him from behind, burying her face in his shoulder. He hoped she couldn’t hear the way his breath was shaking.

“I was just so scared, you know?” She turned him to face her, smoothing his hair lovingly, as though he was a little kid again. It suddenly struck him how much taller he was than her, now. Something about it felt strange. “You always talked about being a hero when you were younger, and I thought...I thought you’d given up on that by now. Hearing you suggest it just brought everything back, and…” she sighed. “But that doesn’t matter, now, does it?”

Guilt was crawling up his throat, choking him. It squeezed his heart in a merciless fist when he smiled at Mom. He knew she was thinking of her war-ridden childhood, the nuclear weapons and their fallout, her loved ones dying, the danger All Might faced every day of that war. He’d seen it himself, after all, back on his computer screen. “No. I’m happy here.”

“I’m glad!” Mom smiled back. She didn’t move until the meat in the frying pan began to sizzle louder, signalling that it was about to burn. “Oh, no!” She scurried back over to the stove and flipped the meat as Izuku turned back to the vegetables.

Why couldn’t he be happy here? He just had to have stupid, impossible dreams…but now that they were in could he be happy if he didn’t try?

His grip tightened around the knife in his hand.

Why couldn’t he just let it go?

After a pleasant dinner with his parents, Izuku returned to his room, closing the door behind him. Sitting at his desk, he slowly scanned the room. It was a rather plain bedroom, a neatly made twin-sized bed in one corner, a dresser in another. His desk was under the window, covered with neatly piled notebooks and schoolwork.

Over the years, however, he’d amassed a vast collection of All Might merchandise. The walls were covered in posters of All Might, figurines of the hero decorating every shelf. He could explain the model of each action figure and year it was made. All Might’s autograph was framed on his wall, even though he’d seen the man many times before. He’d always thought nothing could ruin the magic.

He pulled out his latest notebook of fake mission reports, and another journal filled with notes on all the heroes he’d seen in action as well as all the subjects he knew.

It filled him with a burning sadness, as though he was drinking molten lead, but he managed to scoff at himself. This was kid stuff. It really was. It was time Izuku figured out something useful to do with his life, instead of aspiring to something he could never be. Even as acidic tears filled his eyes, Izuku scolded himself.

Stop acting like a child.

Robotically, Izuku slid the garbage can out from under his desk and opened one of the notebooks over its mouth, grasping its two covers in one shaking hand and the pages in the other. Steeling himself, he prepared to tear out his hours and hours of painstaking observation, meticulous notes, earnest efforts…

Slowly, he let go of the pages, tears tracing down his cheeks, the lead hardening in his stomach, a heavy, irremovable weight. Even though he knew the truth...he couldn’t just throw away all the beautiful, beautiful lies.

Izuku jumped at the sound of his phone buzzing. In a daze, he wiped his face with his sleeve and reached for his phone, reading the message.

Meet me in the lounge?

It was from All Might.

Without hesitation, Izuku left the room, put his shoes on, and left their apartment. It wasn’t until he was outside the door to the lounge two floors down that he realized what he’d done. There he was, daydreaming again.

It won’t hurt to dream a little longer, Izuku decided, taking a deep breath and opening the door, suddenly nervous. He didn’t know what All Might wanted to talk about.

All Might looked up from a magazine he was reading, putting it on the coffee table across from the leather couch he was sitting on. It was the monthly issue of Unified Nations Today, which contained economic and political updates each month. Izuku sometimes read the articles, but they were usually pretty difficult to understand, even for a good student like him.

“Izuku!” All Might sounded cheerful, raising a hand in greeting. “Good to see you! Come and sit; I wanted to talk to you about something.”

“O-okay…” Izuku sat on the edge of the white leather chair across from All Might. They hadn’t seen each other since All Might had told him the news of his declining health, but he still appeared his usual strong, unshakable self.

“So…” All Might folded his hands in front of him. “Hisashi told me about what you suggested about my Successor.”

Immediately, all the heat in Izuku’s body rose to his face, his heart pounding and his hands going clammy with embarrassment. “N-no! I-it’s not like that—! It’s just—! W-well, I realized how stupid it was to think I could—”

“It’s not stupid, Izuku.”

He froze, his heart skipping a beat. “Wh—…? What?”

All Might sighed, a kindly, closed-lipped smile spreading across his face. “You’ve wanted to be a hero for as long as I’ve known you, and that was back when you could barely even walk. You deserve a chance, don’t you think?”

“But...All Might…” A tear fell into Izuku’s lap as he looked to the floor. His chest felt hollow, aching with the knowledge that he wasn’t good enough. “Just wanting to be a hero isn’t enough...I don’t think I have the...the qualities that I need to be a hero.”

All Might laughed. It wasn’t the booming laugh they always caught on the news, but a softer, gruffer laugh. “You’ve got a heart of gold, Izuku. You really do. And in my book, that’s all you need to be a hero.”

He couldn’t hold it in anymore. Something tightened in his chest and his fists clenched, trembling where they rested on his knees. He bowed his head and squeezed his eyes shut, but the tears found their way out anyway. All the doubts he’d had seemed inconsequential, now, reduced to obstacles he merely had to overcome. All the impossibilities he’d imagined for all his life were suddenly in reach. His heart hurt, as though it was trying to fly out of his chest, but it was a welcome pain.

“Izuku,” All Might reached over and placed his hands on Izuku’s shaking shoulders. “I want you to be my Successor. Will you consider it?”

Izuku could only nod.

Chapter Text

Shoto stirred his strawberry smoothie with a straw, watching the thick drink swirl in the plastic cup. Katsuki and Ochaco were sitting around him, finally chatting about “normal” things, now that they were in public.

Ochaco had been the one to suggest the outing, explaining that she and Izuku came to this smoothie shop a lot. Shoto wondered if Izuku had taken the others out frequently. Of course, Izuku often offered Shoto trips into public areas, but he’d almost always turned them down, preferring not to waste his time sitting around.

Besides, as he’d foreseen, he had no idea how to act in this kind of setting.

Katsuki scoffed, cupping a hand around his smoothie. “Of course freakin’ Deku likes this cheap shop.”

Ochaco frowned. “It beats Lab food. Besides, it’s really good quality for the price.”

“Whatever.” Katsuki looked away.

She turned to Shoto, smiling again. “Well, what do you think, Shoto?”

He shrugged. It had been a while since his last smoothie, so he didn’t exactly have a point of reference. “It’s nice.”

The three of them sat in silence for a minute, sipping their drinks. Tenya and Momo had gone off together to work on something in the Lab library, and it turned out their conversation was dry without those two. A security drone roved near them and gave them a scan, probably because they’d suddenly gone silent, and its body language reader had probably gotten strange reads off them even before they stopped talking. Shoto knew he also appeared strangely on thermal scans, but his Lab I.D. card should have exempted him from any suspicion. Sure enough, the drone left them after collecting some data.

“Well,” Ochaco began, trying again. Now that she’d gotten used to the others a little, she wasn’t as timid as she was when they’d first met. It seemed to Shoto that she was actually very friendly. “What do you guys like to do in your free time? I collect stuffed animals.”

Stuffed animals?” Katsuki spat, a derisive grin on his face. “That’s ridiculous.”

Ochaco sounded hurt, pouting slightly at his reaction. “I think they’re cute…”

Katsuki ignored her, turning to Shoto. “So, Half-and-half, when are you gonna tell us what the hell happened to your face?”

Shoto frowned. The black eye had faded to nothing more than a bit of discoloration at this point. Had Katsuki caught on somehow? “I already did. It was a training incident.”

“Not that, you idiot.” Katsuki pointed to his left side. Oh. “That big ol’ scar. What kind of wonky experiment were they trying to do there? ‘Cause they screwed up bad.”

Shoto was glad Katsuki had already provided him with an excuse by assuming that the Lab scientists had done it to him. He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t ask?”

“I was young. They probably explained it, but I didn’t understand.” It wasn’t a total lie.

“Not too proactive, are you?” Katsuki looked at him sideways. “‘Cause if they messed me up like that, even if it was a long time ago, I’d at least do a little digging to try and figure it out.”

Shoto shrugged again. “It doesn’t matter to me.”

The other boy rolled his eyes. “Fine.”

“Anyway,” Ochaco continued, too brightly, as though she was trying to change the subject. She touched her fingertips together. “Let’s talk about something else! Do you guys have a favorite hero?”

“All Might,” Katsuki answered immediately, smiling almost as widely as the man himself. “There’s no one better than him.”

“I agree.” Shoto added, feeling a vague sense of satisfaction knowing how angry it would have made Endeavor to hear it. Of course, it wasn’t false, either. Shoto had always wondered about meeting All Might, but he was sure Endeavor wouldn’t allow it, even if it were possible for subjects to meet him.

“Though…” Katsuki stared into his drink pensively, his voice unusually quiet. His grin had vanished.

“What’s wrong?” Ochaco asked, her brow furrowing.

Suddenly, Katsuki was back to his old self, the snarl returning to his face. “What made you think something was wrong, huh, Round Face?”

She sat back in her chair, puffing out her cheeks in annoyance. “My name is Ochaco. It’s not that hard.”

“Whatever.” Katsuki threw his head back and downed the rest of his smoothie, ignoring the straw. “Anyway, I gotta get back to the Lab soon.”

“Why?” Ochaco asked, raising an eyebrow. Their schedules had been synchronized so that they all had the same day off.

“None of your business, Round Face.” Katsuki stood, throwing out his plastic smoothie cup and shoving his hands in his pockets. A security drone scanned him as he walked away, another scanning Shoto and Ochaco in their seats.

She smirked at Katsuki’s back, even though he’d ignored her complaint about the rude nickname. “I’ll bet his parents are coming to see him today.”

“His parents?” Shoto had assumed they all lived with their parents in Lab apartments. “They don’t live with him?”

Ochaco tilted her head at him curiously, as though it was a strange question. “No...why, do you live with your parents?”

“My dad,” Shoto replied, slightly perplexed.

“Wow, that must be nice,” Ochaco sighed. She took a sip from her smoothie. “I wish my parents, or even one of them, could come and live with me! It gets pretty lonely in my apartment all alone…” She laughed, even though nothing about that was funny. “But I understand, of course. They have work, after all!”

“Oh.” Shoto wasn’t sure how to feel. “What do they do?”

“They provide construction materials for the government,” Ochaco replied. “It’s a busy job, but they come to see me at least twice a month.”

“That’s nice of them.” Shoto wondered why they had given her up if they wanted to see her so badly. He knew that modified subjects were chosen at a very young age, usually requested by the H.E.R.O. Project for their high IQs, as was doubtless the case for subjects like Momo. By her own admission, however, Ochaco didn’t have the brightest mind. The other way subjects were chosen was if they volunteered, presumably because of the promise of annual monetary supplements. Shoto wondered if that was the case for Ochaco, but figured it would be rude of him to ask.

“I guess so,” Ochaco stirred her smoothie absent-mindedly.

With another lull in their conversation, the security drone came and scanned them again. As it ran its tests with a low whir, Shoto glanced at his watch, which read 3:15.

“Should we go back?”

Ochaco leaned over to read his watch, apparently lacking one of her own. “Probably.” she sighed, stretching as she stood up and threw out her empty cup. “There’s just not much to do back there.”

Shoto raised an eyebrow, tossing his cup in the garbage too, even though it was still half-full. “What about training?”

“I mean, I guess…But don’t you get tired of it sometimes?”

Shoto didn’t answer for a moment. He had no idea how he would spend his time if not training. “Not really.”

Ochaco sighed. “You guys really are ideal subjects, huh? They picked you all out for your IQs, right? I’m the only one who did it for the money.”

He averted his eyes, aiming to dodge her question. “There’s nothing wrong with that.”

She sighed. “I guess not.”

Sure enough, when they returned, there was a couple at the front desk. From their appearances, it was obvious they were Katsuki’s parents. Tucked under his father’s arm was a box wrapped in gift wrap, which he placed in the scanning machine when directed to. Katsuki’s mother also put her purse in the machine. Droids flew in from openings in the ceiling and scanned their persons for anything unwanted in the Lab.

“Called it,” Ochaco whispered as they passed.

A few minutes later, Shoto and Ochaco separated, supposedly going off to their apartments, but Shoto was avoiding going home at all costs at the moment, so he instead went to the Lab library. He was curious what Tenya and Momo had been up to.

The doors opened automatically for him when they sensed his I.D. card, and Shoto stepped inside. The air always smelled cool and clean, almost sterile, in the library; then again, most rooms in the Lab smelled that way. Floor-to-ceiling shelves of physical files filled the front of the room. Towards the back, Shoto knew there was an array of computers, in addition to a single supercomputer that stored all the information they were allowed to access, even though he couldn’t see them over the shelves. His footsteps echoed slightly as he walked deeper in, searching for the pair.

He discovered them sitting together, looking at a single computer. Momo sat in front of it, and Tenya sat next to her, one hand on the back of her chair and the other resting next to the keyboard. Both had their eyes focused intensely on the screen in front of them and didn’t notice his approach.


They both jumped a little, turning to see him.

“Oh, Shoto! Come to join us?” Tenya inquired, gesturing to the chair on Momo’s other side. “Have a seat!”

Shoto sat next to her, looking at the screen, which was covered in tiny text. “What are you guys doing?”

“I asked Momo to help me with a research project I’ve been working on!” Tenya explained. He moved his hands a lot when he talked, but it seemed he always had them straightened out for some reason.

“It’s on cellular degeneration following the rejection of machinery introduced into the body.” Momo scrolled down a bit on the article she was reading. With that topic, it was probably a secret file belonging to the H.E.R.O. Project.

“Why are you researching that?” Shoto asked. He was slightly concerned it had something to do with the machinery that had been introduced into Tenya’s legs, but Tenya assured him that wasn’t the case. Apparently, it was for another subject he knew, though he didn’t specify who.

After a few more hours of researching, Tenya and Momo left to do some schoolwork in Tenya’s apartment. From what Shoto could tell, they were both a lot smarter than he was, so they were probably on a similar curriculum. Of course, he was ahead of a civilian student his age, but he doubted he was even in the same “grade” as Tenya and Momo, so he simply went to a training room after they left, exercising a bit before dinner.

He still hoped Endeavor would be out late tonight. If he wasn’t, Shoto planned to take his dinner to the bathroom and lock the door. He remembered Ochaco’s words earlier that day about living with a relative— that must be nice. Put simply, it wasn’t.

Shoto sighed. Maybe it should have been. But Shoto knew, should could be an elusive word.

Chapter Text

A week later, the board passed All Might’s recommendation. Izuku still wasn’t sure if it was real or not. It was beyond what he’d ever dared to dream; just thinking about it made his heart soar, his body full of nearly uncontrollable joy. He wanted to jump, shout, run, and yet…

There was still one detail he couldn’t forget.

Mom was in tears when Dad told her the news. Izuku sat on the floor of his room, in front of his closed door. If he went any deeper into his room, he wouldn’t have been able to make out what they were saying anymore, but much as he wanted to, he couldn’t bring himself to move.

“How could All Might do that? We trusted him!” He could hear Mom sobbing, muffled by the door.

Dad said comforting words, but didn’t seem to be truly upset by the idea that Izuku would become a subject. “It’s not the end of the world, Inko. In fact, this is an honor! You should be thrilled!”

“What mother could be thrilled by something like this?” she cried. “I want him to fulfill his dreams, of course, but…” Mom sniffled. “Why does it have to be something so dangerous?”

Now Izuku tore himself away from the door, having heard the information he needed. So it wasn’t that fulfilling his dreams was wrong. It was the nature of his dream that tormented Mom.

As happy as it made him...why couldn’t something else make him as happy? Why couldn’t he change for her?

Izuku lay on his bed, looking up at the All Might poster on his ceiling. The colors were bold primaries, standing out against the plain white paint. He had a big smile on his face, as he always did in public, and he was giving a thumbs-up. The words “You Can Do It!” were written in chunky bubble letters across the bottom.

All Might had really said those words to him. He’d gone back to Leogan City, where he did most of his hero work, but he’d left Izuku a handwritten note leaving his congratulations, advice, workout routine, and encouragement.

Izuku shuffled to his desk, ran his finger along All Might’s signature at the bottom of his note. What had he gotten himself into?

“Izuku!” Dad’s voice rang out from the kitchen. “I’m taking your mom out for dinner, alright?”

“Alright! Have fun!” Izuku shouted back, trying to sound as though nothing was wrong. He heard the door close, and then the apartment was silent. With his parents gone, though, it was safe to cross their apartment and leave. He texted Ochaco and Tenya to see if they wanted to join him at the Lab’s indoor track. He’d memorized all of their schedules at this point, so he knew they were free and that none of the others would be there.

Ten minutes later, the three of them were standing at the start of the track, stretching and warming up before they ran a few laps. They were mostly quiet, but his friends seemed content with the silence. Izuku wanted to tell them the news and see what they thought, but...he needed their honest opinions, first.


They both stopped moving at the serious tone of his voice, giving him their attention.

“I wanted to ask…” He stared at his shoelaces, re-tying them slowly as he spoke. “Do you think it’s possible to be wrong for having a certain dream?”

In his peripheral vision, Izuku could see them exchange a glance. Ochaco spoke first.

“What do you mean?”

“Well...I guess I’m just wondering if it’s okay to want something that others don’t want for you.”

Tenya’s voice was as stern as always, but Izuku could hear the tenderness behind it. “It depends what this desire is, of course, but from a general standpoint, I wouldn’t say it’s wrong. There’s nothing wrong with wanting something.”

Izuku nodded, slightly dazed. He fiddled with his shoelace some more. “Right...but what if it hurts others when you reach it?”

His friends were silent for a moment.

“Izuku…” Tenya pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. “We’re going to need more details to judge what you’re talking about.”

He managed a smile, tightening his shoelace and standing. “Yeah, sorry...I just...well, you know how I’ve always kind of wanted to be a hero…”

Ochaco tilted her head. “You said years ago that you didn’t want that anymore.”

Izuku laughed nervously. “Yeah, but...I was just saying that. I wanted to stop wanting it, so I told you that. Sorry…”

Ochaco’s look of pity made Izuku want to take his words back, but Tenya pushed him to continue.

“Don’t worry about it.” Tenya said curtly, putting his hands on his hips. “But what are you getting at here?”

“Ah...well…” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck, unsure how to word it. “I’m saying that the Board just approved me to become the Successor for a study they’ve been working on for a long time…”

Ochaco clapped her hands, a huge smile breaking out across her face. “Izuku, that’s great! You’ll be one of us!”

“He was already one of us,” Tenya argued, waving a hand at her reproachfully.

“Thanks, guys,” Izuku laughed. “But the problem is, my mom’s not too happy about it…”

Tenya sighed, looking at the ground in thought. “Of course she’s not. But the reality is, being a second subject is much safer than being the first for any given ability. Additionally, we’re unlikely to be handling anything hugely problematic in the beginning. Maybe try telling her that?”

“Besides, Izuku, no one has a bigger heart than you,” Ochaco added, making Izuku blush once again. Luckily, she didn’t seem to notice. “You’ll be the best hero ever!”

His heart swelled at the compliment, his vision blurring with tears. If someone as kind-hearted as Ochaco really thought that...

Tenya looked pensively off to the side, as though trying to decide whether he should speak or not. “What ability are they testing, if I may ask?”

“Um...All Might’s, actually…”

They both gasped. “All Might’s?!” Ochaco exclaimed.

“Why?” Tenya demanded.

“They need someone to take over when All Might retires,” Izuku felt bad about omitting a portion of the story, but he wasn’t sure if it was classified information or not, and if it was, if Tenya and Ochaco qualified to be in the loop. For all he knew, they could have been informed before he’d been and were pretending not to know because they thought he wasn’t in the loop. But just in case, he’d learned to be careful about giving out information. “A young subject would take too long to grow up, apparently.”

“Interesting…” Tenya mused, seeming concerned. Izuku didn’t have time to ponder why before he continued talking, breaking out into a smile. “Well, congratulations, Izuku! I’m glad you’ll be joining us.”

Izuku smiled back. “Me, too.”

“Did you tell the others, yet?” Ochaco asked, as the two of them started jogging around the track. Tenya kept pace with them, even though he could obviously run a lot faster.

“No, I wanted to tell you guys, first,” Izuku admitted.

“Aw! That’s sweet!” Ochaco gave his arm a playful slap, smiling to herself. “But I’m sure they’ll be super excited, too!”

“Yeah…” Izuku laughed nervously. He wasn’t so sure.

Tenya seemed to agree. “Well, Katsuki doesn’t seem to be very pleasant; he speaks poorly of you when you’re not around. Of course, you’ve known him a lot longer than I have, so if that’s simply the nature of your relationship, then I suppose it’s just that I don’t understand.”

“No…” Izuku watched his red sneakers hit the floor rhythmically, in step with Ochaco’s pink ones and Tenya’s white ones. “He’s...well, I don’t really know what went wrong, to be honest, but I guess we just grew apart over the years. I still think he’s really cool, of course, but…I don’t know how he’s going to take this.”

“Well, I’d be surprised if Katsuki had a lot of other friends,” Ochaco said innocently, seemingly oblivious to the rudeness of her words.

“Ochaco!” Tenya scolded. “Mind your manners!”

“Huh? I just meant that if he can’t be friends with Izuku, who could he be friends with?”

Did she really not realize how much she made him blush? Izuku hoped not.

“Plus, Izuku’s basically the only person my age I’d ever talked to before I met all of you,” Ochaco continued. “I mean, the doctors took me to the park and stuff, and they let my parents take me out once in a while, but if Katsuki doesn’t want to be friends, then who does he even hang out with?”

Izuku shrugged. It was possible there were other subjects that Katsuki talked to that Izuku didn’t know about. Maybe he’d made friends with them.

“Well, we should make every effort to befriend him if we’re to be on a team together,” Tenya reasoned. He waved a hand back and forth, lamenting. “Our teamwork is suffering even now because of our attitudes towards each other, and we haven’t even started, yet!”

“Don’t worry, Tenya!” Ochaco said. “We’ll be fine!”

They continued to bicker for a bit before falling into a comfortable silence, the three of them jogging around the track, together.

Chapter Text

Malus City.

Shoto was in the library, using his usual school hours to research the location of their eventual debut. Now that they’d been doing more training together, they’d been given more information about what they’d be doing as a team. Apparently, Tenya would be the leader, while Momo would be second-in-command. They would all be living together in a large apartment under Dr. Aizawa’s supervision, in another H.E.R.O. Lab located in Malus City. It sounded fine to Shoto.

He studied photos and maps of the city, trying to get a feel for what the metropolis would be like. He’d already researched its basic history— before WWIII and the formation of the Unified Nations, it had been one of the most popular tourist destinations of the United States of America, taking up an entire island off the country’s east coast. It had been completely destroyed in the war— one of the first targets hit.

Now, it was once again a bustling city, an economic and intellectual center of the north-western hemisphere, if not the world. Crime rates were low, as they were almost everywhere nowadays, but apparently Malus City was under suspicion for being a hub for rebels. Shoto wondered if they would be expected to deal with the movement that referred to itself as “The Revolution,” aiming to spread the seeds of chaos throughout society. It seemed like an important task, probably best left to more experienced heroes.

But, if the H.E.R.O. Project asked the group of teenagers to do it, Shoto didn’t doubt that they’d at least give it a shot.

Shoto looked away from the screen, back at the packet Dr. Midoriya had given them containing information about the team, including the codenames that had been chosen for them. Personally, he would have preferred to simply use his name, but instead they’d chosen for him “Janus.” Shoto didn’t know what it meant at first, but after some research he’d discovered that Janus was an ancient Roman god, apparently the god of transitions— beginnings and endings. It still didn’t make sense until he realized that the god had two faces, looking in opposite directions, also a deity of duality. He’d considered protesting to someone about it, as he’d found it vaguely insulting, but he’d decided against it because he couldn’t quite put his finger on why it bothered him.

The others had more straightforward names— Creati, Zero, Grenade, and Ingenium— with Tenya taking the name of a retired hero who had a similar power to him. Probably, there were secrets behind his retirement, too; if Shoto recalled correctly, the former Ingenium had been quite young at the time of his retirement last year. However, it wasn’t Shoto’s place to ask if Tenya knew any more about it.

At the meeting, Dr. Midoriya had had other news for them: Izuku would be joining them after a few months of undergoing experimentation to become All Might’s Successor, under the codename “Scion.”

To be honest, Shoto was pleased at the news, though he wasn’t a big fan of Successor Studies. Izuku was the only other kid he’d talked to in his youth, having been mostly locked up in the Lab with Endeavor, his siblings having fled long ago. Izuku was the only one Shoto would really call a friend. Hopefully, the experiments would go smoothly and Izuku wouldn’t have to go through much pain to get his powers.


He looked up at the voice. “Momo.”

“Or, I suppose I should call you ‘Janus,’ now.” She sat primly at the computer next to him, placing a pile of heavy schoolbooks next to the keyboard.

“I prefer ‘Shoto.’”

She smiled. “Alright, then. What are you doing?”

“I don’t know much about Malus City,” Shoto admitted, his eyes flicking automatically towards the screen. “I wanted to do some research.”

Momo nodded. “A wise decision.”

He turned back to the maps in front of him as she booted up her computer. “What are you doing here?”

“I had some spare time, so I was looking to learn some more chemical formulas.” She typed some compound names Shoto didn’t recognize into a search bar, and several files popped up. “Learning the date of our debut makes me want to train even harder, you know?”

Shoto hadn’t had a similar urge, but he nodded anyway.

“I’m quite nervous, to be completely honest,” Momo went on. She looked at the computer screen, but Shoto had the impression she wasn’t really reading any of the text.

“Why?” In his opinion, she was more than ready. In truth, he’d been surprised at first that they’d chosen Tenya as the leader rather than Momo. From what he’d seen so far, she was intelligent, resourceful, and calm under pressure. She had no reason to be nervous.

“Well, we’ve been training for almost our entire lives. I suppose...” She folded her hands, twiddling her thumbs in her lap. She didn’t make eye contact, but she managed a small smile. “I suppose it feels like the moment of truth is finally upon us.”

“I see,” he lied.

It was strange, how intelligent Momo was and yet how naive she could be about the nature of heroism. Truth had nothing to do with it.

“And…” she hesitated a moment. He glanced her up and down. Her posture was perfect, as always, but her hands were clasped tightly, her thumbs pressed together. She bit her lower lip, as though trying to decide whether to speak or not. “It’s more than that, for me.” She looked him in the eye, now. “I want to know that my mother would be proud.”

Shoto didn’t know what to say, but he couldn’t speak anyway, a strange discomfort settling in his chest.

Momo laughed awkwardly and looked away, seeming to take his silence as a rejection of her conversation. “But, I don’t know why I’m telling you this...I’m sorry, you must think it’s silly. I’m sure someone as strong as you would have no such concerns.”

He scanned the screen with his eyes, but like Momo, wasn’t really reading anything on it. He supposed she was right; he had no one he wanted to impress. If Endeavor was disappointed in his Successor, Shoto would almost be happy. And Blizzard...he doubted she would even want to look at him anyway, wherever she was right now.

“What they think isn’t a big deal, is it?” he asked, hoping he was right. Perhaps it would take more pressure off of her to believe she didn’t have to please anyone.

“Ah…” Momo blinked, looking carefully away from him. “I-I don’t suppose so…”

It seemed she was uncomfortable with him, now, fidgeting slightly in her seat, so he politely said goodbye to her and left. He must have said something wrong.

That night, Shoto tried to take his dinner and lock himself in the bathroom, as he’d done ever since the night Endeavor had punched him. Endeavor wasn’t home, yet, but Shoto wanted to be in the bathroom before he arrived.

Just as he was about to close the door, the front door slammed open, smashing against the wall behind it like a gunshot. Shoto’s heart jumped into his throat and his body jolted. He dropped his plate onto the tile. It shattered.

“E-Endeavor?” he called out, unable to keep the stutter out of his voice.

A roar and a rumbling crash shook their apartment. Shoto backed away, fear rising inside him and filling his throat, choking him. The cracking of splintering wood and smashing glass attacked his eardrums, and Endeavor was screaming wordlessly. Shoto could hear his heartbeat pounding in his ears with ferocity, the fear rising higher and building pressure behind his eyes. All he wanted to do was hide. Suddenly, he heard Endeavor’s voice in his head.


In a trance, Shoto bolted towards the front door, shoving all his emotions to the back of his mind. The kitchen and living room were connected, but both were in shambles when he arrived, the front door wide open. Pieces of furniture littered the ground among shards of broken dishes. The cabinets had been ripped off the walls, the kitchen table cracked in two, the appliances burning. The living room carpet was on fire. Smoke alarms began to blare.

“Endeavor!” Shoto screamed, trying to be heard over the noise. He’d half-expected Endeavor to be struggling with someone when he arrived, but instead Endeavor was alone, destroying his own home. “ENDEAVOR!” Shoto ran forward, grabbing his flaming arm before he could smash it into the couch and make the fire worse, but Endeavor threw him back with a feral snarl.


Shoto stumbled back, falling onto the flaming carpet. Luckily, he hadn’t landed on any of the broken furniture or shattered glass, but the fire still licked at his skin hungrily. Endeavor smashed the couch, setting it ablaze. The air seemed to hum with the greedy orange glow of fire, embers floating through the air. An aura of impenetrable heat surrounded Endeavor. Shoto’s tears were evaporating before they had a chance to form, the fear from before returning, swallowing him, drowning him. If this didn’t stop soon, he would lose control…


STOP!” Ice exploded from the ground, piercing the ceiling. It grew, covering the apartment in a thick layer. The smoke alarms stopped, leaving them in sudden silence. It was cold enough to see their breath.

It was only a few seconds before Endeavor melted through the ice, but it seemed he was done fighting. He simply sat on a block of ice, panting and letting the flames on his body sputter out.

Shoto stood up, his hands shaking, tears frozen in his eyes. He melted them away with his left, still trembling. He kept away from Endeavor. “Why...were you destroying the house?”

“It doesn’t matter,” Endeavor said, his voice uncharacteristically quiet. His eyes were trained on the ground, now covered in reflective ice. Without the fire lighting up his face, his reflection was blurry, barely distinguishable. “None of it matters, anymore…”

A chill tingled down Shoto’s spine, as though a cold finger was tracing down his back. “What are you talking about?”

“Nothing.” Endeavor stood up, composing himself. He started walking towards his room. The authoritarian tone of his voice didn’t match the defeated hang of his head. “Leave me be, understand?”

He didn’t wait for an answer before slowly closing his bedroom door behind him.

Shoto looked around, the adrenaline rush slowly leaving his body. He was half-expecting to be surrounded by destruction, but instead was faced with a cold but pristine world of crystalline ice. Something about it was comforting, but he also felt a sense of foreboding. Such a world could easily melt, vanish without a trace.

He probably should have called someone, or started to clean up the mess, but instead, he shuffled to his own bedroom, closing the door as silently as he could. Slowly, he sank down to the floor, sitting in the darkness with his back against the door.

It was true that he’d always felt to a degree like he was walking on eggshells living with Endeavor, but what had set him off so suddenly? And to think that Shoto wasn’t the target of his violence was perplexing. Usually, when Endeavor was frustrated, he resorted to driving Shoto harder during training, or yelling for no valid reason. But he’d never been so uncontrolled before.

Shoto could feel it, a horrible hollow sensation in his bones— something was wrong. But the scarier thing was, he had absolutely no idea what.

Chapter Text


He looked up from his math work and met eyes with Mom, who was standing in his doorway, one hand on the doorknob, the other held hesitantly near her chest. Quickly, Izuku looked away, not sure if he was in trouble or not. “Uh, yeah?”

She came in and closed the door behind her. “I just...wanted to talk to you about this. I know everything starts up tomorrow with the experiments...and I...I…” Tears began to form in her eyes.

“Mom…” Izuku stood, wanting to help, but also feeling guilty for being the one who caused her pain. Gently, he took her hand and led her to his bed, sitting next to her on it. “I know it’s not what you wanted, and I’m really sorry everyone went about it without your permission, but...I’m going to be okay.”

She pulled him into a hug, speaking into his shoulder. “I wanted to apologize again…” she hiccuped. “I don’t want to get in the way of your dreams; I really don’t. I want to support you in whatever you want to run towards…”

“Thanks, Mom.” He hugged her tighter, a warm feeling tingling in his chest, expanding in his throat. A tear ran down his cheek. He hadn’t realized he was crying.

Mom continued, grasping onto him as though he could slip through her fingers. “I’m just afraid that...that you don’t truly understand what could happen to you. I watched All Might’s first missions back in the War firsthand, and...the violence was...unspeakable.” She shuddered. “You know all four of your grandparents were killed back then, among billions of others...The cameras only focused on those who could be saved, not those who couldn’t. If you promise me that you know how much suffering and pain you might have to endure...then I’ll be able to get behind you and cheer you on.”

Izuku hesitated. Of course, he believed he understood. With the discovery of All Might’s sickness, he’d learned a hard lesson— one day, even the greatest heroes will have to step down, and even the greatest heroes sometimes have to lie. But, Izuku had realized, that was what heroes did— whatever it took to save people, whatever it took to keep peace in the Unified Nations. And he was ready to be a part of that. He wasn’t the naive child he once was.

“I promise.”

“Count to ten, Dear.” Dr. Shuzenji’s voice brought him back to the present. She fitted a mask over Izuku’s face. His heart pounded faster, but now wasn’t the time to be afraid.

“One, two, three…”

When he opened his eyes, he was in a soft infirmary bed. Dad was sitting next to him, dozing a bit with a magazine in his lap. Izuku closed his eyes, focusing on the sensations in his body. He’d expected something to feel different, but nothing did except for a fuzziness in his head and a weak feeling in his muscles.

Gradually, his head cleared enough for him to think about the procedure he’d undergone. He’d been told he wouldn’t feel any different, and would have to train his body before he felt a difference in strength. His power wouldn’t kick in unless his body could handle it, first. They’d told him he was in for the toughest few months of his life.

“Yo, Deku.”

Izuku opened his eyes. “Katsuki? Hi…”

The other boy had his hands in his pockets, standing at the foot of Izuku’s bed. Izuku glanced at where Dad had been sitting, but he was gone, now. Izuku must have fallen asleep for a bit.

“Another Successor Study, huh?” Katsuki’s voice was gruff, unreadable.

“Um, yeah…” Izuku wasn’t sure what Katsuki was here for.

“We’re leaving tomorrow for Malus City,” Katsuki explained, as though reading his uncertainty. “Your dad said you were gonna join us in a few months.” He barked out a cocky laugh. “I still can’t believe it’s true. I thought I was finally getting rid of you!”

Izuku frowned, but didn’t answer, moving his sluggish arms to sit up.

“It’s Ochaco’s appointment day, so she couldn’t come, but she asked me to give you this.” Katsuki tossed a small, gift-wrapped package onto Izuku’s lap. It was soft, probably a piece of clothing. He scoffed, a scowl on his face. “I already pegged her as the sentimental one, but we’re gonna see you soon. It’s overkill even for her.”

“Well...thanks…” Izuku said awkwardly.

“Whatever.” Katsuki rolled his eyes, but he didn’t move to leave. He glanced Izuku up and down, an unreadable scowl on his face. “Seriously, though, do you really think this is a good idea?”

“W-what do you mean?”

“I mean, we just found out this modification might end up killing you slowly and painfully in a few decades.” Katsuki crossed his arms, scowling down at Izuku. “Doesn’t sound like you made a smart move to me.”

Izuku knew there was a possibility it would happen to him, too, of course, but… “Someone has to do it.”

Katsuki scoffed again mockingly. “You honestly buy that crap, don’t you?”

“It’s not crap, Katsuki,” Izuku retorted, unable to keep a hurt tone out of his voice.

“Yeah, it is, Deku. You realize All Might’s a freakin’ liar, don’t you? He’s pretending in public that everything’s fine and dandy when it’s obviously not!” His voice was rising. “And if even All Might would lie, how can we trust anyone?”

Izuku’s fists clenched in his lap when Katsuki attacked All Might. “He’s just doing what he has to so that he can maintain peace! There’s nothing wrong with that! In fact, it’s just another reason why All Might is the greatest hero we’ll ever have!”

“It’s pathetic!” Katsuki spat the word at Izuku, his voice venomous. Tears began to sting Izuku’s eyes.

He opened his mouth to reply, but the door opened just then and Dr. Shuzenji poked her head in. “Katsuki!” she scolded. “You’re bothering Izuku! He needs to rest! Get out here, young man!”

Katsuki took one more glance at Izuku, but Izuku couldn’t tell what he was thinking through the mask of his scowl. Katsuki looked away, staring at his feet. “See ya’,” he mumbled, obeying Dr. Shuzenji. The door closed behind him.

“Yeah…” Izuku tried to put Katsuki’s words out of his mind, turning his attention to the package Katsuki had delivered. A gift from Ochaco would definitely distract him, his face flushing just thinking that she’d even consider giving him something. She’d scribbled a note on the rainbow gift wrap, so he unwrapped it carefully so that he wouldn’t mess it up.

Dear Izuku,

I hope your procedures went well! I’m sorry I couldn’t come by myself, but I can’t wait to see you again! Hopefully this gift will keep you company until then!

Love, Ochaco

She’d drawn a little heart next to her name. Izuku blushed even pinker, even though he was alone. Really, his crush on Ochaco was starting to get out of hand. Maybe it would be good for him not to see her for a bit, just to get his head straight, even though he would miss his friends.

He turned his attention to the gift— a hand-sewn teddy bear. The fabric was soft and fuzzy, and somehow matched the color of her hair perfectly. The eyes were embroidered with black thread, but the nose was a heart-shaped button sewn. The seams stretched slightly with the amount of stuffing she’d put in.

So cute…

He would have to name it after her. He held Ochaco Jr. on his lap for a bit, wondering if Ochaco would be okay in Malus City. Of course, he didn’t doubt her skills, but he’d heard about the trouble brewing in that city in particular. It was strange to him that they’d send inexperienced subjects to the rumored “Capital of Rebels.” According to reports from heroes like All Might and Endeavor, they were now encountering rebels with powers— nothing rivaling their own strength, yet, but the day could come, theoretically.

To be honest, it had always puzzled Izuku that there were even rebels in the first place. Why would anyone wish for chaos? The only explanation could be that they wanted the government’s power for themselves, and hunger for power could only lead to another war. Thinking about them made him grit his teeth, but he knew his friends would keep the rebels back. If they needed any help, there were always the more experienced heroes out there looking out for them.

Izuku hoped he could join them, soon.

He laid back down again, sleepiness creeping over him like a fog. Carefully, he tucked Ochaco Jr. in the crook of his arm and allowed himself to be lost in the encroaching mist.

It sounded like a child. The voice was faint, dispersed with distance. It was warbled, as though traveling through water. Even so, the cry was unmistakable in Scion’s ears.


He ran through the rubble of the city, jumping over mangled steel beams and chunks of concrete, dodging shattered glass. The smoky air twisted into his hair and crawled in and out of his lungs in a ragged rhythm.

“I’m coming!” He tried to shout, but his voice died in his throat. That was fine, he decided, because he could hear her voice becoming clearer. He was close.

“Help!” Her voice was crystal, now. Scion looked around, trying to locate the child among the debris.

“IT’S ALRIGHT!” shouted a sudden voice, deep and low, shaking the ground. “FOR I AM HERE!”

Scion looked to the sky to see All Might falling towards him.

“Scion!” he bellowed. “Take the girl and get her to safety!”

“Yes, sir!” Suddenly, the little girl was right in front of him, wiping tears from her eyes. Scion picked her up, cradling her in his arms. “It’s alright; I’ve got you!”


Scion recognized the voices of the rebels who had caused all this carnage. “All Migh-!” he turned back towards the sky, but All Might was nowhere in sight. He hadn’t heard a landing, and sure enough, All Might was nowhere on the ground, either.

He was gone.

Scion’s heart jumped into his throat, choking him with each beat. He could feel the sweat dripping down his back, his limbs suddenly tired and tingly with anxiety.

The little girl tugged on Scion’s arm. “Scion! Let’s go!” He couldn’t move. Desperation wheedled its way into her voice, making it wobble. “Please!”

Scion ran again, away from the rebels, though they were in hot pursuit, weapons slung over their shoulders, prepared to fire at him.

The sound of missile launcher going off. It made impact with his back. It exploded around them, enveloping them in a cloud of white smoke. He curled around the girl to protect her.

The rebels were gone.

He tried to smile at the child. “It’s alright!”

The smoke cleared, and it was his mother he held in his arms. His heart stopped.

“Izuku!” Her skin began to melt, liquefying, dripping away. She screamed, her voice piercing his eardrums and filling his consciousness.

“Mom!” Horrified tears pouring out his eyes, he tried to gather all of her together, but she just slipped between his fingers, splashing to the ground, soaking into it until there was nothing left. His heart pounded so fast it was still in his chest, his stomach convulsing, his body beginning to shake. He clawed at the earth with hopeless desperation, but it was too hard-packed for him to even make a dent.

He could still hear her screaming.


“Mom?” There was sweat on his brow, his limbs heavy. He raised his voice, hoping she would hear him from underground. “Mom?!”

“I’m here, Izuku!” Someone grasped his clammy hand. The voice was frantic. “What’s wrong?”

His eyes shot open, blinding light consuming his vision. He could hear someone panting, but it was a few seconds before he realized it was him. Where was he?

He squeezed her hand, afraid she would once again slip through his fingers. “Mom?!”

“I’m here, I’m here…” her voice wobbled.

Tears filled his eyes at her words, his voice a hoarse whisper. “All Might…”

He was gone.

Chapter Text

They were sitting in a H.E.R.O. Lab jet, speeding over miles of green farmland. Shoto hadn’t been in a jet since parachute training years ago, but he remembered enough to know that this one was much more comfortable. It was more spacious than a passenger plane, allowing each row of seats a table in front of it, and it had several large TV screens. The seats themselves were soft, upholstered with a carpet-like material. Shoto had chosen a seat alone in a row, next to a window.

He’d dozed most of the trip, but now that they were in their final leg of the journey, he decided to watch the ground beneath them through the window. Everything looked so small, so insignificant from that high. It was almost comforting, to know he was nothing more than a speck on the face of a humongous Earth.

Shoto sighed to himself, thinking of what he’d left behind. He hadn’t said a proper farewell to Endeavor, but that was fine with him. He didn’t want to hear all the old crap about Successors and society and heroism from the man who didn’t truly care about anyone but himself.

“We’re about to land,” Dr. Aizawa called from the front row of seats. “Pilot wants your seatbelts on.”

They all obliged, fastening their safety belts with a few quiet clicks. Two hours later, they were settling into their new home at the Malus City Lab. Unfortunately, it turned out their rooms would be next to each other, all in the same hallway, and they shared two bathrooms. The Malus City Lab was considerably smaller, as they were actually shown the entire facility that day, which included several training rooms, gyms, and examination rooms, similar to the Lab back in Cenere City. Apparently, Dr. Aizawa would be living with them on site to monitor them, and Dr. Midoriya and Dr. Shuzenji would visit occasionally to make sure their health was still stable.

Their presence in Malus City would be announced on the news the following day, and Tenya and Momo would be interviewed by the local media. For now, they were sitting around the table in the dining area, eating dinner before going out on their first patrol.

Shoto had been surprised at the lack of protocol. Of course, he’d already known how patrols worked for experienced heroes, but he had expected more limitations for rookies. However, their guidelines were the same— they could arrest anyone suspicious and bring them to the local police station, they could enter any property for inspection, they could search any vehicle or person, and they could kill anyone who confronted them violently first.

“Let’s get out there, already!” Katsuki tore into a piece of bread, chewing with his mouth open. Though they’d only been eating about five minutes, Katsuki was already nearly finished with his food.

Tenya glanced at Katsuki with distaste and waved a stiff hand at him. “I admire your zeal, but please close your mouth when you chew!”

“I wanna bust some heads!” he continued, paying Tenya no mind. The grin on his face was almost scary. Shoto supposed it was expected that a rookie hero would be excited about this, but he himself didn’t feel any enthusiasm.

“Sounds dangerous…” Ochaco muttered, spooning some soup into her mouth.

“It is.” Momo frowned at Katsuki, who scowled in return, probably sensing a reprimand coming. “You shouldn’t wish for violence. Remember that this isn’t an exercise anymore. This is serious business.”

Katsuki opened his mouth to retort, but Tenya spoke before he could. “For that reason, Momo and I have devised a plan to cover the City more efficiently.” He pushed his dishes aside and placed a map on the table, but there was still barely any room for it. Shoto moved his bowl as well, but it still didn’t do much for the massive map.

Momo pointed to several colored dots they’d drawn on the map, which was divided into sectors with thick black marker. “Each dot corresponds to one of us. Tenya, Katsuki, and Ochaco will patrol the north side of the city, and Shoto, you and I will patrol the south.”

Shoto nodded. It made sense to him.

“They’ll get in my way,” Katsuki grumbled, a sudden scowl on his face.

Ochaco puffed out her cheeks in annoyance, not even surprised anymore by his comments.

Tenya, on the other hand, wasn’t having it. “Excuse me?” He pushed his glasses into place, his posture stiff. “I find that rather insulting.”

“Yeah, Four-eyes?” Katsuki stood up, his hands turned outward as a sign of aggression. “What’re you going to do about it?”

Tenya stared at him for a moment before replying firmly. “I’m just saying that Ochaco and I have been working just as hard for this as you have. You shouldn’t just assume we’ll get in the way.”

“I’m not assuming, you idiot.” Katsuki leaned into Tenya’s face, but Tenya didn’t flinch. “I’m saying that based on all the training we’ve been doing.”

“That’s no way to talk to our leader,” Momo interjected, rolling up the map. “We’re going to rotate the groups and zones anyway to avoid becoming predictable, but to start, this is the best combination. You should be flattered, Katsuki, since we considered you one of our heavy hitters when we devised this plan.”

Which meant they’d probably considered Shoto their other ‘heavy hitter.’

“Hmph.” Katsuki sat back down, crossing his arms. He still glowered at them, but didn’t protest any more.

Twenty minutes later, Shoto and Momo were walking the streets. It wasn’t that different from Cenere City in terms of appearance. The buildings had similar architecture, angular and efficient, with lots of tinted windows. The sidewalks were scrubbed clean, with immature trees dotting the walkway every so often. Cars drove down the freshly paved roads. The drone formation was exactly as it was in Cenere City— the lowest row floated just above the cars on the road and the highest were level with the top floors of the buildings. Though human eyes couldn’t see through the tinted windows, the drones could, and would report to the nearest hero if anything was amiss.

Of course, that didn’t negate their own responsibility to look around with their eyes. The streets were perfectly engineered so that the sidewalks were comfortably populated but not crowded. Shoto carefully examined each pedestrian for suspicious activity.

But other than staring for a bit too long at Momo, they didn’t do anything odd. But, then again, maybe staring too long at Momo wasn’t all that strange. She was objectively attractive, with a pretty face and a neat appearance. It was her costume, however, that really grabbed attention. Shoto had been expecting something that didn’t cover too much skin for easy usage of her power, probably something based on Genesis’ costume, but it had still been more revealing than he’d expected, especially down the front.

They walked side-by-side, in silence. The spikes on the bottom of his boots made small clinking noises, and he could hear her heels clacking against the concrete, too. At first, Shoto assumed the silence was because they were focusing, but Momo seemed agitated, fidgeting with her thick belt.

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

“What? Oh…” she looked pointedly away from his gaze. He looked away, too, to keep an eye on their surroundings. “It’s not that, it’s just...I guess I’ve been thinking about what you said to me back at the Library in Cenere City...about what our parents think of our feats.”

“Oh?” Shoto hoped he hadn’t offended her somehow.

“At first, I was a little hurt by your words, to be honest.” She created a small, oblong object, tossing it between her hands. It appeared to be a doll of some kind.

“I’m sorry—”

“No, no, don’t be! It’s just that I was thinking about it more, and I wanted to thank you.” She brushed a stray hair behind her ear. “It was your way of telling me to focus on my duty, not how others evaluate it. I appreciate that.” She laughed, but something about it was stilted. “Your laser focus is certainly an asset to this team.”

“Oh…” He didn’t know what to say. What she said about his intention wasn’t entirely true, but if that was how she’d read it, he didn’t want to correct her. “Thanks.”

After a few more minutes, Momo let out a small chuckle. “How do you do it, though?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, your parents hold such high esteem in society, after all! Your father is second only to All Might himself, and I remember what extravagant festivities were held to celebrate your mother’s retirement. They are greatly loved.” She paused, as though evaluating her next words. “I realized that I probably can’t even imagine the pressure you’re under, as a Successor Study to them both.”

Shoto shrugged, turning slightly away from her. He pretended to be examining the road next to him, but in reality he was afraid. She wasn’t completely right, but she was too close...The thought that she would see right through him— as though he was made fragile of glass— made his heart palpitate, his stomach turn. “I guess...I just think the way I have to. It’d be easy to just crack if I didn’t.” Once again, it wasn’t a complete lie.

Momo stiffened suddenly. For a moment, Shoto thought he’d said something wrong again, but then he saw what she was looking at: a surveillance drone was drifting towards them, a small light in the front blinking red, then green, then yellow. The combination for a suspicious person.

“Let’s follow it.” Momo prompted.

The drone led them to a parked car before flashing the combination again and hovering a few feet away to record the incident. A man sat inside of it, writing something on an electronic pad. Shoto examined him as well as he could through the window— small build, but tall, crazy blond hair that stood nearly straight up, lots of leather, sunglasses, and a small mustache. Definitely an odd-looking person, but Shoto didn’t know exactly what he’d done that the drone had marked him as suspicious. But if he really was a criminal, the sunglasses would hide his eyes, and the leather would serve some protection in a fight.

Momo knocked on the window politely.

The man rolled it down, raising an eyebrow at her. “Evening, ma’am! What can I do for you?” His words were polite, but his speech pattern was a jarring staccato.

“May we see your I.D., please?”

“Oh, of course!” He dug around in his pockets, turning them inside out; most of them were empty. Shoto eyed his hands carefully to make sure he didn’t pull out some kind of weapon. “I’ve never seen you two around here before! New heroes?”

“Yes,” Momo replied, though her posture told Shoto she was still on-guard. “Creati and Janus.”

“Interesting!” He turned the last of his pockets inside-out. “Ah...I seem to have left my I.D. at home. Sorry about that, Creati.”

“Not a problem,” she said, even though it was illegal to walk around without your I.D. card. “Please procure vehicle registration, and then step out of your car.”

“Right, right!” He handed a packet of papers to her and undid his seatbelt, opening the door.

Momo gave the papers to Shoto while she inspected the man’s car. He leafed through them. Apparently, the car belonged to someone named Nemuri Kayama— a woman’s name, if Shoto wasn’t mistaken.

“What’s your name?” Shoto tried to mimic Momo’s polite tone, but his voice came out more demanding than hers. He’d have to work on it.
“Hizashi Yamada, professional singer. The car belongs to my girlfriend.”

“I see.” Shoto closed the packet, preparing for an arrest. He doubted Yamada would cause a fuss, since he’d been only cooperative up to this point. They would just need to take him to the Police Station.

Momo was going through his tablet, now. “You have some locked files on here, Mr. Yamada. Would you mind opening them?”

“Ah, that’s my girlfriend’s tablet, too. She hasn’t told me the password, but I’m pretty sure it’s just tax information.”

“Where is your girlfriend?” Shoto inquired.

“Back at her apartment.”

Shoto and Momo exchanged a glance. He seemed like a nice enough person. Probably, the drone had only picked him out because he didn’t have an I.D. on him.

“Alright, Mr. Yamada.” Momo put his tablet back in the car and closed the door. “You’ll have to come down to the Police Station until they can verify your identity. It’s protocol for walking around without your I.D. card, that’s all.”

“Of course!” Yamada laughed. “Sorry about all this hassle, heroes. I’m just a mess sometimes! This is the fourth time I’ve forgotten my I.D. card this year, you know! And I must say, the fines are outrageous!”

Momo smiled. “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Yamada.”

They walked him to the Station without incident and turned him over to the chief, a man named Tsukauchi.

The chief laughed when he saw them. “Again, Hizashi?”

Yamada shrugged, grinning. “What can I say? I’m a scatterbrain!”

Shoto and Momo continued down the street.

“Our first arrest,” Momo mused. “That went smoother than I’d expected. They always prepared us for the worst, but I had a suspicion that the majority of citizens would be quite cooperative. Mr. Yamada seems in-line with my hypothesis.”

Shoto nodded, but he still wanted to stay on alert. It seemed common crimes like Yamada’s wouldn’t be a hassle, but Malus City was still called ‘The Capital of Rebels.’ He hated to think Endeavor might have been right about the severity of the situation with the Revolution, but if it turned out he was...Shoto was determined to be ready. Malus City would be safe with them.

Chapter Text

Izuku exhaled, lifting the barbell until his arms were nearly straight, then lowering it back down until it was just over his chest. Sweat dripped from his hair onto the bench he was lying on and onto the floor.

Just ten more…

But his thoughts were drifting again. How were his friends doing in Malus City? Of course, he’d had conversations with them through the wall screen, but they were busy. He’d watched the interview and all the news reports that had come out on them so far, adding to his notebook carefully as he watched each clip repeatedly. After a month, they hadn’t run into any rebels, yet, so it was possible the presence of five new heroes— even teenage ones— had deterred them from stirring up trouble. His friends had, however, stopped several armed assaults, a few street fights, and busted a lonewolf drug dealer. Izuku was fascinated by the opportunity to finally see them use their powers in a real scenario. As he’d expected, they were all amazing.

With his limited training and his rapidly approaching debut date...Izuku wasn’t sure he could measure up.

The smell of Mom’s cooking in the kitchen made his stomach rumble as he placed the barbell in its holder and awkwardly maneuvered out from under it. Mom had had some of the exercise equipment moved to their apartment so that Izuku wouldn’t have to go far. She was still against the idea of him facing violence, but she’d kept her promise to support him.

As he walked to the bathroom to shower before dinner, watched her for a moment as she stirred something on the stove, humming to herself. He couldn’t help but smile, a warm feeling filling his chest. He couldn’t have imagined a better mom.

Twenty minutes later, Izuku was helping her set the table when the front door opened.

“Hi, Dad!” Izuku called out.

“Izuku!” Dad replied. “I brought someone!” He walked into the kitchen, All Might behind him, filling the doorway with his bulk. The hero raised a hand in greeting, smiling cheerfully.


“All Might!” Izuku couldn’t stop the grin from spreading across his face. Immediately, he started putting another place setting at the table.

After they’d all sat around the table and began eating, All Might spoke. “So, how’s it been, Izuku?”

“Um…” Izuku scratched at his ear sheepishly. He wished he could improve faster, but all things considered... “I think it’s been going well. I’ve been following all your instructions.”

“Religiously,” Mom remarked with a proud smile, patting Izuku on the back. He laughed nervously, blushing slightly.

“Good.” All Might took a bite of chicken noodle soup Mom had prepared, chewing a piece of meat thoughtfully.

Izuku looked him over, searching for signs of his decline that perhaps the news cameras hadn’t been able to pick up. He still looked the same, for the most part, his muscles bulging through his t-shirt and his thick hair sticking up at a crazy angle while the rest was slicked back. His skin still had a healthy glow, his posture still sturdy even in this relaxed setting. Izuku never would have guessed he was dying.

The thought brought tightness back to his chest, pressure building behind his eyes. But he couldn’t cry, not now, with All Might right in front of him. As difficult as it was, he had to remember that All Might was human, too. It would be wrong of him to put his burdens on the man instead of carrying them himself. Besides, All Might’s fate was certainly more of a burden to him than it was to Izuku.

He spooned some soup into his mouth, praying he wouldn’t choke on it.

“Thank you, Mrs. Midoriya; that was wonderful.” All Might set his spoon in his empty bowl.

“Of course!” she hummed, trying to smile at All Might, even though Izuku was sure she still resented him a little for recommending that he become a Successor.

“So, Izuku,” Dad pointed his spoon at him. “All Might wants to talk to you for a bit, but afterwards you and I will watch the news together, alright?” He winked, referencing their nightly bonding time.

Izuku smiled. “Yeah, Dad.”

After he finished off his soup and took his dishes to the sink, Izuku led All Might into their living room. They sat next to each other on the couch. From the way the cushions sunk in around All Might’s massive weight, Izuku had to take care not to slide towards him.

“So...what’s this about?” Izuku asked, trying not to sound as nervous as he was.

“Well…” All Might sighed. “You need to become a hero soon. To be honest, my stamina is greatly decreasing already, and though the media has been working around it, my strength and speed are also declining. I can’t hide it from the public forever.”

Izuku nodded numbly.

“Originally, the plan was for you to debut with your friends in Malus City and take over my symbolic role more organically, but this degeneration is progressing more quickly than they thought it would.”

Izuku couldn’t keep quiet at that, a sense of panic rising in his chest. “But they said they were working on a way to stop it!”

“They are.” All Might shrugged. The gesture didn’t exactly instill confidence. “But we have to operate on the assumption that they won’t be able to, just in case. We can’t let society fall back into the chaos of thirty years ago, or uncountable lives will be lost.” All Might grasped Izuku’s shoulder. “So, instead of having you join your friends, I want you to come to Leogan City with me and work as my sidekick until my retirement. At that point, you’ll rejoin your friends.”

The words stuck in his throat. He wasn’t sure he’d heard right, his entire body going rigid with disbelief at the proposition. “Y—...your sidekick?”

“Yes. Of course, you’d have to complete at least one more month of training, but...what do you think?” All Might raised his eyebrows and grinned.

“O-of course! I-I would love to!” He could barely speak, his heart racing and rising to fill his throat. Tears filled his eyes as the stiffness in his body melted away. Suddenly, he felt soft and flimsy, like an overcooked noodle. This had to be a dream.

All Might laughed, his booming laugh that he used for the news. Nothing was more comforting than hearing it, feeling it fill his body with reverberation. “Great! I can’t wait to work with you, Scion!”

“T-th-th-th-thank you!”

He laughed again. “Hisashi, Mrs. Midoriya, I thank you again for having me for dinner! It was truly an honor! Next time, I’ll have to treat you!”

Dad waved a hand at him. “Don’t worry about it, Toshinori! Take care, okay?”

“I will, thank you!”

With that, All Might was gone.

“Izuku?” Mom asked, sounding as though she was trying not to laugh. “Are you alright, sweetie?”

With a trembling finger, Izuku pointed at the door. His mind was buzzing, practically vibrating. He hadn’t even thought he was worthy to be a subject, and yet, All Might had offered to train him personally…Izuku’s chest was about to explode, his throat dry with excitement. “A-a-a-a-all Might…!”

Mom giggled now, pulling him into a hug. “Oh, Izuku, you’re so silly!” She ruffled his hair, sighing to herself contentedly. She wiped a tear from the corner of her eye. “I’m silly, too; I feel so much better, now.”

Izuku wiped a tear from her other eye with his thumb, simultaneously trying to swallow and get some moisture back in his mouth. He knew he had a goofy grin on his face, but he couldn’t stop it. “What do you mean, Mom?”

She laughed a little. “Oh, just that...if you’re working with All Might, I know you’ll be safe.”

Suddenly, Izuku’s smile faltered a moment as his month-old dream come back to him again. It had recurred several times in the past four weeks, but Dr. Shuzenji had said that nightmares were common after the body undergoes stress, so he’d tried to brush it off. Unfortunately, it kept cropping back up.

“Time for the news!” Dad chimed, plopping down next to Izuku on the couch.

“Hold on, I have to get my notebook!”

A moment later, Dad and Izuku were sitting on the couch. Mom could be heard in the kitchen, humming to herself again as she did the dishes.

“News!” Dad ordered the apartment.

The screen on the wall lit up, sound coming from the speakers in the ceiling. “Thanks to Grenade and Zero!” The camera showed images of a mangled car, probably blown up by Katsuki, as the voiceover continued.

“Rewind to the beginning of the newscast!” Dad requested.

They watched the footage that surveillance drones had sent in, showing Katsuki and Ochaco fighting a boy about their age from all different angles. He had spiky red hair, medium build, and was wearing a black hockey mask. From the looks of it, he was talented in hand-to-hand combat, but not nearly as talented as Katsuki, who was easily keeping pace with his strikes, a big grin on his face. Ochaco filled in the gaps with hand-to-hand skills of her own. Izuku took notes furiously, but he knew he would rewatch it later, anyway, so he didn’t worry too much about getting everything down.

The man had no I.D. card on him and attacked when the two young heroes confronted him and identified himself as a rebel. Naturally, they were prepared for his assault and met his crimes with a counterattack. Unfortunately, there was no arrest, the boy escaping with a proclamation of the strength of the rebel spirit. Ingenium had this to say about it.

Footage of Tenya filled the screen. It was impossible to see his face through his helmet, but Izuku could see how his eyes shone with determination. His voice was confident, calm. “You do not need to fear, citizens. We will subdue the rebels here as quickly as possible, and show them the virtue of peace!

Izuku felt his heart swell with pride. His friends were upholding their values well. The familiar words played in his head.

Hope. Excellence. Restoration. Order.

Chapter Text

“I heard you screaming again.”

Shoto looked up from the tablet in his hand, meeting eyes with Katsuki, who was standing behind the couch, hands jammed in the pockets of his pajamas. The room was dark except for the light of the tablet and the subtle glow of the streetlamps through the blinds. Shoto still hadn’t quite gotten used to having so many windows even after a month.


“What the hell were you dreaming about?” Katsuki came around the other side and plopped down onto the sofa, keeping some distance between himself and Shoto. “I couldn’t freakin’ sleep because of you.”

“Sorry.” He turned back to the article he was reading, assuming that was all Katsuki had wanted. Their rooms were next to each other, and their beds shared a wall. Apparently, the wall was too thin.

Usually, Katsuki would just scoff and leave at this point in the conversation, but he stayed, eyeing Shoto with an unreadable expression. Shoto pretended not to notice, checking the time instead: 2:55 a.m. He’d been there for about thirty minutes already, which meant Katsuki had probably been unable to fall back asleep after Shoto had woken him.

Finally, Katsuki broke the silence, his voice strangely flat. “You’re a calm person. What makes you cry like that?”

Shoto wasn’t interested in sharing his nightmares with his least understanding teammate. He kept staring into the screen of his tablet, hoping Katsuki would leave. “...Does it matter?”

“Don’t avoid the question, Half-and-half.” Katsuki leaned forward, his elbows on his knees. “If this was a one-time thing, I would have left you to deal with your damn problems by yourself, but it’s at least three times a week.” Shoto opened his mouth, but Katsuki interrupted, scowling. “And don’t deny it; I counted. It’s starting to cut into my sleep time.”

“I’ll move my bed.” Shoto stood up, turning his tablet off. He’d wanted to leave his bedroom and spend some time in the common area, but if Katsuki was just going to interrogate him, he’d rather try to go back to bed.

He was already halfway back to his room when he heard Katsuki’s voice again.


He stopped, turning around.

“You’re right; I don’t really want to talk about whatever your issues are...but try talking to Ochaco.” Katsuki looked away, as though embarrassed to be offering him advice. “She’s...nice about it.”

“I’ll keep that in mind, thanks.”

When Shoto returned to his room, he pushed his bed to the other side of the room. He had the last room in the hall, so there was no one on the other side.

Hopefully, he wouldn’t have any dreams if he went back to sleep. He laid in his bed, staring at the ceiling, trying to clear his mind. Still, it was hard to ignore the images of violence bathed in a jarring red, the sensation of drowning in black water, heat searing uncontrollably through his consciousness...

Shoto woke to the sound of his own screaming once again. It took a terrifying moment for him to realize where he was, his heart pounding and his breathing ragged and fast. He sat up, rubbing his wet eyes with shaking hands.

You’re in the Malus City Lab, he reminded himself. Endeavor is in Cenere City. Blizzard is not with him.

Words he had to repeat to himself a few times before they sounded true. Trudging to the bathroom, he washed up quickly before joining his teammates in the dining area, where they’d already started on breakfast. Actually, Momo and Tenya had already finished and had another map spread out on the table.

Ochaco waved to him cheerily. “Morning, Shoto!”

At seeing her, Shoto was reminded of what Katsuki had said to him earlier that morning, but he dismissed it quickly even though he didn’t really know why. He breathed deeply, trying to calm his body. “Morning.” He sat at the table next to her.

Katsuki was staring at him, somehow scowling even as he tore into his bagel.

Shoto ignored him, sighing inwardly. Living with so many other people was...difficult, to say the least. He’d never really experienced it, since it had been just him and Endeavor for years at this point, and Endeavor was a heavy sleeper. On the other hand, he was starting to enjoy being in the company of other people who were, for the most part, pleasant. He wasn’t sure if he would be able to get really close to them or anything, but he didn’t mind their presence.

“Shoto!” Tenya called, his tone scolding. Shoto looked up from his toast. “You’re part of today’s morning patrol! I hope you didn’t forget! Please be more timely in the future!”

Shoto glanced at the clock, which read 7:30. His timing seemed reasonable to him, since today’s patrol started around 8:00, but since it was true that it had slipped his mind, he apologized anyway and promised to be more punctual.

“Janus and I will patrol the whole city for the morning,” Tenya went on. For some reason, he insisted on using their codenames when discussing business. “Creati, Grenade, and Zero will patrol starting in the afternoon after we finish.”

Katsuki grunted his approval.

Twenty minutes later, the two set off to begin patrols. Momo had mapped out a complicated route for them, which apparently put them at the most common locations for crimes at the most common time for crimes to be committed there. Shoto could barely wrap his head around the concept’s possibility, much less how she’d managed to do it, but he simply followed Tenya, trailing a few steps behind.

It was thirty minutes before Tenya spoke. “Janus, are you alright?”

“Fine. Why?”

“You seemed a little off this morning. Did you have another nightmare?” It was hard to read his voice, and with his face covered by his helmet, it didn’t matter that he looked at Shoto when he spoke. He hoped he wasn’t keeping Tenya up at night, too.

Shoto shrugged despite the palpitation of his heart at the question. He tried to keep his voice even, unreadable. “They’re just dreams.”

“Ah…” Tenya turned back to face forward, continuing to lead the way. “Alright.”

A drone beeped from behind them. Turning, they were faced with another suspicious person code, this time there were two of them, apparently.

Good. Shoto needed a distraction.

Jogging, they followed the drone to an alleyway, where it flashed the signal and prepared to record the confrontation. Likely, an alleyway meant more serious criminal activity than forgetting an I.D. Card or being too loud. Tenya signaled to Shoto that they move in, and Shoto nodded, his heart beginning to pound faster at the possibility of a fight. His mind couldn’t have been farther from last night.

“Put your hands in the air!” The moment Tenya stepped into the opening of the alley, a deafening boom threw him back, sending him tumbling through the air and crashing into a lampost across the street. Shoto didn’t even have time to shout before the attack reached him, too. He braced himself against the solid sound, covering his ears and widening his stance. He had to squint from the sudden gust of wind, his heart jumping into his throat. Perhaps he’d been wrong to wish for violence.
For a second, the sound stopped, the air suddenly full of the screaming of fleeing civilians. Shoto whirled around to see if Tenya was alright, a tingling sensation of anxiety in his hands. “Ingen—!”

And then it sounded again. The windows of the buildings around them shattered, showering glass down into the alleyway and into the street. The sound pounded twice with a strong beat and a weak one, paused, and sounded again, almost like a heartbeat. There wasn’t time to check on Tenya, and as for the few civilians that had yet to leave the area, the best thing for them was to subdue the attacker.

Covering his ringing ears, Shoto waited for the tiny window before the next beat, and then he jumped into the alley and blindly froze the entire ground. He caught a glimpse of two figures caught in his ice, dressed in black, before the next beat shattered the ice. Shoto identified the smaller figure, probably a girl, as the one causing the sonic blasts.

“I’ll get Ingenium!” shouted a male voice, the larger figure. His partner didn’t answer, but he ran towards Shoto, trying to run past him to get to Tenya. Quickly, Shoto sized him up— medium build, medium height, red spiky hair, probably the same rebel Katsuki and Ochaco had run into the other day. But as long as Shoto kept him in the alley between himself and the other rebel, it was likely that she wouldn’t risk using her sonic attacks and get her partner caught in the crossfire.

Shoto sprayed a column of fire in front of the boy as he was about to pass, so close to him that the front of his clothes caught fire.

“Not bad, Janus!” he threw his flaming mask and jacket off, smiling to reveal pointed teeth. Something about the grin irritated Shoto, but he pushed it to the back of his mind. The rebel’s arms appeared to be roughly sculpted. From the way that they stiffened suddenly, Shoto guessed it was some kind of special power. “But I’ve got a few of my own tricks up my sleeve!”

He tried to charge in, but Shoto wasn’t about to let him get close. From the confident way he jumped towards him, Shoto guessed close combat was a specialty of his. In the blink of an eye, the boy was trapped in an outcropping of ice, unable to move any of his limbs. He struggled, but couldn’t move more than a few inches. Shoto turned his attention to the other rebel, who appeared to have cables on either side of her connecting a chunky headset to her boots. He sent ice towards her, too, but even as it encased her, the ground vibrated with a frequency Shoto couldn’t hear, and the ice shattered again.

“Janus!” Tenya ran into the alley, joining him against the two rebels, his legs spewing smoke. “Don’t kill them!”

“I know!” They’d already agreed that if they ran into any rebels, they would capture and question. If they hadn’t, he would have killed them already.

The boy backed up, regrouping with the girl. They were cornered in the alley.

“Hey…” The boy’s breath was visible in the now-cold air, his red eyes flicking back and forth between Tenya and Shoto. “Maybe we should get out of here, huh?”

“You’re cornered!” Tenya shouted. “It would be in your best interest to cooperate with us!”

“You have three seconds,” Shoto added, preparing to shoot more ice at them. He would use it to sever the cables going from her headphones to her boots, and see if that stopped the blasts. She didn’t appear to need to move to activate her power, but if she did it again in the next three seconds, he would counter with a wave of ice. It wouldn’t protect them completely, but it would shield them from most of the force.

The rebels exchanged a glance before raising their hands in the air, but Shoto was still wary, his heart still loud in his ears, a pricking sensation in his fingers, warning him that something wasn’t quite right. He’d heard from Endeavor that rebels were willing to resort to any kind of trick to avoid giving up information. But what would their most logical course of action be—?

An ear-splitting screech rang through the street, bringing Shoto to his knees. His vision went red, his surroundings disappearing, until all that was left was the tortured scream. He clamped his hands over his ears, but even the echoes against the walls of the alleyway pounded back into his head with the force of a hammer, matching up with the quickening beating of his heart. He had to think, had to move, but his body was rigid, his mind stalling.

It seemed like forever until it stopped. Shoto looked up, his vision blurry. He couldn’t hear anything, blood dripping from his ears, but he just managed to catch a glimpse of the rebels running down the sidewalk, following a man in black with his blond hair in an unmistakable style.


Chapter Text

“Hey, Ochaco!” Izuku waved at her through the wall’s screen. It had been too long since he’d given her a call. The sight of her face made him smile like a maniac.

“Izuku!” He could tell from the awkward camera angle that she was using her phone’s camera instead of the wallscreen. Behind her, he could glimpse a poster of the hero Thirteen, and next to that was a poster of a bunch of puppies. “How’ve you been?”

Izuku rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly, embarrassed by how close she got to the screen, as though she could see him better if she got closer. “Ah, well—”

She gasped. “Wait! Oh my gosh!”

“What?!” Izuku yelped.

She had her hands over her mouth. “Your arm!”

He glanced at it, but nothing seemed asmiss. “What about it?”

“It’s so buff!”

His blush felt like fire, heat suddenly rushing up and filling his head. He lowered his arm quickly, stuttering out some gibberish before running off the screen and pulling on a sweatshirt.

“Aw, it’s a good thing, Izuku!” she laughed, which only made him want to faint. “You’ve been working hard!”

He managed a smile, even though his face was still burning. It had spread to his neck now. “Yeah, I guess so...All Might wants me to be his sidekick starting next month, actually.”

She clapped her hands. “Izuku, that’s amazing! Never in your wildest dreams, huh?”

“Never!” he agreed, feeling more at ease again. “But tell me about you! I’ve watched every newscast so far!”

“No, don’t! The surveillance drones get bad angles of me!” Ochaco moaned. “My costume’s too tight; the cameras get everything!”

He wanted to tell her she looked good, even great, but the heat clogged up his throat and a strange babbling of syllables came out of his mouth instead.

“But there’s going to be a bad newscast tonight,” Ochaco sighed, luckily not noticing his awkward stammer. “Tenya and Shoto ran into a few more rebels, but they got away. One of them sounded like the same one Katsuki and I ran into.”

“Oh gosh, are they okay?” Izuku furrowed his brow, his heart skipping a beat, a fog of foreboding settling in his gut. Even though he believed they could handle themselves, he couldn’t help but worry.

Ochaco put her chin in her hand. “For the most part, yeah. They got banged up a little, but Dr. Aizawa’s looking at them, now. Doesn’t seem like anything too serious. They’ll probably be ready for an interview in thirty minutes.”

“That’s a relief,” Izuku sighed.

“Mm-hm…” Ochaco looked to the side for a moment, as though checking if anyone else was around, even though she was alone in her bedroom. Her voice lowered. “The windows on two buildings got all blown out during the fight, though. I think they’re going to tell the press it was some sort of sonic weapon, but they said the rebels might have had powers.”

Izuku gulped, the fog in his stomach growing thicker. “Powers…?”

“Yeah…” Her voice lowered even more. “ be honest…”

Izuku waited, a tickle of nervousness flickering in his chest, but she just laughed at herself, chiding, but it was a stilted laugh. “No, never mind. It was nothing.”

“You can tell me,” Izuku urged. If it was important, then he wanted to know.

“Well…” She twirled a lock of hair around her finger, keeping her eyelids low, her eyes focused anywhere but the screen. “I don’t really want to admit it, but…” She glanced downward and bit her lip, a tear escaping from her eye before she hastily wiped it away. “I’m really scared.”

“Ochaco…” His chest ached, seeing her thinking she was alone yet again.

“I know, I know, I’m supposed to be a hero!” She pumped a fist feebly at the word. “And everyone else is so calm, like they’re totally ready for this, and I…” she sighed, wiping another tear from her eye, laughing at herself again even though her voice wobbled, ready to collapse.

Izuku frowned, remembering his last conversation with Katsuki a month before, how Katsuki had called All Might a liar, how he’d called Izuku naive...But it was Katsuki who didn’t understand. “Well, I think that sometimes...what makes a hero is that they can do things even when they’re scared, all the while pretending they’re not. It assures the public and it intimidates the villains all at once. But it doesn’t mean they were never scared at all.”

Ochaco nodded, sniffling a little. “Thanks, Izuku...You always know what to say, huh?” She giggled a little, filling Izuku with a warm feeling. He was glad he could comfort her. “I wish you’d come here faster, but...if All Might wants to train you personally, you just can’t turn it down! Go there with everything you’ve got!”

“I will,” Izuku promised, giving her a vigorous nod.

Someone called for her in the background, and Ochaco puffed out her cheeks. “Coming! Sorry, Izuku, I gotta go patrol, now! Keep me posted, okay?”

“Mm-hm!” Izuku nodded. “Bye!”

“Bye!” She cut the connection.

Izuku sighed to himself slightly after she was gone. If he was a hero, now, too, he supposed it was his job to comfort even his fellow heroes. He wished they could have talked a little longer, but they both had places to be.

With a glance at the clock, he’d confirmed that it was about time for his appointment with Dr. Shuzenji. He’d known her for as long as he could remember, but being her patient was something else entirely. She was pretty strict with him about his exercise regimen, and she was somehow able to tell even when he went only slightly over what he’d been told to do. Of course, he knew it all came from her kindness, but it was a little intimidating all the same.

Pulling on his shoes, he walked briskly to the elevator. Even after a month, it still surprised him a little when it started moving on its own because of his subject I.D. card. He pulled his hand back, since he’d automatically started reaching for the buttons.

A few minutes later, he was outside Dr. Shuzenji’s office. He was just about to open the door when it opened on its own, a massive figure taking up the doorframe.

“O-oh! Hi, Endeavor!”

Izuku didn’t talk to him much, but Endeavor looked down on him with an unfriendly scowl anyway. He was used to Endeavor simply giving him a gruff greeting and then walking away, but today, he didn’t move.

“You’re All Might’s Successor now,” he stated. Though it was a secret to the public that Endeavor hated All Might, Shoto had told Izuku about Endeavor’s grudge towards the other hero. They hadn’t talked about it much because Shoto always seemed uncomfortable talking about his father, but he’d said enough that Izuku became slightly nervous at Endeavor’s statement.

Izuku shifted from foot to foot, avoiding the man’s icy gaze. What did Endeavor want? “Ah, yes, sir…”

“I see…” Endeavor still didn’t move.

Izuku chanced a glance upwards and was shocked to discover that Endeavor’s cold stare was gone, replaced with a fiery determination. Izuku got chills down his spine when the man bared his teeth in a joyless grin.

“Excellent.” Endeavor placed heavy hands on Izuku’s shoulders. He wasn’t able to hold in his yelp. “Do your best, young man.”

“Uh, yeah…! I will!” Izuku gulped, staring at Endeavor’s retreating back. Something didn’t sit right in his chest, as though there was a fist clenching inside of him, but he tried to push it out of his mind. Shoto’s father could be difficult for Izuku to understand sometimes, but at the end of the day, he was a hero; there was no reason to fear him.

He stepped into Dr. Shuzenji’s office. “Hi, Dr. Shuzenji.”

“Ah, Izuku! Good!”

He’d already started taking off his outer garments when she spoke again. “Hop on the scale for me, Dear?”

“Mm-hm.” He knew the number would appear automatically on her electronic pad, but he wasn’t able to see it unless he asked. “What does it say?”

She chuckled at his curiosity. “Only you and Katsuki ask for your numbers, you know. The others just wait for the complete report.”

Izuku blushed a little, but she still humored his request, pulling up a wall screen that matched the screen of her pad. After a thirty minute check-up, he returned to his apartment to watch the evening news, which would contain news from that afternoon. As Ochaco had said, the first report was on the Malus City rebels.

In Malus City there has been another report of rebel activity.

Footage from the battle played, and Izuku jotted some notes down, specifically noting Shoto’s quick reactions.

Ingenium and Janus confronted them before they escaped using a sonic weapon of unknown origin. Ingenium speculates that it is from the black market. Here are additional comments he had on the matter.

Once again, Tenya appeared on the screen, his helmet covering his face. Izuku was pleased to note that there wasn’t even a scuff mark on it. He knew they’d made Tenya the leader because he was easy to put your trust in, the type of person you immediately felt you could depend on, like a loyal friend. Tenya spoke a few words of encouragement and reassurance; he had always had a way to make words direct and earnest, perfect for a hero. Izuku cheered him on silently as the newscaster continued.

There was a rebel protest in Dien City this morning regarding the H.E.R.O. Project and its heroes. The rebels claimed that there is an ethical problem with human enhancement.

He’d read in history books that people had once argued against human experimentation because it wasn’t safe. While there was some truth to that, Izuku believed that the H.E.R.O. Project was going about it the right way— only those who agreed to it were experimented on. Besides, it was obvious that the world needed heroes like All Might, like Endeavor, like Izuku’s friends. Without them, the world would be in complete chaos.

The newscast, however, didn’t go into personal opinions in an effort to be as objective as possible. “The founder of the H.E.R.O. Project, Dr. Nezu, had this to say about it.

A sound clip of Dr. Nezu’s voice played, but he never showed his face in public. To be honest, Izuku had no idea what he looked like; even Dad had never seen him in person before. It made sense, since Dr. Nezu would be the target of any ruffians like the rebels who had started the protest.

Dr. Nezu spoke simply and elegantly, his voice always calm. “At the H.E.R.O. Project, we believe in peace. Heroes are the ones who can keep the peace, as evidenced by the past thirty years without war anywhere in the entire world. That has never happened at any other time in recorded history. While we recognize that there may be ethical concerns regarding human experimentation, you have our word that we do not modify anyone without permission, and we always do the necessary research to ensure the utmost safety of our subjects. We are dedicated to hope, excellence, restoration, and order. We cannot uphold these morals without meticulous consideration and caring. We exist for the sake of humanity, and that includes our heroes.

A clip of All Might played next. Izuku automatically straightened, hanging on his every word. Doubtless, if All Might denounced the rebels, no one in their right mind would think they had a point. “These rebels are a threat to the peace, but do not worry, citizens of the Unified Nations! My comrades and I are working diligently to put down the rebel movements.” He gave the camera a thumbs-up and a winning smile. “We will protect you.

That is all for this afternoon’s newscast. Tune in again for the evening news.

The wall screen went dark.

Izuku stood up, stretching a bit before starting his evening exercises. Soon, he would join All Might. The fanboyish excitement returned, as it always did when he thought about it, but as the date grew closer, Izuku had also discovered within himself a passionate drive. His heart swelled with determination, filling his chest.

I will protect you, too.

Chapter Text

“You don’t want to join me for the interview?” Tenya raised an eyebrow at Shoto.

“I’d rather not. I’m not good with words.”

“Very well, then…” Tenya straightened his spine even more than it already was. “I’ll be sure to emphasize your importance to make up for your lack of presence!”

“That’s not—”

He was gone before Shoto could finish. He sighed inwardly, going back to his bedroom. It was about the same size as his room back in Cenere City had been, with a bed, a desk, and a chair. He hadn’t bothered to decorate it much other than bringing his checkered carpet in, adding blinds on the window, and buying a small pot of grass for the windowsill.

Sitting down at his desk, he booted up the computer they’d provided for him and opened Malus City’s Citizen Records, searching for a name: Yamada, Hizashi.

He was there, but other than a few I.D. card mishaps like the one from a month ago, he didn’t have anything in there. Perhaps Shoto’s eyes had deceived him, since he’d barely been able to see at all after that strange screech. Then again, there were always ways to further investigate Yamada’s innocence, but first…

He typed in a new name, hoping he was remembering it correctly. He could always wait for Momo, since she definitely remembered it, but he tried anyway.

Kayama, Nemuri.

Clean record.

Next, Shoto accessed the security drone footage from the confrontation. As a hero, he had complete access to the cameras. He cursed under his breath as the screen went dark just after the screech began. It seemed it had been powerful enough to mess with the drones, too...


He jumped slightly at the voice. Tenya stood in the doorway in his regular clothes, apparently done already with the press. “Am I interrupting?”

“No.” Shoto turned his computer off, even though something wasn’t sitting right in his gut. “How did the interview go?”

“Well, I believe.” Tenya gestured that Shoto follow him, leading him towards the kitchen. He filled a glass with orange juice. “They didn’t question anything I said, even though I’m still just a rookie. They really hold heroes in high esteem, don’t they?”

“I guess.” With acrid scorn in his heart, Shoto wondered sometimes if they really deserved it.

Tenya sighed, putting his glass on the counter. He smiled wryly. “You did well, today.”

“Thanks,” Shoto poured himself some juice, too, mimicking Tenya in the effort of acting casual.

“Of course, that was to be expected. You were excellent in all the training exercises.”

Shoto wasn’t sure what he was getting at, an uneasy feeling in his chest. He knew he was strong, but he didn’t necessarily think of himself as anything special even though his teammates seemed to think so. If they wanted more subjects as strong as him, or stronger, the H.E.R.O. Project could probably make them without much issue. For all he knew, they already existed.

Plus, the rebels had gotten away, anyway.

“Momo told me you’re a Successor, too.” Tenya went on, breaking Shoto out of his thoughts. “I still have a long ways to go before I can make my brother proud. I’m not sure I feel worthy of the name ‘Ingenium,’ yet.” Tenya looked down at his feet for a moment before meeting Shoto’s eyes. “I look up to you in that regard.”

Shoto looked away, a pang of guilt pricking his chest, a needle sticking in his heart. He shouldn’t have been called a Successor if all he wanted to do was reject his predecessors, when people like Tenya and Momo were so earnest about living up to the names of their family.

“You shouldn’t look up to me,” Shoto replied, still looking away. “You’re our leader.”

Tenya chuckled a little. “I suppose you’re right.” He finished off his juice and offered to put Shoto’s cup in the sink, too.

A few minutes later, they sat on the couch together, gazing out a large window. It seemed Shoto wasn’t the only one who still wasn’t entirely used to having many windows. They were high enough that birds flew level with the window. With the quiet, Shoto’s thoughts drifted to the rebels again.

“Tenya, did you see anything strange when the rebels ran away?” Shoto asked, still watching the pigeons fly by. It was probably a clumsy way to start the conversation, but it didn’t matter if they were discussing work.

“Mm, to be honest it was difficult to see after that strange sound,” Tenya admitted. “But I do think I saw a third person with a yellow cone on his head, or something. Why, did you see him, too?”

“Yeah...I think Momo and I ran into him about a month ago for walking around without his I.D. card. Then again, it could be someone else.”

Tenya rubbed his chin. “Have you tried the cameras, or looking him up in the Malus City Citizen Database?”

“Yeah, both. Nothing of note, though.”

“Perhaps Momo will remember something else about him, or if she ran into him again after that. She does remember everything, after all.”


That night, the two of them brought it up to Momo, who frowned upon hearing the news. She suggested that she and Shoto go look into it the next morning while Tenya stayed behind. He had protests, but since he had to lead the morning patrol with Ochaco and Katsuki, he finally agreed to the arrangement.

After Tenya retired to bed, Momo invited Shoto to her room to collect information on Yamada. “I checked the nearby drones and the Malus City Citizen Database already,” Shoto supplied as they walked to her room. “There wasn’t anything there except for the I.D. mishaps he mentioned when we were with him. I also looked up Nemuri Kayama, but her record is clean.”

“I see…” As expected, Momo didn’t need to ask who that was. “Well, we’ll get their addresses to search their homes tomorrow, and their vehicle registrations…We can also check the security drone system to track their movements and see if Yamada was near the scene...”

Shoto followed her into her room, which had identical furniture to his, but somehow felt more inviting. She’d decorated with small sculptures he assumed she’d made herself, and she’d added a fluffy bedspread and a bulging bookshelf. He tried not to look around too much, but it was the first time he’d been in her room.

“It’s possible neither was involved…” Momo went on. “But just to be on the safe side, we should check both, right?”

“Makes sense.” Shoto agreed.

Momo sat on her bed, putting her laptop in her lap. He stood awkwardly off to her side until she patted the bed next to her, indicating that he sit.

“I’m pulling up their addresses, now…” Momo said as he sat next to her, careful to stay on the edge of her bed as he looked at the screen. “Here! They live in the same apartment complex, different floors.”

“Convenient.” Shoto supposed it wasn’t odd that a man and his girlfriend would live in the same apartment complex, but it was also an ideal cover if they were working together on anything shady.

She nodded, typing in the site for the Malus City Vehicle Registry. After another hour or so of fruitless research, Shoto left to go to bed, hoping for a peaceful night for his and his teammates’ sakes. Momo’s room was across from his, but in the past month she’d never mentioned him making any noise, so hopefully Katsuki was the only one who heard him when he had nightmares.

Shoto pulled the covers up to his chin, a familiar sense of resignation creeping over him despite his earlier wish for a dreamless sleep. He didn’t know why he was feeling it, but he didn’t want to give it attention, either, simply sighing and closing his eyes.

There was a long day ahead of him tomorrow.

Chapter Text

“IZUKUUUUUU!” Mei’s voice boomed over the loudspeakers, echoing against the metal walls of the training room.

He winced at the noise, trying not to take his eyes off the army of droids in front of him. He’d never realized how loud she was on the other side of the microphone. “Yeah?” he said, raising his voice a bit so she could hear him.


They were a variant of Katsuki’s droids, bouncy and round, but mounted in some kind of rotating axle that kept reinforced metal plating between them and Izuku at all times. Izuku knew that a mere flick of All Might’s wrist, and droids like these would practically disintegrate, but he wasn’t nearly as strong, yet.

“They’re...cute!” he managed, throwing a punch their way when they started getting too close. The force from his blow caused a huge gust of wind, blowing all the droids back, but they simply rolled with it and hit the wall, bouncing back towards him with blinding speed. He barely had time to shield his face with his arms before they smashed into him. He tried to absorb the force, but it knocked him to the ground. The droids bounced away unharmed. Izuku rolled out of their trajectory to think for a second.

“Be careful with those strikes,” Dr. Aizawa’s voice was much quieter than Mei’s when he spoke into the mic. “You don’t want to pull another muscle.”

He had a point. In trying to use his power, he’d pulled two muscles in yesterday’s session, but Dr. Shuzenji’s special exercises had reduced most of the effect. However, he didn’t want to form bad habits.

Izuku tried to think about how All Might fought. He’d been studying it for years, after all, but he wasn’t able to replicate his moves even though he understood how they worked in theory.

“THEY’RE JUST ADORABLE, AREN’T THEY?!” Mei’s exuberant voice broke through his thoughts. “HIT THEM AGAIN! I WANNA SEE!”

“I think that’s enough, Miss Hatsume,” Dr. Aizawa cut in. “Come on out, Izuku. Let’s review.”

He sighed slightly, but tried to look on the bright side, taking a deep breath and puffing out his chest. Watching footage of himself usually made him cringe because of how many mistakes— big and small— he made, how inadequate he was. Nevertheless, he knew it was important that he watch himself carefully, take notes on himself. He was a subject, now, and he needed to treat himself like one no matter how unworthy he felt.

An hour later, he was alone in the observation deck, re-watching the footage once again. He had his notebook in front of him, his pencil scratching furiously against the paper.

He was too slow, too clumsy, his form was bad, and his strength was only passable. Perhaps his strikes would do fine against an amateur petty criminal, but once he faced super-powered rebels with his friends in Malus City, he couldn’t allow himself to be carried by the others.

It was possible that his problems could only be cured with practice, but perhaps his slow reaction was inherent to the way he was trying to move. If he couldn’t take the force of the hits the way All Might could, he would have to dodge…

And if there was anyone good at dodging, it was Katsuki. Izuku flipped to his extensive notes on the other boy, re-reading the text and studying the diagrams he’d made. Obviously, he had no explosions to propel himself, but if he could use his super-strength to create the push, perhaps he could become more agile by copying Katsuki.

Learning from the others! Izuku should have thought of it sooner. Ochaco had good form for hand-to-hand, so he would have to study her footage, too. No one could rival Tenya’s kicks. By copying those three, he could improve his physical skills.

“Izuku?” Mei poked her head in. “You still in here?”

“Oh, hi, Mei.” He twisted in his chair to see her. “What’s up?”

Her eyes sparkled as she held up a notebook. “Dr. Aizawa told me that you were interested in how I design all my babies?”

He smiled, matching her enthusiasm. Who was better at innovation than Mei? He would have to learn from her, too. “Yeah!”

After a few hours of discussing robots, Mei seemed to remember something, suddenly slamming her hand on the table. Izuku jumped.

“AH! I almost forgot!” she pulled a piece of notebook paper from a pocket of her lab coat. “Your costume design!”

“M-my costume?” Izuku stammered, his heart beginning to hammer in his chest. He hadn’t been expecting to get a costume so soon, a month before he was even scheduled to debut as All Might’s sidekick.

“Yes! Your mom put in a design suggestion!”

His heart skipped a beat, now. “She did?”

“Mm-hm! She said she found it in one of your notebooks while she was cleaning your room, but that’s not the point!”

Izuku blushed, but he wasn’t sure if it was because Mom had seen one of his notebooks, and one of his most embarrassing ones at that, or because she’d told Mei where she found it. Probably both.

“Gotta admit,” Mei continued excitedly. “I’m a fan of the bunny ears! And this funny mask looks like a smile! Kinda weird, but kinda quirky. It’s cute!” She laughed, a huge, bubbly laugh that assaulted his eardrums. “But I was thinking, it’s going to look kind of awkward when you put it on, especially because it’s so plain, so here’s my revised design! I kept the basic design, but I just added a few things! Well, maybe a little more than ‘a few,’ but don’t worry, I can explain all of them to you!”

She handed him a piece of paper, continuing to talk about the new attributes she was adding to his costume. He’d always found the speed she could talk amazing, but he could barely keep up, now, much less examine the diagram at the same time.

“Mei!” he interrupted, his hands beginning to shake with nerves. “Hold on a second…”

She laughed again. “Sorry! I’ll let you look!” She bit her lip to keep from talking, rocking back and forth in her chair with excitement.

It was a cool-looking costume, much better than the funny one he’d designed for himself a year ago. But that was the least important part, after all. Mei had labeled lots of different parts of the costume, indicating material, breathability, support capacity, and other important factors. She’d even noted colors she wanted, mostly green. Something swelled in his chest at the sight of a design for his very own hero costume, his heart leaping, his fingers tingling with excitement.

Finally, he looked up at her, tears welling in his eyes. “Thank you, Mei.”

“Aw, Izuku!” She laughed, giving him a playful punch in the arm. “I was too young to have a lot of say in the others’ costumes when they were being designed, so this is a dream come true for me! To design a suit that can withstand everything All Might can, that provides support along with flexibility and comfort...” She squealed. “It’s the best!” She plucked the page from his hand. “Now, gotta go work on some more details! These are just the broad strokes, after all!” She waved to him as she left the room. “See ya’ soon!”

“Yeah!” A grin had crept onto his face, and he couldn’t stop it, but he didn’t mind.

This… He turned back to his notes, replaying the footage of himself again. This is really happening.

I’ll make it happen.

Chapter Text

They hadn’t found anything. As he had last time, Yamada had been very cooperative, even offering to get them some snacks as they searched his kitchen. His car had been clean. They’d searched Kayama’s belongings, too, but she hadn’t been home. They’d tried to leave everything the way it had been when they found it out of courtesy.

Momo sighed, making some notes on her tablet before putting it with the book she carried on the back of her belt. “So, I guess our lead hasn’t come to anything...You saw the redhead’s face, so we could go through some facial databases to try and find him, but...that could take quite a while.”

Shoto nodded listlessly, following Momo down the sidewalk. After another sleepless night, the last thing he’d wanted to do was go out early in the morning to conduct some searches, but he’d tried to follow Momo’s instructions carefully, standing next to Yamada so that he didn’t try anything fishy while Momo searched his property. Yamada, for some reason, reminded him vaguely of Miss Hatsume. Probably, it was because they both talked too loudly. He used to think that Miss Hatsume talked too much, but after meeting Yamada, Miss Hatsume didn’t seem like much of a chatterbox.

A chorus of mewing distracted him from walking. When he glanced at the window on Momo’s other side, he saw it was a pet shop with a window full of cats. He briefly wished he could go inside before pushing the silly thought away.

“Janus?” Momo looked at him worriedly before turning to see what he was looking at. Her voice softened. “Oh, you like cats?”


She managed a smile. He couldn’t tell if she was laughing at him or not. “Well, would you like to stop in? We have quite some time before evening patrols.”

Shoto shrugged, following her into the store. It was full of colorful toys and big bags of food, along with fuzzy pet furniture. He couldn’t see any other animals from where he was, but there were probably more behind the shelves.

The clerk looked up from the register. “Oh, heroes! To what do I owe this honor?”

“Ah, well, we saw your cats in the window and we were quite intrigued.” Momo replied.

She chatted a little more with the clerk while Shoto turned to the cats, bending down to their cages. Some of them came right up to the bars to be petted, others ignored him, and some stared suspiciously. He’d always had a soft spot for cats, since he remembered his elder sister having a kitten when they were young. Even though he hadn’t been allowed to spend time with his siblings, Endeavor hadn’t really noticed Fuyumi’s pet. She’d taken the cat with her when she moved out.

“Would you like to buy one, Janus?” The clerk walked over. “I’ll give you a discount.”

Shoto hesitated a moment, but he wasn’t sure if Dr. Aizawa would be okay with a cat in the Lab. “Oh, no, that’s—”

“I think it’d be nice to have a pet around the apartment,” Momo interrupted. She knelt beside him. “Unfortunately, my knowledge of cats is quite limited. Perhaps you could help me choose one?” She raised her eyebrows at him.

He looked away. As he’d feared, she could read him too well. “You don’t have to go that far.”

Momo’s voice was commanding, but something about it was almost playful. “Then just pick one.”

It was embarrassing to have her intercede like that on his behalf, but he supposed she meant well. Examining the cats, though, he didn’t know which to choose.

He turned to the clerk. “Which has been here the longest?”

The clerk seemed surprised. “Oh, that one in the back, there. She scratches and bites, that’s why.” He gestured to a thin brown cat with a white face, already fully grown.

“I’d like her, then.”

“Alright.” The clerk returned with a crate. After paying for the cat, who was indeed quite hostile, as well as various supplies for her, Shoto and Momo continued on their way back to the Lab. He carried the crate in his arms to minimize the swinging that would result from holding it by the handle while Momo carried the shopping bag of supplies.

Shoto waited until they were a block away from the store to ask. “Why did you do that?” It came out more cross than he’d meant it to.

“Hm?” Momo was looking into the crate, through the bars. He had the feeling she was trying not to look at him, but she didn’t pretend not to know what he meant. “Oh, well...It’s just that I realized back there that I’ve never seen you smile before today.”

That couldn’t be right. He’d been told he had a serious face, but… “Are you sure…?” he asked lamely. He hadn’t even noticed he was smiling.

“I’m sure.” She tapped her temple, reminding him of her memory.

He glanced down at the crate in his arms. “Well...thanks.”

“Don’t mention it,” she replied cheerfully. “What are you going to name her?”

He frowned, unsure. “I don’t know.”

She laughed. “Don’t take it so seriously, Shoto!” She’d forgotten to call him by his codename in public, but he didn’t want to correct her. “When you look at her, what do you think of?”

Self-consciously, he glanced at the crate again. “Um...cats.”

“Well…” Momo raised a hand to her mouth, as though hiding a smile. “You could go with something classic, like ‘Fluffy’ or ‘Mochi’ or something like that. Or you could name her after someone you know, someone you admire.”

Shoto thought for a moment. He admired certain things about everyone he knew, even Endeavor, but there was no one he admired completely. “You can pick a name for her. You’re the one who convinced me to buy her.”

She raised her eyebrows. “Really? Alright…” Momo looked aside pensively. “The one I admire the most is my mother, Genesis. So, how about ‘Genny’?”


When they arrived back at the Lab, Dr. Aizawa was sitting at the kitchen table. He raised his eyelids a little higher when he saw the crate and shopping bags, but he still looked half-asleep.

“Is that an animal?”

“We bought a cat,” Momo explained. “I hope that’s alright.”

Dr. Aizawa looked them up and down before sighing. “That’s fine. What’s the cat’s name?”

“Genny,” Shoto supplied.

“Genny.” Dr. Aizawa nodded, as though he liked the name. “Just make sure Genny isn’t relieving herself everywhere and you can keep her.” With that, Dr. Aizawa picked up his things and left the room. Though he was supposed to be supervising them, he didn’t spend much time with them. Of course, there were cameras all throughout the Lab, so Shoto supposed that was how he kept an eye on them.

Momo turned to Shoto. “She can stay in your room.”


A few minutes later, they’d spread some blankets on the floor for her and opened her crate, but it seemed she preferred to stay in it, hissing when Shoto tried to put his hand inside.

Momo stood over his shoulder. “She’s rather frightened, isn’t she?”

Shoto nodded, feeling sorry for the cat. He wondered what had made her so aggressive. Instead of trying to touch her again, he just put out some food and water, right next to her crate so she could reach it while still staying inside if she wanted to. He didn’t want to rush her.

When he turned around, Momo was smiling at him for some reason. “What?”

She coughed delicately. “O-oh, nothing! Let’s get back to work, shall we?”

“Yeah.” He left the door open so Genny could leave the room if she wanted to and followed Momo into her room, where they sat on her bed again.

“If we look through the footage the security drones caught, we might be able to get a good enough shot to enter the image into the Unified Nations facial recognition database,” Momo said, pulling up the security drone footage.

“But if he’s been underground for a while, they may not have an updated photo of him,” Shoto pointed out.

“Right…” Momo paused the footage at a point where the redhead’s face was clearly visible, though the angle was a bit awkward. “How old would you place him?”

“It was hard to tell with the hair, but I would say he was a little shorter than me. His voice sounded mature. Probably between fourteen and sixteen.”

“Alright, let’s start with that.” Momo entered the age range and a screenshot of his face. A little over three thousand results popped up. “Ah...we’ll put in Malus City as a location and work our way out.”

Theoretically, the rebel could have been from anywhere, but Shoto supposed it was a logical starting point. When she typed it in, the search results narrowed to about fifteen people with possible facial matches, but none had red hair. Then again, it was possible it was dyed.

“Search dental records,” he suggested. “He had pointed teeth.”

“Good idea,” Momo searched dental records for all fifteen, but none had sharp teeth. “Hm. Either it’s a recent modification, or he’s not on this list. Maybe look more closely at them? Do you recognize any of them?”

Shoto squinted at the screen. He didn’t have Momo’s memory, and he hadn’t gotten an extremely detailed look at the rebel’s face either. Not to mention that the facial recognition technology had chosen very similar faces anyway. “I’m not sure. I don’t remember.”

“Well, I suppose there are only fifteen of them. We could search all of their properties.” Momo started a new document, typing instructions for the others. “I’ll give this to Tenya when they get back from patrol. You can go spend time with Genny, now.”

She didn’t look at him when she said that, and Shoto still couldn’t tell if she was teasing him or not. Normally, he wouldn’t particularly care about such comments, but something stirred in his chest when she said that, even though he didn’t know exactly what. With a start, he realized he’d begun to think of Momo as a friend, that he’d started to care what she thought. Shoto wasn’t sure if it was good or bad.

Keeping his thoughts to himself, he stood. “Okay. Thanks.”

“Mm-hm,” she hummed pleasantly, continuing to type.

He closed the door behind him.

Chapter Text

“Remember, Scion,” All Might patted him on the back. “Smile!”

Izuku nodded vigorously, even though he was quite nervous for his first interview, his thumbs twiddling on their own, his palms perspiring. He’d taken notes on especially well-spoken heroes in order to prepare, but his studies only made him more self-conscious of his relative lack of eloquence.

“Where do you anticipate this partnership going, All Might?” A newscaster asked, simultaneously adjusting one of the lights. It was too bright, hurting Izuku’s eyes, but All Might didn’t seem to mind.

He laughed, and the orderly group of government newscasters straightened, eagerly awaiting his answers. “Well, good citizen, at the H.E.R.O. Project we are working to raise another generation of heroes, and they asked me to help! Naturally, I wanted to choose the most heroic youth I knew to mold into a powerful force for the good of society!”

At this, Izuku couldn’t help but glance at All Might, a flash flood of emotion filling his chest. Could that possibly be true, that All Might had thought he was the most heroic youth? When he knew people like Katsuki, he still considered Izuku his best option? Tears filled his eyes before he reprimanded himself. More realistically, All Might was only saying that to comfort the media and gently introduce the idea of his retirement.

“That is why I am training young Scion to become my Successor! One day, I know he will surpass even me!” All Might put a hand on Izuku’s shoulder and firmly squeezed it. Izuku tried to hold his tears back. Even if the words weren’t true, just hearing them made him want to cry.

“And Scion, what are your thoughts on this?”

“O-oh! Well, um, I— um...” He could feel his face heating up. He hoped the newscast experts would edit the footage to make him look less nervous when they aired it. “Th-this is an honor, of course! I’ve looked up to All Might m-my whole life, s-so I’ll make sure to make the absolute most of this o-opportunity!” He squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, wishing he was as good at this as Tenya, but when he spoke again, he was able to put confidence in his words. “There’s nothing I want more than to live up to All Might’s expectations!”

“Perfect!” The head newscaster said. “That’s a wrap, everyone!”

Izuku couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief. The cameras added an element of pressure he hadn’t been expecting, despite his habit of scrutinizing news footage himself.

Within minutes, the newscasters cleaned up their green screen, cameras, and other equipment and left the back room of Leogan City Town Hall.

“That...wasn’t what I expected,” Izuku admitted, once they were gone.

All Might poured himself a cup of coffee from the machine in the corner. “Yes, the news can appear quite different than the footage they actually record. It’s pretty heavily edited, most of the time.”

“Right…” Izuku rubbed the back of his neck. “Are they going to keep all my stuttering in? It was kind of embarrassing…”

“Probably just the last bit that you said, to be honest,” All Might said. “They usually don’t include everything we say in the effort to make us seem more put-together. Coffee?”

“Oh, no thanks…” Izuku replied. Something about that didn’t sit right with him, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. Was it really him in that newscast, then?

Suddenly, he remembered what Katsuki had said two months ago— You realize All Might’s a freakin’ liar, don’t you?

Izuku’s jaw clenched. Katsuki may have been right to some degree, but there was nothing wrong with lying if it kept the peace as well as All Might did. Besides, most of what All Might said was honest, right?

“All Might…” Izuku hesitated, his chest tightening.


His thumbs twiddled on their own, his eyes avoiding All Might’s. “Was...was what you said about me to the newscasters…really true?”

“Every word.” All Might sat next to him on the sagging couch. “Scion, one of the greatest hurdles you’re going to overcome is your self-doubt. Once you’re able to see yourself clearly, no one will be able to stop you.”

Izuku blushed at the compliments, looking at his feet. “But...there are a lot of people more talented than me. I would say any of my friends would have been a better choice.”

All Might laughed softly. “This is what I’m talking about, Izuku. They’ve been training since the age of four, and some of them even younger. It’s true that you’re not as strong as them, yet, but you’ve nearly caught up to them in the space of two months. Don’t you think that’s crazy?”

“Well, I don’t know if I would say I’ve almost caught up…”

All Might stood suddenly. “Then, I guess the only way to convince you is to go out and show you!” He turned and looked at Izuku, a strange glint in his eye as his voice took on a more serious tone. “Ready?”

It took Izuku a moment to process what he’d just said. “W-wait, what?! Now?!” He waved his arms wildly in protest. “B-but, I just got here two hours ago, a-and—!”

“Heroes sometimes have to work within a tight schedule! This is good practice for you!” All Might gave him a thumbs-up. “You can do it!”

Izuku stopped moving, looking down at his hands. His heart was pounding faster now, but he tried to think it through. He’d been training almost non-stop for two months. He’d studied relentlessly. He hadn’t slacked off once. He supposed the moment of truth was upon him.

I can do it, he told himself, repeating it over and over.

After all, All Might had said so.

He clenched his fists, feeling the strength in his grip as he met All Might’s eyes. “I’m ready!”

All Might laughed. “Good!” He pulled his phone out and showed Izuku the notification. “Because I just got notified of some trouble down by the docks!”

Less than a minute later, they were outside, jumping there. Apparently, All Might didn’t use a car.

“Keep up, Scion!” All Might’s voice was already getting lost with distance.

Izuku had to shield his eyes from the wind from All Might’s jump, hurrying to jump himself. He couldn’t quite reach the same heights or speeds, but he just had to keep All Might in his sights, above and ahead.

Izuku bit his lip to keep from screaming in excitement, All Might’s body a black blip against the sun. This was the type of footage that they put in films and documentaries about All Might, older newscasts that focused on catching more of the action than modern ones.


Izuku was still a hundred yards behind All Might, but his voice carried so far he could hear it as though they were only feet apart; it was the kind of voice that drew good people closer and struck fear into the hearts of the evil. It was no wonder people called it the voice of a god.

Two seconds later, Izuku had caught up, standing next to All Might in a ready stance. He’d never been to the docks before, so he quickly took in his surroundings. It was exactly like all the pictures and video footage of Leogan City he’d studied in the past month— a metal dock covered in huge metal cargo containers. An unnamed cargo ship waited in the glittering water.

Izuku also eyed the two figures standing in front of them carefully, his blood pressure rising with fear and excitement. One was a small, scrawny man dressed in black, with what appeared to be a severed hand stuck to his face. The fingers made space for his two bloodshot eyes. The other was tall and well-dressed, and appeared to be made of a strange purple mist that seemed to suck the light from the space around him. Both were holding boxes of material and loading it onto the cargo ship.

“All Might…” Rasped the smaller man. Izuku gasped as the box he was holding disintegrated, turning to gray ash and crumbling before his eyes. The handguns inside clattered to the ground. If they had powers, they were probably rebels. Izuku’s heart began beating faster, sweat gathering on his hands.

“Black market merchants?” All Might asked, his voice full of confidence. “For the rebellion?”

At this, the thin man started laughing. “Oh, no! I’m not with them! Not at all!” Once he ran out of breath, he suddenly turned serious, sending a chill down Izuku’s spine. “What makes you say that…Hero?” He spat the title at them, as though it was the worst insult he could think of.

“If not for the rebels, what do you need all those guns for?” All Might demanded, his smile still on his face.

“Well,” the man laughed, a feeble, breathless giggle. “You had the black market part right! But those rebels...why, I probably hate them as much as you do!”

That was strange. Most black market weapons were bought by the rebellion, statistically speaking. But, then again, it was unlikely these men were in any position of authority within the network of black market merchants if they were doing grunt work like lifting boxes. Likely, they couldn’t choose their customers. But why did he hate the rebels, if he was also an enemy of peace? Izuku supposed it was possible he just wanted more money. But if he wasn’t a rebel, where did he get his powers?

The taller man leaned down to speak to the smaller one. “Shigaraki, we can’t take All Might. We need to go.”

“You’re not going anywhere!” All Might shouted triumphantly. “Except for the Leogan City Police Station!” He pulled a fist back, preparing his signature move.


The ground shook, and all the air was sucked out of Izuku’s lungs. He had to brace himself and use his new super-strength to keep from moving. Loaded metal crates flew away as though made of paper, and a jagged hole appeared in the side of the cargo ship, which was pushed so far out to sea Izuku could barely see it anymore. The only sound was the deafening boom of All Might’s fist splitting the air.

Izuku dropped to his knees, his teeth clenching with shock. He’d never seen the Smash in person, before. It was utterly terrifying.

“Sorry, Scion!” All Might said, pulling him to his feet. “Are you alright?”

“Y-yeah!” Izuku stuttered, trying to regain his bearings. He couldn’t imagine being on the receiving end of that attack. He looked back for the criminals, but they were nowhere in sight. Had they been blown away, too?

Izuku nearly jumped when he heard the sickly voice behind them. He whirled around, but he didn’t see the villain until he looked down. He nearly screamed when he realized Shigaraki was halfway submerged in the metal, sticking out of a whirlpool of darkness. Izuku stumbled back, but All Might hadn’t seen Shigaraki yet. Izuku’s throat closed with panic.

“Nice try…” Shigaraki sounded on the verge of laughter as he grabbed All Might’s boot. “All Might!”

All Might grunted as his boot began to disintegrate, but yanked his leg away from the villain with blinding speed. Izuku managed to catch a glimpse of his foot, but it appeared only his boot had been harmed. All Might was just about to attack again when the man disappeared into the darkness and the whirlpool vanished. Izuku stepped forward, but All Might put his arm out.

“Hold on, Scion...It seems like the foggy one has some kind of portal ability; they could be anywhere…”

Izuku’s heart was hammering in his ears as though he was sprinting, his hands trembling with fright. He lowered his voice to a hoarse whisper. “A-All Might, is your leg alright?”

“Yes, don’t worry about that!” All Might said, still with a smile. “He didn’t reach my skin.”

Izuku nodded carefully, taking deep breaths to try and calm his racing pulse. He looked around to see if Shigaraki and his sidekick would pop out from anywhere, but everything seemed quiet.

“Keep an eye out, Scion.” All Might glanced around one more time before pulling out his phone. Izuku supposed he was tapping into the surveillance drones in the area. A few minutes later, All Might sighed, putting it away. “Nothing in the area. We’ll clean up around here, then go back to Town Hall and wait for another alert.”

“Oh…okay.” It was rare that any villains got away from All Might. Izuku wondered if he’d had to hold back because Izuku was there.

All Might didn’t give him time to think it over more. “Try and keep up this time!” All Might gave him a smile and an encouraging thumbs up before he leapt away, leaving behind another huge gust of wind.

“Right!” Izuku jumped to follow him, trying to smile, too.

Chapter Text

“It’s a new system they’ve set up,” Dr. Aizawa pointed at the map of the city, networks of streets highlighted in different colors. He was standing in front of the wall screen in the living room while they all sat on the couch, watching the presentation carefully. “Instead of patrols, you will be alerted when there is a crisis.”

Ochaco tilted her head. “Why didn’t we just do it like this in the first place?”

“This is how it is for most cities with heroes,” Momo explained, primly as ever. Somehow, she managed to sit on the couch without slouching at all. “I suppose they needed time to set up the infrastructure.”

“Two months?” Katsuki scoffed. He, on the other hand, he wasn’t sitting on the couch so much as lying down on it, his arms crossed over his chest with his legs splayed out in front of him. “Pretty inefficient.”

Dr. Aizawa cleared his throat in annoyance. “It’s quite a complicated system, Katsuki. They had to introduce new programming into the surveillance drones and include the latest updates. Anyway, I’ll let you come up with plans on how you want to zone the city, but expect a lot more confrontation from this point forward. Before, you were dealing with issues only when security drones could locate you within a certain radius. Now, your diameter is the whole city.”

Shoto had seen this coming from observing Endeavor’s work and thought it more convenient than doing patrols, but Ochaco swallowed hard.

Dr. Aizawa seemed to notice her discomfort. “Don’t worry, Ochaco. You’ve been doing well so far.” With that, he slunk out of the room, dragging his slippered feet against the floor tiredly. Shoto wouldn’t have been surprised if the man was still wearing his pajamas under his lab coat.

“Alright…” Tenya looked at the map with one hand on his chin. “Well, I suppose this also means we’ll be on call twenty-four hours a day. So, we should have two rotating twelve-hour shifts.”

Momo nodded. “Of course...the mechanics of coming up with a plan like that will be...difficult, since we need to change the groups periodically and also the timing so that we can’t be predicted…”

Thinking about it made Shoto’s head hurt, but Momo pulled out her tablet and immediately started drawing diagrams. He would leave that to her and Tenya, who scooted closer to her so that he could see the screen, too.

Wandering away, Shoto wondered where his cat was. He’d found that any time he couldn’t find Genny for a while, he started to miss her. He supposed it was a stupid attachment, but no one had to know about it.

“Genny?” he called softly, walking into the kitchen. She liked to sit on top of the refrigerator sometimes, and she wouldn’t let anyone open it except for Shoto. Sure enough, she was perched on top when he came in.

“Yo, Half-and-half,” Katsuki called, joining him in the kitchen. “Get me a soda? Your dumb cat bit me last night when I tried to open the fridge myself.”

“Don’t call her dumb,” Shoto said, grabbing a grape soda and tossing it to Katsuki, who caught it and cracked it open in a single, fluid motion. As far as Shoto was concerned, if Katsuki was going to say that just because he was bitten, he deserved to be bitten.

“Or what?” Katsuki bared his teeth before taking a swig of the soda.

Shoto narrowed his eyes at the other boy. “Just...don’t.”

“Hmph.” Katsuki tilted the can back again.

Shoto rubbed Genny’s ears affectionately and offered her a treat. Promptly, she hopped down and let him pick her up like a baby, purring as he rubbed her belly. It had taken a lot of coaxing to get her to that point, but Shoto had spent almost all of his free time the past month with Genny, and later on even some of his work time, since she would sit on his lap during briefings and meetings. Dr. Aizawa had given him some pointers on how to soothe her, apparently a cat person himself. Genny still seemed to hate everyone else other than Dr. Aizawa and Momo, but that was fine with Shoto.

Suddenly, the cat scrambled out of his grasp. He didn’t think much of it at first, since she did do that sometimes when she’d had enough of his admittedly excessive cuddling, but she bolted to his room immediately.


Instantly, he recognized the voice. He grit his teeth. They hadn’t spoken since the strange night Endeavor had wrecked their apartment, and it had been a very peaceful two months for Shoto. Truthfully, he’d tried to forget about the incident. “Endeavor…”

Katsuki sputtered, choking on his soda. “E-Endeavor?!”

Endeavor ignored Katsuki, marching closer to Shoto until he cast a shadow on him. Shoto could feel the heat of his flames, could see the familiar fire of ambition blazing in Endeavor’s eyes again. “So...I’ve been watching the newscasts of you.”

Shoto didn’t answer, oil boiling in his gut. He didn’t want Endeavor to get the impression that Shoto cared what he thought.

“And I trust that you’ve heard about the debut of All Might’s Successor?”

Shoto glanced at Katsuki, who was still staring at Endeavor with wide eyes. Was Endeavor really going to talk about this here, where anyone could hear them?

“His name is Scion,” Shoto corrected, struggling to keep his voice calm.

“Yes…” Endeavor’s eyes glittered. “A fitting name for a Successor, as is yours.”

“Why do you care?” Shoto demanded, even though he knew exactly where Endeavor was going with this.

“You must surpass him.” Endeavor grasped his shoulders, too tightly. The expression on his face could almost be called a smile. “You will surpass them both!”

Normally, he would protest, but he didn’t want to get into a big fight in front of his teammates. Shoto yanked himself out of Endeavor’s grip, speaking coldly despite the heat in the pit of his stomach. “Noted.”

Endeavor’s grin widened. Apparently, he was ignoring Shoto’s insubordinate attitude today. “Good.” He turned away. Shoto couldn’t help but feel relieved. “I’ll just be staying for a day, maybe two, so don’t worry about that. But keep in mind, Janus, I will never stop watching.” He disappeared down the hallway, towards Dr. Aizawa’s quarters.

“What the hell was that?” Katsuki demanded as soon as he was out of earshot.

Shoto ignored him in favor of keep himself from screaming.

Katsuki slammed his soda down on the counter, grumbling. “I don’t like him ignoring me like that! Don’t you start doing it, too…” After a pause, Katsuki continued. “Deku doesn’t matter! Don’t you forget where the real competition is, got it?!” He pointed a thumb at himself.

Shoto glanced after Endeavor. “Yeah.”

Katsuki was still eyeing him suspiciously, but Shoto just turned around and went to his room, closing the door behind him. Instantly, Genny peeked out from under the bed. When she saw it was him, she came out and jumped onto his bed. He sat next to her, petting her absent-mindedly. Somehow, stroking her made him feel better.

Just then, there was a knock on his door. “Janus!” It was Tenya. “There’s a problem downtown! We’re going with Zero to take care of it!”

Good. Shoto needed the distraction.

Giving Genny one last stroke, Shoto opened the door and followed Tenya to the door, where Ochaco was already waiting for them, her helmet on.

“So what’s the issue?” Shoto asked.

“Robbery at a technology store,” Tenya answered, leading them to one of the H.E.R.O. Project cars. Once they all climbed into the black van, Tenya punched in their destination and it began to drive, far over the speed limit. All the other cars in the streets would sense theirs coming and stop for them.

“Rebels?” Ochaco asked nervously, fidgeting in her seat. They’d already had a string of robberies by rebels carrying I.D. cards that seemingly didn’t belong to them, and they somehow got away each time.

“I’m not sure, but we should assume the worst,” Tenya replied.

Sure enough, when they arrived at the scene, the spiky-haired redhead was already running away from the scene, some sort of electronic tucked under his arm.

“Rebels,” Shoto confirmed, stepping out of the van. Instantly, he froze the redhead up to his waist. After a quick glance around, he’d determined that most of the civilians had fled the scene already. “Can we destroy the electronics?”

Tenya stepped out next to him, followed by Ochaco. “Try to avoid it, if possible.”

“AH! Riot! You stuck?” Another rebel stepped out of the store, also hiding his face with a hockey mask, but his blond hair stuck out from behind it. Shoto would put him at a slightly smaller build than the first rebel, Riot, maybe slightly shorter. Probably around the same age, though. He sent ice towards this new rebel, too.

“Look out!” Riot shouted.

“Yikes!” The blonde jumped back into the store.

Shoto scoffed in annoyance, stopping his ice before it hit the store to avoid property damage.

The blonde laughed. “Whoa, you almost got me there! But now it’s my turn!” He pointed a strange device at them.

“Get back!” Tenya yelled.

Instantly, Shoto and Ochaco jumped to the sides, Tenya jumping in the same direction as Ochaco.

A crackling bolt of electricity passed between them. Shoto could feel his heart rate beginning to pick up.

“Hey…” The blonde whined. “Alright! Let’s try again!”

He didn’t have time to finish pointing the device at Shoto before Tenya kicked him square in the back of his head, moving so fast he was practically a blur.

“Reciprio Burst!”

The rebel crumpled like a ragdoll, but a strange pink rope wrapped around Tenya’s waist before he managed to land. It flung him into the side of a building. Meanwhile, Riot had dropped his loot and broke through Shoto’s ice with his arms, which he’d apparently hardened.

However, getting Tenya down safely took priority over attacking Riot. “Ingenium!” Shoto yelled out a warning before creating a slide of ice for him to use.

“Thanks! Help Zero!”

Shoto turned away to see where the rope was now, and it was wrapped around Ochaco, lifting her into the air, but it didn’t seem she needed any help. After she touched it, she was able to land on the ground again and gave it a good yank.

“Ribbit!” A girl came flying towards Ochaco, the rope coming from her mouth. Shoto felt a shiver of revulsion tingle down his spine. Was that...her tongue?

Ochaco let out a battle cry as she punched the frog-girl in the face, sending her flying back in the other direction. Her tongue unraveled from Ochaco’s waist.

“Don’t look away, Janus!”

Shoto’s heart jumped into his throat at Riot’s voice. He blocked Riot’s blow with his flaming forearm, but it felt like he was hitting a solid rock. Shoto grunted, something cracking in his arm, but he pushed the pain to the back of his mind and jumped back, trying to create distance between himself and Riot. The fire seemed to have no effect on the rebel. His heart was loud in his ears as Riot charged in again, but all Shoto needed was a split second, and ice shot from the ground, trapping the rebel.

Both Tenya and Ochaco were fighting against the frog-girl, now, who was on the defensive. It was clear she had superior agility, but she couldn’t grab Ochaco because of her zero gravity ability, and Tenya was difficult to catch when he saw you coming.

Shoto turned his attention to the blond rebel, who had begun to groan and was standing up, swaying on his feet. Shoto wasn’t going to give him a chance to get his bearings. He screamed as ice encased him up to his neck.

“Cold, cold, cold! Come on, man!”

Did that rebel think this was a game? Shoto scoffed, turning his attention to the frog-girl and his teammates. But something else caught his eye, then, a flash of yellow hiding in an alley.

Shoto ran to it, covering his ears in anticipation. He saw all his ice shattering in the corner of his eye, probably from a frequency he couldn’t hear, and sure enough, the familiar scream filled the air a second later, just as Shoto stepped into the alleyway. As he fell to his knees, his vision blackening, he sent fire shooting up from the floor in the direction of the screamer. The screech ended in a strangled yelp.

Got you!

His vision was still blurry, but Shoto sent ice along the ground next, freezing the man completely from the feet up to the head.

When his double vision faded, Shoto walked cautiously up to the ice, using his left hand to melt the cloudy surface away so he could see inside.

“Yamada…” he muttered, wiping the tears from his eyes and ignoring the blood dripping from his ears. There seemed to be some sort of speaker around Yamada’s throat, pointing forward. Perhaps these types of devices were what the rebels wanted stolen technology for.

He couldn’t leave Yamada inside and let him suffocate, so Shoto melted the ice around his speaker device and stabbed a hole in it with a small spire of ice. He then stuck his finger in the hole and froze the entire inside of the device. Hopefully, that would stop it from working while still leaving it so that Dr. Aizawa and Momo could have a look at it.

He supposed he had a few minutes before Yamada died, so he decided to quickly check on his teammates.


Apparently, they were already looking for him. They jogged over.

“They got away, with that scream again!” Tenya fumed.

Ochaco still looked a little dizzy, swaying slightly on her feet. “That was way louder than I thought…Wait, is that…?” She pointed at Yamada, still frozen in Shoto’s ice.

Shoto looked at him, too, frozen with his mouth wide open. He wiped a bit of sweat off his brow, his heart rate beginning to slow. “Yeah.”